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The following is based on cut or altered content and is not considered to be part of the Sly Cooper continuity.

The following is a list of content that was either removed or altered in the final release of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Tide of Terror

  • Some levels in the Isle of Wrath had different names prior to the final release, as evidenced in the demo.
  • The walrus guards in "Tide of Terror" were originally purple instead of brown. Some of them even wore different headwear. The flashlight guards were still squids but had different looks and walked differently.
  • An extra line of dialogue was originally going to be included in "A Stealthy Approach." It would be said as follows: "So that is what the storm machine is all about. By destroying ships at his front door, it's only a short hop to steal the cargo." This dialogue can be found within the RAM files for this mission.
  • Before the gate and cane swinging tutorial was added in the final release, near the beginning of "A Stealthy Approach," Sly could walk in shallow water, and halfway through, he could follow a simple path as well.[2][3]
  • There was no dialogue when entering "Prowling the Grounds," and there was no need to double jump up the first ledge.
  • This level was originally going to be completely underwater and feature a submarine that could turn its "wings" to fit through crevices.[1]
  • The job "The Gunboat Graveyard" originally featured lasers in the first flooded area.
  • The only notable differences with the hub level, prior to the final release, were non-playable levels, as their entrances were not available, and there was an invisible wall blocking access to the second portion in the E3 demo.
    • Also, the map was originally colored purple, before being changed to a more blue-greenish tint.
  • The job "Into the Machine" originally featured a portion featuring giant, spinning machine parts. While these objects did not make it into the final release, they can be seen near the end of the level through a grate in the wall.
  • According to the bonus commentary for "The Gunboat Graveyard," there was originally going to be a giant fish miniboss, but it was cut in the final release.
  • In the E3 demo, Bentley had a different line of dialogue in "High Class Heist": "Pay dirt, Sly! This place is loaded with ritzy stuff, and you know what that means... tighter security. You're going to have to be extra sneaky to get the treasure key in a place like this."[4]

Sunset Snake Eyes

  • Some images show that the skybox in Mesa City was originally going to be different.
  • The job "Two to Tango" originally had different chandeliers.
  • As shown in the E3 preview alpha, some jobs were going to have different names.
  • In "At the Dog Track", there were originally going to be five contenders for Murray to beat instead of four. The button that triggered the use of a nitro boost was also originally x instead of square.
    • The racetrack in this job also used to feature a high jump near one of the turns.
  • The suits worn by the Doberman pinscher guards were originally going to be turquoise instead of black.

Fire in the Sky

  • As evidenced in the Sly Cooper Jampack Winter demo, the Panda King was the first member of the Fiendish Five instead of Raleigh. Sly would also learn the climb move from the Panda King's section of the Thievius Raccoonus. The China level was also supposed to be the first one in the game, but due to its difficulty level, it was reordered to be the fourth level.
  • The "The Unseen Foe" mission originally was going to feature a barrel similar to "A Cunning Disguise" and "A Daring Rescue."


  • In the E3 demo, Sly had a different voice and model, as well as different textures.
  • Carmelita Fox was originally named "Chase." She wore different clothes and had a different model.
  • Clue bottles featured a safe dial on them instead of a yellow question mark.
  • Some levels originally featured more clues than in the final release.
  • Sly's cane had multiple functions, including revealing a hidden laser maze with the spray of some water and freezing enemies to create walkways.[1]
  • The game was originally going to feature stationary bags of money from which paper bills would erupt, but they were replaced with dancing cash bundles. The Sucker Punch team found it very difficult to change the money's color so that it would be appropriate for each area around the world, therefore the paper money was replaced with the current currency, coins. The cash would fly into Sly's pouch, which was a satchel around his left arm.[1]
    • The coins were also originally supposed to feature Sly's face instead of their current designs.
  • Originally, Sly's eyes would always be visible, regardless if it was dark or not.[1]
  • Sly's original name was going to be JT, but his name was changed early in development.
  • The vault combinations were originally different from the current ones.
  • Bentley had different lines of dialogue whenever the player would crack the first vault. He would go over the instructions on how to crack it, followed by the combination.[5]
  • Originally, there were two cut characters from the game named Zig and Zag. They would pop out of treasure chests and take pictures of Sly Cooper before retreating back inside. They served as the predecessors to signal repeaters and would also start laughing if Sly whacked their chests with his cane.
  • The symbol on the back of the Cooper Van looked slightly different in the E3 demo.
  • The order in which techniques would be learned used to be:
    1. Knockout dive
    2. Slow motion jumps
    3. Raccoon roll
    4. Invisibility
    5. Coin-collecting dive
    6. Use three Lucky Charms at once
    7. Speed up the clock
    8. Move while invisible
    9. Use four Lucky Charms at once