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Sly Cooper is a media franchise that follows the adventures of eponymous protagonist Sly Cooper, a young adult raccoon and the latest descendant in a line of master thieves. While the Cooper family has accumulated a massive amount of wealth through their thieving ways, Sly places greater value on his friendship with his partners, Bentley and Murray, and his flirtatious relationship with Inspector Carmelita Fox.

The franchise began as a video game series, with its most recent entry, Thieves in Time, being released in 2013. Since its inception, Sly Cooper has expanded to include comics, a novel and both an upcoming television series and upcoming film.

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Sly Cooper is an upcoming animated television series being produced by Paris-based Technicolor Animation Productions and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Global distribution will be handled by PGS Entertainment. The series was first announced in June 2017, but its status as of May 2020 is unknown. (read more...)

Did you know…
  • ...that Sly's "Thief Mask Imager" is what allows him to see job beacons?
  • ...that Bentley developed a card counting technique, which he used in Monaco?
  • ...that the Guru's full title is "Guru of the Stone?"
  • ...that Muggshot is seven feet, three inches tall and weighs three hundred and twenty-four pounds?
  • ...that the hook of Sly Cooper's cane can retract?
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