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The following is based on cut or altered content and is not considered to be part of the Sly Cooper continuity.

This is a list of content that was either removed or altered in the final version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.



  • The trophy "Family Matters" was originally called "Raccoon Gaiden 2".[1]
  • Ancient Egypt was initially going to be included as the first episode, but was cut because of the size limits of PS Vita games. However, it was incorporated into a secret ending for the game, showing Sly in the sand next to a sphinx and two pyramids.
  • Horseshoe Mode was going to be a sort of "New Game+" mode. After completing the game once, it could be played again without a health bar, instead going back to Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus style of gameplay, using horseshoes as health. It was removed because of time constraints.[2]
  • There were three planned antagonists not present in the released game.[Citation needed]
    • A male elephant who was meant to be the antagonist of "40 Thieves." He was later merged with another character to create Miss Decibel. Aspects of this character remain in the final game, such as elephant statues holding books in their trunks and acting as fountains.
    • A female monitor lizard who appeared to be some sort of wealthy aristocrat. Her planned role in the game is unknown, but her character was later merged with the male elephant to create Miss Decibel.
    • A male mole with a large drill-like contraption strapped to his back. He was the original antagonist in "Of Mice and Mechs" instead of Penelope.
  • Back when the aforementioned mole was the main antagonist of "Of Mice and Mechs", Penelope was supposed to be a protagonist.
  • Sir Galleth's domino mask was originally black instead of blue.
  • Grizz was originally supposed to be voiced by Biz Markie, who had done demo readings in pre-production. Instead, Sanzaru chose Fred Tatasciore as the voice of Grizz for the game.[Citation needed]
  • Bob was originally meant to be afraid of Bentley's gadgets, but this was changed in the final version.[Citation needed]

Turning Japanese

  • Early footage shows that when Rioichi was preparing to use the Leaping Dragon technique, he was able to turn invisible.
  • The green gem and Classic Gaming Gear were a piece of loot and treasure respectively, originally supposed to appear in Japan. The former was replaced by the kabuki mask in the released game, while the latter was completely cut.[3]
  • An earlier description of the Dragon Claw Statue was: "This solid gold dragon claw grasps a gigantic, perfect pearl, a symbol of wisdom. The claw itself is made from a mysterious compound perfect for reconstructing a mechanical owl." This differed from its finalized description, "Made from a mysterious metal alloy, this dragon claw grasps a gigantic, perfect pearl, a symbol of wisdom. However, some believe it is not meant to be a dragon's claw at all, but that of a gigantic owl." [4]
    • The episode has a completed script and was intended to be developed and released as post-launch DLC for Thieves in Time, but this did not occur for unknown reasons.[5]

Of Mice and Mechs

  • "Of Mice and Mechs" was originally going to be called "Holy Grail Robin."[Citation needed]
  • The mission "Juggling Act" was originally called "The Amazing Cooperoni."[6]