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This page comprises the full verbal transcript of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


  • Jobs are ordered according to the job-help menu found in-game; they do not always have to be done in the order listed.
  • After completing a set of jobs, a slideshow will play in which the next set of jobs are previewed. The transcripts of all slideshows can be found under the section of the last job whose completion is required to view the slideshow. Because jobs in a set can be completed in any order, the last job in a set is determined by the job-help menu.
  • Lines might not be copied verbatim from subtitles, as subtitles often have errors in capitalization, punctuation or spelling. Instead, they are transcribed according to rules of standard American English. This should have no effect on the meaning of the lines.

Prologue: Beginning of the End[]

The Cooper Vault[]

Bentley (binocucom): This is it, Sly, the gang's assembled and are in position to help you get up to that vault. For the rest of the operation, you are "the ball".

Sly Cooper: Roger, Bentley. I'm starting my approach. Getting over these fortress walls shouldn't be a problem. Look, we're running five by five here, make sure everyone's in sync.

Bentley (binocucom): I hear that. Artillery, sure you can make that shot?

Artillery/Agent Monarch (binocucom): I endeavor not to miss.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent. Radio Control?

Radio Control/Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): In position.

Bentley (binocucom): Recovery Team?

Recovery Team (binocucom): I'm pumped!

Bentley (binocucom): Submersibles?

Submersibles/Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Showtime, baby!

Bentley (binocucom): Telekinetics?

Telekinetics/Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, it's the crime of the century and "the ball's" in motion!

(When approaching the tight walls.)
Bentley (binocucom): The wall looks pretty shear. Tough luck.

(If the player waits before climbing the wall.)
Bentley (binocucom): The wire running off the top of that wrecked truck looks promising.

(If the player waits just a bit longer.)
Bentley (binocucom): Jump and hit the circle button to walk on tightropes. That wire connected to the truck might get you over the fortress wall.

(The player will then approach the guarded ledge.)

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Heartthrob, take up position for a Yank 86, over.

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): I've got a visual.

(Sly sneaks along the ledge, while the guards get pulled down.)

Bentley (binocucom): The ball has stopped rolling. We've got an obstruction.

Agent Heartthrob (binocucom): I'm on it. (pulling the guards off the pillars) First is away. Second guy is pulled. Third's skyward. Roll on, ball, over.

(The player then approaches the next platform.)

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Old Rock, prep for timber.

Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Let her rip, Old Rock... ball's in position.

Agent Old Rock (binocucom): (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, the ball's got a track, over.

(Upon reaching a ground hatch.)

Sly Cooper: Ball requesting door via Agent Monarch, over.

Agent Monarch (binocucom): Launching... stand clear.

(Once the hatch door is open.)

Bentley (binocucom): I've got visual confirmation on the door. Nice shooting.

(If the player waits upon entering the tunnel.)
Bentley (binocucom): Use the square button to whack things with your cane. You might have to break your way into the lab.

(Sly proceeds through the tunnel.)

Bentley (binocucom): Be advised, "Ball" is nearing the lab. Agent Deep Six, you ready?

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Spear gun loaded.

(The player will approach the first force field.)

Bentley (binocucom): Agent Deep Six, deploy!

(First forcefield disabled.)

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): First is down.

(Second forcefield disabled.)

Bentley (binocucom): I'm reading both force fields down. Strong work, Deep Six.

Agent Deep Six (binocucom): Every time.

(A mandrill doctor and an elephant mutant guard enter the lab, approaching the elevator.)

Mandrill doctor: How's your wife doing, Richards?

Richards: Oh, very well, Dr. M. Thank you for asking, very thoughtful. Mm-hmm.

Dr. M: And your son... uh, what's his name, Mike?

Richards: Mark, sir. He's well too, yeah.

(They head up the elevator, with Sly overlooking them.)

Dr. M: It's a shame you won't be seeing them again.

Richards: Uh, sir?

Dr. M: Afraid I poisoned your drink at lunch. Sorry, Richards, but I don't tolerate poor performance. You should've changed the security code from 1-2-3 after you installed the new system.

Richards: I'll improve, I swear!

Dr. M: No, you'll die... any second now.

(Richards begins to gag, before dying in short order. Dr. M receives a call afterwards.)

Dr. M: Yes... water leaking into the lab?! I'm on my way down. Oh, and get a janitor for the lab elevator... Richards got sloppy.

(Sly jumps off the elevator and onto the shaft.)

Bentley (binocucom): The Cooper Vault is just across these wires. I'm en route to your position for the loot haul, over.

(Once the player reaches the top of the tower.)

Security system: Intruder alert, intruder alert!

(Once the player reaches the vault.)

Bentley (binocucom): Power down those turrets with that security code!

(Sly powers down the security and attempts to open the Cooper Vault. A projectile from behind barely misses Sly, but closes the vault.)

Dr. M: Cooper?! No, you must be Sly Cooper, the new keeper of the cane! (chuckles) How I've longed for this.

Sly Cooper: This vault belongs to the Cooper family... you're trespassing.

Dr. M: No, my naive boy, you're trespassing. I've got the deed to this island. This fortress is mine, everything here... is mine! Which now includes the key to the vault. Hand over the cane.

Sly Cooper: Sorry pal, family heirloom. Buy a knock-off at the gift shop.

(Bentley shoots a dart at Dr. M from behind.)

Bentley: Quick! Let's regroup with the others! Follow me!

(While escaping with Bentley and evading Dr. M's attacks.)

  • Bad, bad!
  • Come on!
  • Hurry!
  • Let's go!
  • Move!
  • This is bad!
  • We're in trouble!
  • We've got to get out of here!

Dr. M:

  • (laughs)
  • I can't let you leave. You belong to me!
  • Pathetic!
  • The Cooper treasure is mine... it's mine!
  • Weak, Sly. I expected more!

(Upon reaching the elevator shaft.)

Bentley: Jump for it!

(While running through the lab.)

Bentley: This place is flooding, we don't have much time!

(While running through the lab entrance.)

Bentley: The tunnel's gonna go, hurry!

(After escaping the tunnel.)

Bentley: We're almost home free!

(Bentley launches himself across the gap and bombs a pole.)

Bentley: The boat's just up ahead!

(A huge mutant jumps down and grabs Bentley.)

Bentley: Gee-ahh!

Dr. M: There's no escape, Cooper!

(While Bentley is captured by Dr. M's mutant.)

  • He's gonna eat me!
  • Help!
  • Help me out here!
  • I'm... getting... squished!
  • Oh, this is bad!
  • Sly!

(After hitting Dr. M twice.)

Bentley: It's not working, save yourself!

Sly Cooper: If he wants to eat... eat this!

(Sly tosses his cane into the mutant's mouth, resulting in the mutant dropping Bentley and tossing the cane far away. The mutant then grabs Sly and starts squeezing him.)

Bentley: Sly... no! Hold on, Sly. Hold on!

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): It was like they always say: your life really does flash before your eyes. There it all was, stretching back to my childhood...

Sly Cooper (narrating): Born into a family of master thieves that went back for generations, I was next in line to continue the Cooper name... but fate had different plans. I was robbed of my childhood when a ruthless gang attacked our home. The orphanage I landed in wasn't all bad. It was there that I met my lifelong friends. Bentley, he's always been the thinker, and Murray, he's the doer. We'd stuck together over the years and our skill, our confidence, and our thieving reputation grew stronger with each heist. We thought that the good times would never end and that our luck would never run out, which only made things tougher when the odds finally caught up with us.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Then I met this guy, McSweeney, who claimed to have run with my father's crew back in their heyday. They pulled jobs all over the world and amassed quite a collection of priceless items. It was then that McSweeney told me all about the Cooper Vault. It seemed that my father, like all my ancestors, had been hiding their wealth in a secret place for generations, each one adding to the treasure hidden behind a door that, if McSweeney's story is true, only a Cooper can open.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Using some well-placed clues provided by McSweeney, we set out for the secret island that held the vault. On arriving, we discovered someone by the name of Dr. M had already set up shop. From the looks of it, he'd been trying to crack the thing for years, growing steadily more frustrated in his failures and more paranoid as the decades rolled by. He'd built himself a fortress with security as tight as Fort Knox. Getting inside the place would take precision, creativity, and moreover, it would take an army of world-class thieves. Finding and bringing together that much talent won't be easy, but to get inside the Cooper Vault and collect my inheritance, I was willing to pay the price.

Episode 1: An Opera of Fear[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): Getting inside a world-class vault would take a team of world-class thieves, a group of specialists, each member contributing their own particular talent. It was clear that we needed Murray back. Not only was I missing a lifelong friend, but his brute strength helped get us out of more than a few scrapes in the past.

Sly Cooper (narrating): When Bentley was injured during the whole Clockwerk affair, Murray blamed himself, eventually leaving the team. We tried to console him, but going out on his own was something he needed to do. He said he wanted to find his spiritual center. We got word that Murray ended up in the Australian outback where he studied a mystic art called the Dreamtime from an Aboriginal guru. From all accounts, things went pretty well, and his teacher even sent him on a walkabout to locations all over the globe to complete the training. Latest reports have sighted Murray in beautiful Venice, Italy, but what he's doing there is a mystery. I just hope he steers clear of the local mob boss, Octavio.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Growing up, this guy used to be a real celebrity in the neighborhood. Everyone loved to hear him sing opera and said he was destined to be the next great tenor, but just as his career started to take off, musical tastes changed. Suddenly, it was all about rock music, and no one wanted to listen to opera anymore. He held onto a few fans, and it was these mobsters that took him into "the business." Heading onto this guy's turf was dangerous, but worth it for a chance to make things right with Murray.

Start of Episode 1[]

Bentley (binocucom): Given Murray's criminal past, it seems logical to start our search at the local police station. If he's not already in custody, the cops are sure to have leads on all the crooks in Venice.

(A while after not heading to the job start location.)

Bentley (binocucom): Click the l3 button to find a job. It's time to get started!

Police HQ[]

Bentley (binocucom): That massive dome marks the Venetian police station.

Sly Cooper: Cops 'round here really like to make an impression.

Bentley (binocucom): I'm afraid it's a losing battle. Don Octavio runs the show in this neighborhood. It's his "security forces" patrolling the streets, not the cops.

Sly Cooper: Noted... Hmmm. Looks like I found my way inside.

Bentley (binocucom): That dome is covered in glazed tile, there's no way to climb up there.

Sly Cooper: Aw, come on pal, there's always a way.

(Sly reaches the vent system.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice climbing partner, I've got the blueprints to the vent system in front of me. I should be able to guide you to the jail cell.

(Upon reaching the jail cell.)

Sly Cooper: Hey, Murray... is that you?

Mysterious figure: Murray? That name's a stain on my pants, bro... whuh!?

(The mysterious figure steps towards the front of the cell, revealing himself to be Dimitri.)

Dimitri: Cooper! You've got some fuzzy dice to come round here.

Sly Cooper: Dimitri, long time no punch. See you're still in jail.

Dimitri: And you still a cracker-box!

Sly Cooper: Let's get past the name-calling and get to business.

Dimitri: Looking for main man Murray, eh? Sorry, but I'd rather see you get busted big time! Guard! Politzia!

Sly Cooper: Wait!

Sly Cooper (text): Gotta think of something to keep him quiet.

(A list of optional dialogue is presented to the player.)

Sly Cooper (text): I could try...

(Option 1: Threatening him)

Sly Cooper: Rat me out to those cops and I'll get thrown in there with you. It'll be a heck of a cage match and we both know who'll win... or did you forget Paris?

Dimitri: Worth it to see your smug face behind the bars!

(Option 2: Flattery)

Sly Cooper: Where's that generous nature you're so famous for? I always pegged you as the bigger man in these types of situations.

Dimitri: I'm a big man, big with the payback and the sex appeal. Got that ant? I control the beat on this track, you're just the dancer.

(Correct answer: Cutting a deal)

Sly Cooper: If those cops get their mitts on me, who's gonna break you out of jail?

Dimitri: You might get this cell door open, but the cops would throw down and bust me on the way out, and then I'll gets the double sentence, grief!

Sly Cooper (text): He's right, it'll be tough getting him out of here. I need a plan.

(Another list of optional dialogue is presented to the player.)

Sly Cooper (text): Maybe I could...

(Option 1: Disguise us both as police... then walk out?)

Sly Cooper: Tell you what, I'll steal a couple of police uniforms. We'll suit up and then just walk out the front door.

Dimitri: Come on, man, I'm a fashion all-star! No way, no how I'm dressing up in polyester pig suit... some things worse than jail.

(Option 2: Take him with me up the air vent)

Sly Cooper: Look, I got in here through an air vent. We can both use it to escape.

Dimitri: I can't fit in no vent! You spy my macho frame? I'm packing too much sexy muscle to fit in vent like you stick dudes.

(Correct answer: Distract the cops so he can get away)

Sly Cooper: How about I get the cops' attention then run for it. Once they're all outside, shooting at me, you can slip out no problem.

Dimitri: Now that's a plan I can get behind! Dimitri is free and Cooper is cooked. Key for cell is in head cop lady's office.

Sly Cooper: Okay, great. This other lock won't be a problem... I should be able to crack it by hand.

Dimitri: Get me out of here and I'll find Murray, no sweat. Just keep on the down low and outta sight near them coppers, bro... They're a bad bunch of bunnies.

(While Sly crawls under the tables)

Carmelita Fox: Your attention, please. I thank you for your patience, but we're now ready for the presentation. As we all know, the canals of Venice have been mysteriously filling with tar for the last month. No one is sure of the cause, but the effects have been devastating on the local wildlife and tourist trade. Our sources believe that this man, Don Octavio, is potentially responsible for the disaster. Unfortunately, we've got no hard evidence linking him to the pollution. I've yet to receive a warrant to search his opera house mansion, so we're just going to have to do this the old-fashioned way. Get out there and keep your eyes open! I've hired you mercenaries over traditional cops, because this is a dangerous assignment. The neighborhood is filled with the Octavio goons. It's a war out there. Get tough or you won't last five minutes! You hear me? I'm paying for results! The city of Venice needs this situation resolved now!

(After the presentation.)

Carmelita Fox: Okay, I know you boys like things redundant, so I'm going to give you the presentation again. This time, pay attention! You're not getting paid to nap. Just let me get my notecards back in order.

(The presentation will loop until you get the key.)

(If you get caught in the lights or touch a mercenary)
Carmelita Fox: (gasps) Sly Cooper, should've figured you'd show up. Grab 'em, boys!

(Upon getting the key.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, head back to Dimitri's cell and free him... if he's true to his word, we'll be talking to Murray in no time.

(The lights turn on.)

Carmelita Fox: Let's get back to business. Now, where was I...

(The lights flicker off.)

Carmelita Fox: Hold tight boys, the power's on the fritz again... it'll calm down in a few minutes.

Bentley (binocucom): Better make sure you're under a desk when the lights come back on.

(Mercenaries' reactions when lights turn on)

  • Eh, on, off. on, off.
  • I can see, dah, I can see!
  • Let there be light.
  • You look a lot better in the dark, Pedro. Really, you are an ugly, ugly man. (laughs)

(Mercenaries' reactions when lights turn off)

  • (ghost noises)
  • (yawns)
  • Ah, come on.
  • Ah, geez.
  • It's dark. Dark like the grave, eh? (laughs)
  • Keep your hands to yourself, Leon.
  • Make up your mind already!
  • This is sucking.

(Upon returning to Dimitri's cell)

Dimitri: Can you really crack this coconut?

Sly Cooper: Sure, just takes a light touch.

Dimitri: Good. Let's see some shine, bro. I swear, you spring me, and I'll hook you up with that plump dog, Murray. Dig?

Bentley (binocucom): This safe'll be tough to crack, but I've seen you open harder locks. Slowly rotate the left analog stick analog stick until you feel the vibration. Stop, then go in the other direction, again feeling for the vibration, then a reverse direction again, and stop when you get the third vibration. Once the green light goes on, let off the stick and you're in.

(After freeing Dimitri)

Sly Cooper: I'll do like I promised and distract the cops so you can make your escape.

Dimitri: Solid. Don't worry no mind, straight way I'll pass word for Murray to find you. Meet at Rialto Bridge, big Italian landmark.

Sly Cooper: Okay... guess it's showtime.

(Sly jumps over the tables and into the squad room.)

Sly Cooper: Hello, assorted meatheads... and lady. Anyone feel like some exercise?

Carmelita Fox: Cooper? Grab 'em, men!

Sly Cooper: And I'm out.

(Both Sly and Carmelita run out the door, and outside to the docks.)

Carmelita Fox: You've got some serious nerve showing up in my squad room.

Sly Cooper: I was concerned we were growing apart.

Carmelita Fox: Then let's spend some quality time together in my interrogation cell.

Sly Cooper: So forward, what happened to the demure girl I used to know?

Carmelita Fox: She grew up and stopped taking grief from guys like you.

Sly Cooper: "Guys like me"? Are you saying I've got some competition for your affections?

Carmelita Fox: You're the only man in my sights right now.

(During the chase)
Carmelita Fox:

  • Almost lost it that time, Cooper.
  • Apes! Converge on my position!
  • Is that the best you can do?
  • Mercenaries! Flank my target!
  • Run all you want! I'm right behind you.
  • Sooner or later, you're mine!
  • Units! Move in! Surround the criminal!
  • Why run? You know I'll catch you!
  • You can't keep running for the rest of your life!
  • You don't dodge as fast as you used to.
  • You're slowing down, Cooper. You want me to slap the cuffs on you?
  • You got nowhere left to run, Cooper!

(Upon reaching Rialto Bridge, Murray emerges from the manhole)

Murray: Greetings old... Inspector Fox! Man, you're in it again!

Sly Cooper: Hope that manhole works both ways!

(Sly and Murray enter the manhole.)

Carmelita Fox: That's right, hide in the sewers like the rat you are!

(Sly and Murray come out of a different manhole across the city.)

Sly Cooper: Thanks for the quick escape. I owe you one, again.

Murray: Of course, searcher, we are all in need of peace.

Sly Cooper: You're really whole hog on this Dreamtime stuff, huh?

Murray: My mind is clear, like the woodland after a forest fire.

Sly Cooper: Listen, Murray... we need you back on the team. That thing with Bentley, it wasn't your fault. He doesn't blame you for the wheelchair.

Murray: Sorry, Sly, I walk a different path. My Guru, in his wisdom, told me to lose myself and not return until the black water ran pure, so here I stay.

Sly Cooper: You sure he didn't tell you to get lost and not come back until you've cleaned out the water filter?

Murray: Come on! I'm on a real spirit quest here!

Sly Cooper: Sorry, sorry... tell me everything, I've missed you, pal.

Murray: Well, it's a long and awesome story... You got any gum?

Slideshow #1[]

(This slideshow plays after "Police HQ.")

Bentley: Murray refuses to join the gang until the commitment to his Guru has been fulfilled. Whether we like it or not, we've got to go deal with Venice's tar problems, in order to, as Murray puts it: "Make the black water run pure." Thanks to Inspector Fox's fine detective work, we already know that Don Octavio is somehow connected. As non-law operatives, we'll be able to tackle this situation in a more... "head-on" fashion. First, we break into Octavio's opera house. If he's hiding anything, we'll find it. We should also keep a close eye on the Don. Some photographic evidence of him connected to the tar might be enough to get the old mobster put away. Of course, meanwhile, I'll monitor local communication frequencies. With some luck, we might pick up some quality intel.

Into the Depths[]

Bentley (binocucom): This Opera House is Octavio's base of operations.

Sly Cooper: Nice place, sure to be a few coins laying around in there. What's the plan?

Bentley (binocucom): If you can get me inside to one of Octavio's computers, I should be able to hack his firewall, and get the dirt on his operation.

Sly Cooper: Okay. Have you got a point of entry? I'm guessing the front door's not the safest option.

Bentley (binocucom): That wooden hatch appears to be an ideal way to slip in undetected. Head down there and we'll meet up in a few minutes.

(Upon reaching the wooden hatch.)

Bentley: Octavio is known to rely on 3-D technology to secure his property. In order to see the security measures, we'll need to utilize these depth optimizer goggles.

Sly Cooper: Functional and fashionable. Nice touch, Bentley.

(Upon reaching first double-button door.)

Bentley: To open this door, we'll need to press the 3-D security buttons at exactly the same time. Okay, on my three. One... two... three!

(When successful.)

Bentley: Nice.

(Upon reaching second double-button door.)

Bentley: Looks like Octavio is fond of this 3-D synchronize security system. Let's do it. One... two... three!

(When successful.)

Bentley: Alright!

(Upon reaching the canal.)

Bentley: Drat! My booster won't be enough to make it to that next door. I've made a number of improvements to my wheelchair, but none that can float me through this canal.

Sly Cooper: Don't worry about it, pal. I'm sure I'll find a way across, and there seem to be plenty of boats hanging around to make a nice bridge for ya.

Bentley: Okay, I'll wait for your signal.

(When going through the canal.)

Octavio (intercom): Good evening to you my fine, fine associates. Octavio here. I'm pleased to report that the tar suction levels are at an all-time high. However, it saddens me to report that some of you haven't been keeping in time with the orchestra, if you know what I mean. I like to see Mario, Rafael and Julius in the main vacuum room immediately! We're gonna discuss your retirement package, and if any of you catch these boys make a run for it, well (growls) shoot 'em in the back!

(When approaching the door.)

Bentley (binocucom): That door ahead of you is reinforced. We'll need to bomb our way through it.

(After Sly presses the switch.)

Bentley: Thanks for the assist, Sly. Maybe I can return the favor with some well-placed explosives.

(After Bentley plants a bomb.)

Bentley: Okay, stand back!

Sly Cooper: Thanks pal.

(Upon reaching a Plexiglas door.)

Bentley: Hmm, this door is made of four-inch thick, bulletproof Plexiglas. My bombs won't make a dent. See if you can find a way around it through that ventilation shaft.

(While Sly traverses the ventilation shaft.)

Octavio: Well, nice of you two to stop by for a little "fatherly advice." Julius made a run for it, and uh, the curtain fell. Now, normally I'd whack both of ya, but it's Carnevale, and I'm feeling charitable. So I think of something else.

(If you enter the first room.)

Bentley: This room's empty. Crawl a little farther. They've got to have a lock switch somewhere.

(While crawling further through the vents.)

Octavio: Okay, here's the deal. You two stoolies are gonna be my new eyes and ears. I can't let no one get near my demolition switch, or sabotage any part of the operation down here. If you hear any noise from inside of the family that someone's uh, NOT CONTENT, then you tell me straight out! I can't be taking no chances this close to showtime. Got it?!

(After opening the Plexiglas door.)

Bentley: Thanks, pal, judging from the security, we must be getting close.

(After Bentley plants a bomb.)

Bentley: It's live!

(After Sly bypasses the lasers and defeats the guards.)

Bentley: Synchronize watches, and... One... two... three!

(When successful.)

Bentley: We're in!

(Upon reaching the computer room.)

Bentley: Yes! A Worlizter-700. I can splice into this easy.

Sly Cooper: Just as long as you're enjoying yourself, that's the important thing.

Bentley: Aside from a few tense moments, that break-in seemed to go pretty well.

Sly Cooper: It's not over yet. Hack the system and let's get out of here.

Bentley: Oh, it'll be a snap extracting the details on Octavio's operation from this old dinosaur.

(Bentley triggers an alarm.)

Bentley: W-what?! A delay switch?! Sorry, Sly, guess the dinosaur has teeth. I'll hack as fast as I can. Watch my back. There are sure to be guards on the way.

Guards: Intruders!

(One-fourth through the fight.)

Bentley: Halfway there!

(Halfway through the fight.)

Bentley: I've almost got it.

(Three-fourths through the fight.)

Bentley: So close!

(Once the fight ends.)

Bentley: Download complete! Now we can find out exactly what Octavio is up to!

Octavio Snap[]

Bentley (binocucom): Heads up, Sly, I've intercepted a radio message from one of Octavio's men. The Don is moving towards your position!

Sly Cooper: Great, you want me to take him?

Bentley (binocucom): No! We need evidence that he's behind this city's tar epidemic. With some incriminating photos, we might be able to help the cops prosecute him and put an end to this nonsense.

Sly Cooper: Never thought we'd be helping out the cops.

Bentley (binocucom): Really? You always seem eager to aid Inspector Fox?

Sly Cooper: Yeah well, she's different. Your average law enforcer isn't that... I don't know, attractive. Hold up, here he comes.

(Octavio tars up the water fountain.)

Sly Cooper: That's despicable!

Bentley (binocucom): Get a picture before he finishes, this is perfect! Use your binocucom to take photos.

(If you are discovered by Octavio at any point during the mission)
Octavio: I got a shadow, huh? You stink! Back in my day, thieves knew how not to get caught!

(After taking the first photo)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent, a few more of these and the cops will bury this guy! Follow him, he might be headed for some more polluting.

(When Octavio activates the second pump.)

Bentley (binocucom): He's at it again. Get a picture!

(After taking the second photo)

Bentley (binocucom): That poor bird bath. I guess, more of a bird death trap, now. He's on the move again. Keep it up, Sly. This is some great work.

(When Octavio activates the third pump)

Bentley (binocucom): Imagine, clogging a delightful water wheel with deadly, sticky tar! Monstrous!

(After taking the third photo)

Bentley (binocucom): Keep on him. We want to make sure all of this horrible polluting is fully documented.

(When Octavio activates the fourth pump)

Bentley (binocucom): He seems to be working a switch, but there's no tar anywhere... yet. Get a photo anyway.

(After taking the fourth photo)

Bentley (binocucom): He's doing something, but what?

(The camera pans over to show an aquarium being filled with tar.)

Bentley (binocucom): I-I can't believe it, he flooded that aquarium with tar... all those poor, dead fish! As much as I hate to see what heinous crime this fiend will do next, you should probably keep on his tail... someday the people will know the truth due to your pictures.

(Octavio rides on the Ferris wheel and pulls out his phone.)

Octavio: Yeah, it's me, get that engineer on the horn.

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, see if you can latch onto the car Octavio is riding in. We should eavesdrop on his phone conversation, from the look on his face, it seems important.

(Sly latches onto Octavio's car.)

Octavio: Listen Giovanni, this Ferris wheel was a good idea; she's pumping the tar fast, and nobody, but nobody suspects a thing! But still... is it going to be enough to get things ready for my opera recital?... Bella! When the people come to see me sing, I want to make sure they keep coming... even if they don't feel like it. One way or the other, they'll be opera fans again. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh... Okay, see you soon.

(Octavio gets off the Ferris wheel and leaves.)

Bentley (binocucom): That fiend! He's twisted a time-honored amusement park ride into a tool for wrong doing! Break open the control panel with your cane... I'm on my way to do a little rewiring.

(Sly breaks open the control panel and Bentley begins rewiring it, causing the Ferris wheel to spin quickly.)

Bentley: Look away if you must, you're about to witness the dark side of electrical engineering.

(A trio of rooftop guards, two cats and one pigeon, approach the Ferris wheel.)

Bentley: Kill a bunch of poor innocent fish, will he...

(Bentley finishes hacking the Ferris wheel)

Bentley: That'll do it.

(Sly and Bentley run away just before the guards make it to the Ferris wheel.)

(The Ferris wheel loosens from its suspenders, falling apart and killing the pigeon guard, while the cat guards run away.)

Canal Chase[]

Bentley: Hey, Sly, you better get over here. My sources tell me that Octavio has hired the Blue Viper Gondola gang to take out Carmelita.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): The Blue Vipers? Those guys are nasty! We gotta get to them before they get to her.

Bentley: She's off on her daily patrol, the thugs can't be far behind.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): On my way. Just be sure to have one of those police boats hot-wired by the time I get there.

Bentley: Let's see, just cross the red wire with the blue wire, and, Shazam!

Sly Cooper: Just in time, there go the Vipers.

Bentley: I'll shoot, you drive, Sly.

(In the canals)

Bentley: This canal is packed with shipping. Make sure to jump and weave or we're sunk. Let's take these guys out!

(If you overheat your gun)

Bentley: Sorry, Sly. My gun overheated! Guess I should use short bursts.

(First Viper defeated)

Sly Cooper: Scratch one Blue Viper!

(Second Viper defeated)

Sly Cooper: Nice shooting, Bentley!

(Third Viper defeated)

Sly Cooper: Way to go! That's the end of the Blue Vipers!

(Carmelita returns from her patrol)

Carmelita Fox: Another uneventful patrol. This city is beautiful, but a bit quiet for my tastes.

(Returning to the dock)

Bentley: I hope you realize that by saving Carmelita, we're only making our operation here more difficult.

Sly Cooper: Maybe so, but what's the fun in stealing if there's nobody trying to catch you? Besides, she's helped us out in the past.

Bentley: That, and you've got a thing for her.

Sly Cooper: And I've a got thing for her. Look, I'll stash this boat, it might be useful for later. You stay out of trouble.

Slideshow #2[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 1.)

Bentley: So according to these decrypted files, Octavio is pumping tar from underneath the foundations of buildings, so he can sink them into the canals on a whim! He's going to demonstrate this destructive ability to the people of Venice during his opera recital on the first day of Carnevale. To counter this threat, we'll first destroy the balloons and sign advertising the recital. If no one shows up, he'll have no reason to sink a building. Next, the blueprints to the main tar vacuum have been cleverly split into three parts and hidden in local coffee houses owned by Octavio. Unfortunately, they're under constant guard, so you'll need to use a disguise to get us inside. Also, some big Vincenetti goons have been called in as "insurance" for the recital. Given their size, I think it's prudent to fool Carmelita's ape mercenaries into taking them out for us. And finally, we'll have to convince Murray into taking to the field. If he's learned the Aboriginal Ball Form, it'll be just the thing for destroying the local tar reservoirs.

Turf War![]

Sly Cooper: Bentley, looks like you've found one of Octavio's Vincenetti goons. You on your way to the police station for the old bait and switch?

Bentley (binocucom): Yeah... he's following me... too close for comfort... gotta move!

(Sly rushes over to the police station.)

Sly Cooper: Now to get those mercenary apes involved.

(Sly knocks on the front door.)

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Hey! All you fake cops go home, we don't need no more stupid thugs in Venice!

(Sly and Bentley run off, while a mercenary exits the police station and faces the goon.)

Mercenary: I might not be a real cop, but I've got feelings, pal. And you just hurt 'em.

Goon: You talking to me, fruitcake? 'Cause I don't need a date.

Mercenary: Eat missile, punk!

(The Mercenary and goon begin fighting.)

Sly Cooper: This was a good plan, Bentley. Now we can just sit back and watch the fireworks!

Bentley: Thank you, I pride myself on deviousness these days. With her ape guard under fire, there's a 93% chance that Carmelita will arrive and take out the entire Vincenetti gang.

Sly Cooper: Devious!

(Carmelita exits the police station and approaches her mercenary.)

Mercenary: Inspector Fox, I'm glad to see you! This Vincenetti puke is giving me all I can handle.

Carmelita Fox: Stand your ground, soldier, we'll take him together!

(After the first wave)

Mercenary: Inspector Fox, I am pinned down in sector 4! Please to help me!

(After the second wave)

Mercenary: These Vincenetti guys are everywhere! I'm not going to last long without some additional firepower!

(After the third wave)

Mercenary: I am deep in the trouble! I need back-up and I need it now!

(After the fourth and last wave)

Mercenary: All sectors have been stabilized. No further Vincenetti presence has been detected.

Carmelita Fox: Good work, men. For mercenaries, you fought with honor and distinction. I'm proud of you.

Tar Ball[]

Murray: Sly said you were looking for me?

Bentley: We need your help to destroy some tar drums.

Murray: I'm done with all that. I've found a new path... it's full of peacefulness.

Bentley: Come on, what happened to "The Murray"? The guy who'd get into a fist fight with ten thugs wearing nothing but a towel? The guy who used to punch first and not bother asking questions later? Where's that guy? Where's my old friend?

Murray: I-I'm sorry, Bentley. I-I tried to save you... But, I just wasn't strong enough.

Bentley: Get over it, Murray. I don't blame you and never have. The only thing I feel bad about is losing my pal.

Murray: Look... I want to help you. You're like my second best friend! It's just that I promised I'd stay here and "peacefully" meditate till the black water ran pure.

Bentley: Well... what if you could help us peacefully? You wouldn't have to punch anyone.

Murray: I'm in! Keep it peaceful and I'll smash up anything you'd like!

Bentley: As a student of the Australian Dreamtime, I'm sure you've learned of "the ball form"?

Murray: Yeah, sure, like my first week.

Bentley: Excellent! Tuck into ball form and clog that vent pipe. The pressure build up should shoot you skyward. Maintain your ball form and smash into the tar drums around town.

Murray: Awesome, yeah, that's totally peaceful! I'm sure my Guru wouldn't mind.

Bentley (binocucom): Press the l1 button to go into ball form.

(After clogging the pipe)

Bentley (binocucom): Hit the x button on impact to keep your bounces high. I'm projecting some markers to help you find the tar drums.

(Murray's lines while bouncing)

  • Big time air!
  • Cannonball!
  • Coming down!
  • Couldn't get any higher!
  • HA-ha-ha-ha!
  • Hang... time!
  • Heads up!
  • Hee-hee-hee-hee!
  • Hup!
  • Like a ballerina!
  • Oh, yeah!
  • (imitates radio call) Pilot to bombardier! Pilot to bombardier!
  • So, so high!
  • Watch out below!
  • Whoo-hoo!
  • Whoosh!
  • Yeah!
  • Yeee-aaaa-oooohh!

(After destroying the first tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, peace monger. That's one tar drum down the drain!

(After destroying the second tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): This is great, Murray. Those tar drums are an integral part of Octavio's scheme. With them out of the picture, you're that much closer to seeing the black water run clear. I promise!

(After destroying the third tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): Superb bouncing, chum.

(After destroying the fourth tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): You're really getting the hang of hang time. That tar drum didn't know what hit it. Uh, in a peaceful sense, of course.

(After destroying the fifth tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): Keep this up, and the environmentalists will send a thank-you card.

(After destroying the sixth and final tar drum)

Bentley (binocucom): That's the last of them!

(Murray returns to Bentley)

Bentley: Really, nice work, Murray, it's a pleasure to see you back in action.

Murray: Yeah well, I haven't forgotten who my friends are... I'm just playing with a different deck!

Run 'n Bomb[]

Bentley: I've taken over this Carnevale fireworks stand as a base of operations for our next job. We need to take out the sign and balloons advertising Octavio's big comeback opera recital.

Sly Cooper: I hear ya, if no one shows up for him to extort with his "building-sinking" scheme, then why would he bother with the demonstration. Excavating all that tar seems like a big operation, you'd think he'd hold off until he had an audience.

Bentley: Exactly. Now, I've cobbled together a few explosives powerful enough to destroy the anchors to those balloons. Unfortunately, I'm a little short of fuses.

Sly Cooper: Then, I'll be quick.

Bentley (binocucom): Place the dynamite when you get near the anchor, or KABOOM! Raccoon parts everywhere!

(Sly blows the anchor, setting the balloon free)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! One less ad polluting the Venetian skyline.

Bentley (binocucom): Head on back to the fireworks stand. I've got another stick of TNT ready, and the wind's blowing in the right direction for stage two of our assault.

(Returning to the fireworks stand)

Sly Cooper: That explosive had some kick.

Bentley: It was a child compared to this ferocious beast! Don't dilly-dally with this one, it's got a longer fuse but you've got farther to run.

Sly Cooper: "Ferocious beast"?

Bentley: Run, Sly, run! Fear the beast!

(Nearing the second anchor)

Bentley (binocucom): Hurry, before the wind changes direction!

(Sly reaches the second anchor)

Bentley (binocucom): Ha-ha! Behold stage two! The balloon, carried by the wind, will impact on the Octavio sign. The combustible gases in the balloon will ignite, and BAM! Hindenburg part two!

(The balloon's rope gets stuck on the sign on the way up)

Bentley (binocucom): Drat and curses! The wind died! The balloon's caught! Sorry, pal. See if you can climb up and knock the balloon free. I'll start putting together another explosive for the sign. Such a shame. I was really looking forward to seeing that balloon burn. Fascinating chemical reaction!

(Sly reaches the sign)

Bentley (binocucom): A solid blow from your cane should dislodge the balloon.

(Sly knocks the balloon free, destroying the sign)

Bentley (binocucom): Whoa! Looks like we've got a new ferocious beast on this operation. Come on back and, whuh? Sorry sir, we're currently clo— Hey! Let go of me! Sly! Get back here, quick!

(Partway back to the firework stand)

Bentley (binocucom): Help, Sly, this guy is crazy! I've got him locked out, but—Oh no!

(Nearing the firework stand)

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, he's breaking down the door! Where are you? Please help!

(Sly makes it to the firework stand, to find Octavio carrying Bentley over his head)

Bentley: Help!

Octavio: Ahh, Sly Cooper. My boy on the inside picked up those pictures of me you sent the cops. Nice try, but I own this town.

Sly Cooper: Put my friend down, or I'm gonna knock out all of your teeth, one at a time, and make you eat 'em.

Octavio: Hoo-ooh-ooh! That's the toughest talk you got?! You're pathetic! Back in my day, we had enforcers that would make people pee their pants just as soon as look at 'em.

Sly Cooper: Believe me old timer, I don't make idle threats.

Octavio: Oh, I know all about you and your cracked little gang. You ain't nothing without this little guy's brains. So, I figure I'll just scoop 'em out real slow, and use 'em to fertilize my tomato plants.

Bentley: I'm allergic to tomatoes!

(Sly chases Octavio around town)

Bentley: Sly!

Bentley: Let go of me, you geriatric fiend!

Octavio: Shut up and hold still!

Bentley: I swear, I'll get you for this!

Octavio: You won't get nothing but a grave, pal!

Bentley: Sly, hurry it up!

Octavio: Pipe down, lunch meat!

(Octavio's lines while activating electrical traps)

  • Activate!
  • Barrier engaged.
  • Crank it up!
  • Power up!
  • Shock on!
  • Turn it on!

(Sly and Octavio reach the opera house)

Octavio: You want this runt?! Take him!

(Octavio throws Bentley at Sly, knocking Sly over in the process)

Octavio: I won't forget about this, you guys are dead!

(Octavio runs into the opera house)

Sly Cooper: You okay, Bentley?

Bentley: I'm fine, my ego's bruised, but it'll heal.

Guard Duty[]

Bentley (binocucom): Octavio keeps the blueprints to his main tar pumping station in three parts. Each is cleverly hidden behind a painting inside one of his "legit" coffee houses.

Sly Cooper: Not very subtle, posting a full-time guard in front of a coffee house.

Bentley (binocucom): Since we destroyed his Ferris wheel, he's gone all out on the security. In fact, he's got all his guards checking up on each other. If we're going to get inside and at the blueprints, we can't raise any suspicion.

Sly Cooper: I'm with you. I'll approach the guard while in disguise and pretend to take the next shift. When the coast is clear, you head inside and swipe the blueprints. With me standing out front, no one will know that something's up.

Bentley (binocucom): Your disguise can be assigned as a power-up. When hailed by guards, make sure to memorize their passwords and say them back in a timely fashion. Take too long or mess it up, and he'll know you're a phony.

(If you are attacked by the guard before putting on the disguise)

Bentley (binocucom): Put on your disguise, then talk to the guard.

(After approaching the guard and saying the correct password)

Guard 1: Okay, I guess you're the relief shift. Thanks for coming early, I've got big plans for tonight! Carnevale! Good time, eh?

(Guard walks away)

Bentley: I can't believe that worked, you've got the worst Italian accent I've ever heard!... No offense.

Sly Cooper: Head inside and grab the blueprints, no telling how long till another patrol comes by.

(Inside coffee house #1)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): First coffee house I've ever seen with wall-to-wall laser security.

(Bentley approaches the painting)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Octavio really is old school if he's using a painting safe. My father used to crack these all the time. The trick here is finding the safe's combination hidden somewhere in the artwork. Might take some searching, but it's sure to be there. Just keep at it.

(Blueprint #1 stolen)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Strong work, we're still clear out front.

(Back outside)

Bentley: I'll meet you at the next coffee shop. Once you take the guard's post I'll move in.

Sly Cooper: Second verse, same as the first.

(After approaching the second guard and saying the correct password)

Guard 2: Ah, am I glad you're here. Mama's making spaghetti tonight and I'm starving! I'm gonna eat like three, no, four plates full!

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Guess you really like her cooking?

Guard 2: Mama-mia! I want to be buried in her sauce, it's heaven!

(The guard leaves)

Bentley: Any problems with that guy?

Sly Cooper: Said he wanted to buried in his mom's pasta sauce.

Bentley: Yeah, that's, uh... that's strange.

(Inside coffee house #2)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): You know, I just can't get it out of my head. Have you ever had pasta sauce that tasty? I don't wanna distract you or anything, but, I just don't think I've ever had cooking that good! Are we like missing out on a whole universe of flavors here?

(Blueprint #2 stolen)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright, two out of three. Almost there, partner.

(Back outside)

Sly Cooper: You know, maybe there's a good Italian restaurant around here.

Bentley: Enough with the sauce! Keep your focus, we're on a job here. Thugs everywhere, death around every corner!

Sly Cooper: You're right. We got one more coffee house to hit, then we're done.

Bentley: Yes, now you're talking sense.

Sly Cooper: And then we eat.

(After approaching the third guard and saying the correct password)

Guard 3: Yeah, you know the code, but what's my nickname? There's only one Tony B on the payroll, and I'm famous in the family.

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): I'm new, just got called in from Rome.

Tony B: They know me in Rome, I'm practically the mayor of organized crime in Rome. You telling me you never heard my nickname there?

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Uh, my cell phone's going off... I should take this call, could be the boss.

Tony B: Yeah, okay.

Bentley (binocucom): Talk to some of the other guards in the area and see if any of them know Tony B's nickname.

(If you approach Tony again without knowing his nickname)

Tony B: Okay, you big time, what's my nickname?

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Sorry, my cell phone's vibrating again, be right back.

(Asking the first guard)

Guard 4: Okay, you're legit.

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Hey, you know Tony B's nickname?

Guard 4: Tony B! That cannoli, he's, what's it called, an "egomaniac"... I don't know nothing about him, don't wanna know.

(Asking the second guard)

Guard 5: Yep, that's the password. Sometimes I forget 'em, you know?

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): You and me both, pal. Hey, you know what Tony B's nickname is?

Guard 5: (chuckles) Yeah, that fathead likes to call himself Tony "The Killer" B. Whadda idiot.

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): I couldn't agree more.

Bentley (binocucom): Nice job getting the nickname. You're really fitting in with these mobsters, Sly. Maybe you should switch teams, get an apartment with "The Killer" B.

(Approaching Tony with the nickname)

Tony B: So, big shot, what's my nickname?

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Oh come on, everyone's heard of Tony "The Killer" B. You're the terror of every playground from here to Sicily.

Tony "The Killer" B: Ha, ha, ha, real funny. Least, I'm not on guard duty during Carnevale... who's got the last laugh now, tough guy? Heh-heh-heh, me! That's who.

(Tony leaves)

Sly Cooper: Don't take too long. If that guy comes back to chat, I'm outta here.

(Inside coffee house #3)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): You've got real skill with this art decryption, Bentley. It always takes me like twenty minutes to figure those things out. You're just flying through 'em.

(Blueprint #3 stolen, and an alarm triggers)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Get out of there, it must've been rigged to an alarm!

(Back outside, a guard approaches Sly, and Sly gets out of disguise and kills the guard)

Sly Cooper: We need to hide out back in the safe house, that alarm is attracting all kinds of guards!

Bentley: Agreed, we've got the blueprints to the tar vacuum. Our work here is done.

(As they run from the guards)
Sly Cooper:

  • Let's go, Bentley!
  • There's just too many of them!
  • We gotta get back to the safe house!
  • We need to get back to the safe house!
  • We gotta get out of here!

(After job is complete, and if there is another job left to do before the next slideshow.)

Bentley: Ah, the safety of the safe house.

Slideshow #3[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 2.)

Bentley: With Octavio's comeback opera recital just a few hours away, we're all set up for the main event. Get ready for Operation: Tar-Be Gone! Our objective: Get Murray back on the team. Sly, you'll start things off by using your disguise to sneak into the opera house. Make your way to the pump room, and let me in through the side entrance. Thanks to the blueprints we stole, I now know just where to bomb to cripple the machinery. Then we'll go for Octavio's detonation switch. I'm sure you'd agree that we just can't leave a weapon that powerful in the hands of such a madman. So I'll distract the old mobster with an opera duel. He's sure not to attack while we're both on stage. Meanwhile, you'll cut the lines to the chandelier and drop it on his head! I'll swipe the switch and we'll both find Murray. By then, the black water is sure to be running clear, and he'll be free to come with us.

OP: Tar-Be Gone![]

Bentley (binocucom): This is it. Octavio is due to arrive for the opera recital in just a few minutes.

Sly Cooper: We did a good job taking out the advertising... no one's shown up to listen. No audience means no demolition demonstration.

Bentley (binocucom): True. But to finish the job, we'll need to take out the main tar vacuum. Use your disguise to gain entry to the opera house, then head down to the pump room and let me in through the side door.

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): No problem, Signore.

(Sly gets access to the opera house)

Guard 1: Don't be long inside. The boss's opera recital is about to start.

(Sly enters the opera house)

Bentley (binocucom): Stay in disguise here or the operation's a bust.

(If a guard stops Sly for a password and Sly successfully gives it)

Guard 2: This recital is gonna be a drag. Between you and me, I hate opera.

Guard 3: The boss has been practicing for months for this day. He sings great.

(Sly walks into a room with a double-button door)

Bentley (binocucom): Drat! A double button door! I-I'll think of something, just give me time.

(Sly approaches the door, and the door opens to reveal Octavio walking out of it)

Octavio: You! I don't recognize you... What's the secret soprano password?

(Sly successfully gives the password)

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Tenor, bass, tenor, tenor.

Octavio: Okay. Password to the rest of the guards that under no circumstances am I to be disturbed during my big comeback recital.

Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Yes sir. I'm certainly looking forward to the performance. Once I'm done in the pump room, I'll be headed out to the stage. Um, if it isn't too much trouble, would you help me out with this double-button security door?

Octavio: But of course, for a fellow music lover, it would be a pleasure.

(Sly and Octavio stand next to a button)

Octavio: On three. One, two, three!

(When successful)

Octavio: Be quick in there, you won't want to miss out.

(After reaching tar vacuum)

Bentley: Psst, Sly! Sly! Over here!

(Sly comes out of his disguise and lets in Bentley)

Sly Cooper: Nice to see you, pal.

Bentley: Okay, we need to act quickly while the recital is getting underway.

Sly Cooper: You ready with the bombs?

Bentley: Once I've destroyed all six tar pipes, the vacuum should start to lose suction.

Sly Cooper: Look, if those bombs attract any guards, let me do the fighting... you just focus on taking out the tar pipes. We need to stay on schedule.

(After using a singular bomb)

Sly Cooper: Looks tough. Might take some more bombs.

(Upon blowing up a pipe)

Sly Cooper: We've got company. Just stay on those tar pipes. This could get hairy.

(Halfway through)

Sly Cooper: This is getting serious! Better hurry it up with those pipes!

(After nearly destroying all pipes)

Bentley: Just one pipe left!

(After all pipes have been destroyed)

Sly Cooper: Nice work partner. Is there still time to catch Octavio's recital?

Bentley: We're right on schedule. If my calculations are correct, he should be about to perform an aria, originally written as a duet. That's when we strike!

(After Sly and Bentley exit the opera house)

Sly Cooper: Think he'll really let you on stage with him?

Bentley: Of course, he's a musician! He'll be "overjoyed" to have a lyrical counterpoint. Just be ready to drop the chandelier when I've lured him underneath.

(At the Opera stage)

(Octavio walks onstage and notices Bentley)

Octavio: Ah, Mr. Tomato Fertilizer. (growls) You got a death wish?

Bentley: I couldn't resist showing you up at what you treasure most... opera singing!

Octavio: You're a vocalist? Fine, a duet is coming up. We'll sing first and then I'll gut you.

Bentley: Bring it on, Grandpa, I'll sing you under the table!

(Bentley walks onstage and Sly rail-walks to the chandelier supporter)

(If Bentley fails the singing minigame)
Octavio: Whoa, whoa, whoa-oh... that's the worst singing I ever heard. (shudders) I can't go on, you're too awful.

(After Bentley and Octavio sing and Sly cuts the ropes supporting the chandelier)

Bentley: Now!

(Sly drops the chandelier)

Octavio: Whuh? Nooooo!

(Carmelita blasts the chandelier)

Carmelita Fox: Freeze! The lot of you are going to jail!

(Escape boat comes)

Octavio: This recital... is over.

(Octavio jumps into the escape boat as Carmelita tries to shoot Sly, Bentley, and Octavio)

Bentley: He's still got the demolition switch!

(Carmelita drops down to the ground)

Carmelita Fox: They never, ever, freeze!

(Sly and Bentley hop into a boat)

Sly Cooper: I'll drive. You shoot.

(Boats drive off as Carmelita tries to shoot at them before stopping)

Carmelita Fox: I need immediate pick up, criminals are headed east. All units converge.

Mercenary (wrist communicator): Roger.

Carmelita Fox: Sorry, Cooper. This time I've got you surrounded.

(In the canals)

Bentley: Can't you go any faster?!

Sly Cooper: This is it! Shoot out his engine and we'll have him.

(During the chase)

Bentley: The canal is full of cops! We're in big trouble here!

(Carmelita's helicopter hovers above the canal)

Carmelita Fox (megaphone): Attention criminals, you're traveling at an unsafe and illegal speed. Stop your engines and prepare to be boarded. Cooperate now, and we'll go easy on you. Resist, and I'll personally make sure none of you see sunlight for a year. I repeat: stop your engines or we'll be forced to subdue you. We've been authorized to use lethal force. You hear that, Cooper? Lethal force!

Sly Cooper: That Carmelita, what a sweet-talker.

Carmelita Fox (megaphone): Alright pilot, double-back and open fire on these criminals.

(If the Cooper Gang's boat is one hit away from being destroyed)
Bentley: Our boat's about to fall apart!

(If the Cooper Gang's boat is destroyed)
Octavio: Take that, punks! Ain't no school like the old school!

(Octavio nearly defeated)

Octavio: No! Nobody out-sings Octavio! Not nobody!

Sly Cooper: Pour it on, Bentley!

(After defeating Octavio)

Bentley: Yes!!!

Sly Cooper: He's out of control, get ready for a sudden stop!

(Back near the opera stage, with Murray watching everything unfold from a rooftop)

Octavio: No! More to the left, you idiot! We're gonna crash!

(Octavio's boat crashes into the opera stage)

(Sly and Bentley exit their boat and face Octavio)

Sly Cooper: It's over, Octavio, you're beat. Give us the demolition switch and we'll all try to ditch these cops.

(Octavio pulls out the demolition switch)

Octavio: You chasing me for this? Fine, big shot. It took me six months to prepare this thing... but what the hey! I got more where this came from.

Murray: You guys see that boat go out of control and jump and smash into that thing? Destruction! So cool!

Octavio: You think that was "cool," punk? Heh-hee-heh.

(Octavio pushes the button and several buildings collapse)

Octavio: (laughs hysterically, before stopping to cough)

(Octavio approaches Bentley)

Bentley: You monster! Stop it! Stop it!

(Octavio kicks Bentley off his wheelchair)

Sly Cooper: Murray, I need your help. I've never seen someone move that fast. Octavio's old, but he's still got it. Let's take him together.

Murray: But... but... I vowed to my Guru that I'd renounce all violence... and the water is still black!

Sly Cooper: It'll be clear any minute, trust me. Now let's take him!

Octavio: You're right to be scared, hippo. Your wheelchair friend shoulda been so smart.

Bentley: (weakly) Murray... help.

(Murray gets angry and rips off his necklace)

Murray: That does it! I'll floss my teeth with your spine!

(Murray jumps down and punches Octavio)

Murray: "The Murray" returns!

(During fight)

Sly Cooper: He's too fast. Lure him into the tar pool, that should slow him down.

(When tar valve runs dry)
Sly Cooper:

  • Moving to the next tar valve.
  • This one's out. I'm moving to another valve.
  • This tar valve's dried, I'll open another. Hang tight.

(When a tar valve is ready)
Sly Cooper:

  • All set with the tar.
  • Draw him in, I'll let loose with the tar.
  • I'm ready. Lure him in.
  • The tar's ready to flow.

(Halfway through fight)

Sly Cooper: Murray, these pumps are out of tar! I saw some more valves by the cop station. Follow me to a fresh supply.

Octavio: Heh-heh-hah! Without the tar, I'll crush you boys like bugs!

(Reaching cop station)

Octavio: You may have more tar, but I'm not holding back no longer! Listen to the song of your death!

Murray: The Murray knows no song, but the triumphant horn section of his own triumph!

Octavio: Quit talking, stupid kid, and die!

(After defeating Octavio)

Octavio: So that's it. The old guard's out and a new generation steps in.

(Octavio passes out)

Murray: That's right, stepping in! Big time!

Sly Cooper: Come on, Murray, I got the demolition switch. Let's get Bentley and run for it... we got cops closin' in.

(Sly and Murray run back to Bentley)

The Getaway[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): With the fight over, we went back and scraped Bentley off the pavement. It was touch and go for a while there, but we managed to sneak out right under Carmelita's nose. Octavio wasn't so lucky. The guy got thirty years behind bars for what he did to Venice. I guess Italians don't like it when you sink their landmarks. Ironically, he found success as a singer while in jail. After all, most of his old fanbase was already in the clink. But the big score here was bringing our old pal back into the gang. Once he put on those gloves and that mask, it was clear to everyone, most of all him, that "The Murray" had returned.

Episode 2: Rumble Down Under[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): At first, it seemed just like old times. The gang was back in action. But little by little, we learned that Murray's heart just wasn't in it. Without the Guru's permission to give up on his Dreamtime training, he'd never really felt comfortable returning to the gang. We knew we needed to help him out. So, we packed up our things, whipped up some quick disguises, and headed for the Australian outback. Along the way, Murray told us story after story about his teacher's amazing abilities. Apparently, this "Guru" of his was capable of fantastic feats. He used the Dreamtime to blend perfectly into his surroundings and even gain mental control over the weak-minded. If even half the stories were true, then this was a guy I just had to meet. Our gang needed to grow its ranks for a chance to get inside the Cooper Vault, and this Guru, this outback mystic, was looking like the best recruit we could have ever asked for. However, when we finally arrived in the outback, it was a shock to find that things had changed, and the Guru was nowhere to be seen.

(After Sly leaves the safe house)

Bentley (binocucom): The miners have really torn this place up looking for opals. Watch your step! They're sure to get rough defending their claim.

Search for the Guru[]

Murray (binocucom): My master spends most of his time up there in that cave, overlooking the valley and contemplating the depths of deepness. I really appreciate you breaking the news to him that I want to break off my training.

Sly Cooper: No problem, pal. I'm looking forward to meeting him. Anybody you call "master" must be a heck of a guy.

Murray (binocucom): Oh, he's awesome! He'll get inside your head and freak you out six ways from Sunday!

Sly Cooper: Uh, awesome.

(Approaching the cave)

Sly Cooper: Sorry pal, this cave's empty. Got any other ideas where he might be?

Murray (binocucom): Well... that's his hut. But he doesn't really hang out there on... account of the smell.

Sly Cooper: The smell?

Murray (binocucom): It's a long story... I had to apologize up and down for like a month before he'd speak to me again.

Sly Cooper: What'd you do?

Murray (binocucom): The unspeakable, Sly... The un-speakable.

Sly Cooper: Well, thanks for speaking of it... I'm headed for the hut.

(Sly reaches the wall hooks on the way to the hut)

Bentley (binocucom): This place is packed with wall hooks. The miners must use 'em to haul up their drills. Looks like you're going to get some rock-climbing practice.

(Approaching the hut)

Sly Cooper: Sorry, Murray, nobody's home, and by the looks of it, I'd say the Guru was fighting someone or something off here. I'm starting to think the miners might have got to him.

Murray (binocucom): You may be right. They'd come in and be all angry and yelling, and he'd be all peaceful, and they'd just get ticked. Then he'd try to find "a middle way," and they'd just go crazy and smash everything up, and then haul him off!

Sly Cooper: Where do you think they might have taken him?

Murray (binocucom): They got him! My master's a goner!

Sly Cooper: Maybe we should get Bentley on the line.

Bentley (binocucom): It's tough to say, but, given the layout of the miners camp, I'd venture a guess that they use that area with a high fence as a makeshift stockade.

Sly Cooper: Hmm, looks like there might be a way up using that cliff below. Shouldn't be a problem.

Bentley (binocucom): Just keep an eye out for that gyrocopter. I'm positive it's what gave away the Guru's position.

Sly Cooper: Good tip, thanks pal.

(As Sly scales the cliff)

Bentley (binocucom): These miners have no respect for the Aboriginal sacred sights! They're drilling into everything: Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Wave Rock... The cultural insensitivity is sickening!

(Sly approaches the gate and speaks to the Guru)

Sly Cooper: You must be the Guru. I'm a good friend of Murray's. He's come asking to be released from his training.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: Sure, I'll just bust you out of here and we'll go talk to him.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: You seriously won't leave without your gear?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: Yeah, I can see that the miners have really done a number on your land here. As for your walking staff and Moon Stone, me and my gang have a real talent for stealing back things that were wrongfully taken.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(Sly heads back to the safe house)

Slideshow #1[]

(This slideshow plays after "Search for the Guru")

Bentley: The Guru won't leave the stockade until he has his Walking Staff and his Moon Stone. He also insists that we purify Ayers Rock of all miners. Only then will the Dreamtime spirits be appeased, and the Guru will be free to use his powers. Sly must've impressed him in their conversation, because now he has requested that Murray and I meet with him individually. Something about judging our "Spiritual Centers." I've discovered a passage through one of the miners' caves that should make getting up to the Guru less difficult. He also mentioned that the miners had foolishly unearthed The Mask of Dark Earth. I guess it was his job to guard the thing, and now that it's out, bad things are sure to follow. Sounds like mumbo jumbo to me, but we've encountered some unexplainable phenomena over the years. So I'm not gonna rule it out as a threat to our operation.


Bentley (binocucom): I know you're a little nervous to see your teacher again, but he's requested that you and I pay him a visit individually.

Murray: If it wasn't for the Guru, I wouldn't be The Murray you see before you today. I'm just not too sure he'll be pleased with my progress as a mystic.

Bentley (binocucom): What are you talking about? You used the Aboriginal Ball Form to great effect back in Venice. He'll be proud of you.

Murray: Maybe. But I lost my temper and got in a fight with Octavio.

Bentley (binocucom): To help me! I'm sure the Guru is happy to see friends sticking up for each other. Head into this cave. It'll take you right up to him.

Murray: Okay, Bentley, caves ahoy!

(After entering cave)

Bentley (binocucom): Murray, try throwing rocks to destroy those stalagmites. Of course, ah, throwing guards will work too.

(Upon reaching door)

Bentley (binocucom): According to the mine's hydraulic flow chart, the door ahead appears to be sealed shut.

Murray: Then I'll just bash it in! What's the good of having fists if you can't smack steel doors with 'em?

Bentley (binocucom): It's too thick, even for you. No, to get through we'll have to overload the pressure in this piston.

Murray: You want me to punch it? I can do that!

Bentley (binocucom): Use your Aboriginal Ball Form to bounce on top of the piston and smash it down... Build up enough hydraulic pressure and the door is sure to open.

Murray: Piston beware, you're about to be bounced!

(After bouncing piston)

Murray: Yes! Eat it, piston sucka!

(Upon reaching second door)

Bentley (binocucom): Another locked door. To open this one, you'll need to overload all three pistons at the same time.

(After bouncing pistons)

Murray: I did it! Three against one and I still took you piston chumps to school!

(Upon encountering the masked guard)

Murray: Whoa! Look at the size of that guy! He must be jacked up by that Mask of Dark Earth the Guru was warning us about!

Bentley (binocucom): Curious, it seems to make the wearer much larger... probably more aggressive too.

Murray: I can take him! My righteous quest to see the Guru won't be stopped by some big, stupid freak in a mask!

Bentley (binocucom): Even if you won, you'd have nowhere to go. The door through has an electric deadbolt. This whole area runs off the same circuit, even the drills are linked up.

Murray: Then I'll throw this clown into the drills!

Bentley (binocucom): That might break the circuit, give it a try.

(If you fail to grab the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Remember, press triangle button to upper cut the miner into the air and then circle button to grab him.

(After throwing the guard into a drill once)

Bentley (binocucom): Keep it up! You did some damage.

(After taking out one drill)

Bentley (binocucom): One drill down, two to go!

(After taking out two drills)

Bentley (binocucom): Just one left!

(After taking out all drills)

(Guard dies and the Mask of Dark Earth runs off)

Murray: Holy cow! That mask can run! Mine can't do that.

Bentley (binocucom): Intriguing. Press on to the Guru, he'll have some answers. The door should be unlocked now that the drill circuit is broken.

(After exiting cave)

Murray: Open up!

(Murray smashes the door open, causing the bounce pad blocking it to fall to the ground)

Murray: I have returned, my master. The black water now runs clear! I'd like to... I am asking... aw, man!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Yeah! I wanna join back up with my friends and, uh, we're hoping you'd come along too?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: You'd love it in the gang, we have all kinds of fun.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Miners, gyrocopters, and the Mask of Dark Earth, yeah it's a lot to deal with. But we'll help you, I promise!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Thanks, Guru, I'm happy to see you too.

Dark Caves[]

Bentley (binocucom): After capturing the Guru, the dingoes confiscated his magic Walking Staff and Moon Stone. Without these objects, the Guru is powerless.

Sly Cooper: Given that we're dealing with miners, I'd bet they've stashed the goods in one of the caves around here. It's a secure location with plenty of guys on duty to provide protection.

Bentley (binocucom): I agree. The most likely candidate is this mine shaft. It appears to have the highest number of workers coming in and out.

Sly Cooper: Good place to start. I'm on it.

(Upon reaching the cave entrance)

Bentley (binocucom): Those caves are gonna be dark. Your optimizer goggles will make navigation easier.

(Inside the first cave)

Bentley (binocucom): If they're here, the Guru's items will be stashed at the far end of this cave.

(When Sly approaches the drill mechanism)

Bentley (binocucom): I'm not into tearing up the environment or anything, but these caves are rich with opals. I can see why these miners are so driven.

(After retrieving the Moon Stone)

Sly Cooper: Time to take you back to your rightful owner.

(Sly starts to walk back, but stops when he notices something)

Sly Cooper: These miners are smarter than they look — they booby-trapped the Moon Stone. Looks like a light-sensitive detonator. If I can get it outside and into the sunlight, it should power down.

(After exiting the first cave)

Bentley (binocucom): The Guru's Walking Staff must be hidden in their other cave complex. I've marked the entrance in your binocucom.

(Inside the second cave)

Bentley (binocucom): These caves have no ambient light whatsoever! Fortunately, it seems the Guru's Moon Stone is providing enough illumination to let you see. Watch your step, these mine pits are deep!

(After retrieving the Walking Staff)

Sly Cooper: Wonder what's so special about this staff?

(Sly starts to walk back, but stops when he notices something)

Sly Cooper: Another booby-trap, for a stick!? These guys are paranoid!... And from the sound of it, they've called in reinforcements. Nothing like a horde of angry dingoes to make things a bit more interesting.

(Sly fights through the guards and exits the cave)

Big Truck[]

Sly Cooper: Murray, let's motor out to Ayers Rock and scare away those mining dingoes. Your Guru wants it "purified."

Murray: Awesome! This is the biggest truck I've ever gotten to drive! I could crush houses with this baby!

(Murray and Sly drive off to Ayers Rock)

(Upon reaching Ayers Rock)

Murray: Oh yeah!

(Murray pulls up to the mining drill and Sly jumps out of the truck)

Bentley (binocucom): I have an idea of how we might drive the miners out of Ayers Rock. But for my plan to work we'll need to force the drill on this rig deeper into the ground.

Sly Cooper: Okay, Bentley, you've got my interest. Though it looks like I may have to take care of a few guards if I'm going to get at those drill controls.

Bentley (binocucom): Defeat the guards and start the drill, then Murray can begin phase two of my plan.

(After defeating the guards and activating the drill controls)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, Sly. The sonic vibrations caused by that drill should drive the giant scorpions in the area to the surface. If we can capture a bunch of red soldier scorpions, releasing them into Ayers Rock is sure to push out the miners.

Murray: Sounds like a job for The Murray! One question though — how do I capture scorpions with a truck?

Bentley (binocucom): The vehicle is equipped with a supercharged e-brake which, if pulled when moving, will cause a forward flip. Time it correctly and you'll trap a scorpion in the mining nests built into the bed of the truck.

Murray: Okay, Bentley. Bring on the scorpions!

Bentley (binocucom): Not so fast. The truck's tires will heat up quickly in this blazing hot sand. You'll have to cool them down by driving into the water or running over scorpions. Watch your heat meter to make sure they don't melt. And remember, we're only interested in the red soldier scorpions. The blue worker scorpions won't help us scare the miners off. The truck controls are straightforward. Hold the x button to go forward and the square button to drive in reverse. When you're going fast enough, press the r1 to flip over and trap that scorpion.

(If you kill a red scorpion instead of trap it.)

Bentley (binocucom): You'll need to trap those red scorpions, Murray. Use the R1 button after you've built up some speed.

(While flipping the truck)

  • Come on!
  • Head stance!
  • Here we go!
  • Hup!
  • Oh boy!
  • Oh yeah!
  • Rolling!
  • Screech!
  • That's it!
  • Tumble!
  • Uh-huh!
  • Woah!
  • Yeah!
  • Yes!

(When successfully capturing a scorpion)

  • Cha-ching!
  • Yeah!
  • There's no escape from The Murray!
  • You're mine!

(If you capture a blue scorpion)

Bentley (binocucom): Don't bother trapping the blue ones, they're only good for cooling down your tires.

(If your heat meter is almost full)

Bentley (binocucom):

  • Your tires are about to go!
  • Cool down your tires or it's over!
  • Tires won't last much longer, cool them down!
  • The heat meter on those tires is leaking!
  • Your tires are on the edge!
  • Your tires are about to melt!
  • Murray, be careful! Those tires are getting hot!

(After capturing the first red scorpion)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work! Looks like more are being driven to the surface.

(After capturing five red scorpions)

Bentley (binocucom): That's five reds, in the bag! Keep it up.

(After capturing eight red scorpions)

Bentley (binocucom): Murray, hang tough for a minute. My sensors are showing a drop off in underground movement. We'll have to drill deeper to keep the scorpions coming out. Sly, you'll have to climb to the top of the drill tower and override the depth control system.

Sly Cooper: Okay, Bentley. I'm on my way.

(After climbing to the top and overriding the depth controls)

Bentley (binocucom): It's working! Wait a minute, it's draining the water around the tower! Murray, you'll have to rely on squishing scorpions to keep your tires cool from here on out!

Murray: No problem, Bentley. I totally got the hang of it now.

(After capturing 17 red scorpions)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice, just a few more, and we'll have enough to purify Ayers Rock.

(After capturing all 20 red scorpions)

Bentley (binocucom): Great job, Murray. Now back that truck full of scorpions up to the mine and deliver that not-so-friendly payload.

(Murray dumps the scorpions into the mine entrance and the guards start running away)

Guard: NOOOO!!! Giant scorpions?! Run for it mates!

(A scorpion closes in on this particular guard)

Guard: Uh-oh.

(The scorpion kills the guard)

(Murray and Sly start to drive out of Ayers Rock)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice teamwork guys. Ayers Rock is clean of miners, the Guru will be pleased.

Unleash the Guru[]

Bentley: Hail O Guru of the Stone. Murray has purified Ayers Rock and now I humbly deliver your walking stick and Moon Stone... the time for escape has come.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Thank you, you're too kind. But tell me... how do you plan to escape?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Gadzooks! You can transform yourself?... Why once you've changed shape, a guard is sure to come inside and investigate.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Heh-heh, too true. Wait, here comes a guard!

(Bentley runs off)

Murray (binocucom): Master, hold down the l1 button to transform. I love it when you do that!

(After the Guru transforms himself)

Kangaroo Guard: What? Where'd he go?

Murray (binocucom): Master, you're the greatest! That chump's totally fooled. Once his back is turned, use your powers to take over his mind.

(The Guru possesses the guard)

Murray (binocucom): Ram him into the cell door! Freedom awaits!

(The Guru breaks the door open)

Murray (binocucom): Awesomeness! Let's show these miners who's boss. Head for the drills, I guess Bentley's found a weak spot.

(The guards when the Guru transforms himself during combat)

  • I must be dreamin'!
  • What the...?
  • Where'd he go?
  • Where... what?

(The Guru heads to the drills)

Bentley (binocucom): Your talents are impressive, Guru.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Uh-huh, yeah.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): I hear you. Those drills are tearing up the landscape. They appear to be fragile at the base. Ram a guard into it, and the whole apparatus should break apart.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Oh yeah, some things never change.

(First drill destroyed)

Murray (binocucom): Sweet moves, master!

(Second drill destroyed)

Murray (binocucom): Down it goes!

(Third drill destroyed)

Murray (binocucom): Oh yeah, these guys are hosed!

(Fourth drill destroyed)

Murray (binocucom): Master, you are king! Keep it up! Bentley has gotta know a plan to stick it to these miners. Head for that far rock.

(The Guru heads to the refinery Wave Rock)

Bentley (binocucom): That grinder's tearing up Wave Rock.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): I know, it's awful! However, the linked generator is weak, easily destroyed... provided you can jump a few guards over there and ram it.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(After ramming the first guard)

Murray (binocucom): You're the master... master!

(After ramming the second guard)

Murray (binocucom): That machine is crying hot, wailing tears from your righteous blow!

(After ramming the third guard)

Murray (binocucom): Master, you've done it, the miners' machines are silenced! The Dreamtime spirits rejoice!

Slideshow #2[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 1)

Bentley: The Guru has agreed to join our team! Provided we can rid his homeland of the dingo miners and deal with the Mask of Dark Earth. A tall order, but we're up for it. First we'll enlist the aid of some local wildlife to help "thin" out the miners ranks. Murray will feed our foes to a local giant crocodile. With some luck he'll take a liking to the taste of miners, and chow down on them left and right! Second, we'll hit these guys where they live. Or at least relax. If we can clear' em out of this lemonade bar, it'll be a crippling blow to their morale. They'll be begging to go home. And finally, Sly'll use some mining equipment to drill for radioactive oil deep beneath the dried lake bed. Trust me, it's the key to getting rid of the Mask of Dark Earth.

The Claw[]

Sly Cooper: You ready to head out to the oil fields? Should be right through this cave.

Murray: Oh yeah! Bentley said there'd be heavy machinery and destruction going down!

Sly Cooper: Sounds like your thing.

Murray: Y-E-S, yeah!

Sly Cooper: We're going after some radioactive oil, right?

Murray: I don't know. I can never pay attention during those slideshows... Don't tell Bentley.

Sly Cooper: Wouldn't dream of it.

(Sly and Murray reach the oil fields.)

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, phase one is to protect these power stations while Murray gets all six oil wells flowing. Use this Super Claw 10,000 to deal with any miners that might show up. Use the left analog stick analog stick to move the claw around. The x button will pick up and release items. Before you're spotted, why don't you pick up that rock and drop it in the pit?

(Sly drops the rock in the pit.)

Sly Cooper: This is easy.

Bentley (binocucom): You do seem quite adept. The other important feature on the 10,000 model is the throwing action. Just pick up an item and press the circle button to throw them. You can throw things quite a ways. Go ahead and hit that electric fence with one of those rocks.

(Sly throws the first rock.)

Sly Cooper: I think I got the hang of it.

Bentley (binocucom): Nice shot! Let's see you do it again.

(Sly throws the second rock.)

Sly Cooper: Face it, Bentley. I'm a natural.

Bentley (binocucom): Hope you're right, 'cause it looks like the miners are onto us! Defend the power stations by using everything and anything in the oil field. This electric fence should come in especially handy for dispatching guards. Here they come!

(If guards are thrown at the fence)

  • He's not getting up!
  • He's so fried!
  • He's so zapped!
  • Oh, that looked awful! Nice work!
  • Taste deadly fence, miner guy!
  • That guy's toast!
  • Yeah, give 'em the fence!

(If guards are killed by rocks)

  • Oh, that's a headache!
  • Rock to the head! That's so choice.
  • Yeah, smash 'em!
  • Oh yeah. Flatten these chumps!

(If guards are dropped down the pits)

  • He's not coming back up!
  • I wish I coulda seen 'em land!
  • That guy's gonna splat hard!
  • That's a long fall!

(If guards are killed by explosives)

  • Boom to the brains! I approve!
  • He's on fire, not in a good way!
  • Cook 'em like beef!
  • Direct hit!
  • Yeah! Explosives to the head! Fun stuff.
  • Sizzle that miner!

(When the first well starts flowing.)
Murray: I got one well flowing, two more to go!

(When the second well starts flowing)
Murray: Two down, one to go!

(After all three oil wells are flowing)

Murray: All three wells are puking up the crude oil! Give me a lift to the next set.

Bentley (binocucom): You need to take out the remaining guards before you can move Murray.

(When all guards are defeated)

Bentley (binocucom): Hurry, Sly! Grab Murray and move before the miners get ahead of you!

(While approaching the next field)

Bentley (binocucom): You better pick up the pace, Sly! Grab Murray and get going! Those guards will be out attacking the next set of well power stations any minute now!

(Upon reaching the drop-off point)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, Sly, it's safe to let Murray go now.

Bentley (binocucom): Oh no! The miners have started attacking the power stations at the next set of oil wells!

Murray: Check out these guns! That pumping has gotten me pumped!

(Fourth well flowing)
Murray: Got another one going!

(Fifth well flowing)
Murray: Man, this is tiring! Just one more to go!

(Last well flowing)

Murray: That's it! They're all gushing now!

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work guys! Now that all the oil wells are active, we can move on to phase two, where we light the crude oil on fire!

(Upon defeating all enemies)

Murray: Yes! Let's head to the next oil field.

(Upon reaching the third field)

Bentley (binocucom): Let's get that oil burning! Sly, drop a flint rock on the end of that long plank. Murray, you'll then jump on the end and catapult the rocks to the oil wells. The sparks on impact should start a fire!

(While tossing the rocks)

  • Eat rock, suckers!
  • Flaming gnarly death from above! Yes!
  • Head's up!
  • Here it comes!
  • Let's fire it up!
  • Oh yeah, here we go!
  • Burn baby, burn!
  • The Murray creates a hurling missile of flaming destructive death!

(Once all oil wells are lit)

Bentley (binocucom): Now for phase three. With the oil wells alight, the pressure differential should draw the deep uranium enriched glowing oil to the surface. We'll need to be EXTREMELY careful in retrieving a small sample.

(Murray gets covered in the glowing oil and gleefully jumps around.)

Murray: (binocucom): Sly! Sly, look at me! I'm glowing! Wooo!

Lemon Rage[]

Sly Cooper: Alright boys, look tough and get angry, It's time to intimidate the locals.

Bentley: I'm not sure I can do it... How do you guys get angry?

Murray: Find the match deep inside yourself... light it, and let the fire burn up your guts and boil your blood!

Sly Cooper: Uh yeah, I pretty much do the same thing. Look, our goal is to drive away these miners, and we'll do whatever it takes.

(Inside the lemonade bar)

Sly Cooper: Listen up, dirtbags... Time to clear out, from now on this bar is Cooper Gang turf!

Dingo: Tough talk, Wagga, but you ain't got no respect with us. We here are known around these parts for our drinkin' skills... and this just happens to be a lemonade bar.

Bentley: Sly, I'm not sure this is such a good idea.

Sly Cooper: If a lemonade drinking challenge is what you had in mind, then the three of us will take on the best three lemonade drinkers you got.

Dingo: Fair Dinkum, losers have to clear out.

(The drinking contest begins.)

Dingo: Ready, steady, go!

(When Murray or Bentley are drinking)
Sly Cooper:

  • Come on, faster, faster!
  • Come on, man!
  • Don't slow down.
  • Fire up!
  • Go, go, go!
  • Going strong!
  • Remember to breathe!
  • Steady.
  • You can do it! Focus!
  • Keep at it!

(When Sly or Murray are drinking)

  • Channel your inner frat boy!
  • Don't let it go up your nose.
  • Don't puke or we lose!
  • Nice progress, nice progress!
  • Put it in your stomach!
  • That can't be pleasurable.
  • That's some good drinking!
  • Wait, I'm allergic to lemons!
  • Suck it, sissy!
  • Swallow the liquid!
  • Jug-a-lug!

(When Sly or Bentley are drinking)

  • Be one with the drink. You are the lemonade.
  • Bring it!
  • Come on, man!
  • Go!
  • Jug-a-lug, jug-a-lug!
  • Savor the flavor!
  • Suck it down!
  • Swallow faster, man!
  • Yeah!

(Regardless of who's drinking)

  • Come on!
  • Down that lemonade, you mighty jumbuck!
  • Drink it down!
  • Full on!
  • Going strong!
  • Gonzo bugger!
  • Go mate, go!
  • Good on ya!
  • Guzzle, guzzle, guzzle!
  • Kick it up, boy!
  • Show who's boss!
  • Steady on.
  • Stomach it, jumbuck!
  • Waterfall!
  • Waterfall in ya throat!
  • Whoo-hoo! Yes!
  • Whoo! Yeah!

(After Bentley wins the challenge)

Bentley: (burps) We win.

Dingo: That's cheatin'! Why, the turtle spilled more than he drank. 'Round here there's only one thing we do with cheaters. Turn on the fence, Bruce, it's time we gave these cheaters a beatin'!

(The fight breaks out.)

(If Bentley scores a hit)
Sly Cooper:

  • Nice one, Bentley!
  • Nice work!


  • Great move!
  • Nice hit!

(Control switches to Sly)

Bentley: This is tense! Sly, you okay?

Sly Cooper: Right as rain, pal.

(If Sly scores a hit)

  • A fine blow!
  • Good one, Sly!
  • Ooh, nice hit!


  • Sly, you're on fire!
  • Awesome!
  • Great, Sly!

(Control switches to Murray)

Sly Cooper: They just keep coming! You holding up, Murray?

Murray: Feeling strong! Behold... my powers of destruction!

(If Murray scores a hit)
Sly Cooper:

  • Give it to 'em, pal!
  • Looking good, Murray.
  • Nice work, big guy!


  • Excellent hit, Murray!
  • Well done!
  • Well struck, Murray!

(After the fight is over)

Murray: Yes! The Cooper Gang rules the roost, we're the kings of the hill, the totally maxed-out, heavy weight champions!

Sly Cooper: Those guys won't be coming back here anytime soon.

(A dingo wearing the Mask of Dark Earth enters the lemonade bar.)

Bentley: Um... guys, looks like they saved their big guy for last.

Murray: He's wearing that freaky bad spirit mask... he must be so jacked!

Bentley: We should work together to take this guy down. That mask has a powerful force in it.

(Dingo destroys the fence and the lemonade counter.)

Dingo: (incoherent speech) (roars)

(The boss fight starts.)

(When Bentley sets his first bomb)
Bentley: Lead him over my bomb and I'll pull the trigger!

(When the first bomb explodes)
Bentley: Get him while he's dazed!

(When Murray grabs his first barrel.)
Murray: I'll try to knock him out with this barrel!

(Whenever Bentley and Murray are ready to stun him)

  • All set with the bomb!
  • Bomb's ahoy!
  • Bomb's in position!
  • Bomb's ready!


  • Barrel!
  • Barrel's up!
  • Got a barrel here!
  • I'm packing, Sly!
  • Ready with a barrel!

(Upon defeating the dingo, the Mask of Dark Earth flies away)

Sly Cooper: Finally, that guy was... The mask! It's getting away?!

Bentley: We might have cleared out this bar, but that mask is sure to keep making trouble for us. We need to destroy it.

Hungry Croc[]

Bentley (binocucom): Time we subtracted a few miners from the equation.

Murray: You know I don't understand that math talk!

Bentley (binocucom): Uh, we need to, uh... "put the smackdown" on these, uh... "bad dudes"... "for justice."

Murray: Righteous! I'm the man for the job!

Bentley (binocucom): The Guru will start luring miners to a position near this giant crocodile. Your job is to throw the thugs into the mouth of the monster.

Murray: Teach him to like eating miners, huh? That's a sinister plan, Bentley. I approve!

Bentley (binocucom): With some luck, the oversized reptile will be an invaluable asset in our efforts to drive away the miners. He might even take care of our Mask of Dark Earth problems... I've spotted it prowling near the safe house.

Murray: Roger, it's feedin' time!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(The Guru lures the miners towards the crocodile swamp, exclaiming in Aboriginal in the process)

(After Murray feeds the crocodile once)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice! You'll need to give him a taste for both types of guards. Four kangaroos and four dingoes should do it.

(When feeding miners to the crocodile)

  • Chomp that clown in half!
  • Miner flavoured miner! Yummy!
  • Chow down, scaly!
  • Delicious miners! Wonder if they taste good.
  • Eat up, pal!
  • Feeding time!
  • Hmm, looks tasty!
  • Oh, yeah! That's tasty!
  • Remember to chew!
  • Take a bite of this!
  • That's right! (slowly) Miners are food. You like eating miners.
  • Dinner's ready!
  • Later sucka!
  • You like that, huh?
  • Hungry little fella?
  • Snack time!
  • Chew that miner like bubblegum!

(After feeding all of the miners)

Bentley (binocucom): Great job, Murray! Now feed the croc one last thing: a big, tasty flashlight guard. I located one and marked it with a waypoint. Remember, you'll need to sneak up on this guy in order to grab him.

(As Murray gets near the flashlight guard)

Bentley (binocucom): Murray, you'll need to sneak up on the miner with the flashlight in order to grab him.

(After Murray feeds the flashlight guard to the crocodile)

Bentley (binocucom): Take cover, Murray, here comes a guard wearing the Mask of Dark Earth. Let's see if all of your hard work with this croc pays off.

(The crocodile kills the guard, but the Mask of Dark Earth flees)

Bentley (binocucom): Tarnation! That mask keeps getting away! Since when do masks get away?!

Slideshow #3[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 2)

Bentley: You can feel it in the air, the miners are about to pack it in! In fact they'd probably already be long gone if it weren't for the corrupting influence of the Mask of Dark Earth. It's clear we need to destroy it. Time for Operation: Moon Crash! To start things off, we'll need the Guru to take out the gyrocopter. With it gone, we'll have clear skies for phase 2. Now according to Aboriginal folklore, the Mask of Dark Earth is the sworn enemy of the Moon Spirit. So given Murray's "moon shape," we'll coat him in the glowing oil and have him pose as the spirit. We'll then dangle him from the crane. The Mask is sure to spot his ancient foe and come running. That's when we'll strike! Murray, Thunder Flop off the crane and obliterate that Mask! With the Mask destroyed and the miners run off, the Guru we'll be free to join the team for the Cooper vault job!

OP: Moon Crash[]

Bentley (binocucom): Guru, I know you've yet to formally join the team, but we need your help to destroy the Mask of Dark Earth.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Your objective is to take out the gyrocopter while it's refueling.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Glad to hear you're up to it. The bad news is the gyrocopter has a sensor that can detect your Moon Stone. I suspect that's how they found and trapped you earlier. Get too close, and it'll detect you, then take off out of reach. For this job, you'll need to run guards towards it, and then jump off early before it senses you. Ram a few guards into that thing and it's sure to fall apart.

(Approaching the gyrocopter)

Bentley (binocucom): Aim that miner and then jump off with the triangle button.

(First hit)

Bentley (binocucom): Way to go, Guru! A couple more direct hits like that, and that gyrocopter will be history.

(Second hit)

Bentley (binocucom): That thing's on its last legs! Ram one more guard into it, and it's finished!

(Third hit, and then the gyrocopter explodes)

Murray: Behold, the Moon Spirit rises! Woo-woooo!

Bentley: Everyone keep an eye out for the Mask. It's sure to take the bait.

(Sly notices Carmelita patrolling the area)

Sly Cooper: We got a situation here, fellas, looks like Carmelita finally managed to catch up.

Bentley: Drat! We can't stop the operation now... We'll just have to give her a wide berth.

Sly Cooper: Roger, applying "wide berth."

Bentley: Quit horsing around and look out for the Mask... It's close, I can feel it!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Here I come, master!

(Murray Thunder Flops down and takes out the guard with the Mask of Dark Earth.)

Bentley: Did you get it? Is the mask gone? Sly, can you see?

Sly Cooper: Can't tell from here, I'll move in.

(The Mask of Dark Earth attaches to Carmelita's face.)

Carmelita Fox: Cooper! Thought I'd find you here!

Sly Cooper: Carmelita, you've got a little something on your face.

Carmelita Fox: It's not nice to make fun of a girl's looks... (voice deepens) Maybe I should smash you!

Sly Cooper: Now that's not nice.

(Carmelita chases after Sly.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Bentley, could use a little help! How about putting a few your sleep darts in Carmelarga here, then we'll pry off the mask!

(Bentley shoots her five times with his sleep darts.)

(Carmelita begins to grow to gigantic size.)

Bentley: Finally! The darts are starting to kick in... Or not! The chemicals in my darts must somehow be interacting with the mask to make her even bigger!

Sly Cooper: Whoa! You're not kidding, Bentley... she's getting... gigantic! Everyone head to the big truck. We've got to get some distance between her and us. She might shrink back down with time.

(The gang motors out to Ayers Rock, with Carmelita following behind them.)

Bentley (binocucom): This is bad! Looks like she picked up a rig full of dynamite! All around tower to the onward Super Claw 10,000! Use it to keep any explosives off our truck. Maybe you can throw them back at her, might slow her down.

(While chasing them around Ayers Rock)
Carmelita Fox (altered voice):

  • Insects!
  • Smash you!
  • Naaarrgh!

(When the truck takes damage.)

Murray: (binocucom)

  • Oh, that's not good!
  • Come on, Sly! Get rid of that dynamite!
  • This truck won't hold itself together.....
  • Keep at it, Sly!
  • She's sprung an oil leak!
  • Can't go any faster!
  • Madness!
  • The truck's gonna fall apart!
  • She's breaking up!
  • Not good...
  • Felt that!
  • Uh oh...!
  • We're hurtin' here!

(After depleting Carmelita's health meter)

Carmelita Fox (altered voice): Naaarrgh!

(The gang hops off the truck, with an even larger Carmelita roaming the area.)

Murray: She's too huge, we can't outrun her in the truck!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: This is bad! We need a new strategy and fast. Force just isn't working.

Sly Cooper: Time to stop running and deal with the real problem... pry off that Mask of Dark Earth, and, maybe we'll get back the Carmelita we all know and love.

Murray: I do not love her!

Sly Cooper: Okay, not the point. It's all about taking off that mask. We gotta find a way up there.

Bentley: You're the climber... and I'm sure you've always wanted to get closer to her... Can't get much closer than climbing up her boot laces!

Sly Cooper: That's not a crazy idea.

Murray: Oh yeah, it's crazy.

Sly Cooper: You got a better idea?

Murray: Yeah, but we'll need a giant fighting robot!

Sly Cooper: Sorry, gonna have to go with the boot lace plan.

(Sly runs out into the open, and Carmelita's ape mercenaries troops arrive.)

Bentley (binocucom): Watch out! Carmelita's troops are en route!

(As Sly approaches Carmelita)

Bentley (binocucom): Ah, you're in luck! Looks like each side of the mask is latched on with only one hook. Maybe if you hung-off it, she'll swat you away and knock it off.

(After breaking the first hook)

Bentley (binocucom): Great work, Sly! One hook to go and the mask is off!

(After breaking the second hook)

Carmelita Fox (altered voice): Aaaaarrgh!

(Carmelita begins shrinking and the Mask of Dark Earth falls down, allowing her troops to destroy it.)

The Getaway[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): Carmelita just lay there, unconscious, helpless on the desert floor. Being gentlemen, we kept watch over her throughout the night. Her camera proved to be a real source of entertainment as we took turns posing. Didn't want her to go home empty-handed.

Sly Cooper (narrating): Morning broke, and we got a clear view of the landscape. It was beautiful, empty of the miners that had been digging and drilling into the sacred place. The moment was broken as Carmelita began to stir, and we prepared for another quick exit. Only this time, it wasn't just the three of us. For the first time in Cooper Gang history, we picked up a new member, and the team would never be the same.

Episode 3: Flight of Fancy[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): Bentley was obsessed. Every night, he'd pour over the blueprints to Dr. M's fortress, looking for a way to get into the Cooper Vault. He soon came to the conclusion that there was no way inside unless the gang picked up a dedicated RC specialist: an expert who had mechanical and piloting skills far exceeding his own. After weeks of searching techy chat rooms he finally found someone who could keep up with him intellectually: a gearhead genius out of Holland named Penelope. She politely declined our invitation to join the team, saying she only works for "the best." Apparently, her idea of the best was her boss, the Black Baron, a bigtime dogfighting champ up there in Holland. He's so good that he's even set up an international competition called ACES to attract worthy opponents.

Sly Cooper (narrating): A few days later, she sent us a counteroffer. If our gang could manage to beat the Black Baron at his own game, then she'd know were weren't just a pack of jokers and therefore worth her time. So, we got busy. With no time to lose, Bentley and Murray worked to put a plane together while I got my pilot license the fastest way possible. We'd prove to this Penelope that the Cooper Gang was up for the challenge, even if we were making it all up as we went along.

Hidden Flight Roster[]

(In the safe house, Sly dons his pilot outfit and heads downstairs)

(After reaching a point in the hotel lobby)

Bentley (binocucom): If we're going to succeed in this year's ACES Competition, we'll need to know who we're flying against.

Sly Cooper: What, they keep the flight roster a secret?

Bentley (binocucom): Correct, in years past, competitors would go out at night and sabotage each other's planes, in preparation for the next day's dogfight.

Sly Cooper: I get it, so now they keep the line-up a secret, and no one knows who to mess with.

Bentley (binocucom): Precisely. Look, Sly, you're a good pilot, but we've only got one plane, and you'll be up there against dozens of bogeys.

Sly Cooper: You know, normally I'd make some sarcastic remark about how "overwhelmed I am by your confidence in me," but those are some grim odds... and well, you know, I'm always up for some sabotage.

Bentley (binocucom): Glad to hear it. Now, the roster is kept secret from the pilots, but not from the event staff.

Sly Cooper: Do we have a mole on the inside?

Bentley (binocucom): Our "friend" Dimitri has been hired to give "color commentary" during the dogfights... He'll know where the roster's hidden. Scout him out somewhere in the hotel lobby, but be careful... If you start a fight with the other pilots, we'll be kicked out of the competition.

Sly Cooper: Sure, we all play nice until tomorrow, then we blow each other to bits at 300 feet.

(Sly approaches Dimitri)

Sly Cooper: Dimitri, funny seeing you here... never pegged you as a fly boy.

Dimitri: Like a dance floor with many lights, I have many profiles, dig? Don't even try to understand the silky enigma of Dimitri.

Sly Cooper: Bentley seemed to think you might have a copy of the ACES flight line-up... That true?

Dimitri: And why should I talk to a two-bit, rooty-poot cracker-box like you? Question mark in bold... Why?!

Sly Cooper (text): Looks like I'll need to intimidate him a little.

Sly Cooper (text): Maybe I should...

(Option 1: Threaten violence.)

Sly Cooper: Listen "pal," we both know who'll win in a fight between the two of us. I'm not looking to start something here, but you know I'll finish it.

Dimitri: True that, raccoon. In the mono-a-mono you win. But look around, you soft sock. It's a supersized aviator blowout! Start a fight in hotel, and disqualification will be yours... You want that, Jack?!

(Option 2: Threaten to expose him.)

Sly Cooper: You might want to think about talking, pal. I could always rat you out to the Black Baron, then you'd be out of a job.

Dimitri: I'd have no job, and you'd have no nada flight line-up. Go ahead, blow that whistle. I'll be seeing you in the losers' hot dog banquet.

(Correct answer: Use a logical argument.)

Sly Cooper: We both know you're going to tell me; you wouldn't have bothered showing up if you didn't want to talk... So spill it.

Dimitri: I know, but to talk is like sitting on electric chair! The Baron has eyes, eyes and ears, ears and fists! Dimitri will be discovered, and the jig is pinched!

Sly Cooper (text): This guy's paranoid. Looks like I need to calm him down a little...

Sly Cooper (text): Maybe I should...

(Option 1: Promise to protect him.)

Sly Cooper: If you talk, me and the gang, we'll protect you. We're all in this together. You can count on us, you know our reputation.

Dimitri: The Black Baron is a big wheel. He'll roll all over us! Too many men he commands. We can't stop them, too many to count!

(Option 2: Swear to keep it all a secret.)

Sly Cooper: You talk, and the secret stays between us. I am a thief, after all. Keeping things quiet is what I do best.

Dimitri: Trust a band of thieves? Do I look chumpy to you? Your "promises" will be cold comfort when I'm pushing up the daisies with concrete overshoes.

(Correct answer: Compliment him, make him feel good.)

Sly Cooper: Come on now, Dimitri. A man like you can deal with this Black Baron. You've got the best fashion sense of anyone I know.

Dimitri: Le Fashion— Style? You... you're right! If I can out-dress him, I can certainly outsmart him. All is told through clothes. Okay, I'll talk of flight line-up if you can agree to owe Dimitri... a favor, which I'll collect in a few months of time.

Sly Cooper: A favor?

Dimitri: This no small time favor like: "Will you water my fish or feed my plant?" No way, bro! This old school mafia, blood-pact favor... like movies, big time.

Sly Cooper (text): This guy's a real nut job, not sure I want to owe him.

Sly Cooper (text): I could...

(Option 1: Refuse.)

Sly Cooper: No dice. I'm not in the habit of racking up debts, and I don't plan on starting now.

Dimitri: "No dice," "no debt," no ACES flight line-up! The choice is yours... Take debt and take flight roster, otherwise take away nothing!

(Option 2: Offer him a bribe.)

Sly Cooper: Would a few coins maybe change your mind? I find it's a lot easier to talk when I'm "rich."

Dimitri: Bribe money? Le Bling!? Cash won't help me get done what needs getting done. I need gang of thieves, not federal reserve.

(Correct answer: Agree to the favor.)

Sly Cooper: Okay, Dimitri, hook me up with the flight roster and we'll owe you one.

Dimitri: Done! The bargain, she is struck! To find flight roster, look behind one of the tacky paintings in Black Baron's air hangar. It's hidden in secret safe.

Sly Cooper: Art decryption lock, huh? I know just the guy for the job.

Dimitri: (gasps) Stand cool, here comes Big Cheese!

(The Black Baron enters the hotel lobby)

Black Baron: I bid you all a most flamboyant welcome, my esteemed comrades of the skies. Welcome, WELCOME to another year of the ACES competition. We've got teams here from across the globe: Canada, Belgium, Ecuador, Iceland, Korea and many, many more! Not the least of which is last year's deadly runner-up, Team Muggshot!

Muggshot: This time we're gonna drill you jokers fulla holes!

(Some of the pilots laugh.)

Black Baron: Now, we all know that in years past, some teams have engaged in a little "good-natured" late night hi-jinx. (chuckles)

(Some of the pilots laugh during this.)

Pilot 1: Like when Team Canada stole Ecuador's parachutes!

(Some of the pilots laugh during this.)

Pilot 2: Or when Team Iceland sawed the landing gear off Korea's planes! (laughs)

(Some of the pilots laugh during this.)

Pilot 3: Or when Portugal put rat poison in Team Muggshot's coffee machine!

(Some of the pilots laugh during this.)

Black Baron: Yes, yes, that was all so VERY funny. But no more! You know the rules, no one, absolutely NO ONE is to leave the hotel after sunset. If my guards catch you outside, you will be beaten to within an inch of your life. No exceptions! This WILL BE a fair competition!

Pilot 2: Same as last year and the year before... I've got the scars to prove it!

(Some of the pilots laugh during this.)

Black Baron: I bid you all an exuberant and exaggerated farewell, pilots. Tonight, sleep like geese... and tomorrow, soar like eagles, high! What-what? Ha-ha!

(The pilots cheer during this.)

(The Black Baron leaves.)

Bentley (binocucom): They don't lock the front door to the hotel, this isn't a jail, but you heard the Baron. Once outside, things will get dangerous!

(After approaching the front door, Sly switches back to his thief outfit and exits the door.)

Bentley (binocucom): Careful, partner. The Baron's got plenty of guards on duty, and it's a long way up to his castle on the hill.

(Upon reaching the castle)

Bentley (binocucom): I won't be able to get inside the Baron's hangar with that drawbridge up. There should be a release lever on top of the castle somewhere. Sorry, pal, but you're the best climber we got.

(As Sly latches onto a pipe beneath an arched walkway, the Black Baron exits the hangar and walks down the walkway.)

Black Baron: The competition starts tomorrow, where are all my guards? Asleep? Watching TV? I won't bother paying them at all if they're going to lounge about like common tourists!

(Sly climbs to the second story of the castle, where he is just outside a room where a rabbit guard remains at attention and the Black Baron is pacing around.)

(As Sly sneaks past the windows to the room.)

Black Baron: I tell you, Kristoff, the ACES pilots get better and better. We've got some real competition on our hands this year. Uh, no, I'm not saying it's too much for Team Black Baron, no-no-no-no. We've done a fine job training. Our pilots are in tip-top condition, the best lot, without question, truly. I'm not just saying this, truly, this is going to be our finest victory ever, yes-yes! Tomorrow, we'll witness some legendary dogfighting! Er, provided the other teams don't sabotage each other. When will they learn?

(If Sly gets spotted by the Black Baron)
Black Baron: (trills in surprise) What? Halt! Who goes there?!

(Sly reaches the top of the castle)

Bentley: Psst, Sly... Hey, Sly! Sly, are you up there?

(Sly heads to the edge of the castle, with Bentley waiting at the front of the castle)

Sly Cooper: Nope, sorry, just us Black Baron goons.

Bentley: Throw the switch and lower the drawbridge so that I can get up there.

Sly Cooper: Sorry pal, I don't see any switch.

Bentley: But... b-b-but, there just has to be a switch. I can't get in the Baron's hangar from down here.

Sly Cooper: Hold on, I got an idea.

(Sly runs to a bastion with a catapult on it and Jump Attacks the catapult, causing it to fly off the bastion.)

Sly Cooper: It's gonna fall.

(The catapult lands on its base and with it facing the castle.)

Bentley: Medieval... but effective. Thanks pal.

Sly Cooper: Sure thing, see you back at the safe house.

(Sly heads back to the safe house.)

(Bentley uses the catapult to reach the top of the castle and enter the Black Baron's hangar.)

(Inside the hangar)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): If Dimitri's intel is accurate, the flight roster should be locked behind one of the paintings in this hangar.

(As Bentley searches one of the paintings)

Black Baron (intercom): Attention, attention castle staff. We've got a big, big day tomorrow in the first round of the ACES competition which is twelve hours away. You've all done a superlative job preparing for the event, and this year promises to be the best dogfighting action we've ever seen. HOWEVER, I cannot stress enough that I must win. You've all been hired to help me achieve victory. If, in fact, the unthinkable happens and Team Black Baron loses, I'm going to dismiss the lot of you and start clean with a new staff. Am I making myself clear? Leave nothing to chance! No outsider is to enter the castle, NO ONE is to go near our planes! If we lose, if I lose, I'm going to take it out on all of you! Anyhow, have a pleasant evening and let's have fun tomorrow. What-what?!

(Bentley cracks the code to the first painting he searches, but comes up short)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That safe was a bust. Try the other.

(Bentley cracks the code to the other painting, and finds the flight roster.)

Slideshow #1[]

(This slideshow plays after completing "Hidden Flight Roster")

Bentley: Okay fellas, according to the ACES flight lineup, we'll be flying against Team Iceland and Team Belgium in tomorrow's semifinal round. As you're all aware, we've only got a single plane, while our opponents will be flying 15 apiece. You got that guys? That's 30 to 1 odds against us. In order to give us a fighting chance, we'll need to pin these two teams against each other. First, Murray and Sly will paddle through the sewers beneath town to get access to an air vent leading into Team Iceland's hotel room. Steal one of their trademark Viking helmets, then head over to Team Belgium's hangar. Vandalize one of their aircraft then plant the helmet in order to frame Team Iceland for the damage. Next, Murray and I will steal one of Team Belgium's monogrammed handkerchiefs. Meanwhile, the Guru will break into the Team Iceland supply truck carrying their lucky ice sculpture. Sly will steal the art, and then place the handkerchief insinuating Team Belgium for the crime. Get it? We frame both teams so they'll be gunning for each other and not Sly in the semifinals! All the while, I'll be setting up defenses around the Team Cooper air hangar. You never know when one of the other teams might come looking to do us some harm.

Frame Team Belgium[]

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, see that armored supply truck? It's en route to drop off Team Iceland's lucky ice sculpture for the semifinals tomorrow. I've given the driver some bad directions, so they should be going around in circles for hours. We need you to get inside that truck, steal the sculpture, and plant some evidence implicating Team Belgium.

Sly Cooper: Good thinking, Team Iceland won't be gunning for me if they think the Belgians stole their lucky hunk of ice.

Bentley (binocucom): That's the idea. Now, the first thing to do is steal one of Team Belgium's official gold lace monogrammed handkerchiefs. Murray will head inside and get one of those stodgy Belgians laughing. They're notoriously stone faced... then I'll move in and steal the handkerchief.

Sly Cooper: Seems like getting inside that truck may be a good job for the Guru... he could use some of the guards' heads to bash in the back doors.

Bentley (binocucom): Agreed, I'll make sure he's in position.

(Murray heads inside to find a Belgian pilot.)

(Inside hotel)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Okay, Murray, no pressure, but you've got to find a Team Belgium pilot and get him laughing so hard that Bentley can make the pull. This is serious business, pal. Those guys are uptight. If they notice being robbed, we'll be kicked out of the ACES competition.

(Upon approaching pilot)
Murray: Hello, Belgium flyer... do you like comedy?

(The pilot stares at him silently.)

Murray: I think it's time for Mister Salty Pants to crack a smile... whaddya say?

(The pilot stares at him silently.)

Murray (text): I need to get this sourpuss laughing.

Murray (text): I should try...

(Option 1: Historical humor)
Murray: What was Genghis Khan's favorite meal? (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.) The brains of his enemy!... Get it? I mean, it's more weird, and gross, than funny, but I... I mean you gotta admit, it's pretty weird? (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.)

(Option 2: An impression)
Murray: That Baron, he's always (mock voice) "I love flying, don't go outside, listen to me, I'm so smart, I'm the boss, my mustache is so macho!" (regular voice) Ha, ha, that's pretty lame, huh? (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.)

(Option 3: Political humor)
Murray: Why did the chicken cross the road to France? Because it wasn't Turkey! And you see, the chicken's not a turkey, or a Turk, it's a chicken— a French hen! (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.)

(Option 4: Intellectual humor)
Murray: I can't make head or tails of this coin! Ah-hah-hah! Get it? (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.) It's totally funny because like, when you flip a coin it comes out either heads or tails... Come on, man, that's comic gold! (The pilot stares at Murray quietly.)

(Correct answer: Physical humor)
Murray: Ever see someone put their fist down their throat? Ta-da! (Murray puts a fist down his throat) Hey fist... stuck... guk... I need help... hey!

(The pilot starts laughing.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Okay, Bentley, it's go time. Make the pull while the Belgian's laughing, or he's sure to feel you fishing for the handkerchief.

(If you fail to steal the handkerchief)
Belgian Pilot: Hey... thief!

(Sly tries to correct Bentley.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Make the pull while he's laughing and he won't feel a thing.

(Upon successfully swiping the handkerchief)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice work, meet me outside with the goods... it's up to the Guru now.

(Bentley leaves the hotel, by which point the Guru's in position)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Bentley's en route to me with the monogrammed handkerchief... but we'll never be able to swipe the ice sculpture unless we can get into that armored truck.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I agree, the back door should be its weak spot.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal, then chuckles)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): He-heh. Yeah, I'm sure the guards around here won't mind too much if you break the door down with their heads.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Bentley's set up a waypoint on the truck. Should be handy, that thing's moving pretty fast.

(After hitting the truck the first time)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): It's a good start, but the truck just powered up its automated defenses. You'll have to pay attention on your next approach, could get sticky.

(Each time you damage the truck)
Bentley (binocucom):

  • Keep it up!
  • Nice!
  • That truck can't hold out for long!

(After damaging the truck one last time)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, Guru, the back doors are still holding tight, but the top of the vehicle's been blown wide open!

(Bentley meets up with Sly to hand him the handkerchief.)

Bentley: Okay, Sly, your turn. You'll have to sprint hard to catch up, but jumping inside through the roof should be easy.

(Upon reaching the truck)

Bentley (binocucom): This is it. Crack the safe and make the swap. No pressure, but I think the driver has figured out where to go. You don't have much time!

(Sly successfully makes the swap and jumps out the truck.)

Bentley (binocucom): Great work, Team Iceland is sure to blame the Belgians; they'll be all over each other in tomorrow's dogfight!

Frame Team Iceland[]

Bentley (binocucom): Looks like hard-partying Team Iceland has already gone to sleep. Time to "borrow" one of their Viking helmets.

Murray: Why do you need me? Just have Sly pick the lock to the door and steal the thing.

Bentley (binocucom): This is a delicate business. We're trying to frame Team Iceland for a crime they haven't committed. If there's any evidence of their door being forced, people might believe that they're innocent.

Murray: Man... you've gotten devious over the years! So, uh, how are we supposed to get inside?

Bentley (binocucom): There are some sewer pipes beneath town that should connect up with the ventilation system of the hotel. Sly's scrounged a raft for the trip, but be careful... other pilots have caused trouble down there in the past, and the Baron is sure to have set up some security.

Murray: I get to row a boat!? Nautical!

(Murray and Sly enter the sewers and hop into the raft.)

Bentley (binocucom): Murray, use the left analog stick analog stick to steer the raft. Press the x button to row forward and the square button to row backwards.

(Upon reaching the dock)

Bentley (binocucom): This is it. Make your way to the hotel ventilation system. Murray, stay and guard the boat.

(Sly makes his way to the vent and enters Team Iceland's hotel room.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, you're almost there. Be careful not to wake these guys up. They're a paranoid group, and have probably set up some crude burglar alarms.

(Heading further into the hallway)
Person #1: Lars, you got the keys to the room?

Lars: Yeah, hold on... um, they're not there. Don't you have them?

Person #1: No, you're the responsible one here. Let's just bang on the door.

Lars: Oh no, everyone there is asleep, and I'm not gonna wake 'em all up. Those guys will shoot at us tomorrow if we do that.

Person #1: Fine, we'll just go down to the front desk and ask for a spare, and you can forget about me being your wingman tomorrow!

(Sly grabs the Viking helmet.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work. Head back to Murray and the raft.

(Sly ventures back through the sewers to return to Murray.)

Murray: Sorry, pal, the valve gates changed position. We need to escape through another tunnel, but fear not, "The Murray" has an unnatural sense of direction!

(Murray and Sly make it back to the entrance)

Murray: Land-Ho!

(Murray and Sly exit the sewers.)

Sly Cooper: Nice job, you really showed some finesse with those oars.

Murray: "The Murray" is, and always has been, FINESSE!

Sly Cooper: Uh, yeah, you good to plant this helmet on the Belgium plane?

Murray: Can do, pal... can do with a vengeance.

(After entering the Belgians' hangar)

Bentley (binocucom): That's Belgium's prize plane strung up from the ceiling. It's held in place by these anchors. Destroy them and the plane should come crashing down.

Murray: Seems like these lasers might roast my hulking bulk.

Bentley (binocucom): True, you'll have to compact yourself using your ball move to travel safely beneath the laser grid.

Murray: Check!

Bentley (binocucom): You'll need to use your charged ball attack to take out the anchors. Go into Ball Form, and quickly tap the square button to build up force, then strike!

(First anchor destroyed)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice job, just three more to go!

(Second anchor destroyed)
Bentley (binocucom): Halfway there!

(Third anchor down)
Bentley (binocucom): That plane looks ready to fall, just one more left.

(Fourth and final anchor destroyed)
Bentley (binocucom): Excellent work... plant the Viking helmet and the Belgians are sure to blame Team Iceland.

(Murray plants the Viking helmet on the plane, then leaves the hangar.)

Cooper Hangar Defense[]

Bentley: Ah, Murray, I've been working to get our hangar security devices online, and they're almost operational. Unfortunately, my internet pal Penelope heard a rumor that a rival air team might be stopping by to do mischief to our plane.

Murray: Mischief makers? Coming here?!

Bentley: If you can stand watch while I finish getting the systems online, that would be great.

Murray: Fear not, brainiac chum, you'll be safe while my fists are on... duty?

(Muggshot appears and holds the hangar's doors open)

Muggshot: Greetings, trog-o-lid-ites! Didn't think I forgot about Mesa City, did ya? I figure you jerks let me smash up your aeroplane and we're even.

Murray: You and what army, dumb guy?

Muggshot: Army? Oh, oh yeah! Okay, boys, I paid you off good enough, time to crack some skulls!

(Murray roars)

Bentley (loudspeaker): Murray, you can't hurt Muggshot with your fists. Try using the switch in the middle of the hangar.

(After punching Muggshot)

  • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...
  • HA-ha-ha-ha-ha...
  • Hee-heh-heh-heh, HA-ha-ha!
  • HEE-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...
  • Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh...
  • I can take it all day, lightweight.
  • Keep it comin', I'm a brick wall!
  • Yeh, ahahaha!

(After hitting Muggshot with the engine the first time)

Muggshot: Ow! Get that pink punk! These doors ain't holding themselves open!

(After hitting Muggshot with the engine)

  • Barbecue that meatball! This is killin' me!
  • Good gosh-a-golly!
  • Murder that ball of fat!
  • My duterius maximus! It's outta wack!
  • Oh! That got my kneecap!
  • Ow! Get that palooka!
  • Ow, man!
  • Take him down, now!
  • Oh you're dead, punk!
  • Oh, not the breadbasket!

(After beating Muggshot)
Muggshot: Oh! Right in the Solar Plex-E-is! Don't think this is over, meatball. Ya' not untouchable, this is just the beginning of a really bad day.

(Muggshot leaves.)

Bentley (loudspeaker): Muggshot wasn't making idle threats... I'm reading multiple hostiles moving through the sewers toward our position.

Bentley: Fortunately my security devices are almost online... I'll just have time for a quick test.

Bentley (loudspeaker): Let's see, I can switch between computers by moving the left analog stick analog stick. And now to test the security. By pressing the triangle button, circle button, x button or square button, I can activate the traps for the currently selected sewer. Hmm, they appear to take a few seconds to recharge after being triggered.

(After switching between the computers)

(After testing the traps)
Bentley (loudspeaker): Looks like they're working perfectly, and just in time too. Murray, they're upon us! If one gets through my traps you'll have to take him out!

Murray: Got it. The Cooper plane is as safe as a baby in its aircraft hangar crib.

(If a guard gets through and Murray attacks them)

  • Hands off the plane, bub!
  • Hello, sewer boy!
  • Sorry, this is private property!
  • One got through!
  • They're getting through!
  • The plane's taking a beat!
  • The plane's not looking good! Keep those guys from getting up here!
  • It's about to fall apart!
  • The plane's halfway broke, Bentley!
  • The plane's looking rickety.....
  • The plane's almost had it!

(After clearing the first wave of enemies)
Bentley (loudspeaker): Now they're coming in from the right!

(After clearing the second wave)
Bentley: We stopped that group, Murray, but it looks like more are on the way, and they're packing explosives!

(After clearing half of the third wave)
Bentley (loudspeaker): We're halfway there, Murray! Stay sharp!

(After clearing three quarters of the third wave)
Bentley (loudspeaker): It's the final push, keep that plane safe!

(After clearing most of the third wave)
Bentley (loudspeaker): Just a few bogies left.

(After clearing the third wave)
Bentley (loudspeaker): Whew, we got 'em. Nice work, Murray.

Murray: Muggshot will need a lot more than muscle to intimidate us!

Bentley (loudspeaker): Looks like he's got muscle and mortar fire. Maybe it's time I brought in some backup. Just hope she's monitoring the ham radio frequencies...

Bentley (ham radio): Penelope, do you read me? Are you out there?!

Penelope (ham radio): I read ya, Bentley!

Bentley (ham radio): Um, this is sort of an awkward first face-to-face, but-

Penelope (ham radio): But your hangar is getting attacked by some traitorous paid-off Black Baron goons. Don't worry, I won't let those honorless double-crossers hurt your team's plane.

Bentley (ham radio): Is your RC chopper operational?

Penelope (ham radio): Affirmative, it's deployed and airborne.

Bentley (ham radio): You're a heck of a woman.

Penelope (ham radio): I know; that's what my homepage says.

(Penelope begins defending the hangar with her RC chopper)

Penelope (ham radio): Don't worry, Bentley, I'll keep those traitorous guards from damaging your hangar. Oh, wait! I just installed a Yank 86 and haven't had time to read the specs. Are you familiar with the device?

Bentley (ham radio): Absolutely. Just hit the x button to lower your cable and grab opponents. Follow the arrow to find enemies. Use the r1 button to kick on the thrusters and yank things off the ground.

Penelope (ham radio): Sweet! I'll teach those chumps not to sell out the Black Baron.

(If the hangar is destroyed)
Bentley (ham radio): The hangar's not looking so hot!

(When flashlight guards start appearing)

Bentley (ham radio): Some enemies require a few yanks to defeat. To maximize your power, boost in one direction, pull on the cable, then turn around and boost the other way.

Penelope (ham radio): Yeah, these guys are heavy!

(After defeating the first group of guards)
Bentley (ham radio): Penelope, I'm detecting incoming tanks! They could do some serious damage to our hangar. Follow the arrow to find their location.

Penelope (ham radio): Affirmative.

Bentley (ham radio): Those tanks are heavy. You'll have to boost back and forth several times.

(While yanking guards)
Penelope (ham radio):

  • Eat it, Muggshot stewie!
  • Enjoy the view, while it lasts.
  • Going up!
  • He wasn't so tough.
  • Hey pal, nice to see ya!
  • Hope you're not afraid of heights.
  • Mind the gap.
  • Opa!
  • Take that, traitor!
  • Upsy-daisy!
  • What's up, high flyer?
  • Wow, that looks dangerous!
  • Yoink!

(After successfully defending the hangar)
Bentley (ham radio): Great job, Penelope! You're the best RC pilot I've ever seen.

Penelope (ham radio): Aw, those thugs deserved it, no one sells out the Black Baron and walks away scot-free.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, team, we're all set up for the ACES Semifinals. Once Sly arrives at the Team Hangar, we'll prep the plane and suit up for competition.

ACES Semifinals[]

Bentley: Suit up partner, almost time for the semifinals.

(Sly gets in the biplane and prepares for take-off)

Bentley: Stay sharp, Sly! Iceland and Belgium will be at each other's throats up there, but you're still outnumbered!

(Sly takes off)

Sly Cooper: Relax Mom, this is gonna be great!

(At the dogfighting arena)

Dimitri (speaker): Eyes in the skies, peeps! The semifinal round between Team Iceland, Team Cooper, and Team Belgium is now underway. The fangs are out! Dogfight action, great action! Rarr-rarr-rarr!

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, pal, the winner here is the last man standing. Weave your opponents and watch your six. I know how you hate being burned alive at 500 feet.

(If you run out of ammo and attempt to shoot)
Bentley (binocucom): You're out of bullets! Fly down underneath one of the bridges and pick up some more rounds!

(If you go out of bounds)
Bentley (binocucom):

  • Head on back, or we're disqualified!
  • Sly, turn it around, or we'll forfeit!
  • Stay inside the ring, or we lose!
  • Stay in the ring, or we're disqualified!
  • You're flying out of bounds!

(Commentary when destroying planes)
Dimitri (speaker):

  • (singing) Another fallen star!
  • Cooper chalks it up!
  • Jiu-jitsu!
  • Ow, yes! Delicious dogfight!
  • Planes are being damaged, viewers! Eyes to the skies!
  • Shazak-attack!
  • Super-nice THWACK!
  • The dogfighting is bit!
  • The raccoon does it so good!
  • Things are looking... hot!

(Commentary when Sly gets attacked)
Dimitri (speaker):

  • Cooper taking heat!
  • Rat-a-tat-tat! Cooper eats gat!
  • Whoa-ho-ho! It's getting hot!

(Commentary when Sly flies through a barn)
Dimitri (speaker):

  • Cooper storms the barn!

(Commentary on other matters)
Dimitri (speaker):

  • Belgians are pouring it on, and on! They're ganging up on Iceland's planes! Uncool, but deadly.
  • Good news: ACES tickets for next year are already on sale! Buy now and save ten percent on costs!
  • Iceland attacks Belgium! Watch for loop!
  • Remember, refreshments are for sale! (lowly) If you go, get me a licorice. Red kind.
  • Wow! Iceland gets the edge on Belgium! They fight with ferocity!
  • Team Belgium regroups. They show focus! Jujitsu!

(10 enemy pilots remaining)
Bentley (binocucom): Superb piloting, Sly! You made it to the final ten! Keep it up!

(3 enemy pilots remaining)
Bentley (binocucom): Almost there. Only three more left!

(1 enemy pilot left)
Bentley (binocucom): It's mano a mano!

(Winning the semifinals)

Dimitri (speaker): Tip-top outstanding! Team Cooper is going to le finals! Let the crowd say "Yay"!

Slideshow #2[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 1)

Bentley: Thanks to Sly's flying we're officially in the ACES finals! Our opponents: Team Muggshot and Team Black Baron. The rules in the finals are a bit different than normal. Whoever takes out the defending champ gets the title. Hear that boys? It's all about taking down the Baron! Our only real competition will be Muggshot himself. We need to remove him from the competition. Here's the plan: I'll challenge him to a fist fight out in the town square. Sly, you find and lure Inspector Fox to the same place. When the two meet, the sparks are sure to fly! With some luck the big guy'll get carted off to jail and we'll have clear skies for the finals. However the Baron won't be so easy to deal with. He commands an enormous team of fliers and has been known to bring in a squad of blimp gunships when things look grim. The answer to our problem isn't obvious, although it is potent. Behold: Lupus gigantormus. I'll drug the beast so that the Guru will be able to ride it and take out some of the local guards, who also serve as the Baron's pilots. Obviously, the fewer enemy pilots Sly has to deal with in the finals, the better. Next, I'll hack into the aircraft control tower. If successful, I'll be able to intercept any messages the Baron might send to his gunships. Alright team, we've got all night to prepare. If we take this thing it'll be more than a trophy, Penelope is sure to join our gang. After her stellar work defending our hangar, I'm sure we'd all agree that she's a prime recruit.

Beauty and the Beast[]

Bentley: It's time we dealt with Muggshot. We can't risk him taking down the Baron before you in the finals.

Sly Cooper: Not to mention he deserves a little payback for what he did to our aircraft hangar.

Bentley: True, true, since Muggshot's assault, the Baron has been keeping an eye on him. We can't fight him out in the open, for risk of getting disqualified. Thankfully, Inspector Fox is out in the field looking for us.

Sly Cooper: I hear ya, we'll set 'em against each other. Muggshot is an international criminal after all. Carmelita won't be able to resist.

Bentley: My only concern is for Inspector Fox's safety.

Sly Cooper: Oh, don't worry about her. She's more than a match for a meathead like Muggshot.

Bentley: Okay, I'll pick a fight with Muggshot, and bait him into meeting in the Town Square for our "rumble."

Sly Cooper: You do that, I'll get Carmelita's attention and lead her back here to the same place.

Bentley: Agreed.

Sly Cooper: I've gotta hand it to you, Bentley, this is a really underhanded plan.

Bentley: Why, thank you!... I'm feeling pretty good about it.

(Bentley enters the hotel and confronts Muggshot)

Muggshot: Aw, beat it, twerp, the Black Baron's been giving me the grill since that "event" in yer hangar.

Bentley: Perhaps you'd like to take out some frustration by engaging in a physical battle with me outside in the Town Square?

Muggshot: No way, I'm being watched here... that, and it wouldn't feel right poundin' a four-eyed runt in a wheelchair.

Bentley (text): I've got to bait him into a fight.

Bentley (text): Maybe I should insult...

(Option 1: His record versus the Cooper Gang)

Bentley: I'm sure you wouldn't win in a fight anyway. You've got such a long, sad history of losing to the Cooper Gang.

Muggshot: I could whip your whole gang, with one arm, if you jerks would sit still! Look at these arms, (Muggshot flexes his muscles) I'm unstoppable!

(Option 2: His breath)

Bentley: My head is spinning from your breath. What do you gargle with raw sewage every night before bed?

Muggshot: Yeah, yer half right. I find a nice tang to my breath helps maintain my "personal space."

(Option 3: His mental faculties)

Bentley: Do you even know what I'm saying to you? Or are you too stupid to understand the words coming in through your ear holes.

Muggshot: What? What's an "ear hole"? Talk sense, why don't ya.

(Option 4: His appearance)

Bentley: You know, I've been thinking about your appearance.

Muggshot: Look, if you don't got nothing to say nice, then don't say nothing at all. Get it!? (Bentley quietly stares at Muggshot) What, ain't got no sassy comments, smart guy? (Bentley continues to stare) Oh, I get it, you got nothing nice to say so you're keeping quiet. That's real cute. (Bentley continues to stare) You really got nothin' nice to say?... That's cold.

(Correct Answer: His mother)

Bentley: Your mother was a broken down tub of junk with more gentleman callers than the operator.

Muggshot: Nobody talks that way about my mother! Nobody! Okay, little broken-down runt, looks like you're gonna get broken down even more!

Bentley: Town Square, five minutes, please don't be late.

(Bentley leaves the hotel, while Sly gets into position)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, Sly, Muggshot is on his way outside. Go find Inspector Fox and lead her back to the Town Square.

(Sly finds Carmelita and deliberately gets caught)

Sly Cooper: Hey, Inspector Fox! Still looking for a date to the prom?

(Carmelita chases Sly)

Carmelita Fox: Quit running and I'll pin the corsage on you!

(Sly runs to the Town Square, Muggshot leaves the hotel, and Sly gets away)

Carmelita Fox: Blast it, Sly! Why run? Why not face me like a real man?

(Carmelita turns around and spots Muggshot entering the Town Square)

Muggshot: Mess with me? That little punk is gonna eat dirt. (Muggshot notices Carmelita) Hey! You're that cop hag that busted me back in Mesa City!

Carmelita Fox: Muggshot, alias "Two-Gun Tony," also known as "Meat-Head" Muggshot. 7 foot 3 inches, 300 and 24 pounds, wanted in 7 countries with 13 outstanding warrants for your arrest... And yes, I'm that "cop hag" that put you away back in Mesa.

Muggshot: Well, wise guy... lady. Feel like goin' for another shot at the title?

Carmelita Fox: It's my duty to put you behind bars... that, and I enjoy making tough guys cry like the stupid babies they really are.

Muggshot: I ain't no stupid baby!

(Carmelita and Muggshot fight)

(While Muggshot throws dynamite during the fight)

  • Chicks like you make me glad I hate chicks like you!
  • Dodge this, law girl!
  • Eat dynamite!
  • Heh-heh-ha-ha... did you chip a nail, sweetheart?
  • Look alive, hag, 'cuz you won't be for long!
  • No dance will block this!
  • Say goodnight, cop hag!
  • Stand still, Annie Oakley, so's I can smile at ya!
  • This ain't no pillow fight. Eat lead!
  • You're right to run. I'm a freight train and you're nothin' but some dumb cat asleep in the tracks.

(After Carmelita defeats Muggshot)
Muggshot: (losing consciousness) Mother, that you? I'm sorry... I didn't know they was yours.

Carmelita Fox: Ugh... Booking this idiot'll take all night. Ah well, I'm sure Cooper won't make his move anytime soon.

Giant Wolf Massacre[]

Bentley: A-ha! A perfect feral specimen of Lupus gigantormus.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): So let me get this straight again. You plan on stalking that thing, drugging it, putting the Guru on board, and setting the two free to smash up the guards?

Bentley: An airtight plan, I agree, it's simplicity itself. By channeling the wild destruction housed in that blood thirsty creature, we should be able to thin out the Black Baron's ranks... which of course means fewer enemy pilots flying against you in the finals.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I'm all for evening the odds in our favor, but, come on... this plan seems a little... risky.

Bentley: Not at all. I've modified my sleep darts with heavy doses of Skunk Balm. It should be enough the pacify the beast... provided he doesn't catch wind of me first.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright, that sounds okay, you can hang back and shoot him at a distance.

Bentley: (uneasily) Ughh... well, given the weight of the darts, I'll need to sneak up... behind him... and take a shot within a few... meters.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Meters?

Bentley: Quit trying to freak me out, and put the Guru on the binocucom!

(The Guru appears on the line.)

Bentley: After I put the wolf to sleep, it'll be up to you.

The Guru (binocucom): (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Thanks, Guru, you always know just what to say.

(If Bentley tags the wolf while out of range)
Sly Cooper (binocucom):

  • No good. You need to be close in, behind the wolf to make the shot count.
  • No impact. Get within a few meters behind the wolf, then fire. Otherwise, the darts just bounce off.
  • Too far away. You'll need to get close to make the shot count.
  • You'll have to get closer for a good shot.
  • Your dart was out of range.
  • You were too far away to make the shot.

(If the wolf catches the Skunk Balm scent)
Sly Cooper (binocucom):

  • He's caught your scent. Get outta there!
  • Your position is blown. Fall back!
  • He smells your darts. Run for it!

(When Bentley tags the wolf with an in-range sleep dart)
Sly Cooper (binocucom):

  • Bullseye!
  • Good shot!
  • Got it!
  • Great shot! Now, run for it!
  • Nice one, Bentley!
  • Nice! That one hit home!

(Bentley successfully sedates the wolf, with the wolf frantically running around)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice work, Big Game Hunter, the Skunk Balm is kicking in... he's almost asleep.

(The wolf slows down and eventually falls asleep, while the Guru gets into position)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Guru, you're up. You should be able to possess the Giant Wolf now that he's out.

(The Guru possesses the wolf)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Mow down these thugs!

(After killing ten guards, leaving five guards left)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Keep it up. That's ten fewer pilots in the finals tomorrow.

(Three guards left)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Just three more to go.

(Two guards left)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Two more, and we're set.

(One guard left)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): One more pilot, and it's a done deal.

(The last guard is killed, and the Guru releases the wolf, causing the wolf to run around for a bit)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Excellent! That should even the odds tomorrow in the finals.

Windmill Firewall[]

(If you didn't buy the Hover Pack)

Bentley: Hmm. Appears I'll need to buy a Hover Pack for this job.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): How do you plan to hack into the aircraft control tower?

Bentley: It's simple, really. The whole system is linked through computer nodes which monitor the power generated by the nearby windmills.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Seriously, all the power around here comes from the local windmills? I thought they were just for looks.

Bentley: The control nodes tell a different story.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): How do you plan to get up there? It's pretty high.

Bentley: My turbo chair has been outfitted with an extra afterburner... heights such as that are nothing to me!

(Hacking computer #1)

Bentley: Prepare yourself computer... I will show no mercy!

(After unlocking the first gate and approaching the digital firewall)

Bentley: Good thing I've got hacker code linked to the right analog stick analog stick. This data stream looks protected.

(After approaching the purple circle and lock)

Bentley: Hmm, looks like I might need to transport the circular lockdown code.

(Upon reaching the last section of the minigame, with enemies approaching)

Bentley: Finally, some challenge!

(Computer #1 hacked)

Bentley: Another falls before my digital kung fu! Hi-yah-cha-cha-cha!

(Hacking computer #2)

Bentley: Come Grasshopper, kneel before the feet of the master.

(After the hacking minigame starts)

Bentley: Looks like they're going to put up a little fight this time!

(Upon reaching black hole)

Bentley: Hmm, a digital black hole? Gonna have to hack around it.

(Computer #2 hacked)

Bentley: Another terminal... terminated.

(Hacking computer #3)

Bentley: Don't worry my pet, I'll make this quick and painless.

(Computer #3 hacked)

Bentley: Excellent, now for the aircraft control tower... once it's hacked, the system will be mine!

(Reaching gap)

Sly Cooper: (binocucom) You'll have to use your auxiliary afterburner to get over to that computer. Jump as far as you can towards it, then boost the afterburner. Go easy on the throttle, and you should get a few bursts.

(If you don't land on the platform with the computer)
Sly Cooper (binocucom):

  • Go easy on your afterburner. Tap a quick thrust, then wait a couple seconds, then thrust again. You can go a long way if you conserve fuel.
  • Wait a while between thrusts, and you can go a long way.

(Hacking the fourth and final computer)

Bentley: A-ha, my final opponent.

(Upon starting the hacking minigame)

Bentley: Looks like they saved the big code for last. Have at thee!

(Computer #4 hacked)

Bentley: Success, I've got total access. Wait... the code's unstable... everything's speeding up!

(Bentley watches a windmill blade break off and fly into the dam, releasing the water)

Bentley: Windmill throwing stars, eh? This little system bug might come in handy.

Slideshow #3[]

(This slideshow plays after completing Day 2)

Bentley: Thanks to our combined efforts, we're now ready for the final round of the ACES Dogfighting competition. Put on your helmets, cause it's time for Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle! In just a few hours, Team Iceland and Team Belgium will begin fighting it out in the B-Champs round. This'll provide the perfect cover for step one of my plan. Sly, use the catapult and your Paraglider to get access to the local gunships. Plant some tracking devices, then head back to the team hangar and suit up for the finals. Murray, you're up next. Use your rowboat to pull down the aircraft communication antenna. With it out of commission, the Baron will have to use an unscrambled radio frequency to call in the gunships for backup. If that happens, I'll be ready with our secret weapon. And with the tracking devices installed, I'm guaranteed not to miss. In the end though, it'll be up to Sly. This is a sudden death competition. The first team to take out last year's champ wins! That's if the Black Baron doesn't take out all the competition first.

OP: Turbo Dominant Eagle[]

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! The B-Champs dogfight is beginning! With these guys going at it no one will notice as you slip onto the gunships and plant a tracking device.

Sly Cooper: Sounds straight forward enough. Where'd you get these trackers? They look kind of funny?

Bentley (binocucom): Best I could do on short notice, they're sensitive to extreme changes in altitude. You'll have to pull this job off at high elevation or it's a bust.

Sly Cooper: Shouldn't be a problem.

(Sly plants the first tracker.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! The first tracker's in place. If I'm not mistaken, there should be a pressure vent near the front of the aircraft. It might be just the thing to give you a lift.

(Sly plants the second tracker.)

Bentley (binocucom): Well done, two down.

(Sly plants the third tracker.)

Bentley (binocucom): Great! Just one more tracker, and we're in business!

(Sly plants the final tracker.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, Flyboy, the gunships' GPS data is flowing in, head back to the hangar and suit up.

(Control switches to Murray, who's in position near the communication antenna with a boat.)

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, Murray, the Black Baron's communication antenna is held up by three support beams. Pull 'em out of place, and the whole array will fall apart.

Murray: Don't worry, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's rowing... and breaking stuff.

(Murray throws the boat into the nearby water and jumps in, just as the B-Champs round starts.)

(Murray breaks the first pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): Keep it up! The falling planes are dangerous, but they're perfect cover for this operation.

(Murray breaks the second pillar.)

(Murray breaks the third and final pillar, and the windmill falls down.)

Murray: "The Murray" has broken you! Let that be a lesson to all antennas, I will not be trifled with!

(Sly paraglides to the hangar and prepares for take-off.)

Bentley: This is it – eye of the tiger, pal! Look for the Black Baron, take him out and this competition is all over... and go easy on the throttle; it's been sticking lately.

Sly Cooper: Quit worrying, I'll see you in the winner's circle!

(Sly takes off and the finals start.)

Dimitri (speaker): O-o-okay! It's the big time final round. This is what you came for, peoples! The best of the best! Going at it like cats and king cobras! The skies are full with the (falsetto singing) danger!

(Commentary during the ACES finals)
Dimitri (speaker):

  • Bam shazam!
  • Boom boom! Oh my boom boom shake-a-boom!
  • Cooper team takes another.
  • Hassan chop!
  • High-flying style it.
  • Hot stuff in the skies!
  • Legit dogfight here! All teams strong! I'm on edge of tip of my seat! Very uncomfortable.
  • Nice finish here!
  • Oooh. The Cooper can aim.
  • Remember, consession stands still open! I like something salty. Please?
  • Team Black Baron is flying strong. They move like ballet dancers. With chainsaws!
  • That- that was a good one.
  • Want to take ACES experience home? Buy commemorative video tape. Good for impressing chicks!
  • Watch out in the clouds! Team Muggshot is making a fight against...(gasps) The Baron himself!
  • Yee-hee! Team Muggshot is getting caped bullets there without their top pilot and fearless leader!
  • Cash money shot!

(When the Black Baron damages your plane)
Black Baron (speaker):

  • En garde!
  • Ha ha ha!
  • Have at thee, knave!
  • Hup hup hup!
  • Not very impressive!
  • Ooh. Ha ha! Amateur!
  • Ooh! Should've dodged 'em, boy!
  • Take that, raccoon! (laughs)

(When the Black Baron's health is low)
Dimitri (speaker): Close to the end for the Baron! Can he hold it together?

(When the Black Baron's health is a littler lower)
Dimitri (speaker): Cooper is close! Can he go all the way?

(When the Black Baron's health is almost down)
Dimitri (speaker): The Baron wears a long face! Big time damage.

(When the Black Baron's health just about gone)
Dimitri (speaker): The Black Baron is on last legs!

(The Black Baron's health is down, but he is still in his plane)

Black Baron: Drat! That raccoon is good! (on radio) Gunships, converge on my position and destroy the Cooper aircraft... send in a spare plane, as well.

Gunship pilot (radio): Roger, Baron, all units en route.

(A windmill near the gunships malfunctions.)

Bentley (radio): Sorry, Baron, but you'll have to fight fair this year.

Black Baron (radio): What? Who is this? How did you find this frequency? What!? No! Huh? Desist, halt! I command it!

(During this, the windmill's blades fly off and boomerang back to the gunships, destroying them.)

Black Baron: Gah! This plane's come unfixed... high time for an upgrade, I say.

(The Black Baron flies towards his airliner, ejects from his biplane to the airliner's wing, and heads for the airliner's door.)

(Sly paraglides off of his biplane and onto the airliner's wing.)

Sly Cooper: Oh no, you don't, you weasel.

(The Black Baron turns to face Sly)

Black Baron: "Weasel", am I?

Sly Cooper: I've beat you! Your biplane is in pieces.

Black Baron: Bah-hah, but we're both still airborne, aren't we? The victor has yet to be decided.

Sly Cooper: Then, let's settle it.

Black Baron: Beware, my boy. I've trained ten years at fisticuffs. Pugilism is my passion.

Sly Cooper: If you fight as well as you fly, this shouldn't take long.

Black Baron: En garde!

(If Sly loses the fight)
Black Baron: Victory! I have won again!

(When the fight restarts)
Bentley (binocucom): Keep your distance! The Baron is a master boxer! Wait until he commits to a big punch, then strike!

(When the Black Baron is dealt enough damage, clings onto the wing, and calls for backup)
Black Baron:

  • A little help here!
  • Alert! Your patron is in distress!
  • Attack! Beat down the ruffian!
  • Attack, I say! Dismiss this flounder!
  • Earn your pay, you clods!
  • Fight! Defend your leader!
  • Men, come out here and help me! I'll double your wages!
  • Men, repel the enemy!
  • To arms! Earn your pay!

(Sly defeats the Black Baron, knocking him back with his face covered in smoke)

Black Baron: Ghaa... a fatal blow...

(The Black Baron stands up, and the smoke clears to reveal Penelope's face in place of the Black Baron's)

Penelope: (coughing) That's enough... you win, Cooper.

Sly Cooper: Wait, you?... You're Penelope, the Baron's mechanic. No... no you are the Black Baron!

Penelope: Suppose someone was bound to find out sooner or later... I guess I'm kind of relieved.

Sly Cooper: But... why?

Penelope: Look, let's talk on the ground... where it's safe.

The Getaway[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): It was quite a revelation: Penelope and the Black Baron were one and the same. But before we could even process this turn of events, we were rushed to the winner's circle. Somehow, against all odds, we'd become this year's champions. There was a bit of an awkward moment between Bentley and Penelope. I guess the photos they'd sent each other over the internet were a bit exaggerated. That night, Penelope explained that the disguise was invented to get her past the dogfighting league's strict age requirements. However, after winning, the Baron became a celebrity, and she found herself putting on the costume more and more often. But now, with the Black Baron out of the picture, she was free to take up a new path, and she joined the gang without hesitation. The next day, our newest recruit treated us to a week long aerial tour of Holland. She was fitting in just fine.

Episode 4: A Cold Alliance[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): After a careful analysis of Dr. M's fortress, Bentley came to the difficult conclusion that his demolition skills just weren't gonna be enough. If we wanted to get inside the Cooper Vault, we'd have to recruit a full-time demolitions specialist. However, Bentley's proposed candidate was a shock: my old enemy, the Panda King. As a member of the original Fiendish Five, he had a part in taking out my dad and stealing pages from the Thievius Raccoonus. Eventually, I caught up with him and I claimed back what he had stolen. There was no way I was gonna let that monster on my team, but Bentley was firm. He discovered the Panda King had left his life of crime and was now a monk living the life of quiet meditation high up in the mountains. I wasn't at all convinced, but there was no denying that he had the skills we needed if we were to succeed. So, the gang packed up, put on our disguises, and headed east to China.

King of Fire[]

(After exiting a cave, the Cooper Gang arrives at the Panda King's location)

Sly Cooper: Stay sharp, team... for all we know the Panda King is just as dangerous as ever.

Bentley: How can you say that? Just look at him, have you ever seen someone more at peace with the world?

Sly Cooper: I'll admit, he does look kinda "zenned out."

Bentley: Uh... Mr. King? Honorable Panda King, we humbly wish to speak with you.

Sly Cooper: I guess he doesn't want to talk. Sorry, Bentley, let's go.

Bentley: Be realistic, Sly, he's clearly in a deep meditative trance. Hmmm, it'll take some doing, but I think I see a way to get the team up to his shrine.

Murray: Good! The walk up here tired me out. I don't wanna turn around now. Man, I miss the van... we never had to walk anywhere back then.

Sly Cooper: Okay, okay, let's just get this over with.

Bentley: Murray, you're up first. If you can get to the top of that pillar, you should be able to use your ball move to bounce all the way up to the Panda King.

Murray: Okay... bouncing is a lot easier than more walking. Seriously, do you guys wanna see my blisters?

Penelope: No way!... Is he serious?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Yeah, okay, master. Bouncing, pillars, piece of cake!

(Murray leaps off the cliff.)

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal, then laughs)

Bentley: I hear that, sometimes you've got to be firm.

Penelope: No, seriously, was he for real about the blisters? Cause I, I don't know it's... yeesh!

(Murray reaches the Panda King.)

Murray: Okay, I'm in position!

Bentley: Penelope, you're up next. I'm not sure if you're aware, but Sly can jump onto small points. Those bamboo shoots would be an ideal means of ascent if they weren't spaced so far apart.

Penelope: Hold on, hold on... let me see if I can figure it out for myself.

Bentley: It's, uh... got to do with the ice.

Penelope: Okay, so clearly we need more points in order for Sly to ascend. The problem, where're we going to get 'em? The answer: split each shoot down the middle, thereby doubling the points of ascension. However, the ice down there appears too thin to walk on, so there's no way to do it by hand... So, I'll need to use my lightweight remote control car to split the trees for us.

Bentley: Perfect... that's it exactly!

Penelope: Great! Anything for Sly. I love to see him pull off those athletic moves!

(Penelope brings out her RC car and drives it into the ice)

Penelope (binocucom): Good thing I installed a turret on this little lady. Perfect for splitting logs.

(When the turret overheats.)

Penelope (binocucom): Rats! The turret overheated!

(While splitting the fifth tree)
Penelope (binocucom): Just two more to go!

(Splitting the sixth tree)
Penelope (binocucom): One tree left!

(After splitting the last tree)
Penelope (binocucom): Yes!

(Penelope turns her attention to Sly.)

Penelope: There you go, Sly... hope it's everything you could've wished for.

Sly Cooper: Uh, thanks, iIt looks great.

Penelope: My pleasure... really, anytime.

Bentley: Uhh... Sly, isn't it time you climbed up there and joined Murray?

Sly Cooper: Yeah, sure.

(Sly jumps on the bamboo shoots to meet Murray.)

Bentley: Whack the supports up on those pinwheels.

Sly Cooper: Really?

Bentley: Pinwheel destabilization is the cornerstone of this plan!

Murray: Jump into my hands and I'll throw you up there.

(Sly destroys the supports on the pinwheels.)

Sly Cooper: I'm all done up here!

Bentley: Excellent, now that the pinwheels are unstable, I just need to light them up with my darts. One shot per rocket should do the trick.

(Bentley lights the rockets on the pinwheels.)

Bentley: Those pinwheels are about to go. Guru, feel up for a challenge?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: That's right, you should be able to "persuade" the guards to help you get up to those rockets.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(Guru fires two rockets, one for each pinwheel. One of the pinwheels knocks down a sign, creating a bridge to the Panda King from the cliff near the Panda King. The other falls right in front of the cliff.)

Bentley: Strong work, that fallen pinwheel should serve as an excellent makeshift elevator.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(Guru reaches Murray and Sly. Guru and Sly then head up to the Panda King, with Bentley right behind them.)

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: I agree, he's in a super-meditative state.

Sly Cooper: So let's just shout in his ear.

Bentley: No, to break him out of this trance, we'll need to delve into his mind.

Sly Cooper: A hacksaw then?

Bentley: No, it'll require channeling.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Sly, sit beside the Panda King, the Guru will bridge your minds.

(Sly sits next to the Panda King in a meditative stance, while the Guru bridges their minds. Sly winds up in a flashback to his fight with the Panda King.)

Panda King (repeating dialogue from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus): I see you carry the cane of the notorious Cooper thief clan. Have you come here for revenge? To steal back the Thievius Raccoonus?

Sly Cooper: Whoa, this is just like the time I beat the stuffing out of you.

Panda King: Why should you care if I bury a few worthless villages in the snow? You are a thief, just like me.

Sly Cooper: Uh... yeah, are you even listening to what I'm saying?

Panda King: Insolent child! You shall pay dearly for your disrespect! Still, to honor your Cooper ancestry, I will send you to your doom with the beauty of my new firework technique... Flame-Fu!

Sly Cooper: Uh-oh.

(Sly and Panda King fight)

(During the fight, Panda King will call his attacks)
Panda King:

  • Booming Chop!
  • Fiery Wheel!
  • Palms of Thunder!

(After Sly depletes one-fifth of his health, the Panda King pushes Sly away with his belly.)

Sly Cooper: Snap out of it! This is all in your head!

Panda King: My mind is clear, focused on your destruction!

Sly Cooper (text): I've got to break him out of this memory loop.

(A list of optional dialogue will be presented to the player.)

Sly Cooper (text): Maybe I should...

(Note: If you pick any option, the fight resumes until Sly depletes another fifth of the Panda King's health.)

(Option 1: Threaten him)

Sly Cooper: You know how this'll end. I've already beat you once, I can do it again.

Panda King: I have NEVER known defeat, I am unbeatable!

(Option 2: Play nice)

Sly Cooper: Look, I'm here to help you, to get your mind out of this rut.

Panda King: If you truly wish to aid me, stand still and let my fireballs cook your flesh!

(Note: If you pick this option, the fight resumes until Sly depletes another fifth of Panda King's health.)

(Option 3: Say something from the past)

Sly Cooper: You're just a frustrated firework artist turned homicidal pyromaniac.

Panda King: Am I, am I?! Let us find out!

(Correct Answer: Make him sad)

Sly Cooper: We both know why you're here. You're fixated on the moment of your greatest defeat. I beat you, and forever after you've wondered how it all fell apart.

Panda King: I hate you, Sly Cooper, you've ruined me... ruined the Panda King.

Sly Cooper: And I've hated you, but that doesn't make any of this real. Years have passed a-and we've both changed... Come out of this trance. Let's meet each other as we are today, a-and let go of who we were when this fight occurred.

Panda King: YOU ARE... correct. Forgive me, my mind is not always my own.

(The Panda King bows and the meditative trance ends.)

The Deal[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): The Panda King wasn't any more excited about the notion of him joining the gang than I was. If it weren't for the Guru who, for some reason, really hit it off with the old guy, the whole deal would've been a bust. We could see the anger in the Panda King's eyes as he recounted how he lost a member of his own family. A daughter who was abducted by a powerful general from the northern mountains. She was to be the bride in a forced marriage to this unscrupulous ruler, and Panda King was exiled. We agreed to help him recover his lost daughter in exchange for his skills in the Cooper Vault job. I still wasn't convinced this was a good idea, but a deal's a deal.

Slideshow #1[]

(This slideshow plays after completing King of Fire)

Bentley: We all know that our objective here is to retrieve the Panda King's daughter, Jing King. She's being kept against her will by this man, General Tsao. A real peach, this guy. During surveillance, I actually witnessed him kick a puppy, twice! He plans on forcing Jing King to marry him next Saturday. Clearly, time is of the essence. Here's the plan: First, I'll approach Tsao in disguise and attempt to get hired as his wedding planner. Hopefully, with a man on the inside, we'll get some news on Jing King. Still, we need more information! Two of us will need to work together to steal a pair of twin keys and break into Tsao's house of business. Once inside, I'll need to utilize some new technology to circumvent their ultra-tight security. Finally, thanks to Penelope's air sweeps, we've picked up an unusual radio signature out in the water. Someone will need to go eyeball the anomaly and figure out what it is. We can't leave anything under chance here, or Jing King lives unhappily ever after.

Get a Job[]

Sly Cooper (binocucom): This is it, General Tsao's palace. If we're going to get at the Panda King's daughter we'll need an inside track on the wedding.

Bentley: I'm ready with my costume, with some luck he'll hire me on as the wedding coordinator.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Great, if you get a chance try to score the rest of us some jobs as well. You can't have enough operatives on the inside.

(Bentley enters General Tsao's palace, wearing the disguise.)

General Tsao: No, you can't come out yet my blossom.

Jing King: But please, my father will be so worried. Just let me tell him I'm alright. I beg of you, Tsao, let me out of this prison! Is this the way you woo your wife? You have shown me nothing but cruelty. I am so unhappy! (cries)

(Bentley approaches General Tsao)

Bentley: Greetings, honorable General Tsao. I have heard of your impending marriage and have respectfully come before you to offer my services as wedding coordinator.

General Tsao: How insulting. I need no "help."

Bentley: My apologies. I mean no disrespect.

General Tsao: Given my genius, I am of course completely capable of organizing the event... However, I might be interested in employing a photographer. A day of such momentous import should be captured for future generations to marvel at.

Bentley: I have one of the world's best photographers on retainer.

General Tsao: Really? Well... If he truly is world-class, then he might get the honor of chronicling the event. However, I'll need to see some samples before I give him the job.

Bentley: Of course. I'll have him come by right away.

General Tsao: You'd better not be wasting my time, wedding planner. I get very, very uncharitable when people waste my time.

(Bentley leaves the palace.)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay Sly, General Tsao wants some samples of your work. I've placed waypoints in areas with good photographic potential. Approach the guards while in costume and they'll probably pose for you. Good luck pal.

(If you approach a monkey guard in disguise and give the correct password.)
Bentley (binocucom): That guy's not going to cut it. Head to the waypoints. I've marked where you can find some good-looking guards.

(Approaching first set of guards)

Sly Cooper: Listen up meatheads! General Tsao wants some pictures of his staff... so big smiles all around, or else.

(After taking first photo.)

Bentley (binocucom): Great shot, but you'll need a few more before talking with General Tsao.

(Approaching second set of guards)

Sly Cooper: Alright you stupid guards, put on some smiles and get in a nice pose. General Tsao wants some "happy" photos, get it?

(After taking second photo.)

Bentley (binocucom): That's a good picture, Sly. One more should be enough to impress the General.

(Approaching third set of guards)

Sly Cooper: Okay, you two, "look happy." The General would like a nice couple shot.

(When a nearby monkey guard disrupts the shot.)

Bentley (binocucom): You need a nice shot of the couple, and that obnoxious third guy is messing up the composition. Get rid of him!

(If you attempt to take a picture and the monkey guard is still there.)
Bentley (binocucom):

  • That guy needs to go.

(After taking third photo.)

Bentley (binocucom): Really Sly, that's some lovely photography... show those shots to the General. I'm sure he'll be impressed.

(Sly enters the palace in disguise.)

Bentley (binocucom): Hey Sly, get a few pictures of the General while you're in there. It's always a good idea to study your enemy.

(As Sly approaches General Tsao.)

General Tsao: Ah, the paparazzi. Will I ever know a moment of privacy? Make sure you get my good side. It must be quite amusing to observe the effects of power.

(Sly takes a photo.)

General Tsao: Why is it that I'm always the center of attention?

(Sly takes a second photo.)

General Tsao: Ooh, nice shot. Here, check out this pose! Impressive, I know.

(Sly takes a third photo.)

Bentley (binocucom): That'll do it Sly, I'd talk to the General now while you've got him buttered up.

Sly Cooper: Greetings, General Tsao. As you have no doubt guessed, I'm the world-class photographer hoping to play a humble role in your upcoming magnificent wedding.

General Tsao: Hmm, let me see a sample of your work. I have a keen eye, a great sense of artistic value; I can tell at a glance if you're world-class.

Sly Cooper: But of course, your Excellency.

General Tsao: Ah, hmm. You have a strong sense of, uh, compositional regularity and, uh, forced perspectivism. These are... adequate. You may have the honor of photographing my wedding.

Sly Cooper: A thousand thank-yous, my lord. I'm sure it will be a wedding none of us will ever forget.

(Sly leaves the palace.)

Tearful Reunion[]

Penelope (binocucom): The mysterious signal I picked up was somewhere out on the water's surface.

Murray: I'm not seeing anything.

Penelope (binocucom): Keep scanning, these readings are clear.

(Murray spots the Cooper van, frozen in a block of ice)

Murray: Great snakes on a stick! I don't believe it!

Penelope (binocucom): What? You found the signal?

Murray: It's the team van! Last time I saw it, it was floating away on a block of ice in Canada... and now it's here.

Penelope (binocucom): Highly probable given ocean currents.

Murray: I got to go get it! Don't worry baby, Mama's coming!

Penelope (binocucom): Don't even think about swimming, Murray, that water is freezing. You wouldn't last a minute.

Murray: But... but my baby!

Penelope (binocucom): Hold your position, I should be able to drag the van to you using my RC chopper.

Murray: Bless you, Penelope! Bless you and your bag of remote control gizmos.

(Penelope brings out the RC chopper)

(When the RC chopper first latches onto the Cooper van)
Murray (binocucom): Use that thrust thingy to pull the van over to me. Just follow the arrow to where I'm at.

(When the guards start shooting homing missiles)
Murray (binocucom): Turn hard to juke out those missiles; I saw it on TV.

(While yanking guards with the RC chopper.)
Penelope (binocucom):

  • Can't contain the girl power.
  • Eat that, goon!
  • Fly, fly away! Be free!
  • Ha! Hope you can fly, 'cause it's a long way down!
  • Hello, sailor!
  • It's not polite to shoot at a lady!
  • This had better be worth it, Murray.
  • Up, up and away!

(Penelope brings the van to Murray.)

Murray: Oh my sweet van, how I've missed you. Don't worry, I'll break you out of your icy prison.

(While Murray breaks the ice)

Penelope (binocucom): Careful, Murray, the locals seem to be on to you!

(Murray breaks half of the ice and defeats the guards.)

Penelope (binocucom): It's no use, Murray, this area's too dangerous. We have to recover the van later.

Murray: But... I can't lose her again!

Penelope (binocucom): Forget the van, you'll never make it.

Murray: But... no, NO! Either help me or get out of my way... I'm bringing her home!

(Murray begins dragging the van back to the safe house.)

Penelope (binocucom): Okay, Murray, I've got a little fuel left. Keep pulling as hard as you can. I'll try to clear the way.

(If Murray is attacked while dragging the van.)
Murray (binocucom):

  • Ah, these guys are slowing me down.
  • Ow! Stay focused Murray. Stay focused.
  • That's right; attack me, not the van.
  • (grunts) Stay strong, Murray!
  • Ah! Give me strength, van. Strength to save you!
  • Ah, ow! Gotta keep going.
  • Ah! The van... must... keep... going!
  • Hands off the van, you creeps!
  • Ow, oh! Remember the van! Must... save... van!
  • Ow! You might stop my body, but my spirit's on fire!
  • Stay strong, Murray.
  • Oh, lost my grip there for a second!

(Spikes block Murray's path.)

Penelope (binocucom): Sorry, Murray, but I'm outta fuel and I can't do anything about those spikes in your way.

Murray: But we're so close!

Penelope (binocucom): You did your best... we just ran out of options.

Bentley (binocucom): She's right, Murray, it's hopeless. Get out of there... save yourself!

Murray: I will not... I will NEVER leave her behind again!

(Panda King, watching the situation unfold, stands near a turret.)

Panda King: Words to tear at a father's heart, would that I had such passion when they came for my little Jing King.

(Panda King takes control of the turret to help Murray.)

Panda King: Fear not, brave hippo! I will destroy the spikes blocking your path.

Bentley (binocucom): Be careful with those fireworks, Panda King; a careless shot could hurt Murray.

(While controlling the turret.)
Panda King:

  • You vile dogs will not hurt that man. The Panda King forbids it!
  • Come vermin, rush to your doom! The Panda King reigns again.

(Murray brings the van into the safe house.)

Penelope: Murray, you did it! You saved the van.

(Panda King goes to Murray.)

Panda King: Well done, hippo, you've lit the flames in my soul... I feel awake for the first time in years.

Murray: No, thank you, Panda King! You can ride in my van anytime... you got Shotgun for like, a month!

Panda King: A great honor, I accept.

Grapple-Cam Break-In[]

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, General Tsao's center of business is protected with a special double padlock. If we can get inside, and past all the security, we should have access to the purchase records for the wedding.

Sly Cooper: So, let's get to pickpocketing those keys.

Bentley (binocucom): I'm afraid it's not that simple. The keys are designed with a self-destruct feature and the guards carrying them are in constant radio contact.

Sly Cooper: I get it, if we steal a key from the first guard he'll report it in, then the second guard will destroy his copy before we have time to pull it.

Bentley (binocucom): That's right. We need to steal the keys almost simultaneously. Since you're better at this than me, I should probably go first.

Sly Cooper: Alright, I'll take up position behind the target. Call me when you've made the pull and I'll pounce.

Bentley (binocucom): Affirmative.

(Sly reaches a rooftop behind a guard.)

Sly Cooper: I'm in position for the pull. The second you get your key, I'll go for this one.

Bentley: Roger, I'm en route for key number one.

(Bentley steals the key from the guard, who noticed the theft. Bentley runs away to a safe spot.)

Bentley: I've got the first key! Go for the second before the guards call in!

(Sly steals the key and jumps back onto the rooftop.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent, the key's intact! Let's meet in front of the General's statue for the hand-off.

(Sly meets Bentley at the statue and gives him the key.)

Bentley: Nice work, with this second key and my Grapple-Cam, I'm all set up for the inner office.

Sly Cooper: Sure you won't need my help on the inside?

Bentley: I'm afraid this is a problem only technology can solve.

Sly Cooper: Right, well, have fun with your, uh... technology.

Bentley: Don't wait up, this could go all night!

(Sly leaves.)

(Bentley enters the office.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): You weren't kidding about the security in this place. Hope your Grapple-Cam can lure a guard onto that pressure plate, otherwise you're never getting into that upper level.

(Bentley uses the Grapple-Cam to lure a guard onto the pressure plate, turning off the floor lasers.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice, now sleep-dart him so he'll stay on the plate.

(Bentley uses a sleep dart on the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright! That opened the door to the upper office. Lure that top guard onto the second pressure plate and it's sure to turn off the door lasers.

(Bentley uses the Grapple-Cam to lure a guard onto the pressure plate, turning off the door lasers.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Sleep him now, while he's on the plate.

(Bentley uses a sleep dart on the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Excellent, the way's all clear. Good thing you've got that afterburner. With nothing to climb on or to jump off of, it'll be your only means to the computer in the upper office.

(Bentley arrives at the computer.)

Bentley: Don't be scared little computer... this won't hurt a bit.

(Upon reaching firewalls)

Bentley: The wedding data must be behind these firewalls.

(Bentley hacks the computer.)

Bentley: Aha! The database is wide open... I'm a capital "G" genius!

Slideshow #2[]

Bentley: The operation is running smoothly. With access to General Tsao's database, and Sly successfully hired as the wedding photographer, we're ready to make an attempt for Jing King. Given the complexity of Tsao's downloaded data, I programmed my computer to automatically analyze the—what the...? G-General Tsao! He's... he's got my computer! Our whole plan is on that computer! How did he find us?! We're doomed!

(Sly takes over.)

Sly Cooper: Bentley, calm down! I need you sharp. Listen up, team, this Tsao character is more clever than any of us thought. As of this moment, we have one goal: steal back the ThiefNet computer. The time for subtlety is over. Bentley, break into the palace and ransack his personal computer. He might have linked it to ours. If so, that's where we'll start. The rest of the team will stand ready. No telling where this might take us.

Laptop Retrieval[]

(Bentley enters General Tsao's palace.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): General Tsao's computer has to be around here somewhere... no need to be sneaky. Let's just get the job done.

(Upon approaching the computer)

Bentley: Okay, Sly, I found his personal computer... this should be easy.

(While doing the hack)
Bentley: Standard OS security, no problem.

(Upon reaching General Tsao's defense avatar)
General Tsao's defense avatar: Security breach! You will be terminated!

Bentley: He's got a defense avatar...!? This could get ugly!

(If Tsao's avatar damages Bentley's avatar)
General Tsao's defense avatar:

  • Annihilate opponent!
  • Destroy invasive code!
  • Slay intrusive code!
  • Stop intruder!

(After completing the hack)

Bentley: A-ha, I think I've found something. His diary mentions a secret passage through the prayer bell... then a "walk across the heavens." You getting this, Sly?

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I'm en route to the bell right now.

Bentley: Better bring along the Guru. This sounds like his department.

(Back outside, Sly and the Guru approach the bell.)

Bentley (binocucom): It says here to stand under the bell... I'll need to set off the transfer sequence from here.

(Sly and the Guru enter the bell, then appear on a high cliff.)

Sly Cooper: Got any ideas about that "walk across the heavens" thing?

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

(The Guru levitates a Chinese monkey guard.)

Sly Cooper: That's... amazing!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: Of course! If you need to ride on my back to keep the levitation going, be my guest... I'm not a big fan of falling to my death.

(Sly and the Guru make their way across town to a crawl space in the mountain.)

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: No problem. Take a rest if you need it. I'll push on ahead and look for Tsao.

Bentley (binocucom): Getting some weird readings up ahead. Want to use your optimizer goggles?

(Sly crawls through the hole and reaches an arena where he confronts Tsao.)

General Tsao: Ah, the famous Sly Cooper. It seems you and your little gang were able to follow the trail I left for you. Of course, you'll be helpless without them, as you'll soon discover.

Sly Cooper: I'm not ashamed to rely on my friends.

General Tsao: Who needs friends when you can have servants? Who needs affection when you can have obedience? Ah, why try to convince you when I can simply destroy you? This sacred forest has been the stage for hundreds of battles, as my ancestors crushed anyone who got in their way, and you will be no different.

Sly Cooper: Bentley, are you hearing this? What's he talking about?

Bentley (binocucom): I've heard of these types of battlegrounds before. The energy from all the fighting that has gone on before strengthens the combatants, allowing them to soar for long distances. You should be able to fly all the way across the arena with one jump! Plus, you can probably change directions in the air with your double jump.

General Tsao: Enough chit-chat, Cooper! Face me now, and prepare for the end of your legacy.

(As the battle starts and Sly jumps)
Bentley (binocucom): Switch directions in the air with your double jump!

(If you accidentally fly out of the arena)
Bentley (binocucom): Spire jump to land on bamboo chutes before you leave the arena.

(If you lose to Tsao)
General Tsao: The Cooper family has been beaten by Tsao! Our legacy is superior!

(Sly defeats Tsao in the first round and falls to the ground below.)

General Tsao: (laughing)

Sly Cooper: Come back and take it like a man!

(Sly jumps down after Tsao.)

General Tsao: Well done, esteemed wedding photographer... I'm impressed you've lasted this long.

Sly Cooper: Stop this, Tsao. Release Jing King and this fight can end.

General Tsao: No! Jing King is mine. Once our bloodlines cross, it shall be glorious. The Panda King, in his day, was magnificent. With the Tsao name, a new generation of Kings will be unstoppable!

Sly Cooper: But she doesn't want to marry you!

General Tsao: She's a woman, she doesn't know up from down. Once I "convinced" her father to take up meditation, she was ripe for the picking.

Sly Cooper: I've faced a lot of bad men in my time, but you sir, are the worst.

General Tsao: Oh, it gets worse, Cooper. Up until now, I've gone easy on you... but now, now you'll sample the ancient black arts of the family Tsao!

(If you lose to Tsao)
General Tsao: The black magic of the family Tsao is unstoppable!

(Sly successfully defeats Tsao again.)

General Tsao: You have won this battle, but the war rages on! (He hands over Bentley's laptop) Take your foolish computer. It won't help you. Jing King is mine.

Sly Cooper: Jing King is a person, not property. And sorry pal, but we're ending this right now.

(Tsao throws a smoke bomb in Sly's face, then escapes.)

Sly Cooper: (coughing)

General Tsao: Beware... beware the power of Tsao!

Slideshow #3[]

Bentley: Thankfully, we've managed to retrieve the ThiefNet computer. However, all of the plans stored inside are now compromised! The wedding is still on; Jing King remains Tsao's prisoner. Yes, we are going to free her, but that's not enough. No, for this heist we really need to put the screws to this guy. He's earned it. So we're cleaning out his treasury as well, a feat impossible without Murray's van. Unfortunately, all that time in the ice has ruined its polycellular battery. I'll need Sly's help to acquire a new one, which won't be easy, as the General's gone all out with security. He's even resorted to black magic dragons and hopping vampires patrolling the streets. We'll need to even the odds before the wedding. Sly, you and the Panda King will work to gather some fireworks and blow up the vampires' crypt. No crypt, no more vampires.

Vampiric Demise[]

Bentley (binocucom): That's it, one of Tsao's firework stashes for the ceremony.

Sly Cooper: This lock looks pretty standard, but I'll need some help carrying the goods.

Bentley (binocucom): The Panda King is the man for the job, he's strong, good with explosives and capable of dealing with multiple opponents. Once we get enough fireworks, he should be capable of blowing the hopping vampire crypt sky-high.

Sly Cooper: Look, Bentley, I know you believe in the guy, but... I don't trust him yet.

Bentley (binocucom): You don't have a choice, he's the only man for the job. I'll go get him and send him your way.

(Bentley heads inside the Panda King's quarters.)

Bentley: This is it, Panda King. We need you for a field mission. Sly's trying to break into a fireworks cache and he needs help.

Panda King: Fine. I will be there presently... You may go.

Bentley: Look, I don't mind telling you I'm putting my neck on the line here... we're all counting on you.

Panda King: I... will mind your neck.

(Bentley leaves while the Panda King heads up to the mirror to talk to his inner self.)

Panda King: Hello, old friend. I'm about to work alongside Sly Cooper, and I cannot carry you with me on the journey.

Inner Panda King: You fool! This is your chance for revenge! He humiliated us! Ruined us! Made us weak!

Panda King: Humiliation was a crossroads. I have chosen to walk the path of humility.

Inner Panda King: Humility that cost you your daughter! Destroy Cooper now!

Panda King: (text): My mind is fractured. No action can be taken until he and I are in unison. Cooper is at the center.

Panda King (text): Sly must live...

(Option 1: To help save Jing King)

Panda King: Without Cooper and his associates, I stand little chance of rescuing Jing King.

Inner Panda King: Little chance?! Allow yourself to dip into my hateful fury, and we can save Jing King single-handed!

Panda King: Such an action would cost many lives.

Inner Panda King: Your path of moderation will cost you Jing King!

(Option 2: So that you may live)

Panda King: Without Cooper, who would you have to hate? Your reason to cling inside my mind would be gone.

Inner Panda King: No. If you killed Cooper, it would be you who would disappear. I would take your place.

(Correct answer: To teach us humility)

Panda King: Cooper is a teacher of humility. We have slain his parents, yet he manages to trust us. By studying him, we will become whole.

Inner Panda King: I have no desire to join with my weaker side. You are failure. I am the strength that used to be, the once glorious Panda King!

Panda King: You are strong, and I am humble... but, only through cooperation will we become the father Jing King needs.

Inner Panda King: The Yin and the Yang?

Panda King: If strength were all that mattered, Tsao would be an ideal son-in-law.

Inner Panda King: Very well, Cooper shall live.

(Panda King leaves to meet up with Sly.)

Panda King: Fear not, Cooper, I shall not kill you this day.

Sly Cooper: Um... ditto.

Bentley (binocucom): I know you've been out of the game for a while, maybe you should use this time to brush up on your old skills. First thing's first, here's how to fire at objects. Center the camera on a target and hold down the l1 button to load fireworks. Release the button to launch them.

(If the Panda King overloads his fireworks pack)
Bentley (binocucom): Careful not to prime too many. They'll blow up on your back!

(Panda King blows up a barrel.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! Remember to sweep over multiple targets with the right analog stick analog stick... you've always been capable of attacking large groups of foes. Now try targeting these two vampires in different locations.

(Panda King kills the two vampires.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice! The more fireworks you prime, the more damage they'll do. A full pack does double damage! Now try to destroy that gravestone by focusing your full power on it.

(Destroys the gravestone.)

Bentley (binocucom): Such power! Looks like it was enough to wake up the undead guardians. Target them all at once with a full pack. That should be enough to destroy 'em.

(Destroys the four vampires.)

Bentley (binocucom): Great, now you're ready for anything. Sly must be done by now. He'll need help carrying the fireworks from the cache.

(Panda King heads over to Sly, who just finished unlocking the cache. He hands the fireworks to Panda King.)

Sly Cooper: Okay, I'm done with this one. You handle the stuff, I'll head out for the next cache.

Panda King: Excellent! I'll make good use of these!

(Stuffs the explosives in his pack.)

(Follows Sly to the next cache.)

Bentley (binocucom): The undead hordes are onto you! They're closing in!

(After destroying the vampires.)

Sly Cooper: One more cache to go, we're doing great!

(Follows Sly to the final cache.)

Bentley (binocucom): More hopping vampires! My scanners... they're everywhere!

(After destroying the next group of vampires.)

Sly Cooper: We're making a pretty good team! This is the last of the fireworks... put 'em in the crypt and, Ka-Boom! No more hoppin' vampires!

Panda King: Yes, this ordinance will suffice.

Sly Cooper: (suddenly) There're gonna be fangs everywhere!

Panda King: ...

Sly Cooper: Right, I'll just head back to the safe house.

Panda King: ... Yes... do that.

(Sly leaves, the Panda King begins heading to the crypt.)

Bentley (binocucom): Take those fireworks to the vampires' crypt and blow it sky-high.

(Arrives at the vampire crypt.)

Bentley (binocucom): The fireworks you and Sly stole are heavy-duty enough to crack open the hopping vampires' crypt. Destroy it, and you'll break Tsao's spell over them.

(Once the crypt is destroyed.)

Panda King: The deed is done!

Down the Line[]

Penelope (binocucom): Hey, Murray, check it out, that strongbox should be the prime router for the hardwire phone lines.

Murray: Yeah, hard phone lines.

Penelope (binocucom): You're the only one on the team strong enough to open it. Crack the lid, and I'll be right down to reroute the wires. With some luck, we'll be able to listen in on Tsao's conversations.

Murray: Sure, Penelope, easy for a muscle man like myself, just keep clear and let old Murcules work.

(Murray cracks the lid. The strongbox sprays Murray with toxic gas, and Murray starts losing consciousness.)

Murray: (coughing) That's... bad... gas!

(Penelope runs towards the strongbox.)

Penelope: (gasps) This is all my fault! Hang in there, Murray. I'm coming!

(The scene cuts to a small time forward. Murray is tied up to a small house with a TNT barrel inside, and surrounded by flashlight guards. They transport Murray away.)

General Tsao (radio): Quickly, take the foreigner to the highest peak and blast him to pieces! Be sure to leave a trail of gunpowder... All must be done in accordance to tradition, or the ancestors will be displeased.

(Penelope shows up, only to find Murray has already been taken away.)

Penelope: I'm too late! He's as good as dead!

Bentley (binocucom): No, there's still a chance! Use your RC car. It should be fast enough to beat the lit fuse up the mountain! It's the only tool we got to save Murray!

(When first approaching rock obstacles)
Bentley (binocucom): Use your turret to blast through these crumbly rocks. You've got to drive fast to save Murray!

(Penelope reaches Murray in time.)

Penelope (binocucom): Hold tight, big guy, this might be close!

(Penelope rams her car into a building, sending an icicle down onto the fuse.)

Murray: Yes! The Murray lives! I will never forget you, brave little RC car, we will be friends forever! You can ride in my van!

A Battery of Peril[]

Sly Cooper: Hey Bentley, are you and Murray finished fixing up the van?

Bentley: I'm afraid we'll need a new power source. The old poly-cellular battery has lost its core.

Sly Cooper: Okay, is there one around here I can steal for you?

Bentley: Penelope's aerial reconnaissance has located a candidate. But due to the delicate nature of the work, I should be the one to decouple it.

Sly Cooper: So... what? Can I help out here at all?

Bentley: Stay close. I'll need you for charging the battery.

Bentley: Hello, my pretty.

Sly Cooper: Is the battery complete?

Bentley: Yes, it just needs to be charged.

Sly Cooper: Seems like that might be a problem in these parts.

Bentley: (whispering) Well, if we...[note 1]

Sly Cooper: (laughs)

(Carmelita appears, watching them.)

Carmelita Fox: Hold it right there, Sly Cooper! Don't move, or I'll zap you!

Sly Cooper: Sorry, Carmelita, gotta go.

(Once Sly is down.)

Carmelita Fox: Yes! (calls in via radio) Interpol, I've captured Sly Cooper, repeat, captured Sly Cooper, requesting extraction unit,- over.

Bentley (binocucom): Nice acting, Sly, the battery is fully charged. Plug it into one of the mainline outlets to stabilize it, then we'll attach it to the van. But be careful, now that the battery is full, it won't absorb anymore of Carmelita's shots.

Carmelita Fox: No, really... It was an easy capture, I don't deserve a medal. He was practically...

Carmelita Fox: Cooper!

Bentley (binocucom): Nice job! It won't take long for the battery to stabilize.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, that's long enough. The battery should be stable. Pick it up, and plug it in to the safe house outlet.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! The van is ready to go.

Murray (binocucom): You rock, Sly!

Slideshow #4[]

(This slideshow plays after completing "Vampiric Demise," "Down the Line" and "A Battery of Peril.")

Bentley: Time to free Jing King, rob General Tsao blind, and send him up the river! I call it "Operation: Wedding Crasher." This will be a multi-pronged job, with two groups working simultaneously. I'm sure I don't need to stress the importance of the schedule to anyone. First, Sly, Penelope and Murray will make their way past all the security in Tsao's Treasure Temple and then drop the goods off to me for loading into the van. Meanwhile, the Panda King and Guru will tunnel beneath the palace, creating an escape route for Jing King. Sly, you'll have to pull double duty, taking care of any topside security designed to detect subterranean assaults. Once you guys are done, I'll use my Grapple-Cam to lure Inspector Fox into the palace, where we'll try to get her to take Jing King's place! Then, with the girl and loot in hand, we run for it!

OP: Wedding Crasher[]

Sly Cooper: I'm in green light position, let's get a roll call.

Bentley: Ready!

Penelope: In position.

Murray: I'm pumped!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Panda King: I too stand ready... even if we fail, it will have been an honorable effort. Jing King is not forgotten.

Sly Cooper: Alright everyone, let's go!

(Sly crawls through the vent.)

Bentley (binocucom): Penelope and Murray are relying on your second-story work to be let in. They should be in position by the front door.

(Sly lets Penelope and Murray inside.)

Penelope: Opening the door for a lady, and some say chivalry is dead.

Sly Cooper: I try to show my "proper respect". You guys going to be okay in here? The security is tight.

Penelope: Yeah, we're fine. You'll need to get moving if you're going to make your rendezvous with the Panda King and the Guru.

Sly Cooper: Always a slave to the schedule, that's me.

(Sly exits the building.)

Murray: What's the plan?

Penelope: According to the blueprints, there's a security computer on the far side of the room, under the dragon statue. I should be able to destroy it with my RC car, provided I don't trip any of the blue security beams along the way.

Murray: Blue security beams!?... Oh man, this is tense!

(After the player destroys the computer.)

Penelope: That should do it! The laser door should be going... away?

Murray: They must have another computer or something.

Penelope: But... there was only supposed to be one. The security nodes are still active... If that second computer fully boots up, there's no way we'll get in!

Murray: Penelope, I've been doing this a long time ,if there's one thing I learned, it's that when the plan gets messed up, always fall back on the golden rule.

Penelope: Yeah, what's that?

Murray: Break stuff!

Penelope: You... you're right! If I can destroy all the security nodes before the other computer comes online, that laser door should deactivate.

Murray: Less talk, and more breakery!

(Control returns to Penelope's RC car)

Penelope (binocucom): I don't have much time!

(After all of the blue security nodes are destroyed.)

Penelope: Yes!

Murray: Wow, you're pretty good at breaking stuff. I, uh... I can respect that.

Penelope: Thanks, pal... let's get that treasure!

(Murray and Penelope approach the dragon statue.)

Penelope: Looks like a double-lever trap door.

(The two get in position by the switches.)

Murray: Call it out. I'm ready!

Penelope: On my three... One, two, three.

(If you don't press the buttons in sync.)
Penelope: Again, on three...

(After pressing the buttons in sync, two dragon heads emerge from the door.)

Murray: Dragons?! I got 'em.

(Murray defeats the dragons.)

Penelope: Okay, let's try it again. One, two, three.

(They open the door, then Penelope heads down inside.)

Penelope: Yes! We're in!

Murray: What do you see? Is it awesome?

Penelope: There's plenty of loot, but the foundation looks rotted out... totally unstable.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Hey, Murray, Tsao's on his way to your position. How you coming with the treasure?

Murray: We're doing awesome! Stand aside, Penelope, cannonball!

Penelope: No, wait!

(Murray Thunder Flops down into the basement, destroying the foundation.)

Murray: Uh-oh...

(The scene transitions to Sly's point of view, in a flashback to when he was about to exit the temple.)

Sly Cooper: Always a slave to the schedule, that's me.

(Sly exits the temple.)

Bentley (binocucom): The Panda King and the Guru are in position beneath the palace. Once you're inside, they'll start blasting.

(Sly makes it to the front door of the palace.)

Sly Cooper: Might as well do it with style.

(Sly places a calling card by the door, then enters the palace.)

Sly Cooper: Okay, guys, I'm here top side.

(Panda King and the Guru are in position underground.)

Panda King: The vases around you are used in an ancient Chinese security technique to detect subterranean thieves. Our tunneling to free Jing King will shake the palace.

Sly Cooper: I get you, if any of the vases tip over, it'll trip an alarm.

Panda King: Correct; don't allow them to fall. I am... putting my trust in you, Sly Cooper.

Sly Cooper: We'll get Jing King... I promise.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Sly Cooper: The Guru's right, let's get this show on the road!

(Once Sly finishes protecting the vases.)

Panda King: Success! We're directly beneath the bridal chamber, just a few inches from Jing King.

Sly Cooper: Hear that, Bentley? You're up.

(Sly heads farther into the palace, and gameplay switches to Bentley.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Lure Carmelita with your Grapple-Cam to the front of the palace. I left her a calling card, and I'm sure she'll see it and come inside... then, it's time for a little subterfuge. Oh, and keep your position on the stilt platform, you're on point for the treasure drop.

(Bentley successfully lures Carmelita to the palace entrance.)

Carmelita Fox: Cooper! Ugh! These guys have to brag, even when they're running away.

(Carmelita enters the palace. Sly is in the living room, right outside the bridal chamber, while the Panda King is in the bridal chamber.)

Jing King: Oh, Father! You have rescued me from General Tsao! I was beyond hoping for such a thing.

Panda King: Yes, my daughter, you are safe.

Bentley (binocucom): Heads up, Sly, you've got company.

(Carmelita enters the room, followed by Sly switching into a General Tsao disguise.)

Sly Cooper: (pretending to be on radio) Okay, uh, Bentley, that secret plan "Alpha" is underway. You know the one where I disguise myself as General Tsao and steal the veiled bride during the wedding ceremony?... Yeah, make sure the whole gang's there... Okay, I-I'm heading to the rendezvous now, over and out.

(Sly exits the through the side door, and Carmelita heads farther into the living room.)

Carmelita Fox: Sly Cooper and his secret plans. Who's this veiled bride he's so interested in anyways? Well, he's not the only one who can play the disguise game. I'll give him and his gang a shotgun wedding they'll never forget.

(Carmelita enters the bridal chamber, followed by Tsao entering the palace.)

General Tsao: What strange rumblings have disturbed my meditation, and on the very eve of my wedding? Do not worry, my bride— I will not let anything prevent our love from blossoming, not even your misguided attempts to escape. Ah well, perhaps my meditation will be more focused, amid the splendor of my Treasure Temple.

(Tsao walks out the room, and the scene shift to the outside.)

(Sly exits the palace through the hatch.)

Sly Cooper: Carmelita took the bait. Where are you guys at with Jing King?

(During this, General Tsao approaches the Treasure Temple in the background.)

Panda King (binocucom): We're in the van, waiting for the treasure and escape!

Sly Cooper: Hey, Murray, Tsao's on his way to your position. How you coming with the treasure?

Murray (binocucom): We're doing awesome! Stand aside, Penelope, cannonball!

Penelope  (binocucom): No, wait!

(The temple starts to wobble.)

Murray (binocucom): Uh-oh...

(The camera switches to Bentley's point of view, just below the temple. Bentley is unaware of the wobbling.)

Bentley: Okay, guys, parachute down the treasure to me. I'm ready!

(Murray and Penelope crash through the bottom of the temple with the treasure as the foundation gives way.)

(A shocked General Tsao runs towards the falling temple, seeing Murray and Penelope with the treasure.)

(Bentley notices the temple falling. Bentley jumps out of the way, shown in slow motion.)

Bentley: Murray!

(The temple falls into the water, and Sly gets closer to the action, settling for a nearby roof.)

General Tsao: My family temple... destroyed! Never have I suffered such an outrage!... You shall pay!

Murray: Eat it, Tsao! I broke your temple, and I'll break your face for messing with the Cooper Gang!

General Tsao: You cannot hurt me!

Murray: Oh yeah? Heads up, Bentley! Treasure chest comin' down!

(Murray punches the treasure chest down to Bentley.)

General Tsao: The outrage! Stone dragon of the temple, I summon you... from rock to flesh, aid the family Tsao in this hour of need!

(The dragon rises above Murray and Penelope.)

Murray: Sweet strawberry shortcake!

(The dragon fires a huge fireball at Murray, forcing him to jump away. The dragon then grabs Penelope.)

Penelope: No! Let go of me!

General Tsao: Ha-ha! The Tsao line is master in this place! Hear me, Sly Cooper, my lineage surpasses yours in every way!

Sly Cooper: It's not about the family name, pal... it's what you do with it!

(Tsao walks away. Control goes to Sly, who's standing next to a firework.)

Murray (binocucom): Sly, I'm okay! I broke my fall on one of these wedding fireworks, and it gave me an idea! Maybe you can hook on and ride up to the dragon, then bash his skull until he lets go of Penelope!

(As Sly rides the firework up to the dragon.)

Penelope (binocucom): Sly, help! Smack this guy around so he'll let go!

(During the fight)
Penelope (binocucom): Ow! Ow! He's really... squeezing me!

(After defeating the dragon, Penelope breaks free of the dragon and lands on the dragon's back.)

Sly Cooper: Feel like making an exit?

Penelope: My hero. 

(Penelope piggyback-rides on Sly as he paraglides both of them to safety. General Tsao is right outside his palace.)

General Tsao: I still win, Cooper! You might have stolen my treasure and thwarted my dragon, but I still have the bride! Jing King is mine!

(Sly and Penelope land right outside the Cooper van, where Murray is waiting.)

Murray: Jump in quick and we're outta here! 

The Getaway[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): General Tsao had his wedding right on schedule. Everything was as he'd arranged. Except the bride came as kind of a shock. Carmelita was a little disappointed it wasn't me she busted at the alter, although I doubt she minded taking Tsao into custody. He did after all plague the streets with the undead. From what I hear, the locals were happy to see him go.

Sly Cooper (narrating): We dropped off Jing King with her aunt. The Panda King insisted that she'd be safe there and that he needed to pay off his debt to the gang. I was still wary, but there was no denying that his skills would come in handy. Needless to say, we lived it up in the backstreets of Shanghai. What kind of gang of thieves would we be if we passed up on recreation like that?

Episode 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): We got the message late one Saturday night. Dimitri was calling in the favor I'd promised him back in Holland. He'd gone ahead and booked the whole team passage, under assumed identities, to none other than Blood Bath Bay. Easily the most lawless town on Earth, it's home to a group of cultural hermits who doggedly maintain the ways of their pirate forefathers.

Sly Cooper (narrating): The cruise over gave us some time to get the rundown from Dimitri. I guess his grandfather, Reme Lousteau, was a pioneer in deep sea diving. He made a fortune looting undersea wrecks. Although, his luck ran short when a young cutthroat by the name of Black Spot Pete stole not only his loot but his precious diving gear as well. A broken man, Reme retired from treasure hunting and eventually started a family. Dimitri, growing up on his grandfather's stories, dreamed of one day recovering the gear. So that was our task. We'd been called in to get our hands on this miraculous diving equipment. Not all bad, really. If things go our way, the team might get a frogman out of the deal, which Bentley figures will be a big help cracking the Cooper Vault. That Bentley, always thinking.

Start of Episode 5[]

Bentley (binocucom): Black Spot Pete has retired and is living here in town. I'll mark his place with a waypoint.

The Talk of Pirates[]

Bentley (binocucom): There he is, Black Spot Pete.

Sly Cooper: I didn't think pirates could get that old... thought scurvy would get 'em or something.

Bentley (binocucom): Don't lower your guard for an instant. All pirates are killers, plain as that, and they don't trust outsiders at all. How's your pirate accent?

Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Argh, I forgot me number two pencil for the scantron test!

Bentley (binocucom): Joke all you want, but that guy won't help us out until you've earned his trust.

(Sly approaches Black Spot Pete.)

Sly Cooper: Black Spot Pete, I've come to talk of treasure, a subject I hear you're familiar with.

Black Spot Pete: Treasure! Aye, but I won't chatter with the likes of you on so blessed a subject. Get out of m'sight, landlubber! All my years, I only spoke of the golden kindness with m'partner, Cantankerous Tim.

Sly Cooper: Maybe we can work out a bargain?

Black Spot Pete: Shut your mouth hole, lubber, or I'll cork it with my cutlass! Hard on the tonsils, I assure ye.

(Sly leaves and hops onto a rooftop.)

Sly Cooper: Salt of the Earth that Black Spot Pete.

Bentley (binocucom): It's clear to get anywhere with the old coot, we'll need to fool him into thinking that you're Cantankerous Tim.

Sly Cooper: What happened to Tim anyway?

Bentley (binocucom): His lieutenants mutinied on the old guy and divided the plunder... including his captain's outfit.

Sly Cooper: This is the only real pirate town left. They must be around here somewhere.

(The binocucom focuses on a basset hound guard in the distance.)

Bentley (binocucom): You're right... That's Stone Jake, toughest guy you'll ever meet. He took the eye patch.

Sly Cooper: Hmm, tough enough to take an anchor dropped on his head?

Bentley (binocucom): Good plan, that'll do the job... matey.

(Sly starts approaching Stone Jake.)

Bentley (binocucom): Stone Jake has a thing about monkeys. If you whack the palm trees, he's sure to come running. Perfect for luring him under the anchor.

(When hitting the palm trees)
Stone Jake:

  • (first time only) What? Be that monkeys?
  • Accursed dirty primates!
  • Primy dogs!
  • Filthy banana eaters!
  • Ha ha! I've got ya now!
  • Huh?
  • I'll find ya!
  • Monkeys!
  • Run with your opposable thumbs!
  • Simian demons!
  • Tree devils!
  • Wha?
  • Where are ya?

(Once Stone Jake is underneath the anchor)
Bentley (binocucom): Stone Jake's in position! Drop anchor!

(Sly drops the anchor.)

Stone Jake: Tricky monkeys!

(Sly retrieves the eye patch.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work. I've already got a bead on the second lieutenant. He's in motion near the overturned boat.

(Sly reaches the second lieutenant's position.)

Bentley (binocucom): There's the second lieutenant. You need to steal his peg leg.

Sly Cooper: Peg leg? Seriously? Isn't that kind of... harsh?

Bentley (binocucom): You'll need it for the costume, it's very unique. Look, what you need to worry about is getting past his bodyguards.

Sly Cooper: I'll have to pick 'em off one by one... shouldn't be a problem.

(Sly defeats the bodyguards.)
Bentley (binocucom): Okay, sneak up behind him and pickpocket the screws from his peg leg.

(Sly steals the peg leg.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent work. You've just got one lieutenant left: Twitchy Ned. I'm afraid word's gotten out that someone is taking down lieutenants, and he's hiding out up in a crow's nest.

(Sly approaches Twitchy Ned's hiding spot.)

Twitchy Ned: They're everywhere. The bobs are closin' in. Stay awake. Keep your wits about ye, Ned. Stay sharp. Yes, sharp as an ax, sharp as a pin, sharp as a tack, sharp as a... uh, I don't know. Gotta keep alert... alert!

(Sly reaches Twitchy Ned.)

Twitchy Ned: AAAAHH! Ha, I knew it... 'tis true! An agent of Tim's come for revenge!

(Twitchy Ned starts to run away.)

Bentley (binocucom): Chase him down. He's got Tim's hat!

(While chasing Twitchy Ned, he activates a trap after running past it. He has lines for the first three traps.)
Twitchy Ned:

  • (first trap) Fight that, scallywag!
  • (second trap) Avast!
  • (third trap) You won't take me!

(If you get in front of Black Spot Pete during the chase.)
Black Spot Pete: Watch yer skylarkin', you young pups!

(Sly corners Twitchy Ned.)

Twitchy Ned: Avast there! Ye've got me with me back to the sea... (pants) I yield!

Sly Cooper: I just wanted your hat.

Twitchy Ned: Me hat!? That's what this be about!? Take the moldy cut o'cloth and away with ya!

(Sly retrieves the pirate hat and Twitchy Ned runs away.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent. You've got the full Cantankerous Tim disguise! Head on back to Black Spot Pete, and pretend to be his old partner. And remember your pirate accent this time!

(If Sly confronts Black Spot Pete without the pirate disguise equipped.)
Black Spot Pete: Shove off, landlubber!

(Sly confronts Black Spot Pete while in disguise.)

Black Spot Pete: Whuh?... Cantankerous Tim! Yer back, you two-faced scallywag!

Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Aye, matey... and, not to be rude, but let's talk of treasure... argh.

Black Spot Pete: How about a round of vinegar talk first, you baboon-faced toilet!

Bentley (binocucom): I've read about this, Sly. It's customary for pirates to engage in insult competitions. Just make sure you never repeat anything that's already been said.

Black Spot Pete: You take the first broadside, shipmate!

(Sly begins the round of insults. Each insult contains three phrases that can be selected in any combination to form the complete insult. After Sly's turn, Black Spot Pete makes a comment before responding with his own insult, after which Sly responds, and so on.)

Sly Cooper (pirate accent) or Black Spot Pete:

First phrase:

  • Blathering
  • Bleating
  • Brainless
  • Cricket-sized
  • Donkey-eared
  • Idiotic
  • Marooned
  • Mumbling
  • Parrot-loving
  • Pig-breathed
  • Pin-headed
  • Sheep-brained
  • Stupid

Second phrase:

  • Barnacle-backed
  • Clam-tongued
  • Cross-eyed
  • Duck-billed
  • Grog-abusing
  • Knuckle-dragging
  • Pus-faced
  • Scurvy-ridden
  • Seaweed-slurpin
  • Toothless
  • Twisted
  • Yellow-bellied

Third phrase:

  • Anchor-head
  • Bag of vomit
  • Cabin boy
  • Cow-pie
  • Piece of filth
  • Sack o'maggots
  • Swabber
  • Waste of skin
  • Whale-fart

(Sly comes up with the first insult.)
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): You're a...

(In response to Sly's insults)
Black Spot Pete:

  • Ha! Yah swear like a child! You're a...
  • Har, har! But methinks you're a...
  • That be true enough, but you're a...

(In response to Black Spot Pete's insults)
Sly Cooper (pirate accent):

  • Oh, really? You're a...
  • Oh, yeah? You're a...
  • You are a...

(If Sly reuses an insult)
Black Spot Pete:

  • Come up with some new phraseology or you'll taste me cutlass!
  • 'Tis already been said! No pirate worth his salt would reuse an insult; it's a crime before nature!

(After the insult competition)

Black Spot Pete: Ha ha! Cantankerous Tim, it must be you! Forgive this old sea dog and his sunburnt eyes for not recognizing you straight away. I've never met a man on land or sea that could curse half as well. Tell me, shipmate: why, after so long away, do you drop anchor now?

Sly Cooper (pirate accent): I've come for me share of the treasure we stole years back from that Reme Lousteau fella.

Black Spot Pete: Twas a good haul, that! I speak of it while drunk often. (chuckle) You and I, burying the loot in the belly of Dagger Isle. Aye, and many a year I kept the map to the treasure hidden, safe as a swaddling babe.

Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Argh! Then let's have it! High time we dug up our retirement and lived as lords!

Black Spot Pete: It shames me fierce to tell ye, shipmate, but I lost me galleon in a game of cards. And worse yet, the map was stolen by that terror, Captain LeFwee.

Sly Cooper: (cracks into his regular voice) What...? Ahem... (pirate accent) What?! I'd have run him through with my cutlass before givin' up so treasured a parchment!

Black Spot Pete: This LeFwee's no ordinary buccaneer, no. He's earned the reputation as the smartest man on the Seven Seas. The devil lives in yonder keep... 'tis there you'll find the map and your death as well. If you go for the treasure, shipmate, you go alone. Me sea-faring days are long behind me.

Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Thank ya, Pete, you've been a good friend.

Black Spot Pete: Aye, and you're still a skinny, malodorous, hairy-palmed bottom feeder.

Slideshow #1[]

(This slideshow plays after completing "The Talk of Pirates.")

Bentley: Thanks to Black Spot Pete, we've got a lead on Reme Lousteau's treasure. It's buried somewhere on Dagger Island, a landmass many leagues from our current position. To make the voyage, we'll need to steal a pirate ship from the harbor. No easy feat given the cutthroat nature of these... cutthroats. First, Murray and Sly will steal a jollyboat and blast the rudders off any ships that could chase us out into the open ocean. The action is sure to provoke the harbor patrol, so be prepared for a sea battle. With them out of the way, no one can stop us from leaving harbor. Meanwhile, Penelope and I will work together to break into LeFwee's keep and steal the map to the buried treasure. Once both objectives are reached, we'll steal a ship and set sail for Dagger Island. Then, it'll be a simple matter of following the map and digging up the loot.

Dynamic Duo[]

Bentley: Okay, Penelope. I'm in position with your hover-spectrometer. I'll launch the device, and you scan for metal structures that resemble a safe or chest, anything the treasure map might be stored in.

Penelope (binocucom): Roger, Bentley, let's light this candle.

Bentley: Be still, my heart! She made an obscure NASA reference! Why do the girls always have to go for Sly! It's just not fair!

Penelope (binocucom): What was that? I didn't read ya.

Bentley: Uh... nothing. I-I was just saying... that we've got... fair winds for lift-off. Let's do it.

(Bentley launches the hover-spectrometer, which flies over to the top of Skull Keep.)

Penelope (binocucom): The data's coming in. It's caching in the spectrometer's matrix.

(A golden retriever guard spots the spectrometer.)

Guard: Wh-What manner of witchcraft is that? Ah well, best to shoot first and, eh, ponder later!

(The guard shoots the spectrometer down.)

Penelope (binocucom): No! We haven't downloaded yet!

Bentley: Ah! The pieces are still intact! (Bentley uses his binocucom) The disc is shattered, but we can still retrieve the data.

Penelope (binocucom): But it's broken, and I rig all my gear to self-destruct if anyone tries to take it after a malfunction.

Bentley: Hmm... The disc will destroy itself if someone tries to pick it up... A-ha! What if we could read the disc's contents before touching it?

Penelope (binocucom): Right! I could use my RC car to go out and collect the data. It's got the same code base as the disc and should be able to download its contents!

(Gameplay switches to Penelope, who brings out the RC car in front of the safe house.)

Bentley (binocucom): That's it! Use the car to recover all of the data and then we'll know where to strike inside the Skull Keep.

Bentley (binocucom): I'm projecting some waypoints to the location of the disc pieces. You might need to drive on a few rooftops to get the full download.

(If you get spotted by a guard)
Bentley (binocucom): The pirates are pretty keyed up after seeing the hover disc. They seem awfully scared of technology. Your RC car is sure to attract attention.

(If Penelope's RC car is destroyed)
Penelope (binocucom): Good thing I've got extra RC cars.

(After collecting one disc piece.)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice driving, Penelope. I'm registering a partial download from that portion of the disc.

(After collecting all of the disc pieces, Penelope brings the RC car back to the front of the safe house. Bentley meets up with Penelope there.)

Penelope: That does it, we should have all of the spectrometer data!

Bentley: Hold on, hold on... I got it! There's a massive chest near the top east-facing windows, let's go.

(Bentley and Penelope reach the bridge to Skull Keep.)

Penelope: This LeFwee guy is really on it. He must have seen the disc and raised all the bridges to the fort. There's no way in.

Bentley: I've dealt with guys like this before, they can't really trust their own men, so they always keep an escape route handy... You just have to look around a little.

Penelope: Wow, Sly's really taught you a lot.

Bentley: Sly? We're a team. In case you haven't noticed, I'm the brains of the operation, he's just the field man.

Penelope: "Just the field man"? Sounds like you're jealous.

Bentley: Well... yeah, I-I wish I wasn't in this chair. I wish I could run on tightropes and jump on flagpoles and all that stuff. But I can't.

Penelope: You can do other stuff. Sly can't rewire a satellite or write ASCII code.

Bentley: Sly can't even spell ASCII.

Penelope: Yeah, he's not the most technical guy. Hey, let's get moving. We won't find the back entrance just standing around. Oh-oh, Sorry about that "standing" comment.

Bentley: Gimme a break, Penelope. It's just an expression.

(Bentley and Penelope reach the back entrance.)
Penelope: The door here is locked, but we should be able to bomb the support to that upper walkway.

(Bentley and Penelope reach the roof of Skull Keep. They spot LeFwee near the edge of the opposite side of the roof.)

Bentley: (whispering) Shhh! That must be LeFwee. Let's get up to where no one will spot us.

Penelope: (whispering) Agreed.

(Bentley and Penelope use a nearby spring to reach the top of one of the keep's fortified towers. The guard that shot down the spectrometer earlier approaches LeFwee.)

LeFwee: I'll tell ye something, by thunder, that disc in the sky was just the beginning!

Guard: But sir, 'tis gone. Them bridges is up, and all's as clear as morning.

LeFwee: Sure sure, every man's entitled to thar opinion.

(LeFwee draws his sword and knocks the guard off the roof, sending him plummeting to his death.)

LeFwee: But I don't want to hear no more of 'em! Second Mate Jones!

(Another golden retriever guard exits the tower.)

Second Mate Jones: Yes, sir!

(LeFwee approaches Second Mate Jones.)

LeFwee: You're now promoted to captain of the guard.

First Mate Jones: Th-Thank you, sir!

LeFwee: Double the patrols and keep an eye out... there's a storm blowing in. I'll be just inside torturing the prisoners. Call out if you need... help.

First Mate Jones: No, sir! I-I mean, aye-aye, sir!

(LeFwee leaves and enters the larger, skull-shaped tower. More guards start patrolling the roof.)

Penelope: (whispering) We can't get inside with these pirates guarding the door. Time for a little swashbuckling.

(Bentley defeats the pirates, and Penelope comes down and approaches the door to the tower they were just on.)

Penelope: Not too shabby, Bentley. Not bad at all.

(Bentley approaches the door.)

Penelope: Hmm, looks like a standard double-button lock system. On three, in pirate. (pirate accent) One, two, three.

(If Bentley fails to synchronize the double-button press)
Penelope: (pirate accent) Argh! Avast, again on three.

(Bentley and Penelope open the door.)

Bentley: This must be it. I've never seen a security chest so thick with traps.

Penelope: I dunno. Looks pretty straightforward. If I had my spanner set, this would be a cinch.

Bentley: Really? Let's head back to the safe house and get your tools.

Penelope: I'd like to stay here, if you don't mind, and study it some more.

Bentley: Sure, I'll be back in a flash.

(The scene jumps to some time later with Bentley reaching, and then entering, the safe house. The camera jumps back to Penelope.)

Bentley (binocucom): I've got your spanners and I'm on my way back.

(Penelope opens the chest.)

Penelope: Grrrrreat... but I think I've already got it. (Penelope picks up the map inside.) This is it! The Dagger Island treasure map!

(White dust explodes in Penelope's face.)

Penelope: Ah! My eyes! I can't see... some kind of blinding dust!

(Penelope blindly walks around, unknowingly walking to the edge of an opening in the tower. Bentley, just exiting the safe house, uses his binocucom to see where Penelope is. As he does, Penelope walks off the tower.)

Penelope (binocucom): Whoa!

(Penelope gets up.)

Penelope (binocucom): I'm okay, but I think I fell down near the front door. I can't get back to the safe house with the bridges still raised.

Bentley: I'll save you... I'll-I'll think of something... Perfect! I'm sure she won't mind if I take the turret off her car.

Penelope (binocucom): Hurry, Bentley. I'm getting kind of scared here.

Bentley: Hang tight, I've got a new and improved Grapple-Cam on the way.

(Bentley takes out the Grapple-Cam, now outfitted with a turret.)

Penelope (binocucom): This dust is really nasty. I can't see a thing.

(The Grapple-Cam makes it to the raised bridge.)

Bentley (binocucom): Don't worry, Penelope. The pulleys holding up the bridges were too tough to take out with my sleep darts, so I upgraded my Grapple-Cam with one of your RC turrets. I should be able to blast them to pieces.

(Bentley lowers the bridges to the fort.)

Penelope (binocucom): I heard the bridges fall, but I'm not sure I can make it back to the safe house blinded like this.

Bentley (binocucom): I'll make a bird call through the Grapple-Cam's speaker. The guards won't think anything of it, and you'll be able to follow the sound back to the safe house.

Penelope (binocucom): Okay, just don't get too far away, or I won't hear 'em.

(Every time Bentley makes a bird call and Penelope hears it.)
Penelope (binocucom):

  • Alright.
  • Here I come.
  • I gotcha.
  • I hear ya.
  • I'm coming.
  • I'm in motion.
  • Moving to your position.
  • Okay.
  • On my way.
  • Sure.
  • Yup.

(After leading Penelope back to the safe house.)

Bentley: Penelope!

(The dust's effects wear off.)

Penelope: Bentley!? Thank you. I was really scared there for a bit. You saved my life.

Bentley: There now, let's get you inside and make sure that dust has no permanent effects.

(They enter the safe house.)

Jollyboat of Destruction[]

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, Murray, I need you and Sly to blast the rudders off all the galleons in port. With their boats disabled, the pirates won't be able to chase after us when we sail for Dagger Island.

Murray: What about those boats out there at anchor. They look ripe for a breaking.

Bentley (binocucom): Don't worry about it, the pirates won't have time to row out and get them rigged before we're gone. Besides, once you start shooting at those rudders, the harbor patrol is sure to show up.

Murray: That sounds like a job for a man of my many destructive habits.

Bentley (binocucom): You... said it. Take out the harbor patrol and there'll be no one left to chase after us when we "appropriate" a pirate boat. It looks like Sly's done unlocking the jollyboat. Good luck, sailor.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay boys, Murray rows and Sly mans the cannon. Hold down the r1 button to charge the shot and shoot farther. Let go when you want to fire.

(Sly and Murray destroy one ship rudder.)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice work guys. You're really working as a team. That boat's not setting sail anytime soon.

(Sly and Murray destroy all four rudders.)

Bentley (binocucom): You guys are doing great, but it's time to bump it up a notch. The harbor patrol has arrived!

Sly Cooper: They look pretty well-armored. Is this cannon gonna cut it?

Bentley (binocucom): You're right, Sly, Murray needs to ram them with your jollyboat to knock off the armor.

Murray: Alright! I'm tired of dodging cannonballs, time to crack some skulls, jollyboat style.

Bentley (binocucom): Once Murray has knocked off the armor, you'll need to sink 'em with a well-placed cannonball.

Murray: Run in fear, harbor patrol sissies! I'm gonna ram you into next week. Yarrgh!

(When shooting a boat that still has armor)
Bentley (binocucom): Ram the armor off the boats, then your shots will hit home.

(After ramming a boat)
Sly Cooper:

  • Armor's gone!
  • He's clean, ready to shoot!
  • He's down to wood!
  • Nice, the armor's gone!
  • This guy's clear!

(After sinking a boat)

  • Avast that, sucka!
  • Good shot, pal!
  • Nice shot, Sly!
  • Sly, you're on fire!
  • Yes!

(Sly and Murray sink all of the boats.)

Murray: Alright! The team of excellence, Murray and his faithful gunner Sly, kick butt yet again!

Bentley (binocucom): Uhh, sorry guys... I wasn't aware the harbor patrol had a cutter. You're not done yet. Gads! That thing is massive!

Sly Cooper: Everything has a weak point... just look at that mast. They've been patching it up for a while now.

Murray: Sly's right. That mast will fall before our combined mightatude! No matter how many cannons they bring to bear, we will bear it!

Sly Cooper: Not to sound like a wimp, but I vote we dodge their cannonballs.

Murray: Or we can dodge, that works too.

(Sly and Murray sink the cutter.)

Murray: Team Excellence does it again! Nice shooting, sidekick!

Sly Cooper: Hey, we would have been sunk without your rowing.

Bentley (binocucom): When you guys are done making out, I'll see you back at the safe house... Sheesh!

X Marks the Spot[]

(If attempting to begin the job without having purchased Silent Obliteration)
Bentley (binocucom): Sly, this job will require a deadly, quiet sneak attack. You should really buy the Silent Obliteration power-up before we attempt it.

(Upon beginning the job.)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, Sly, time for the main event.

Sly Cooper: I've been looking forward to this. Every thief dreams of one day stealing a pirate ship. I don't know what it is, but it's like a total rite of passage. This is gonna be great!

Bentley (binocucom): As you'll be the first on board, you might want to keep your enthusiasm quiet. If the night watch detects you, this whole place is going to get lit up with guards. The rest of the team won't stand a chance.

Sly Cooper: Come on, pal! This is me you're talking to. I'm like a fourth-degree black belt at this kind of stuff.

Bentley (binocucom): Murray'll meet you at the jollyboat, but remember: keep it quiet.

Sly Cooper: (whispering) O... K...!

(Sly meets Murray at the jollyboat.)
Sly Cooper: Looks like they mined the harbor after our last boat trip. Must've really spooked these guys.

(Sly and Murray reach the ship.)
Bentley (binocucom): Take these guys out, and keep it quiet.

(Sly defeats the guards.)

Sly Cooper: Okay, guys, the coast is clear. Come on up.

Murray (binocucom): Roger! I'll start rowing people over.

Murray: Okay, the rest of the gang is below deck. Let's fire this puppy up!

Bentley: Once we raise the sails and get underway, it won't be long before someone on shore raises an alarm.

Murray: No problem. We wasted that harbor patrol. The coast is clear!

Bentley: You guys did a great job, but they still have cannons mounted up in Skull Keep. I figure it's long odds they get gun crews into position before we're out of range, but it's worth mentioning.

Sly Cooper: Then let's make full sail for the mouth of the harbor. If you guys are ready, I say we do it now. Every second we dilly-dally just puts us at more risk.

Bentley: Agreed.

Sly Cooper: Murray, take up the anchor. Bentley, get down below deck and adjust the ballast. I'll hoist the sails and get this thing moving.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay Sly, you're in command. Sailing is easy. Hold down on the l2 button to turn left and the r2 button to turn right.

(If Sly fires the ship's cannons before reaching open water.)

Murray: That was a bad idea, Sly. Everyone's sure to be awake now. Make for the mouth of the harbor, we need to get out of here!

Murray: The Skull Keep is firing on us. We've got to get out of here!

(When nearing the mouth of the harbor)

Bentley (binocucom): We're almost out of range.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent! We've made it into open water!

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, keep using the l2 button and r2 button to steer the ship. The wind around this archipelago consistently blows from the south. Maintain a good angle, or we won't be going anywhere fast. I've marked Dagger Island on the sea chart. Click the right analog stick analog stick to bring it up and get your bearings.

(Upon meeting an enemy ship.)
Bentley (binocucom): You're the captain. Turn our boat to give 'em a broadside with the cannons. If you fire at them from the front or behind, our cannonballs will do tons more damage as they travel the length of the enemy ship.

(If your ship is struck)

Bentley (binocucom): There's a hole in our ship! Find the trouble spot and swipe at it to nail down the deck boards!

Bentley (binocucom): The whole team is down here working to keep the ship from falling apart. At best, we can keep the damage from getting worse, but there's just no way to fix the hull while in battle.

(If the left side of your ship takes significant damage.)
Bentley (binocucom): The left side of our ship is about to breach! I'd advise turning it away from our enemy to keep the port hull from any more harm.

(If the right side of your ship takes significant damage.)
Bentley (binocucom): The right side of our ship is about to breach! I'd advise turning it away from our enemy to keep the starboard hull from any more harm.

(After bringing down the enemy's masts)
Bentley (binocucom): Their mast has fallen and their boarding nets are down! Pull up alongside and jump aboard the enemy vessel. There's sure to be treasure. Or, just give her another broadside and sink her to the bottom of the ocean.

(Sly boards the enemy ship.)
Bentley (binocucom): Defeat the enemy captain, and the other pirates are sure to surrender.

(After sinking the enemy ship)

Bentley (binocucom): We're close to Dagger Island. Drop anchor near the beach.

Bentley (binocucom): You've got the map, Sly. Select it as a power-up and read its clues to find the treasure. I believe the first clue is "stand before the statue's gaze to begin your walk along the treasure's maze".

(Upon encountering pirates on the island.)
Bentley (binocucom): Drat. More pirates. They must have a ship anchored on the other side of the island. Stay clear if you can. No telling how many are on shore.

(Upon approaching a group of lizards.)
Bentley (binocucom): Heads up, Sly. This island is home to some near-sighted lizards. They can't see very far ahead, but they'll bite you in half given a chance.

(After following the first clue)

Bentley (binocucom): This is it. Follow the rest of the clues on the map to find the treasure.

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, when you've got the right number of paces, stop and hit the circle button to get the next clue.

(After following the second clue)
Bentley (binocucom): Great. If you need to leave map mode for a while don't worry about it. You just marked an X on the ground, which will make it easy to come back and pick up where you left off.

(After following the third clue)
Bentley (binocucom): While in map mode, you can use the right analog stick to scan your immediate area. It might be helpful to find this circle of palm trees mentioned in the clue.

(After following the fifth clue)
Bentley (binocucom): Looks like you'll need to leave map mode to solve this clue. Look around like normal with the right analog stick for this island with three palm trees. When you find it, bring up map mode again, and your direction marker will be pointing in the same direction.

(After following the seventh and final clue)

Dimitri (binocucom): Gran Pa-pa's treasure! Hold the beat, Bro. I come to help you dig, dig?

Murray (binocucom): We're all coming, Sly. This is too cool!

Sly Cooper: Well, Dimitri, it's your loot. I think you should have the honor.

Dimitri: I open with joy. You Cooper Gang is a tight groove. Van Gogh Bull's-eye! The primo diving gear to accentuate my deep-down diving style!

Penelope: It's so intricate. Your grandfather was an artist. I've never seen such fine craftsmanship.

Dimitri: He had the juice, check it! The gear even matches my suit! I can dance, dive and accessorize!

Sly Cooper: What else is in this chest?

LeFwee: Aye, let's get a good look! Avast, lubbers! Didn't think ye could steal from the smartest man on the Seven Seas and not taste the repercussions! Har, har, har! I might have been late for the opening of the chest, but I'm just on time for the stealing of the gold!

Sly Cooper: Let Penelope go. We can work out a deal.

LeFwee: Penelope be the lass' name? Purdy as a sonnet, and what a rich, sweet scent from the wench's hair. (sniffs)

Murray: Let's thump this chump!

Bentley: No! He'll hurt her. This guy's a killer.

LeFwee: Aye, ye summed me up with but a word... killer. Away with ye, back to your ship. This gold is mine now, or her death is yours... take yer choice.

Sly Cooper: Guys, we don't have any options here. Everyone back to the ship.

Penelope: You can't just abandon me! Help, please! I'm so scared.

Bentley: Penelope, do what he says. Stay alive. We will save you.

Penelope: I... I trust you.

LeFwee: And I trust ya still plan on luggin' back to yer ship. Away with ye, now!

Slideshow #2[]

(This slideshow plays after completing "X Marks the Spot.")

Bentley: Clearly, the only goal at this point is saving our teammate and friend, Penelope. LeFwee's ship, the Death's Head, has sailed back to Blood Bath Bay with her on board as captive. Things look grim. There's no way we'll be able to sneak into the harbor. Even the backside of the island is inaccessible due to reefs. To put it plainly: we're in for a fight. LeFwee is an intelligent opponent, and we'll need to do everything in our power to stack the odds in our favor.

Bentley: First, we'll put Dimitri's new diving gear to use by salvaging some weapons from a nearby shipwreck. We'll need the extra firepower to deal any kind of damage to the armor-enforced Death's Head. It'll also come in handy for our second objective: destroying the Red Sail Sea Dog Clan. They're a fleet of mercenaries on LeFwee's books. We need to surprise them now while they hunt us in small groups. If they ever attacked in unison, there's no way we'd make it out alive. And finally, we'll set sail for the misty waters inhabited by a sea monster the pirates call "Crusher." Reports on Crusher are sketchy, but we might learn something by analyzing its technique. I know for a fact that all of LeFwee's men fear it. An impressive and useful trait given our current situation.

Crusher from the Depths[]

Bentley: These deep misty waters are said to be home to the monster. Keep a sharp eye out.

Sly Cooper: Sorry, Bentley, but I can't see a thing in this fog. If your sea monster is here, there's no way we'll find him.

Bentley: It's imperative we track it down and discover why the pirates fear it so vehemently. Panda King, do you have any fireworks that might light the place up a little... make it easier to spot the creature?

Panda King: My fireworks are not flares. They burst with ferocious beauty and then disappear like the lightning.

Sly Cooper: We should really get out of here. With visibility this bad, we might sail into a rock. The boat might take some real damage.

(The ship's masts are destroyed.)

Sly Cooper: Okay, now that's some real damage.

Panda King: The sea monster is upon us! Go below deck and placate the others. I will confront this creature with my firework artistry!

Sly Cooper: Give a shout if you need any back up. I'll stand ready.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Looks like a sneak attack through the fog. A single quick firework will probably keep those things off you, provided you see it coming.

(Crusher reveals the top of its head.)
Panda King: So, you now choose to face me. Behold the Panda King, your master!

(Crusher retreats.)

Panda King: Hide beneath the waters! Hide from your better!

Sly Cooper (binocucom): This ship's getting pulled under. If we get tipped over too far in either direction, we're as good as sunk!

(If the boat tips too much in one direction)

Sly Cooper (binocucom)

  • It's close. Any further and we're sunk!
  • It's not looking good!
  • Level us off, or we're gonna drown!
  • Things are looking pretty bad down here!
  • This angle's too extreme for the boat. We're starting to breach!
  • This angle's too steep. We're flooding!
  • Too much tip!
  • Water's comin' in!
  • We won't make it if the boat tips any more!
  • We're almost over.
  • We're close to the edge!
  • We're sunk if we tip any further!
  • We're too far over. Level us off, or we're dead!

(Crusher reveals itself again.)
Panda King: Yes, rise and let me punish you!

(Crusher retreats again.)

Panda King: Rah! Timid creature. With my beautiful fireworks I will... I, they are all gone! Cooper, your assistance is requested.

Sly Cooper: I'm here. What's the score?

Panda King: Protect the vessel while I go below and hurriedly craft more fireworks.

Sly Cooper: Sure thing.

Sly Cooper: Bentley, you check out that fight? Crusher must be on its last legs at this point, I mean, what could he have left?

(Crusher rises from the sea.)

Bentley (binocucom): I'd say about another 100 feet and a dozen tentacles... just a rough guess.

(If you fire the cannons before Crushers come close)

Bentley (binocucom): The squid's eye is out of range. Draw him in close and then blast away!

Bentley (binocucom): I got an idea. Whack the tentacles while they're attached to the ship. The suction cups on the bottom will get stuck, and maybe he'll have to come in and pull 'em off.

(Sly hits Crusher with some cannonballs.)
Bentley (binocucom): You got him, keep it up!

(Sly subdues Crusher.)

Panda King: A grand battle that was! Worthy of the names King and Cooper!

Sly Cooper: You really softened him up for me.

Dimitri: That was a solid, action-reaction, bros. You two stands tall.

Bentley: Say, Guru, could you get inside this creature's mind?

Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: That's a brilliant idea, but are you sure you can pull it off?

Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Then let's do it. Just take any precautions you can.

Sly Cooper: What's he trying to do?

Bentley: Getting us a new ally out here in the sea.

Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Murray: Master! Don't leave us!

Deep Sea Danger[]

(When nearing the job-start point)
Bentley (binocucom): We're close to the shipwreck. Drop anchor near the beach.

(Near the shipwreck.)

Bentley: You all set with your gear?

Dimitri: Got the gear, got the macho swimsuit, got more juice than you'll ever know! Whah! I'm a hit single with a bullet!

Bentley: Cool, Daddy-o. How 'bout you take your "pimp self" down 'neath the H2O and get nasty with the scuba... yo, with bling.

Dimitri: Hey man, you can try, but you'll never capture my essential style. It's like smoke: un-grabbable and all over the place! But no matter no thing, come at me with some turtle talk. You've got your own flavor.

Bentley: Fine, your objective is beyond the reef. We're looking for some more of these cannon blast amplification collars. We'll move the boat above the wreck and lower a basket for you to drop 'em into.

Dimitri: Cool, bro. I'll cop the collars and spice up your basket big time.

Bentley: Solid. Hey, uh, you want some depth optimizers for your scuba mask? Might help you spot sharks!

(After Dimitri dives into the water)
Bentley (binocucom): Hey, submariner. Use the action buttons to move forward, left, right, and back. Hit the r1 button to fire your spear gun.

(After waiting a while)
Bentley (binocucom): Given tidal currents, there should be a way through to the shipwreck. Look for a small cave or passageway for the seawater.

(After reaching the shipwreck)
Bentley (binocucom): We've re-positioned the ship and are lowering the basket for you to drop the blast collars into. And, uh, a word to the wise: if one of those sharks attack, I'd use a face button to swim sideways. Could mean the difference between life and death.

(If you approach the current at the edge of the reef)
Bentley (binocucom): Stay away from the open water. The current will carry down to your doom.

(After collecting one blast collar)
Bentley (binocucom): Excellent. These cannon blast collars will be invaluable in our fight against the Death's Head. Without this upgrade, our cannons couldn't make a dent. Find five more, and we're set.

(After collecting two blast collars)
Bentley (binocucom): That's two. Only four more to go. You're a lifesaver, Dimitri. We had a few blast collars on board, but without a full set, it's hard to calibrate the guns for synchronized discharge.

(After collecting three blast collars)
Bentley (binocucom): You're half there. Just three more.

(After collecting four blast collars)
Bentley (binocucom): Only two to go.

(After collecting five blast collars)
Bentley (binocucom): We just need one more.

(After collecting all six blast collars)

Bentley (binocucom): Perfect. We're hauling up the goods. Now for stage two. In order to make full use of the blast collars, we'll need to fortify our gunpowder with some ground hammerhead shark bones. They're attracted to yellow dart fish. Swim down to the caves under the reef and capture a couple.

Bentley (binocucom): The yellow dart fish like deep water. Head to the caves under the reef and catch two of them.

(After diving down to the caves)
Bentley (binocucom): They're down here somewhere. Get ready for some fast swimming.

(After catching one dart fish)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice. Catch one more, and hammerhead sharks are sure to show up.

(After catching two dart fish)
Bentley (binocucom): Impressive swimming, Dimitri. As expected, the hammerhead sharks have arrived. Head to the top of the reef, and get ready for some deep-sea hunting. Remember to swim sideways when a shark is charging. It's the time-honored method to avoid getting eaten: stick and move!

(After killing one hammerhead shark)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice shooting. We need all the hammerhead sharks we can get. Take your time and play it safe, but if you can, take out all of the hammerhead sharks in the area.

(After killing four hammerhead sharks)
Bentley (binocucom): You're an undersea force, Dimitri! Looks like there's only one hammerhead shark left.

(After killing all of the hammerhead sharks)
Bentley (binocucom): Magnificent, bro. Your method and madness have cold set us up with a fat pirate gat. You're a solid gold all-star on the Team Cooper label. We're ready to go toe-to-toe with the Death's Head. We'll see how smart that LeFwee is with a cannonball in his face!

Battle on the High Seas[]

Bentley: We're closing in on one of the Red Sail Sea Dog Clan. Beat to quarters!

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent, we've got one away from the rest of the fleet. Make sure to board the enemy vessel once their mast has fallen. We need to find out the patrol routines for the rest of the clan. With some planning, we should be able to ambush them in small groups.

(Upon destroying the masts on the second ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): To arms! Their mast is down! Ram our ship into theirs and jump onto the enemy's vessel

(Sly boards the ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): Deal with this Red Sail captain and his mercenary crew is sure to surrender.

(Sly defeats the captain and sinks the ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice swashbuckling, Sly. I've analyzed the patrol schedule and marked the best place to attack on your sea chart.

(Upon nearing the second group of ships.)

Bentley (binocucom): Get ready fellas, we're closing in on the action.

Bentley (binocucom): It's a three-on-one battle. You're up for it, Sly. Use some sailing strategy and we'll carry the day.

(Upon destroying the masts on the third ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): Board this guy for booty of you feel like it, but we've already got the coordinates for the rest of the fleet.

(After sinking the ship and nearing the third group of ships)

Bentley (binocucom): We're getting close to the big one.

Bentley (binocucom): It's four against one. Stay sharp and keep out of their line of fire, these are tough odds!

(Upon destroying the masts on the fourth ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): He's a sitting duck! Send him to Davy Jones's locker, or raid the scoundrel for loot.

(After sinking the ship.)

Bentley (binocucom): That's the last of the Red Sail Sea Dog Clan. With them out of the way we won't have to worry about a surprise attack or fight impossible odds when we raid Blood Bath Bay.

Slideshow #3[]

(This slideshow plays after completing "Crusher from the Depths," "Deep Sea Danger" and "Battle on the High Seas.")

Bentley: Operation: Reverse Double-Cross! Our goal, as we all know, is to save Penelope. Given her crafty nature, LeFwee has undoubtedly locked her up in one of his most secure locations. They are, one, the Skull Keep, and two, the brig of the Death's Head. Our team is too small to assault both simultaneously, so we'll have to fall back on a little sleight of hand.

Bentley: First, we sail in and exchange broadsides with the Death's Head. Armed with the element of surprise and our cannon upgrades, it should be a fair fight. But remember, Penelope might be on board, so we cannot sink this ship. Once the masts fall, Sly should jump onto the enemy vessel and then promptly surrender. A necessary step for two reasons. First, that boat is packed with pirates: way too many to fight hand to hand. And second, it's the best way to get an audience with LeFwee. Given his smug nature, he's sure to brag where she's hidden if we can get him angry enough. Got that, Sly? Irritate the daylights out of this guy. It's our best and only chance to rescue Penelope. Once he talks, we roll out plan A or B depending on the situation. This LeFwee is a smart man. Our only hope is to outsmart him at his own game.

OP: Reverse Double-Cross[]

Sly Cooper: Battle stations, we're heading into action!

Murray: It's gonna be tight sailing in here, Sly. Keep an eye on the rocks!

(After bringing down LeFwee's masts)

Murray: LeFwee's masts are down! Ram him and jump on board!

(Sly hops aboard LeFwee's ship.)

LeFwee: Really, Cooper, a bad choice boarding a ship packed with over a hundred pirates. Sure your cane is up to the task of crackin' all our skulls?

Sly Cooper: I don't know about all of you, but yours I'm sure it can manage!

LeFwee: Bah, restrain this man and keep yer distance from the enemy vessel. This smells of lubber trickery. Take heart, boys, been a long time since we witnessed the good plank-walkin'.

Sly Cooper (text): If there was ever a time to get him angry, this is it. With his men all around, he'll need to look tough. I should insult...

(Option 1: His crew)

Sly Cooper: Your crew doesn't look like much, LeFwee. Where'd you find them, a charitable home for cross-eyed deviants?

LeFwee: Oh! Hear that, shipmates? The condemned man labeled ya all wastes of skin. Ha, how's that sit with ya?

Pirate 1: Stick him!

Pirate 2: Tear the meat from his bones!

Pirate 3: Let's drink his blood!

LeFwee: It appears you're right, Cooper. They are deviants.

(Option 2: His ship)

Sly Cooper: This plank's got splinters in it. I thought a prissy sailor like you would take more pride in his ship.

LeFwee: Oh now, I take a great deal of pride working splinters into the feet of those about to walk my plank. Just the extra touches that make all the difference.

(Correct option: His creativity)

Sly Cooper: Making me "walk the plank"? You're the pinnacle of creativity, LeFwee.

LeFwee: Not creative!? I'm the Smartest Man on the Seven Seas, you... slanderous scabbard!

(Sly takes a step forward.)

Sly Cooper (text): He seems a little rattled. That "slanderous scabbard" crack was pretty weak. Maybe I can play off it. I could...

(Option 1: Play it cool)

Sly Cooper: Stop it, you're hurting my feelings. More name calling like that, and I'm leaving.

LeFwee: Cheap-action movie dialogue won't get you out of this one, Cooper. You're as good as dead, or my name's not LeFwee!

(Option 2: Show him up)

Sly Cooper: That's the best insult you can think of? I could do better in a coma... while speaking in a foreign language... to deaf apes!

LeFwee: Your word smithing is preposterous, presumptuous, and patently premeditated. Time to put that slack tongue to use by giving the sharks something to chew on.

(Correct option: Make fun of his pirate talk)

Sly Cooper: You got a real knack for pirate talk. Put two nonsense words together and POW - scary pirate name calling!

LeFwee: Bah! Yah might be quick with the put downs, but who's got the hidden girl, huh? Me! You'll never find her!

(Sly takes another step forward.)

Sly Cooper (text): I'm getting close. Time to really push the Penelope angle. I could mock his...

(Option 1: Skill at hiding her)

Sly Cooper: Hidden? A fellow sharp as you couldn't hide a stick in the forest.

LeFwee: I've got some skill in hidin' my blade in lubbers' guts. Fancy a demonstration?

(Option 2: His attractiveness to women)

Sly Cooper: Yeah, I suppose you'll have to keep her locked up. After all, if she ever got out, you'd never get a date.

LeFwee: 'Tis is true, I have a strong personality, but I'd never have a problem with the ladies... especially when I've a broadside aimed at their sailboat... savvy?

(Correct option: Ability to keep her prisoner)

Sly Cooper: I'm not worried about Penelope. A girl tough as that would free herself by tomorrow morning, then come and steal your wallet!

LeFwee: Ha! That chick-a-dee will never escape my Skull Keep. She's locked up in irons and there she stays until she agrees to love me, despite all my faults. Now, be the time sharks lunched on yer parts!

Sly Cooper: You're the cap'n.

(Sly jumps down into the jollyboat with Murray.)

Sly Cooper: Step on it, Murray. They've got Penelope locked up in the Skull Keep.

Murray: Check!

LeFwee: What?! The lubbers' gettin' away! After 'em, boys! Send up the signal flags, 'tis all-out war!

Sly Cooper: Heads up, Murray, the whole town is trying to blast us!

(Nearing the dock)

Sly Cooper: Drop me off at the dock.

(Upon reaching shore.)

Sly Cooper: I'll make a run for Penelope. You keep the boat safe. We're gonna need it for the escape.

Murray: Safe as a baby, now get moving!

(Sly runs for Skull Keep.)

Bentley (binocucom): Sly, there's a back route up to Skull Keep. Jump on the floating boxes. Penelope and I made a walkway all the way to the top.

(Sly reaches the top.)

Sly Cooper: Penelope! That you? It's time for a rescue.

(Sly turns the doll around.)

Sly Cooper: LeFwee! Huh, he's good.

(The doll explodes.)

LeFwee: Ha-ha! The landlubber fell for it, hook, line and sinker! Thinks he could out-maneuver the smartest man on the Seven Seas? Ha-ha, not hardly. First Mate Jones!

First Mate Jones: Aye-aye, sir!

LeFwee: Take a battalion of yer best men and raid the Cooper ship. There're sure to be some lingerin' rats aboard.

First Mate Jones: But... sir!

LeFwee: Don't cut me off whilst I'm speaking, or I'll cut ya off from breathin'!

First Mate Jones: The Cooper ship is making for the open water, sir.

LeFwee: Hmm. Rats indeed. Make full sail with what masts we got. If they make it out of sea, we'll never catch'em!

First Mate Jones: Aye-aye, sir!

Murray (binocucom): Bentley, Sly's all blown up and LeFwee's boat is gaining on you!

Bentley: Keep it together and meet me at the mouth of the harbor. If I can get into deeper waters, I should be able to give this guy the slip.

Murray: But Sly!

Bentley: Keep it together! We're not done yet.

LeFwee: Blast! They'll make it out of sea in this wind! Jones!

First Mate Jones: Aye, sir!

LeFwee: Load the cannons and prepare to come about. If the breeze don't help, we'll fall back on iron and powder. Fire!

(LeFwee blasts the Cooper ship, then pulls his ship up beside them.)

LeFwee: Avast there! Afraid ye didn't quite make it out of the harbor. Ha-ha, prepare to surrender your vessel!

Bentley: Sorry, LeFwee, but I'm sure this water is deep enough.

LeFwee: Deep enough to be your grave!

Bentley: Guru, Crusher, now!

(Crusher rises out of the water.)

LeFwee: Ah, by thunder!

First Mate Jones: 'Tis Crusher? Crusher! We're doomed!

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Good to see you too! I'll focus on freeing Penelope. You take care of any pirates that may come out on deck. Use the left analog stick and right analog stick analog sticks to control your tentacles, then hit the r1 button and l1 button to smash guys.

(First lock cracked.)

Bentley: One down, three to go!

(Second lock cracked.)

Bentley: Keep it up, Guru! Only two left!

(Third lock cracked.)

Bentley: Once more, just a little bit longer.

Penelope: Bentley, is that you up there?

Bentley: It's a rescue, Penelope. Hold tight!

(Final lock cracked.)

Bentley: Done!

(Penelope comes out on deck.)

Penelope: Bentley! I... you...

LeFwee: Call off your squid, or the girl gets it!

Bentley: Back off, Guru, I'll deal with this guy.

LeFwee: Aye, that you have. Set me up ta think I'd outsmarted ya, then fooled me into the deep water with this beast. I tip me hat to ye. Yer the cleverest man I've ever had the pleasure of beatin'.

Bentley: You getting this, Sly?

Sly Cooper: Yeah... I got some perspective on the situation.

LeFwee: Avast!

(Sly swoops down and falls overboard.)

Bentley: Guru, get Sly! He can't swim!

LeFwee: Aye, shipmate, but who'll be helpin' you?

Bentley: (screams)

Penelope: Nobody touches that turtle... but me!

LeFwee: Me pirate flower finally blooms! Yet ye'd favor this cripple over me? The Smartest Man on the Seven Seas?

Penelope: Oh, I do like smart guys, and he beat you at your own game. You tell me who's more intelligent.

LeFwee: Be still my heart and quick me blade... 'tis time for a duel! You and I'll make the mating dance of death!

(The two climb to the top of the masts for the duel.)

Bentley (binocucom): Use the left analog stick analog stick to jump and duck.

(If you lose)

LeFwee: Farewell, my pirate blossom. 'Twas sweet and bloody.

(After knocking LeFwee down the first time)

Penelope: Get back here!

(After knocking LeFwee down the second time)

Penelope: Stand and take it!

(Penelope knocks LeFwee into the waters, causing him to get eaten by sharks.)

LeFwee: Smartest man on the Seven Seas!

The Getaway[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): LeFwee was beat, outsmarted by our own resident genius who'd done more than just rescue a team member; he'd won himself a girlfriend. It was nice to hear 'em talk. They'd have these conversations the rest of us couldn't even follow. Far as I could tell, they were made for each other. Dimitri was in love too. The new diving gear had gone to his head. We were informed that he'd be our new frogman for the Cooper Vault job. Not that any of us had even asked him.

Sly Cooper (narrating): For the first time in memory, Carmelita didn't show up and cart everyone to jail. Aw well, I'll send her a postcard. You know, I'd hate for her to feel left out.

Episode 6: Honor Among Thieves[]

The Setup[]

Sly Cooper (narrating): All these memories, they just bring you back to the same place: getting crushed to death in the fist of some genetics experiment gone wrong. Not the way I thought I'd go out. Shame, really. Now that we've got this big gang... gang, more like a pack of misfits. Either way, we'd become a team. We had some real potential there. Could've pulled off some big jobs.

Sly Cooper (narrating): We were so close. The door to the Cooper Vault was opening, but that Dr. M... if there's any justice, he'll get his. I just wish I had seen what was in there. A stockpile of my family's accomplishments. Would I have measured up? What would I contribute? Would my father have been proud of me or ashamed?

Sly Cooper (narrating): Funny, but here I am at the end and suddenly all I can think about is what a coward I've been towards Carmelita. Never took the next step. Looking at Bentley and Penelope, it's clear what life is about. If Carmelita was here, I'd tell her straight out how I feel and quit playing around. Put our professional differences aside and see if we could make it work. But that'll never happen now. Can't take this crushing!... Just let the pain stop.

Carmelita to the Rescue[]

Carmelita Fox: Lieutenant Gronk, get your squad together. We're about to see some action.

Gronk: Yes, ma'am. Lock and load, you apes. We're going in!

Carmelita Fox: Hold on, Ringtail.

Carmelita Fox: Attack!

(As they fight the mutant)

Gronk (radio)

  • Attack.
  • Flanking.
  • Here we go.
  • I got a good shot here!
  • I'm going in.
  • I'm going up for a shot.
  • Inspector Fox, I'm moving in.
  • It got Williams.
  • It's like attacking a house.
  • It's unstoppable.
  • Keep at it with the jetpacks.
  • Keep at it, boys.
  • Private Lou is down.
  • Steady on, fellas.
  • Taking a shot.
  • This is hopeless.
  • This is it.
  • We can do it, man.
  • We've got a medical situation here.

(Once guards start appearing)

Carmelita Fox: So, you've got friends. I've got a shock pistol! We're even.

(After defeating the guards)

Dr. M: You're an unexpected annoyance! Do me a favor and hold still while I smash the life out of you!

(Carmelita subdues the beast.)

Dr. M: You harpy witch! Why are the police invading my home?

Carmelita Fox: I'm here to see that justice is done.

Dr. M: Justice?! I'm the victim here, defending what's mine from thieves!

Carmelita Fox: Looked to me like you were attempting to murder that man.

Dr. M: "That man," please, you know this is Sly Cooper. You're as transparent as you are narrow-minded.

Carmelita Fox: Cooper is a criminal. I'm here to bring him and all lawbreakers to justice.

Dr. M: I'm no lawbreaker, it was all self-defense!

Carmelita Fox: First things first, put Cooper down and we'll talk terms.

Dr. M: Sorry, madam cop, I don't trust you as far as I can throw you. Although, I can throw you a long long way.

(Dr. M turns to his mutant.)

Dr. M: Go and smash that woman. Crush her bones to paste and toss her into the sea where no one will ever find her.

(The mutant and Carmelita sail away on her boat.)

Dr. M: Now to find that cane. I can't believe this idiot just brought it to me. Poor fool, he looks just like his father... and he's just as dead.

(Bentley and the team discover an unconscious Sly.)

Bentley: Sly?! He's over here! He's still breathing?... He's alive! Hang in there, pal. You're going to be okay. We'll get you back to the ship and patch you up.

A Deadly Bite[]

Bentley: Sly's gonna make it, although he's suffered a major concussion. If he were up and about, I'm sure he'd want us to retrieve his family cane.

Dimitri: Cold grab the thing! Jump in, do the swim and take it. Legit, eh? My main man bro.

Penelope: Won't be that simple. That's an electromagnetic buoy. Dr. M has set them up all around the island to snag approaching metal boats. We just lucked out that we came here in a wooden ship.

Bentley: She's right. Get too close, and your diving gear will magnetize to it.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: That's an excellent idea, Guru. You're the only member of the team who doesn't carry metal equipment. If you can "convince" some of the local sharks into joining you in an attack, it might be enough to break the buoy.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley (binocucom): Jump on the shark and possess it. You'll need to ride out to the rest of the pack. You'll need to jump from shark to shark to possess them all. After you've befriended them once, they'll follow you wherever you go.

(The Guru reaches the first pack of sharks.)
Bentley (binocucom): Lead that pack of sharks to the buoy. You'll need to jump off and get on top of the buoy to activate it. That'll drive those sharks into an attack frenzy!

(The Guru leads the first pack of sharks to the buoy.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work, find some more sharks and keep at it.

Bentley (binocucom): Heads up. Looks like Dr. M has installed an automated marine defense system.

(The Guru leads the second pack of sharks to the buoy.)

Bentley (binocucom): Yes! You're a force of nature... aided by nature... naturally... keep it up!

Bentley (binocucom): Stay cool, Guru. Looks like the defense system has intensified!

(The Guru leads the final pack of sharks to the buoy. The buoy deactivates and Sly's cane falls into the ocean.)

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: It's okay, Guru. The cane's not lost. We've got a diver on the team, remember? I'll have Penelope prep Dimitri for the job.

The Guru: (speaks Aboriginal)

Bentley: Don't talk like that. No one else could've gotten the cane off that magnet. You're a credit to the team... just leave your shark friends behind. They freak me out.

The Dark Current[]

Penelope: Bentley's tending to Sly. He wanted me to prep you for the mission.

Dimitri: Oui. The turtle dude made sounds for le scuba. So, here you go baby: Dimitri au naturel. Your plan, she's worked to perfection.

Penelope: My plan to get you alone in a swimsuit?

Dimitri: Come clean, my lovely, and play your cards straight. These are dangerous waters, and I'm a big, strong, macho, macho man.

Penelope: Okay, first, get over yourself. Second, I mean it, get over yourself. And third, jump into that water and find Sly's cane. It's the key to the Cooper Vault. We can't lose it.

Dimitri: Salty language from such sweet lips. (singing) I'll dive, baby, I dive for the love.

(Dimitri jumps into the water.)

Penelope (binocucom): Quick, grab the cane! I'm detecting some of Dr. M's creatures swimming towards it!

Penelope (binocucom): You'll need to dodge their pincers with some strong swimming! Hold down the l1 button to stroke hard. Just make sure you don't run out of stamina, or you won't get anywhere fast.

(Dimitri comes face to face with Dr. M and one of his mutants.)

Dr. M: The cane is mine. Don't come any closer or I'll crush you!

Penelope (binocucom): I can't understand a word that maniac is yelling underwater, but who cares. Get back that cane!

(Dimitri hits Dr. M with his spear gun.)
Penelope (binocucom): Good thinking. Take out Dr. M. He's the will behind that creature's attacks.

(During the fight)

Dr. M:
  • Ha, you're weak, diver!
  • Is this necessary? Join me!
  • Join me, and I'll make you rich!
  • Swim, freak. Swim and be slippery!
  • I will feast on your eyeballs!
  • Why fight? Let's team up!
  • You're as pathetic as Sly!
  • You're dead with a captial M!

(Dimitri defeats Dr. M's mutant.)

Dr. M: This isn't over, lackey! The Cooper Gang might control the water, but I still own the sky!

Penelope (binocucom): He took the cane. I'm sorry, Dimitri, you did your best. Come on back to the ship.


(Dimitri jumps back onto the ship.)

Dimitri: That rude dude threw down heavyweight. I had him solid, but he ran, baby, ran, and now I'm flat nowhere.

Penelope: You were... magnificent! Alone against the creature, trapped in an undersea cave.

Dimitri: How about a kiss for my Monsieur Magnificento? My lips are warm like bread from the oven.

Penelope: Slow down. Remember rules one and two? Both of which told you to get over yourself.

Dimitri: Both before my magnificence! Yum yum, give me some!

Penelope: I'm gonna check on Bentley. You have fun being you.

Dimitri: I'm "mag" to the "jag" to the "efficient", baby!

(Dimitri goes below deck. Sly comes out.)

Penelope: Sly, you're up!

Bentley: He should be back in bed after the thrashing he took. Another blow to the head and your brain could snap!

Sly Cooper: Quit your worrying, I feel fine. Did Dimitri find my cane?

Penelope: No, Dr. M managed to get away with it.

Sly Cooper: Then we gotta go.

Bentley: You're going nowhere, pal. Any attempt on Dr. M or the Cooper Vault will be impossible with these radar towers linked to the missile turrets. Wait a second. Penelope, have you completed that work we talked about on your RC car?

Penelope: Yeah... oh, I see where your going. That'll work! Smash the drones, siphon their power and fry the towers' matrix.

Bentley: Perfect. Let's get your car onto a drone patrol pipe!

Sly Cooper: Not to be too obvious in exposing my ignorance, but uh... what in the world are you two talking about?

Penelope: Explaining it would include a lot of multisyllabic words... I could just show you.

Sly Cooper: Bring on the demo.

Penelope: Panda King, can you launch my RC car to that pipe?

Panda King: Ha! With the fireworks, it will fly as the bird!

(The Panda King launches the RC car.)

Panda King: Fly, bird, fly!

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, my sweet princess of electronic dominance. Time to smash things up. Use the l2 button and the r2 button to activate your vehicle's punchers. Knock the security drones off the track with your punchers and pick up their ball energy. Get enough, and I'll open up the jump gate to the radar tower.

(Whenever Penelope destroys a drone)

  • Ah, so sorry.
  • Bam!
  • Bounce, baby, bounce.
  • Cough up the electricity, chump!
  • F equals M A.
  • Force redirection.
  • Hi-ya!
  • I own this track.
  • Kinetic energy kicks butt!
  • Ladies first!
  • Look like you've got a dent.
  • Make way for the lady.
  • Mama's angry with you, son.
  • Oh.
  • Outta the way!
  • Pa-pow!
  • Pow!
  • Punch!
  • Security drones.
  • Sorry, I'm not playing nice.
  • That'll chip your paint.
  • Wa-cha!

(Penelope collects five balls of energy.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice driving, I've opened the jump gate.

Penelope: Scratch one radar tower.

(Penelope collects another five balls of energy.)

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, I've opened the second gate.

Penelope: There goes number two.

Bentley (binocucom): You're the queen of radar tower demolition.

(Penelope collects another five balls of energy.)

Bentley (binocucom): The third jump gate is all yours.

Bentley (binocucom): Fantastic! All three radar towers are cooked. Penelope, you're wonderful!

Danger in the Skies[]

Bentley: With the guided missiles offline, we've got a chance at air superiority here.

Sly Cooper: I'm in. I've rested long enough.

Bentley: You sure?

Sly Cooper: This is my legacy we're fighting for, you think I want to sit this one out?

Bentley: Understood. The biplane launcher, although untested, should get you aloft. It's gonna be tough up there.

Sly Cooper: Be tougher down here watching others fight my battles for me.

(Sly takes off in his biplane.)

Bentley (binocucom): To disable the turrets, you'll need to destroy their sensor banks. Unfortunately, it's only exposed for a short period after a missile is launched.

Bentley (binocucom): You can perform barrel rolls with the circle button. Perfect for dodging those missiles.

(If Sly runs out of ammo for the biplane)
Bentley (binocucom): You're out of ammo. Look around the fortress. Dr. M is sure to keep plenty on hand.

(After disabling one turret.)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice shooting. Good thing Penelope took out those radar towers, or the sky would be thick with guided missiles all heading for you.

(After disabling six of the turrets)
Bentley (binocucom): Just one turret left.

(After disabling all of the turrets)

Bentley (binocucom): Great work, Sly! Looks like you've really stirred up the hornet's nest: they're launching fighters!

Bentley (binocucom): Those bats have some sort of shield on them. Your cannon won't work. Fortunately, I've upgraded your plane with a missile launcher. Hold down the l1 button to target an enemy, then release once the cursor starts to blink.

(Upon disabling the first fighter's shield.)
Bentley (binocucom): The shields are down! Nail that guy before they come back up!

(After destroying all of the fighters)

Bentley (binocucom): That's the last of them. Oh boy. Here comes the big guns, and by "guns" I mean a giant flying whale dragonfly thing covered in robotic junk! Wait! Dr. M is plugged into that monstrosity!

Dr. M: Ah! The Cooper is skyward! So good! So nice! Time he felt what it's like to play second fiddle! I am the master here! Sidekick no more!

Bentley (binocucom): That thing is launching seekers! You'll have to use your missiles to take them out. Save your cannon rounds for Dr. M, it'll work just fine on him.

Dr. M (loudspeaker): (laughs) This is a joy! A treat to watch you buzz around like a fly. Dance, fly, dance! I'm your puppetmaster! You move as I command!

Dr. M (loudspeaker): Delightful, puppet! But, I grow bored. How about a new dance puppet? I command it.

(After depleting the Whale-Fly's health)

Dr. M (loudspeaker): Ha-ha! You and your foolish friends keep trying to beat me with your guns! They're like toys to my creatures. If this Whale-Fly had vocal cords he'd laugh in your silly little faces! Ha-ha-ha!

Sly Cooper (binocucom): This isn't working, Bentley. He's literally laughing at us.

Bentley (binocucom): Just give me time. I... I'll think of something!

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I'm settling this now, face to face.

Bentley (binocucom): Paragliding over to that creature!? You're out of your mind!

(Sly confronts Dr. M.)

Dr. M: Headstrong, just like your father.

Sly Cooper: You don't know anything about me or my father.

Dr. M: Really? Who let you in on the secret of this place, eh? Was it my old pal McSweeney, perhaps?

Sly Cooper: McSweeney works for you? This was all a setup to get the cane!

Dr. M: No, m'boy. Once upon a time, he and I worked together... for your dear old dad.

Sly Cooper: My father wouldn't have run with a guy who'd try to steal from the Cooper Vault... let alone attempt to kill his son.

Dr. M: Time does strange things to people. Just look at the real leader of your gang: Bentley!

Sly Cooper: Whatever! We're friends, equals!

Dr. M: Then why is it called the "Cooper Gang," you self-centered egomaniac!

Sly Cooper: That's enough!

(Sly charges at Dr. M and retrieves the cane. Dr. M retreats.)

Dr. M: (cackling)

Sly Cooper: Time to meet the past.

(Sly paraglides down to the door of the Cooper Vault and opens it.)

Sly Cooper: Bentley, you there?

Bentley (binocucom): Yeah, pal.

Sly Cooper: I'm about to head inside the vault, and I want you and Murray to come with me. We're a team, a family. We should do this together.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, be right up, partner.

Murray (binocucom): Nice! We'll have the Panda King give the van a boost! Stand clear, Sly, we're about to get awesome!

Panda King: The fuse is lit!

Murray (binocucom): Buckle up, Bentley. We're about to fly!

(The van is launched.)

Murray (binocucom): Yahoo!

Bentley (binocucom): We're never doing that again.

The Ancestors' Gauntlet[]

Bentley: This place is amazing!

Murray: Yeah, it's got to be like at least 100 years old!

Bentley: An archeological marvel!

Sly Cooper: Glad you boys are impressed, 'cause it looks like I'll have to go on from here alone.

Bentley: Do it, Sly. This place was built for you. We'll hold down the fort here.

Sly Cooper: Hmm... could be dark in there.

(Inside the vault)
Sly Cooper: My ancestors sure knew how to decorate... nothin' but big piles of gold!

(Sly explored each section of the Cooper Vault, making comments about his ancestors along the way.)

Sly Cooper:
  • This place was started by Slytunkhamen II. He built his fortune in the employ of the great pharaohs. That must have been around 1300 BC.
  • Sir Galleth of the Knights of the Cooper Order. Honorable knight and cunning thief.
  • Salim al-Kupar of Arabia. It was said that he had the stealth of 40 thieves.
  • The strongest of the Cooper Clan, Slaigh MacCooper, could break any lock with a single blow.
  • The ninja spire landing was perfected in Feudal Japan by Rioichi Cooper.
  • Henriette "One Eye" Cooper sailed the seas and stole from pirates. Guess I really take after her.
  • "Tennessee Kid" Cooper learned to slide along railroad tracks in the old west.
  • Victorian-era London was the stomping grounds for the most gentlemanly thief, Thaddeus Winslow Cooper.
  • Besides being a thief, Otto van Cooper was a great fighter ace and mechanic.

(Sly reaches his father's section of the vault.)
Sly Cooper: This must be my father's work.

(Sly activates a device that beams lasers across the gap to the other side.)
Sly Cooper: How am I supposed to get through this thing? He made this challenge for a move I've never learned... there's nothing like this in the Thievius Raccoonus. Come on, dad, help me out here.

(Sly looks at the lasers for moment.)
Sly Cooper: Wait. Those laser beams? A thieving opportunity? You've gotta be kidding me!

(Sly then realizes something.)
Sly Cooper: The lasers. I get it, I can slide on the laser beams! Dad you old rascal.

(Sly rail slides on the lasers.)
Sly Cooper: Nice work, dad.

(At the end of the laser path, Sly reaches a door.)
Sly Cooper: This must be the Inner Sanctum! Wish Bentley and Murray were here for this...

Stand Your Ground[]

Bentley: Do it, Sly. This place was built for you. We'll hold down the fort here.

(Sly enters the vault.)

Murray: This is going to be the payday of all time! Think of all the loot piled up back there!

Bentley: Do you ever feel like you're playing second fiddle to Sly? Like he treats us as sidekicks?

Murray: No way, Sly's cool. We're all in this together.

Bentley: Sure, we're all here, but are we equal? Who went into the vault? Sly, by himself.

Murray: Watch out!

Bentley: Dr. M's goons! They must have forced the door after we opened the lock.

Murray: Think of it this way, Bentley. If it were you in that vault and Sly and I were out here, what would he do?

Bentley: Stop these thugs and protect his friend.

Murray: Right, and that's what I'm gonna do. Keep your head down, stay clear... I'm gonna smash a lot of skulls, and I don't want yours to be one of them. Come and get it, maggots! I've got a knuckle sandwich for all of ya, and it's chow time. Chow freakin' down!

(While fighting the guards.)

Bentley: Looks like fewer are coming in! They must be running out of thugs.

Bentley: These look like the last three they've got. No more are coming in.

Bentley: He's the last!

(Murray defeats all of the guards.)

Murray: Yeah! You're all knocked down, and the Murray stands tall! Like a freakin' totem pole of strongism!

Dr. M: Ah, Murray, you're much stronger than McSweeney ever was.

Murray: That's right, plug-head! I'm like a semi truck with its brakes cut!

Dr. M: I don't have time to get into a screaming match with a caveman like yourself.

Bentley: Then lock horns with me. Think you'll find I'm a better match.

Dr. M: I have no fight with you, Bentley. You and I are the same.

Bentley: I gather you were the technical specialist working with Sly's father?

Murray: You knew Sly's dad?

Dr. M: Quiet, caveman, the adults are talking. That's right, Bentley. I know the pain you suffer working under your inferior.

Bentley: It's no secret, I'm smarter than the other guys. But there's more to it than that.

Dr. M: (chuckles) Like what?

Bentley: Like brotherhood.

Dr. M: Brotherhood? (chuckles) That's just what he wants you to think. It's a tool to keep you in line.

Bentley: No, that's the thing that keeps us happy and alive. It's why I'm going to stop you.

Murray: And me too.

Dr. M: Fine, "Cooper Gang". I tried.

Murray: Caveman attack!

(Murray charges at Dr. M and locks him in a grapple.)

Murray: This guy's stronger than he looks. Need some help!

Penelope (binocucom): Bentley, those statues look like ancient security devices. Maybe if you took the treasure off the top of them and put it on Dr. M's back, they might activate.

(Bentley places a piece of treasure on Dr. M's back and goes to retrieve another. Upon picking up the second piece, several guards enter the vault.)
Bentley: I'm pinned down! Need to fall back on my grapple-cam to deal with these goons.

(Bentley defeats the guards.)
Penelope (binocucom): Nice work, handsome. Now, get another piece of treasure on Dr. M's back. Murray's not looking so good.

(Bentley uses all four pieces of treasure against Dr. M.)

Dr. M: (groans) Well played, Bentley, but it was a meaningless gesture. According to the tracking device I planted on Sly's cane, he's just entered the Inner Sanctum. I can use the collected positional data to get through the gauntlet with ease!

Bentley: That hall's for Coopers only!

Dr. M: Maybe it's time for men such as you and I to change all that!

Murray: He's getting away! What do we do?

Bentley: I... I'll think of something, just give me time.

Murray: You know something, Bentley?

Bentley: What?

Murray: You think awesome!

Bentley: Thanks, pal.

Final Legacy[]

(Sly enters the Inner Sanctum.)

Sly Cooper: This is just overwhelming! Amazing! How'd Thaddeus make a flying machine in the 1800s? Bet this thing still works.

Dr. M: Oh, I'm sure it's operational.

Sly Cooper: Dr. M, glad you could see all this. I know you've been looking forward to it.

Dr. M: Looking forward to all of this... and your death!

Sly Cooper: Come on, aren't we supposed to banter a little?

Dr. M: I only talk with my equals, and Bentley said no.

(Sly fights Dr. M.)

(If Dr. M defeated Sly)
Dr. M: You're as weak as your father.

Dr. M: You've got some moxy, Sly. I'll give you that...

Sly Cooper: I don't know what went down between you and my father, but I'm telling you it's not the same with me and Bentley.

Dr. M: You might be right, he risked his life to defend you.

Sly Cooper: I'd do the same for him.

Dr. M: Funny... your father was never such a good friend.

Sly Cooper: We're all individuals. I might be a part of all this, a member of the Cooper line, but in the end... I'm just me. Not Henriette, Thaddeus, Slytunkhamen, Rioichi or my father... just Sly.

Dr. M: Please! Keep your touchy-feely rhetoric to yourself, I can't stomach it! You Coopers are a bunch of dirty, attention-grubbing thieves! All of you, thieves!

(Carmelita enters the Inner Sanctum.)

Carmelita Fox: Hold it right there! Both of you thieves are going to jail!

Sly Cooper: Nice to see you, gorgeous.

Carmelita Fox: You too.

Dr. M: Ah, a love interest. I might be beaten, but I'll make you suffer!

Sly Cooper: Not her!

(Sly is hit by Dr. M's shot.)

Carmelita Fox: No one hurts my criminal!

(Carmelita subdues Dr. M and rushes over to Sly.)

Sly Cooper: (grunts) What happened?

Carmelita Fox: Sly?

Sly Cooper: Where are we? What is this place?

Carmelita Fox: Sly? Can you remember anything?

Sly Cooper: No. Who're you? You look familiar.

Carmelita Fox: I'm Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox.

Sly Cooper: And, who am I?

Carmelita Fox: You... you're my partner, Constable Cooper.

Sly Cooper: Well, partner, we'd better get out of here... the ceiling's gonna go. We haven't got much time.

Carmelita Fox: Let's go.

(Bentley enters the Inner Sanctum.)

Bentley: Sly! You in here? Sly!

The Getaway[]

Bentley (narrating): We watched as Dr. M just stood there, unwilling to leave as the walls caved in on the vault. He'd spent his life lusting over the Cooper fortune, and he wasn't going to give it up, no matter what the cost.

Bentley (narrating): Our exit was a little rough, but Murray managed to get us out just in time to witness the final fate of the Cooper legacy. It was a bittersweet moment; the end of the road always is. We both looked on, lost in our thoughts, thinking back on all of the adventures that had brought us here. The people we'd met and places we'd seen. We'd worked for a long time to get Sly into that vault, and now its secrets were hidden again, this time for good. I can only hope that he'd found what he was looking for in there.

Bentley (narrating): We searched every inch of the island for Sly, retrieving the gang one by one, only to make the surprising discovery that he didn't want to be found. As always, he'd left a calling card. Only this time, it was worth millions. The months rolled by and when Sly still hadn't shown up, Murray headed back east to complete his training with the Guru. Without Sly as our leader, for the first time we each had to step out on our own. A difficult thing; we'd been together ever since we'd met at the orphanage.

Bentley (narrating): To this day, Murray and I are still close. Recently, he's been trying to break into the pro racing circuit, stock van class. Things are looking good. He's got a unique talent for living through crashes other people would have found fatal. Just always bounces clear. And of course, there's Penelope, my new partner in crime. Let me tell ya: I'm in love! She and I have set out on a journey that I never would have dreamed up while running with Sly and Murray, although I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Bentley (narrating): So, while this might be the end of our adventures together, it could be the start of something even bigger. Time will tell, literally, 'cause I'm building a time machine to find out!


Bentley (narrating): Dimitri went on to become a celebrity skin diver. The ladies flocked to him, and so did the money. I got a postcard from him once. It said "I'm here, wish you were fine. Like me." He's his own man.

Bentley (narrating): The Panda King returned to China and lived a happy life living two doors down from his beloved daughter. She, of course, was pleased to have him screen all of her future suitors. As of yet, she's still unmarried.

Bentley (narrating): The Guru returned to the outback and took on some new Dreamtime students, one of which was a high-profile rockstar that brought a lot of unwanted media attention. Last I heard, he was hiding out in New York City. Figured it was the last place they'd ever look.

(Post-credits scene: Through his binocucom, Bentley spots Sly and Carmelita on a balcony, holding hands. Sly turns to Bentley and winks at him.)

Bentley: That sneaky devil!

Hazard Room[]

(Upon first entering.)

Bentley: If we're gonna make it to the Cooper Vault, we'll need to perfect our thieving skills. I've rigged this place to push us to our limits.

Sly Cooper: I'm guessing these levers start the different trainers?

Bentley: That's right, each will initiate a streamlined crash course in grand larceny. I'll head for the control room, and we'll get things started.

Sly Cooper: Dish it out, I'm ready.

(After completing the first two tutorials for Sly.)
Bentley (binocucom): We're all done in here. Let's head outside and get this operation underway.

(After completing the tutorials for Sly and Bentley that become available after completing "Police HQ" as Sly or Bentley.)
Bentley (binocucom): We're all finished. Let's get going on our next operation!

Sly Cooper (binocucom): We're all done in here. Let's head outside and get this operation underway.

(After completing all tutorials.)
Bentley (binocucom): We're done in here. Head outside and crack some skulls!

Sly Cooper tutorials[]


Bentley (binocucom): Okay, all great thieves have one thing in common.

Sly Cooper: A ton of cash?

Bentley (binocucom): No, they never get lost. Use the right analog stick analog stick to look around the Hazard Room... Try to find the Cooper Gang marker I'm projecting.

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now press down on the l3 button to ping a waypoint.

Sly Cooper: That's handy.

Bentley (binocucom): I agree, these holographic markers are an invaluable tool for finding your way around in the field. Notice how the logo moves to the destination? Try clicking the l3 button a few more times to get the hang of it.

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, head for the waypoint and we'll commence phase two.

Bentley (binocucom): I've programmed in a new mission destination. Press l3 to find it. The cool thing here is that if you don't have line of sight, the waypoint will automatically stretch above whatever's blocking your view. Scan the horizon and you'll always find it.

Bentley (binocucom): Perfect. Now, everyone knows that a thief's best friend is a rooftop.

Sly Cooper: Provided he doesn't break his neck getting up there.

Bentley (binocucom): Not a problem for a man with your jumping skills. Hit the x button for a standard jump, then hit the x button a second time while in the air for an extra high double jump.

(After reaching the top of the boxes.)

Sly Cooper: Alright, Bentley, what's next?

Bentley (binocucom): As you know, it's very useful to survey guards from the rooftops. To do that, we'll have to be able to look down at them.

Sly Cooper: Let me guess, use the right analog stick analog stick?

Bentley (binocucom): Yup, try to find the marker I'm projecting down there.

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent, now look up at that pillar. I'm projecting another marker.

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now put all these skills to use and get to the remaining waypoints. Should be easy if you ping 'em with the l3 button and look around.

Bentley (binocucom): Nice. One down.

Bentley (binocucom): Good job, Sly. You made it. You're now ready to take on the meanest of navigation tasks.

Spire jump & crawl[]

Bentley (binocucom): You picked up a lot of skills after reading the Thievius Raccoonus.

Sly Cooper: Heck of a page turner, that book.

Bentley (binocucom): Let's see if you remember them all. Check out those small points on that wire. You can land on them light as a feather using your Ninja Spire Jump.

Sly Cooper: Easy, I just jump and hit the circle button.

Bentley (binocucom): Exactly! Try getting over to the other platform.

(After reaching the platform.)

Bentley (binocucom): Looking good, Sly.

Sly Cooper: You know how I love the second story work.

Bentley (binocucom): Sure, but how do you feel about tight spaces? Try getting through the small opening in that wall. Hit the circle button when you're close to crawl inside.

(After crawling under the wall.)
Bentley (binocucom): Nice job, Sly. You're a credit to the Cooper name.


Bentley (binocucom): Alright, I'm really gonna test your climbing skills here. You can use your cane to swing from hooks. Just jump and press the circle button again to latch on.

(After reaching the other platform.)

Bentley (binocucom): If you ever get in a jam it's smart to climb your way out of trouble.

Sly Cooper: I hear that.

Bentley (binocucom): Press the circle button near that pipe to latch on and climb.

(After climbing the pipe.)

Sly Cooper: I just love pipes... is that okay?

Bentley (binocucom): Sure, they're a thief's best friend. But don't forget wall hooks.

Sly Cooper: How could I forget the lovable wall hook?

Bentley (binocucom): Press the circle button to attach.

Sly Cooper: Of course.

Bentley (binocucom): To launch off them you'll have to pull down on the left analog stick analog stick before jumping. Try getting over this wall.

(After getting over the wall.)

Bentley (binocucom): That's it, I give. You've made it through all of my challenges.

Sly Cooper: Hey, don't feel bad, those wall hooks were kinda tricky.

Bentley (binocucom): It was all supposed to be tricky... Anyhow, you've proven you know how to get around. A word to the wise, anywhere you sense a thieving opportunity, you know, see the blue sparkles, you can use a circle move.

Sly Cooper: Pretty handy.

Bentley (binocucom): Yes... yes it is.

Interacting with guards[]

Sly Cooper: Alright, Bentley, let me have it.

Bentley (binocucom): In order to maintain our lavish lifestyles, we'll always need to have a little cash on hand.

Sly Cooper: I hear ya, most guards are nice enough to carry around a pocket full of change.

Bentley (binocucom): Exactly. You can pick their pockets by sneaking up behind them and pressing the circle button.

Sly Cooper: This guy looks like he's carrying some loot... If I steal it, you can fence the goods online for some cash.

Bentley (binocucom): That's right, look for a glow in a guard's back pocket... sure sign of something valuable. Try picking his pocket dry without getting noticed.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, that's enough of that guy.

Bentley (binocucom): It won't always be that easy, guards are usually on the move.

Sly Cooper: As long as I don't bump into 'em, it shouldn't be a problem.

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, smooth talker, try robbing this guy.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Crates away!

Bentley (binocucom): Great. Now, as any good thief knows, a job is only as successful as the getaway that's planned.

Sly Cooper: I hear that, some guards I'm not too keen on fighting toe to toe.

Bentley (binocucom): You're not going to say "I'm a lover, not a fighter"?

Sly Cooper: Well... not now.

Bentley (binocucom): Thought so. Look, there's no shame in running from a fight... keeps you alive. Hold down the r1 button to sprint.

Sly Cooper: Sounds easy.

Bentley (binocucom): Prove it. I'm gonna have this guard attack you and you'll have to run away to lose him.

Sly Cooper: Whoa, hold up.

Bentley (binocucom): Ready? Set, go!

(Upon escaping from the guard.)

Guard: Where'd he go?

Bentley (binocucom): Nice escape, Sly. An unfortunate fact about running is that you make a lot of noise. Sprint by a guard and he's sure to notice you.

Sly Cooper: Well, if I'm already running, might as well keep going.

Bentley (binocucom): Good point. How about you try that? Run to this waypoint within six seconds, and then try and escape from the guards if they hear you.

Sly Cooper: Come on!

Bentley (binocucom): Ready, set, go!

(After escaping the guards.)

Sly Cooper: How about you stop setting these guards up to kill me?

Bentley (binocucom): Well, you could always take them out instead.

Sly Cooper: Now we're talking.

Bentley (binocucom): If a guard hasn't seen you, you can sneak up behind him... You paying attention this is complicated?

Sly Cooper: Of course, we're talking about taking out guards.

Bentley (binocucom): Right, sneak up behind him and hit the triangle button to knock him into the air, then press the square button to slam him down hard.

Sly Cooper: Sneak attack, nice. So that's the triangle button to knock him into the air, then the square button for the slam.

Bentley (binocucom): You got it, now give this guy the business.

(After defeating the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Unfortunately, the slam makes noise. Do it too close to another guard and he'll be all over you.

Sly Cooper: It's easy, you take out the first guy, then hide out when the second thug comes running... wait until his back is turned, then strike!

Bentley (binocucom): Try taking out both these guards without being caught.

(After defeating both guards.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice work. I pity the guard that crosses your path.

Bentley (binocucom): Now for the show stopper. See that boat slung up above that poor unsuspecting guard?

Sly Cooper: Yeah?

Bentley (binocucom): Feel like dropping it on his head?

Sly Cooper: Oh yeah.

Bentley (binocucom): This button'll release the boat, make sure the guard's under its shadow before you, you know, knock him senseless.

(After dropping the boat in the guard.)
Bentley (binocucom): Look for those buttons around town, the place is littered with unsafe machinery... know what I mean?

Spycam (Recon photos)[]

Bentley (binocucom): As you know, we sometimes need reconnaissance photographs to plan for a heist.

Sly Cooper: Ah, the humble recon photo, the unsung hero of many a caper.

Bentley (binocucom): I've outfitted your binocucom with a camera. Click down on the right analog stick analog stick to bring it up.

Sly Cooper: I tell ya, Bentley, you designed this thing really well. The left analog stick analog stick aims where you want to look, and the right analog stick analog stick lets you zoom in and out. So easy.

Bentley (binocucom): Why, thank you. Try to get a good picture of that chair suspended from the ceiling. You might have to zoom in a little. Press the r1 button to take the shot.

(After photographing the chair.)

Bentley (binocucom): Of course, it won't always be so easy. Sometimes you'll need to get a better vantage point.

Sly Cooper: That shouldn't be too difficult.

Bentley (binocucom): Your targets can also be moving... makes getting a good shot that much more difficult.

Sly Cooper: It's okay, so long as I'm quick with the zoom I'll be fine.

Bentley (binocucom): Let's put it to the test. Take a picture of each of these guards without getting caught.

(After photographing both guards.)

Sly Cooper: There you go, Bentley, some wonderful pinups for our refrigerator.

Bentley (binocucom): They're lovely. High art.

Sly Cooper: Seriously?

Bentley (binocucom): No, but you've shown some real skill with the binocucom's camera. Nice work.

Bentley tutorial[]

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright, Bentley, things can get pretty rough out in the field, you'd better be prepared.

Bentley: "Preparation" is my middle name... my wheelchair is totally equipped.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Good to hear. As our resident demolitions expert, you'll need to be handy with the bombs.

Bentley: No problem, just have to hold down the triangle button and out comes the goods.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Okay, try dropping a bomb on that crate over there.

(After bombing the crate.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That's some quality pyrotechnics, but how are your bombs versus guards?

Bentley: Against sleeping guards, I'm like a Greek god, all fall before me.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Let's see what you got.

(After bombing the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice work... now how about someone awake?

Bentley: I just put them to sleep too. My chair's been outfitted with a top of the line sleep dart launcher. In fact, I even linked it to my binocucom.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Smart, so you just click the right analog stick analog stick to bring it up.

Bentley: And to shoot, I press the r1 button.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Have you got a zoom function on that thing? Might be fun to snipe from a distance.

Bentley: Yup, it's all on the right analog stick analog stick.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Try taking out that guard. Might have to zoom in a little. He's pretty far away.

(After putting the guard to sleep.)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Nice, now get over there and bomb him before he wakes up.

(If the guard wakes up.)
Sly Cooper (binocucom): Look out, Bentley, he's waking up!

(After defeating the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Alright, Bentley, you make this look easy, but how's your aim against moving guards?

Bentley: With a zoom function and nerves of steel I'm ready for anything.

(After defeating the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): That chair's pretty sweet, got any other gizmos in there?

Bentley: Oh yeah, it's my own design. The pick-pocket-pole, or the PPP for short.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): A fishing pole with a magnet?

Bentley: Ingenious, huh? By default, it's linked to the l1 button.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): And you can rob someone with that thing?

Bentley: I just keep the l1 button held down, sneak up behind a guy, connect with the magnet... then pull back to yank out the loot.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Sounds just like fishing. Try it on this guy right here.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Sly Cooper (binocucom): Okay, he served his purpose.

Sly Cooper (binocucom): I'm impressed with your pickpocketing technology, but how is it against someone in motion?

Bentley: Allow me to demonstrate. I just hold down the l1 button, attach and pull. Couldn't be easier.

(After pickpocketing the guard.)

Sly Cooper: That chair of yours is a wonder. You've packed so much technology into such a small space!

Murray tutorial[]

Bentley (binocucom): Alright, Murray, time to brush up on your power moves. The first one is throwing stuff.

Murray: Pluck it and chuck it, that's me.

Bentley (binocucom): To pick something up, just get close and hit the circle button. To throw, just face your target and press the square button.

Murray: circle, square. Ain't hardly fair! Looks like I've got plenty of rocks to throw with.

Bentley (binocucom): Try breaking all those pillars.

Murray: Can do.

(After destroying the pillars.)

Bentley (binocucom): Nice job. You can also pick up guards when they're knocked out.

Murray: Great! I knock the small guys out with one punch!

Bentley (binocucom): You might have to be a little more subtle with the big flashlight guards, they're pretty tough. Sneak up behind this guy and sucker punch him while he's not looking. Then pick him up and throw him at the pillar.

Murray: Gotcha. Sneak up, sucker punch, grab, throw, destroy... Kids' stuff!

Bentley (binocucom): Let's see what you got.

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): An easy way to knock out guards is to throw something at them.

Murray: Ah, the old rock to the head routine.

Bentley (binocucom): Yep. Throw a rock at that guard to knock him out. Then pick him up and throw him at that pillar.

Murray: Can do little brother.

(Upon knocking the guard out.)
Bentley (binocucom): Grab him while he's out.

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): Well done. Okay, what's different about this next guy?

Murray: He's got a ton of cash in his back pocket. Chump! He's just asking, begging me to rob 'em!

Bentley (binocucom): That's right. You may not have the agility or technology to pick his pocket, but you can use your strength to mug him quite thoroughly.

Murray: Oh yeah, I just knock 'em flat then pick 'em up.

Bentley (binocucom): Once you've got him above your head, press the circle button to shake loose any coins he has and collect the goods. Keep at it until he's empty.

Murray: The Murray will give this high-roller a shakedown he'll never forget.

(After looting the guard.)

Bentley (binocucom): Okay, Murray. The juggle grab is one of your most powerful moves, you ready?

Murray: Born ready!

Bentley (binocucom): When facing off against smaller opponents, you can knock them into the air with your triangle button uppercut, and then grab 'em before they hit the ground, by pressing the circle button.

Murray: Okay, okay... let me see if I've got it. Hit them with my triangle button uppercut, then yank 'em out of the air by pressing the circle button. That right?

Bentley (binocucom): You got it. For this test, you'll have to pull it off three times, and throw the guards at that pillar over there. Don't waste your time trying to fight 'em, just focus on the technique.

Murray: Bring on the pain!

(After destroying the pillar.)

Bentley (binocucom): Excellent work. Another handy move is your Thunder Flop.

Murray: Oh yeah. Terror from above!

Bentley (binocucom): Just jump and press the square button to break this ground plate a few times.

(After destroying the ground plate.)
Bentley (binocucom): I got to hand it to you, Murray. You're ready to take on the world.

Two player[]

(Upon starting a match of Cops and Robbers, Biplane Duel or Galleon Duel.)


  • And uh... go!
  • And... go!
  • Bring it!
  • Get to it!
  • Go at it!
  • Go for it!
  • Go hot, go!
  • Go, go, go!
  • Have at it!
  • Mano a mano!
  • Showtime!
  • Showtime, baby!

(If Sly wins a match of Cops and Robbers, Biplane Duel, or Galleon Duel.)


  • Sly has super victory!
  • Sly is dynamite!
  • Sly triumphs!
  • Sly wins big!
  • Sly wins out!
  • Sly's big-time winner!
  • Sly's got all the juice.
  • Sly's got it!
  • Sly's top dog mad!

Cops and Robbers & Biplane Duel[]

(Upon obtaining a power-up in Cops and Robbers.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Rocket Boots.
  • Shield.
  • Smoke Bomb.

Carmelita Fox:

  • Heatseeker.
  • Hypnotize.
  • Teleport.

(Upon obtaining a power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Heatseeker.
  • Mine.
  • Napalm.
  • Nuke.
  • Override.
  • Scatter.
  • Shield.

(When hit by the Override power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Oh no.
  • Uh oh.

(When hit by the Scatter power-up in Biplane Duel.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Lost my ammo.
  • My ammo's gone.

(Upon missing a shot with a projectile power-up.)

Sly Cooper or Carmelita Fox:

  • Dang.
  • Darn.
  • Didn't work.
  • It missed.
  • Missed.
  • No good.

(Upon scoring a point.)

Sly Cooper:

  • All right.
  • Oh yeah.
  • Uh huh.
  • Yeah.
  • Yes!
  • Yup.

Carmelita Fox:

  • (chuckles) Sorry.
  • All right.
  • Busted.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Uh huh.
  • Yes!

(If Sly scores three points in a row.)
Dimitri: Three in a row for Sly!

(If Carmelita scores three points in a row.)
Dimitri: Three in a row for Carmelita!

(If either Sly or Carmelita score four points in a row.)
Dimitri: Four in a row!

(When a player losing by at least three points comes back and ties the match.)


  • Back from the dead!
  • Come from behind!
  • It's a comeback!
  • Things get interesting!

(If the losing player scores their penultimate point and ties with the opponent as a result.)


  • Even-steven!
  • It's sudden death!
  • Next point wins this joint!
  • Next point wins!
  • Next to score wins!
  • Stress city, baby. Only one cat is winning this cage match.
  • Sudden death!
  • The match is tied. Can you dig it?

(If Carmelita wins the match.)


  • Carmelita has coptastic victory!
  • Carmelita takes it.
  • Carmelita triumphs!
  • Carmelita wins!
  • Carmelita wins out!
  • Carmelita's le winner!
  • Carmelita's got it!
  • Carmelita's got the juice!
  • Carmelita's the top cop!
  • Carmelita's the winner!
  • Forget about it, raccoon. You fought the law and the law smoked you!

Galleon Duel[]

(Sometimes when hit by the opponent's ship.)


  • Big damage!
  • Got a hole!
  • Hull damage!
  • Leak!
  • Leakin'!
  • Taking on water!
  • We're hurtin'!


  • Fix the leak!
  • Hull breach!
  • Patch the hole!
  • Stop the leak!
  • We need repairs!
  • We're sinking!

(Upon damaging the opponent's ship from the front or back.)


  • All right!
  • Great shot!
  • Sweet shot!
  • Take that!
  • Thunder cannons!
  • Yes!


  • A direct hit.
  • All right!
  • Excellent!
  • Nice work!
  • Perfectly executed.
  • Stupendous!
  • Well shot, Bentley!
  • Yes!

(Upon scoring a point by sinking the opponent's ship.)


  • They're going down!
  • They're swimming now.
  • We got it, Sly!
  • We own the seas!
  • We rule, Sly!
  • We're unstoppable!
  • Yes, yes!


  • They're done for.
  • They're going down.
  • They're sinking.
  • They're sunk.
  • We've dispatched them.
  • We've won this round.

(If Bentley wins the match.)


  • Bentley triumphs!
  • Bentley's big-time winner.
  • Bentley's got all the juice!
  • Bentley's got it!
  • Bentley's super nautical victory!
  • Bentley's the ultimate admiral!
  • Forget about it, Sly. Bentley rules the seas!



  • The player one character is always Bentley. The player two character is Sly until a certain point is reached in the story; at that point, Penelope replaces Sly.
  • The completion of a stage triggers a line from one of the characters. After this line is said, a second line may be triggered which may or may not be from the same character who said the first line.

(Upon starting.)


  • Get ready to hack.
  • We're in.
  • We're inside the mainframe.
  • We're inside!
  • We're past the firewall.

(In response to Bentley.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Bring it on.
  • I'm with you.
  • Let's do it.
  • Right behind ya.
  • Right on.


  • Bring it on!
  • Let's go.
  • Let's hack.
  • Right behind you.

(Upon clearing a stage.)


  • All enemies neutralized.
  • I took this one home.
  • Looks like I'm still the hacker king.
  • Moving to the next node.
  • Next level.
  • Sector cleared.
  • Thanks for watching my back out here.
  • This is going to be tough.
  • This is gonna be tough.
  • This is some serious security.
  • We're getting closer to the mainframe. Stay sharp!

Sly Cooper:

  • Heading for the next sector.


  • Here we go.
  • We should be close to the mainframe.

(Following the preceding line.)


  • Afraid I've still got it.
  • Bentley, black belt hacker.
  • Check out my tally, partner.
  • Did you see my score? Pretty good, huh?
  • Gotta keep moving.
  • How did I get so good?
  • I took this one home.
  • I've got a strong sense of self-preservation.
  • Oh yeah!
  • Slippery like a fish!
  • This hack session belongs to me.
  • Yes, I'm the master!
  • Yes, I'm the master.

Sly Cooper:

  • I'm a true survivor.
  • I'm slick.
  • Please know how to stay alive.


  • And the lady takes it.
  • I'm the new hack master.
  • It's not easy to make it look this easy.
  • They couldn't touch me.

(Upon beginning a new stage.)


  • Authentication systems destroyed.
  • Firewall disabled.
  • Intranet hacked.
  • Moving on to the next node.
  • Network breached!
  • Password decrypted.
  • Security shield compromised.


  • Caching down a level.
  • Hacking the next node.
  • Here we go!

(Upon losing 10 out of 20 respawns.)
Bentley: Half our lives are gone.

(Upon having three respawns left.)
Bentley: Three more lives.

(Upon having one respawn left.)
Bentley: This is it. Last one.

(Upon having zero respawns left.)
Bentley: That's it. Our lives are used up.

(Upon completing the final stage.)


  • Excellent, the mainframe is ours!
  • This is it. We've brought ThiefNet to its knees!

(Upon obtaining a new high score.)


  • If my calculations are correct, that's a new high score!
  • That's one for the world hacking hall of fame!



(After being asked for a password by a guard.)

Bentley (binocucom):

  • As I expected. Here you go.
  • Easy one. Here you go.
  • Got it. Here it is.
  • Here's the password, Sly.
  • Kids' stuff. Here it is.
  • Sending password now.
  • Sending the password, Sly.
  • Transmitting password.
  • Uh yeah, here it is.
  • Uploading you the password.

(When giving the wrong password or no password.)

Sly Cooper:

  • Ahem, um...
  • Could you repeat the question?
  • Hey, it's me!
  • I'll get right back to you on that.
  • Oh, um, uh, uh...
  • Um, see what, um...
  • Um...

Episode 1[]

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Halt!
  • Hey, you!
  • You there!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Ferris wheel password. Quickly!
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Soprano, alto, alto, soprano.

Guard: Give me the cafe password.
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Bass, bass, bass, soprano?

Guard: Tell me the day time password.
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Alto, alto, bass, bass.

Guard: Vacuum room password?
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Soprano, soprano, bass, bass.

Guard: What was last night's password?
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Alto, tenor, tenor, alto.

Guard: What's Octavio's house password?
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Tenor, soprano, tenor, soprano?

Guard: What's the Carnevale password?
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Tenor, bass, tenor, tenor.

Guard: What's the midnight password?
Sly Cooper (Italian accent): Alto, bass, alto, alto.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Okay.
  • Sorry about that.
  • Yup.

(When in disguise and seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Excuse me.
  • Hello again, sir.
  • Hello, sir.
  • Oh, you again!

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • Do I look stupid?
  • Nice try.
  • Wrong!
  • Yeah, right!
  • You stupid?

Episode 4[]

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Halt!
  • Hey!
  • Stop there!
  • Wait!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Bamboo forest password. Now!
Sly Cooper: Sun, night, moon, night.

Guard: Give me the New Years passcode.
Sly Cooper: Night, sun, sun, night.

Guard: Tell me the sunset password.
Sly Cooper: Day, night, sun, moon.

Guard: What was Thursday's password?
Sly Cooper: Sun, moon, day, night.

Guard: What's the crypt password?
Sly Cooper: Night, night, night, night.

Guard: What's the midnight password?
Sly Cooper: Night, day, moon, moon.

Guard: What's the temple password?
Sly Cooper: Day, sun, day, moon.

Guard: What's the wedding password?
Sly Cooper: Sun, moon, sun, sun.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Oh, didn't recognize you.
  • Sorry, just being careful.
  • Yes, sir. My mistake.

(When seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Hello again, sir.
  • Hello, sir.
  • Oh, you're back.
  • Pardon me.

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • Incorrect!
  • Intruder!
  • Take me for a fool?
  • Wrong!
  • Yeah, sure.

Episode 5[]

(When seen by a guard while in disguise.)


  • Avast!
  • Aye!
  • Halt!

(Passwords; one of these is randomly picked to be asked by a guard when he sees Sly. Sly answers once Bentley gives him the password and the player enters the correct button sequence.)

Guard: Give me the flagship passcode.
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Port, hull, spar, spar.

Guard: Island password. Quickly now!
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Port, hull, spar, hull.

Guard: Out with the skeleton password.
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Jib, port, spar, hull.

Guard: Speaketh the storm password.
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Jib, spar, jib, spar.

Guard: What be the captain's password?
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Hull, spar, port, jib.

Guard: What be the crossbones passcode?
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Spar, spar, spar, spar.

Guard: What be the pirate's passcode?
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Port, port, hull, port.

Guard: What's the skull password?
Sly Cooper (pirate accent): Jib, spar, jib, hull.

(Upon giving the correct password.)


  • Ah, new blood, eh?
  • Me bad. (flashlight guard only)
  • Right, as you were, then.
  • Sorry, shipmate. (rooftop guard only)

(When seen by a guard who has already questioned you.)


  • Again, mate.
  • Ahoy, sir.
  • Avast! Oh, 'tis you. (rooftop guard only)
  • Aye aye.
  • Ey— oh, never mind. (flashlight guard only)

(After giving an incorrect password or no password.)


  • A sneak, eh?
  • Heard that before!
  • Knews you was a rat!
  • Stowaway!
  • Think I set sail yesterday?


(Bentley's taunts he makes to guards using this gadget)

  • Aloha, idiot!
  • Bawk, bawk, bawk, ba-kawk!
  • Come over to this position.
  • Eat dirt!
  • (slowly) Follow the sound of my voice.
  • Hey, fatty!
  • Hey, pay attention to me!
  • Hey you, unattractive person!
  • I'm right here!
  • I'm yelling at you!
  • Over here!
  • Up your nose, with a rubber hose!
  • Yo mama!
  • Yo, ugly!
  • You're a bad person, I mean it!
  • (singsong) You will never find me!
  • You, with the low self-esteem!

The Evolution of Sly[]

(18 months to Sly 2 ship.)

Dev Madan: Okay, well, I guess we're here to talk about some of the earlier stuff. This is Sly. I'm Dev Madan, art director at Sucker Punch.

Nate Fox: I'm Nate Fox, I'm one of the game designers.

Dev Madan: And what we're looking at here is a level that was produced but never made it into the game.

Nate Fox: Well, it made it into the game spiritually.

Dev Madan: Yes.

Nate Fox: I mean, you can tell: it's like a big, impressive, kind of riviera feel, high class. Very Sly Cooper-style.

Dev Madan: Yeah, it was figuring out the evolution of the gameplay between Sly 1 and Sly 2. This was what, six months that we worked on this? Eight months?

Nate Fox: Yeah, a shamefully long amount of time and it didn't even make it into the game.

Dev Madan: Yeah.

Nate Fox: But it was sort of the conceptual building block for how we were going to construct Sly 2, which was a big part of Sly 1.

Dev Madan: Totally.

Nate Fox: You can tell it's all non-linear in how you move through the space. It was a pretty radical shift for us.

Nate Fox: I remember in this level we were going to have Bentley steal a giant yacht and smash it through all of these docks and eventually bash it into that large building which was a casino so that the Cooper Gang could pull off a pretty sweet heist.

Dev Madan: Those are the smartest guards ever.

Nate Fox: I know. At least they stand at attention. Sly attacks them and they're there. They're very present emotionally. I love this cop boat because it features the fine Sucker Punch vision of writing poor French on things.

(10 months to Sly 1 ship.)

Dev Madan: 10 months, so we're now back at Sly 1.

Nate Fox: We kept the same Bentley from the very first voice experiment, but that Sly. Oh my gosh. (imitating Sly's voice) "Climb move!" Oh, man. Have you ever wanted to punch a character in the face more—

Dev Madan: That would be it.

Nate Fox: Bentley's a pretty interesting guy. The voice of Bentley. He's a friend of a fellow in the office, and he worked in a records store down the street from me. Be nice to go in and get a recommendation on an album.

Dev Madan: And he ended up being the voice of Bentley?

Nate Fox: Yeah. Well, he gave you record recommendations in the Bentley voice. (imitating Bentley's voice) "I think he wanted the one two shelves down."

Dev Madan: Ooh, the dancing money!

Nate Fox: Cash, yeah! Nothing says video game good times like dancing inanimate objects. I guess it is animated if it's dancing.

(16 months to Sly 1 ship.)

Dev Madan: Oh man, even this music I don't remember. I can't listen to this CD anymore.

Nate Fox: This is the same level we were just looking at just in a, obviously, much more primitive form.

Dev Madan: Look at the animations.

Nate Fox: Oh yeah. Sly looks like he's got a problem.

Dev Madan: Yup.

Nate Fox: What's his deal? If you saw somebody in real life running like that, what would you assume had happened to them?

Dev Madan: Um, hmm...

Nate Fox: I'm thinking burn victim. Back injury?

Dev Madan: Fused spine?

Nate Fox: Fused spine.

(18 months to Sly 1 ship.)

Nate Fox: Oh, yeah.

Dev Madan: 18 months. We didn't have the cel-borders on Sly.

Nate Fox: No. Sly's cane could transform into many unique devices, including this fabulous number which would allow you to see an invisible maze.

Dev Madan: So amazing. We were so down and determined to put this in the game. This level went through the entire development process; everybody in the office touched it at least once.

Nate Fox: Yeah. It's funny that parts of this level actually did ship in Sly 1.

Dev Madan: Totally.

Nate Fox: Sly versus the huge pistons. Why is Sly always evading large machine parts? If I ever get rich, I'm gonna hide all my money around huge moving parts.

Dev Madan: With open fire pits.

Nate Fox: Yeah, lots of fire right near my folding paper cash.

Nate Fox: Oh, check out that dynamic move. Actually, it's interesting this is a really, really old movie, but Sly is still doing those cane swings on hooks. Was that where you came up with the idea for the cane in the first place?

Dev Madan: No, it was more of a question mark, actually.

Nate Fox: Because he's the raccoon of mystery?

Dev Madan: Mystery.

Nate Fox: Which is clearly evident in this video. Who is that masked character who's swinging on the floating hook?

Dev Madan: The one thing that I kind of wish we didn't get rid of was, the original idea was that Sly's eyes you should always be able to see them in the dark. So like we'll see here when he turns around, if he ever turns around again, how his eyes pop out.

Nate Fox: Yeah. Oh, remember that checkpoint with the Sly logo on it? We had a lot of arguments internally about whether or not there would be Sly iconography in the world that belonged to the boss.

Dev Madan: Oh yeah, totally.

Nate Fox: It'd feel more like stealing if you didn't run across stuff that belonged to you.

Dev Madan: He's finally made it in.

Nate Fox: I like that most of our conversations internally are about what would make it feel more like thieving or being a thief. At this point, I think we're pretty aware of what it takes to be a thief. And if we lose our jobs—

Dev Madan: We've got another line of work.

Nate Fox: Yeah, our second career's all lined up.

Dev Madan: Oh, the freeze fish.

Nate Fox: Oh, yeah.

Dev Madan: It made sense that we wanted Sly to be able to freeze things that were totally recognizable.

Nate Fox: Well, we gotta know right? Players will not know that they can freeze water, so they should need something iconic. Who doesn't want to freeze a fish? Oh, the crab takes it again.

Dev Madan: I like that we made the NPC orange so that you can't tell where he is on the floor.

Nate Fox: Oh, right. Orange NPC on an orange platform. That's part of his cunning camouflage ploy.

Dev Madan: Totally.

Nate Fox: If anyone asks, it was completely to make the NPC look extra smart.

Nate Fox: Money popping up out of holes.

Dev Madan: So interesting seeing the character without the cel-border.

Nate Fox: I really liked that old thing where the money would fly like butterflies into your pack. It's pretty surreal, but it's...

Dev Madan: Rewarding.

Nate Fox: Yeah. Didn't we have problems using green money because it wouldn't localize into different countries? It really illustrates a problem globally that we have different colored money. The video game industry would really benefit from one color.

Nate Fox: Oh, the underwater approach. You'll notice that's the same fish that was the freeze fish. We just kept reusing him. Oh yeah, you can change the wings on the underwater vehicle to go through different openings in the cave.

Dev Madan: If I remember correctly, Raleigh's level was supposed to entirely be underwater.

Nate Fox: Yeah, that was going to be our first level of the game. Underwater, because it was going to be easier to do it that way.

(36 months to Sly 1 ship.)

Dev Madan: Oh man.

Nate Fox: Oh. Very intense.

Dev Madan: This is amazing.

Nate Fox: This old Sly is good.

Dev Madan: Was this PC? Was this on PC?

Nate Fox: I don't know. You know, frankly, I've blocked this Sly out of my memory. As far as I'm concerned, the Sly we know today sprang up, fully-formed. He has boxing gloves on and big clown shoes.

Dev Madan: Clown feet, yup.

Nate Fox: Oh, but check it out. He's a dynamo in action. Wow, what's that up ahead? Stairs, oh yeah. Video games are all about fantasy fulfillment, and here we're fulfilling the fantasy of ascending a blue staircase. But watch out, kids, there's lava up ahead!

Nate Fox: You know, I never really noticed, but Sly's in a lot of caves in these demos.

Dev Madan: All those stretched textures. Careful. Careful, Sly. Careful, Sly.

Nate Fox: Don't trust ambiguously shaped objects. Dev, I don't know if you know it, but orange means lava.

Dev Madan: Lava. Totally.

Nate Fox: Lava is bad for video game characters.

Dev Madan: In a video game?

Nate Fox: It is. At least in most video games, that's the case. However, in our game, we decided that it didn't hurt Sly at all.

Dev Madan: Oh my goodness.

Nate Fox: See, he can run in lava, whereas the modern Sly, he can't swim.

Dev Madan: Totally, but he can run in lava. It's the clown shoes.

Nate Fox: Completely. He used to be a lot tougher, is what this video tells me. Yeah, it's an impressionistic painting. It's a Dutch masterpiece. I kind of miss the Sucker Punch era of rolling lava rocks. I feel that was a real staple for us.

Dev Madan: Yeah. Not too thiefy, though.

Nate Fox: Not too thiefy.

Nate Fox: Ohh, the big guy! The original, the progenitor. Check out that mean run!

Dev Madan: I have nothing to say about that. That was brutal.

Nate Fox: You did the mo-cap for that run, didn't you?

Dev Madan: Yeah!

(Sly 3 gameplay.)

Nate Fox: Here he is in his most modern form. Whereas I did the mo-cap for this sequence. That looks better than the original Sly model we just looked at. I kind of miss the purse, though.

Dev Madan: Really?

Nate Fox: No, not really. Still doing the hook swing. Same as way back when. Still got the giant machine parts.

Dev Madan: Yes, in caves.

Nate Fox: Yeah, in caves. There's a lot more catapults in the new game, though, than in past games.

Dev Madan: It's because those environments are so big.

Nate Fox: That's true. The environments have gotten big. Just like Monaco, really. That was a big departure, and it really is what we're doing these days. This street here is just like that one in Monaco. This with significantly more gun-play.

Nate Fox: It's interesting to look at the computer monitor section of that gameplay is how much more abstract everything has gotten from those original kind of very linear level designs. I mean, clearly, we wouldn't have even thought about multiplayer. Venice is the same kind of romantic getaway Monaco was.

Dev Madan: Monaco, yup.

Nate Fox: Of course, in multiplayer it's not so romantic.

Dev Madan: No, no. Well, that's that.

Nate Fox: That's that.

Dev Madan: That was really painful.


  1. The in-game subtitles display the the text: "Well, I've got an idea..."