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This page includes the controls for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Originally released for the PlayStation 2, the game was later ported to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as part of The Sly Collection. As such, the controls for the standard DualShock controller and those for the Vita are included.

Sly Cooper[]

Sly Cooper is the main character the player controls for most of the gameplay, be it on foot or in a vehicle.

Name Input (PS2/PS3) Input (Vita) Effect
Move left analog stick/d pad Sly moves around.
Ledge sneak left analog stick + circle Sly sneaks along the edge of a wall.
Camera right analog stick The camera moves.[note 1]
Center camera r3 Rear touchpad The camera centers behind Sly.
Jump x Sly jumps once.
Double jump x + x Sly does a jump twice, while in the air, for extra height.
Swing cane square Sly swings his cane.
Jump attack x + square Sly jumps and swings his cane down for an attack.
Interact/Invisibility circle Sly interact with objects of interest, such as poles (for climbing) and vaults. This also triggers his Invisibility move if he is out of range of interactive objects.
Use technique triangle Sly uses the currently selected technique.
Ninja Spire Jump circle Sly performs a Ninja Spire Jump on small points, ropes, vines, etc.
Binocucom l1/r1 Touch screen (center) Sly opens or closes his binocucom. When a Bentley icon appears in the lower-left corner of the screen, the player can press l1 or tbl (Vita) to replay binocucom conversations, or messages from Bentley. right analog stick also allows him to zoom in or out. Both analog sticks can be used to move the head of the characters during a conversation.
Switch technique l2/r2 sl/sr The player swaps between available techniques.
Map select The player accesses the map of the current episode.

Cooper Van[]

The player controls the Cooper Van, driven by Murray, in the missions "At the Dog Track," A Desperate Race" and "Burning Rubber."

Name Input Effect
Gas/steer left analog stick The van accelerates and can be steered.
Turbo boost square The van gains a momentary boost of speed after nitro boosts are collected. This applies only to the racing missions.
Battering ram The van's battering ram is activated. This applies only to "Burning Rubber."

Turret/Carmelita's shock pistol[]

The player controls a turret during the missions "Murray's Big Gamble" and "The King of the Hill." They also control Carmelita Fox using her shock pistol during the mission "A Temporary Truce."

Name Input Effect
Aim left analog stick The player aims the weapon.
Shoot square or x The player fires the weapon.

Hover blaster/Submarine[]

The player controls a hover blaster in the missions "A Ghastly Voyage" and "Rapid Fire Assault." A submarine is also operated in the mission "Treasure in the Depths."

Name Input Effect
Move/steer left analog stick The vehicle accelerates and can be steered.
Aim/shoot right analog stick The vehicle's cannon is aimed and can be fired.

Swamp skiff[]

The player controls a swamp skiff in the mission "Piranha Lake."

Name Input Effect
Steer and aim left analog stick The swamp skiff steers, and aims its flamethrower.
Flamethrower square The swamp skiff fires its flamethrower.

Hacking program[]

A hacking segment appears in the mission "Bentley Comes Through," where the player controls Bentley's avatar.

Name Input Effect
Move/steer left analog stick The avatar moves and can be steered.
Aim/shoot right analog stick The avatar aims, and shoots missiles.


The player controls Sly using Carmelita's jetpack in the final mission, "A Strange Reunion."

Name Input Effect
Move and aim left analog stick The jetpack moves in any direction, and its turrets can be aimed.
Shoot square The jetpack fires its missiles.


These are general controls that the player can utilize at almost anytime in the game.

Name Input Effect
Pause start The game pauses, and the Pause menu appears.


  1. In this game only, camera functions are limited to just left and right movement. Some missions do not allow any camera movement whatsoever. However, camera movement (if allowed) is still possible when on the Pause menu.