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This is a list of all known cheats, exploits and glitches for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


There are no cheats for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


All episodes[]

Limbo glitch

This glitch essentially stops a lot of interactions from happening. First, take fall damage four times (enough so one more fall will kill you). Jump off the ledge again and when in midair, pause the game and restart the checkpoint. While the checkpoint is restarting, you should hear Sly take fall damage and die. If done correctly, the glitch has now been set up, but not activated. To activate it, pause and restart the checkpoint again. If the pause menu closes without actually restarting the checkpoint, the glitch has been done correctly and is now activated.

You can now bypass cutscene triggers, such as fail screens. This can allow you to explore Paris in the prologue, for example.

When the glitch is set up you can take it to any level or mission, then activate it by restarting the checkpoint.

Note: This glitch can cause your game to crash if Sly is killed, too many entities (coin sparkles, puffs of smoke, etc.) are created, or in-engine cutscenes (non-Chalk Talks) are skipped.

Remove flashlights from guards

Behind any flashlight guard if you press triangle but not square he stands back up but with no flashlight. Without the flashlight, the guard technically cannot see the player, allowing for them sprint around him and constantly mislead him and even walk right in front of the guard without being attacked. The guard will attack, however, if the player walks into him.

Adrenaline Burst visual glitch

This glitch is for Bentley only. If you press square while using Adrenaline Burst, Bentley will have a permanent blue flame at the rear of his wheelchair. It is purely visual and will not increase movement speed. To remove it, simply die, restart the current checkpoint or return to the hideout. Also works if you drop bombs right before the burst finishes.

Murray holding nothing

This glitch is pretty easy to do. Pick Murray in an episode with lots of water (such as Turning Japanese), pick up any guard, fall into the water, then when you jump back on land, Murray has his arms up like he's holding something.

Zombie guards

You need Bentley for this glitch. Find a guard (rooftop or flashlight) then switch your ammo to "Sleep Ammo", then put him to sleep, after doing that, put a bomb on him then hit him and detonate the bomb. With rooftop guards it is different, when he's asleep, hit him once then detonate the sleep bomb exactly when he bounces on the ground. If done correctly, when he wakes up, the guard will run forward even into a wall.

Zombie Cooper Gang

This glitch can be performed by anyone except Carmelita. With Sly, get your health to almost dying then find a rooftop guard with treasure on his pockets and knock him dizzy, pickpocket him while dizzy and if done correctly, the guard will counterattack while Sly grabs the treasure and "die". The world will become gray like you've been defeated but you can move around but cannot attack, if a guard sees you, it will laugh at you like he killed you. With Bentley is the same or pickpocket an enemy with a bomb in his pocket, with the ancestors is the same. With Murray, get your health to almost dying then grab any guard with a shiny pocket. Look for another guard then let him see you and attack you, when you notice the attack, rapidly shake the enemy you're holding and you will die but receive the item and stay alive but with gray colors in the world. To undo this, restart the checkpoint, find a health power up, or suicide yourself with Bentley's Explosive or Shock Bombs.

Flashlight guards in hideout

To do this you need Murray to pick up a flashlight guard and throw him at the entrance of the hideout, he won't die unless you throw another one at his direction, this can apply to more than one flashlight guard.

Glitched in tunnel

This requires a narrow tunnel with a flashlight guard inside it. Use Sabertooth Costume and pounce at the guard. If done correctly, when you pounce, you'll get stuck in the tunnel's ceiling. There's no way to get out, and you will keep taking fall damage. When you die, you reset like normal.

Binocucom glitch

In any job pause just when a binocucom conversation ends and it'll stay there but you will still be able to play.

Cutscene glitch

This glitch seems to occur randomly on any job that has brief cutscenes that play before gaining control of a character, such as "Altitude Sickness". The cutscene will play as normal but when you assume control of the character, the thin blue lines and a small part of the black background can be seen on the edge of the screen. This will remain until the next cutscene plays or you restart from a checkpoint. This is a purely visiual glitch and does not affect gameplay as the background does not obstruct features like the Thief Meter, objectives, etc..

Turning Japanese[]

Out of bounds in "Pretty in Pinker"

This glitch is in the job "Pretty in Pinker." After you enter the Geisha house, climb one of the plants nearby. Spire Jump onto what you can and Focus Jump to the fan nearby. Focus Jump onto the disco ball, which is right above where you entered. Climb it and jump through the window. You will be on a see-through roof of the Geisha House with the dome Murray later breaks through. To exit this glitch, jump back through one of the windows.

False costume in "Sushi House Startup"

Not a game-changing glitch but it's fun to do. Do "Sushi House Startup" but instead of selecting the Samurai Costume, select the Sabertooth Costume, play dead and head to the two guards in front of the Sushi House. Sly will exhibit weird animations but still sends Rioichi to the house. This glitch can also be done with the Smoke Bomb, just place a smoke bomb and walk in front of the two guards in front of the house while in the mission.

Go West Young Raccoon[]

Free fall

Go to the highest part of the train, wait until you pass directly through some rock. Your body will start glitching out, and during this time, you jump and Sly or Tennessee Kid will free-fall through the level. Then eventually you will get a glitched loading screen and it will restart checkpoint and you'll spawn where you need to be.

Clan of the Cave Raccoon[]

Walking on lava

This can be done in Gungathal Valley if you have the Guru's moon stone, in some lava caves with the samurai door, all you have to do is to be in the samurai costume and go to the lava. You then lose half of your health and your still on the lava. This can also apply without the costume.

Of Mice and Mechs[]

Riding cane

This glitch has been done on the PS Vita version. Before "Operation: Mousetrap" pick Murray and reach the Thief Door. Punch the door and you get Sly riding his cane.