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This is a list of all known cheats, exploits and glitches for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Conserving lives[]

You can conserve lives by accessing the map screen and changing levels, or you can restart the level while the death animation is playing. When the game resumes, you will have the same amount of lives.

Police HQ[]

This exploit allows you to complete the level without entering Police HQ. Instead of climbing up the water tower, you can go past it to the very back of the roof to end up near a spinning vent. Jump on to the antenna and then jump towards the corner of the building. After grabbing onto the ledge, jump up without pushing forward, and you will land on the corner. Now leap towards the middle of the face of the building and, if done correctly, you will fall down into the parking lot. Since Carmelita will not be here, you can freely run through the parking lot to the Cooper Van.

Note: Doing this exploit prevents you from opening the vault on the current save file and will, therefore, make 100% completion impossible. If playing on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, the trophies "Foxy Lady" and "Greedy Raccoon" (obtained by collecting the police file and opening all vaults respectively) will be missed.

Hourglass reset[]

This exploit allows you to respawn the hourglass that is used to initiate the "Master Thief Sprints" simply by activating a checkpoint in a level that is relatively close to the hourglass and dying. Sly is now free to backtrack to the hourglass or in some cases, depending on the design of the level, you can go through entire levels to kill/destroy all the guards, alarms, etc, and return to a checkpoint to reactivate it, which will save everything you just did to the environment in the level of your choosing. With the use of the "Roll" power-up for backtracking to the hourglass after respawning at a checkpoint, you can complete many sprints very easily.

Note: You can use a glitch called super jumping which is explained in this page to exploit the hourglass even further. This is useful if a checkpoint is located on an upper section of a level, allowing you to drop down to the lower section, grab the hourglass in the super jump and fall into water, a pit, or a stuck spot to get sent back to your last known grounded position.

Cheats/Debug codes[]

There are nine codes in total for the game. One code is unique, a few have minor side effects, and several must be re-entered if you quit the game. Every code starts with d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle and is then followed by a distinct set of inputs. For ease of use, the starting string of inputs will be shown for each code. You will hear a click sound if you enter a code correctly, identical to the sound of scrolling through the pause menu.

Unlock all levels/episodes

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle triangle unlocks all levels/episodes in the game, allowing you to access every portrait in the hideout and visit all levels. This means you can go straight to the Clockwerk boss fight level "A Strange Reunion" once Paris has been completed. Saving the game makes this permanent and if you enter the code in the hideout it will reload.

Note: All the hub worlds will be set to their final state and all key locks in the game will be unlocked, you can still collect the keys.

Unlock all pages of the Thievius Raccoonus

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle d pad down unlocks all pages of the Thievius Raccoonus. You can still open vaults, but they will be empty and will not be marked as completed on your save file. Saving the game makes 100% completion impossible.

Collect all clue bottles

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle d pad up collects all bottles automatically in a single level, and all bottles/bottle safes will disappear immediately. You can open vaults with this code, and by saving the game, you will still retain all of your bottles.

Note: This will not collect every bottle in the game. You must input the code for each level individually.

Infinite lucky charms

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle circle gives Sly infinite recovery from taking damage. You can do this with or without wearing a Lucky Charm. The game will display a charm falling off Sly's back regardless.

Slippery objects

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle d pad right frees clue bottles from their normal starting position. If the bottles are located on a slope, this can result in them sliding and potentially falling off of the level. The barrels that Sly can walk in will also slide if you jump in and out in specific ways, or push him against them.

Note: Slippery physics is different and is a side effect of a reload code only.

Map Reload

Inputting any of the following three codes reloads the current map of the game. You can be in a level, a hub or in the hideout. These can be used to skip binocucom dialogue and animated scenes such as pre-boss scenes, Carmelita scenes within levels, and Bentley scenes in the hideout. All cinematic cutscenes cannot be skipped.

Reload Code 1: d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle d pad left [This code includes minor slippery physics which will impact Sly and guards.]

Reload Code 2: d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle start [This code disables several codes, however, you can re-enter them.]

Reload Code 3: d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle select [This code has no additional impacts.]

Note: You can use the reload codes to get out of the animated scene in "A Daring Rescue," but you cannot skip it.

The password is: chetkido

This code requires the following:

  • You must be in A Perilous Ascent
  • You must be on a 100% save file
  • You must have 99 coins
  • You must have 0 lives

Inputting d pad down l2 r2 x d pad down l2 r2 x d pad left circle square square square when the four conditions have been met causes a message to pop up in the bottom-left corner of the screen that reads: "The password is: chetkido" — the developers claim this was just a test code [1], so they likely forgot to remove it.


Title screen[]

Press start right before the opening sequence finishes, and you will have control of Sly, plus your movements will be relative to the slow rotating camera of the title screen. Head to the water tower to trigger the stealth aura tutorial. The binocucom cutscene will trigger, but the cutscene will not proceed. To exit, open the pause menu and load a save file.

Police Headquarters[]

Paris free roam

Climb up and head around the water tower like normal, but when you get to the air vent that you must sneak through, jump on top of it, and follow the vent to the slanted roof. You will see some pipes here; drop down onto the small ledge next to them. From here, you must jump out, away from the building. If you jump at the right angle and distance, you will fall down without losing a life or horseshoe. You should then be able to free-roam outside of the level and head to the Eiffel Tower. Swinging Sly's cane while attempting the glitch seems to help. If you fail to attempt this glitch while you have a horseshoe, you will become invincible for a moment. As long as you take damage from falling while covered with the red outline, you will not die, allowing for essentially infinite attempts.

Sunset Snake Eyes[]

Muggshot's Turf

When you collect enough keys to unlock the jammed hot rod, stand in front of the car end aimed at the casino, then swing your cane at the lever. You will then be tossed into the air as high as the casino, but more often than not, you will be thrown completely out of the city, causing it to disappear and suspending you in a jump pose until you pause the game and exit to the hideout.

Bright Boneyard Casino

By jumping into the seam between the lever for opening the glass doors and the window next to the lever, you can clip through the wall and play the level with the lights still on.

Straight to the Top

In the mission "Straight to the Top," if you jump onto one of the cars hanging off of the building while it is falling, you will fall down with it, and from there, you will be constantly falling.

Vicious Voodoo[]

A Ghastly Voyage

By using skillful jumping before entering, it is possible to enter this level without the hover blaster. Whether you do this or not, you will still have the vehicle upon entering.

A Deadly Dance

By hitting Mz. Ruby twice before she warps to her final location, the game will act as if the player has successfully defeated her, and the finishing cutscene will play with a glitched camera.

Fire in the Sky[]

The Unseen Foe

In the mission "The Unseen Foe," if you are sliding on a rope without jumping off of it onto the platform it leads to, you will sometimes slide right past it into a vast purple emptiness.


In the boss battle, it is possible to give the Panda King unlimited health. Simply hit him until he is one hit away from defeat, then use the Mine power-up to deplete his health bar. Even though his health bar will be at zero, he will still be alive and impervious to any attacks from Sly. Thus, you must redo the boss battle.

The Cold Heart of Hate[]

A Temporary Truce

Before attempting to do this glitch, you will need a few power-ups;

Before entering the level, have the Dive power-up equipped. While Sly runs up to Carmelita upon entry, mash triangle to dive left or right into the lava. The lava has the properties of water, meaning he will not get burned and will jump right back up to the cliff. The normal cutscene will not play, but the mattes (black cinematic lines) will still be present during gameplay. You can get rid of these by bringing up the map with select. Now you have the freedom to explore the level, and fire slugs and robo-falcons will not appear. Some of the tubes the slugs spawn from can allow you to perform the ledge sneaking move. The pipe that Sly can Rail Walk on is breakable, and most of the other objects are not solid. Dying from the electric obstacle on the Rail Slide or drowning will restart the level.

Super jump[]

This glitch is one of the more complicated and difficult to pull off. You must have all of these things;

  • A place to stand on
  • Water, an edge to fall off, or a stuck spot
  • A Lucky Charm or the Water Safety/Briefly Defy Gravity power-ups.

Whenever Sly touches the ground after jumping, a little cloud of dust appears. Wherever this dust appears is considered the last place Sly touched the ground. You can stop the dust from appearing by jumping, then just before hitting the ground, pressing square and immediately jumping again. No dust cloud will appear. If you get from one place to another without the dust cloud appearing and then jump off an edge, hit the water or land in a stuck spot, you will respawn at where you last 'touched the ground', or where the dust last appeared. This glitch can be used to fly through the cannon in Raleigh's hideout (skipping four levels) and into the elevator in Muggshot's hideout (skipping three levels). It can also be achieved within levels to fly through the end of level portals. The Slow Motion Jump can also help make this glitch much easier.

Void drown[]

This glitch is one of the hardest in the game. You should have the following;

  • A location where the edge of a water plane meets a void plane
  • A precise starting position
  • A Lucky Charm.

This glitch can be performed in many areas within the game to fly across entire levels, but the most notable use occurs in "Fire in the Sky." In this episode's hub, you want Sly to fall into the edge of a water plane to cross over into a void plane behind the "Duel by the Dragon" or "Rapid Fire Assault" level entry. If done correctly, he will be locked in his drowning animation and descend into the void. Once his drowning animation fully ends or is interrupted with an x input, Sly will be sent back to his last solid ground position with a lot of speed. This allows him to fly past it with enough height and distance to pass through the Panda King's statue (skipping three levels) and hit the trigger for the boss battle "Flame Fu!."

Infinite air time[]

This glitch can prove tricky to pull off. It requires the following;

Position Sly on one of the several spots mentioned. The inputs to perform the glitch are: x circle triangle followed by circle and triangle repeatedly for the rest of the glitch. You must cycle between circle and triangle to increase and maintain height. If your timing is precise, Sly will rise and stay in the air infinitely. This glitch allows for many skips to be performed and is overall a great way to view levels from a high altitude.