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There are 36 trophies in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves: 1 platinum, 5 gold, 8 silver and 22 bronze. They are available only on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

23 trophies are obtained by simply progressing through the story (marked by * in the list below). 11 trophies require you to purchase certain power-ups or collect a certain amount of coins. The remaining 2 trophies require you to attain 75% and 100% game completion respectively.


Image Name Requirement
Trophy MasterThief.png Master Thief Unlock all trophies in Sly Cooper's final outing... final? Really?
Trophy TheVault.png The Vault* Complete the prologue.
Trophy IntimateMoments.png Intimate Moments* Get close to Carmelita.
Trophy UndercoverRaccoon.png Undercover Raccoon* Use a Sly disguise in Venice.
Trophy UnleashTheGuru.png Unleash the Guru* Meet the Guru.
Trophy ScorpionCleaner.png Scorpion Cleaner* Dump off the truckload of scorpions.
Trophy TrueFriendship.png True Friendship* Slow down Dr. M as Murray.
Trophy RomanticBoatRide.png Romantic Boat Ride* Complete the canal boat chase in Venice.
Trophy It'sHalloween.png It's Halloween* Defeat mask-powered Carmelita.
Trophy IThinkSheLikesYou.png I Think She Likes You* Ask Penelope for help.
Trophy LastCall.png Last Call* Finish the bar room brawl.
Trophy VampireExterminator.png Vampire Exterminator* Stop the vampires.
Trophy HugItOut.png Hug It Out* Complete Dynamic Duo.
Trophy LateSleeper.png Late Sleeper Purchase the Alarm Clock.
Trophy TheBends.png The Bends* Collect Dimitri's diving gear.
Trophy PennyPincher.png Penny Pincher Collect 500 coins.
Trophy RaccoonParaglider.png Raccoon Paraglider Obtain the Paraglider.
Trophy EveryoneNeedsAFoxyLady.png Everybody Needs a Foxy Lady* Carmelita to the rescue again.
Trophy SlytunkhamenApproved.png Slytunkhamen Approved Purchase Shadow Power level 2.
Trophy BentleyPlumbing.png Bentley Plumbing* Destroy pumps.
Trophy BeatDown.png Beat Down* Defeat Octavio.
Trophy MaydayMayday.png Mayday Mayday* Defeat the Black Baron.
Trophy DiggingUpABone.png Digging Up a Bone* Defeat Muggshot.
Trophy DragonPunch.png Dragon Punch* Defeat the Chinese Dragon.
Trophy TakingOutTheTrash.png Taking Out the Trash* Defeat LeFwee.
Trophy TentacleTerror.png Tentacle Terror* Defeat Crusher.
Trophy SoGangWhat'sNext.png So Gang What's Next?* Defeat Dr. M.
Trophy - Coin Collector.png Coin Collector Collect 1000 coins.
Trophy ObsessiveRaccoon.png Obsessive Raccoon Complete 75% of the game.
Trophy EarnYourStripes.png Earn Your Stripes* Complete 50% of the game.
Trophy WhirlwindOfAwesome.png Whirlwind of Awesome Purchase Spin Attack level 3.
Trophy JumpKickLikeAPlumber.png Jump Kick Like a Plumber Purchase Jump Attack level 3.
Trophy Loot2.png Loot! Collect 2500 coins.
Trophy PinkPowerMurrayFighter.png Pink Power Murray Fighter Purchase Diablo Fire Slam.
Trophy OMGAFlyingTurtle.png OMG a Flying Turtle! Purchase Hover Pack.
Trophy 100PureCooper.png 100% Pure Cooper
Complete 100% of the game.

Tutorial: Complete all jobs and all Master Thief Challenges, including treasure hunts.