Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, the first piece of core canon.

The Sly Cooper series canon is what is regarded as "canonical," or officially part of a story, in the Sly Cooper universe (or universes). The canon information here is used to create the timeline.

There are two separate "universes" within the Sly Cooper series: the "games" universe and the "television" universe. While the games universe is considered to be the main source of information relating to Sly Cooper, the television universe is also canon within itself. The information in one universe may be used as "flavor" material in the other as long as this information doesn't contradict already present information, or take place after the latest entry in the universe (in the case of the games that take place chronologically after the TV series may).

Please note that neither the creators (Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games) nor the publisher of the Sly Cooper series have made any statements regarding the canonicity of any specific entry; this article merely describes the general view of the Sly Cooper Wiki and as such should not be seen as official in any capacity outside of this site.

Games universe

Higher entries take precedence over lower entries.

Canon works

  • All of the four main Sly Cooper games - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - are considered to be the "core canon." They take precedence over any other works. If information within these four games is contradictory, then the more recent release's information takes precedence. However, if the contradictory information in a newer release was more fleshed out in a previous release, then the older release's information takes precedence and the contradictory information is viewed as a mistake or oversight on the part of the creators.

Anything after the four main games is considered canon unless it contradicts information found in the core canon. However, like with contradicting information in the core canon, if it is more fleshed out and therefore adds more to the series, it is taken as canon and the contradictory information is viewed as a mistake or oversight on the part of the creators.

  • The information in the games' manuals add some minor information, such as Neyla's background, and are canon.

Semi-canon works

The information provided by the following entries is considered semi-canon; some details are canon, other details are not.

  • The Sly Cooper TV series may provide some background information/flavor material for the games universe, though only if it is completely non-contradictory. However, the events of the TV series shown on-screen do not take place in the games universe.
  • Animated shorts, such as Goodbye My Sweet and Timing is Everything, have some canon information. However, their time frame is unknown and the plot lines have differences to the series' continuity.
  • Thievius Raccoonus was a PC game released for free download in European territories. It may contain information on members of the Cooper Clan, though the events of the game did not take place.
  • Information found in Official Sly Cooper Game Guides may be somewhat difficult to place. The guides are written with input from the developers of the games, though this information may change between the time of the guide's publication and the release of the game. However, in the case of The Sly Collection Official Strategy Guide, since it was released at least five years after the original release of the games it provides information for, it is canon.
  • Easter eggs in the games may or may not be canon. For example, the Easter egg that allows you to see Rocket from Sucker Punch Productions' first game is not canon, while the Clockwerk sightings in Thieves in Time are.

Non-canon works

The information provided by the following entries is considered non-canon.

  • PlayStation Move Heroes was a party game that crosses the universes of several platformers and is therefore not canon.
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was a fighting game that crosses the universes of many games and is therefore not canon.
  • Easter eggs in games that are not in the Sly Cooper series (e.g., the Sly Cooper patch on Cole MacGrath's backpack or the existence of Thievius Raccoonus volumes in the inFAMOUS series) are not canon.
  • Trailers and making-of videos for the games are not canon.
  • Demos, betas, prototypes, et al., represent the games in an incomplete state and are not canon.
  • Master Thief Challenges are altered versions of jobs that take place in Sly 3, and as such add no story content while changing gameplay content. Therefore, they are not canon.

Television universe

The television universe so far is comprised of only one entry: the Sly Cooper TV series. As such, there should not be any contradictory information within this universe. However, information from the games universe that takes place prior to the events of the TV show can be taken as "flavor" material, as long as it doesn't contradict the show. This information, however, should not be written on articles related to the show unless it is specifically referenced (e.g., if the orphanage that the gang grew up in is mentioned but never named, it can be written that it is called the Happy Camper Orphanage; if the orphanage is not mentioned, this information should not be written).