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There are 36 trophies in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus: 1 platinum, 5 gold, 8 silver and 22 bronze. They are available only for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita releases of the game.

Every trophy can be obtained by simply progressing through the story (story-related trophies are marked with * in the list below) while collecting every clue bottle to open every vault. For clue bottle locations, refer to the individual walkthroughs for each level.


Image Name Requirement
Trophy - True Thievius Raccoonus.png True Thievius Raccoonus Unlock all trophies for Sly Cooper's first outing.
Trophy - Foxy Lady.png Foxy Lady* Collect a police file from Carmelita.
Trophy - Coin Collector.png Coin Collector Collect a single coin.
Trophy - Coin Recycler.png Coin Recycler Collect 60 coins.
Trophy - Coins, Coins Everywhere!.png Coins, Coins Everywhere! Collect 99 coins.
Trophy - Snowy Blueprints.png Snowy Blueprints Collect some snowy blueprints.
Trophy - Programmers Can Do Anything.png Programmers Can Do Anything Collect some watery blueprints.
Trophy - French Bulldog Style.png French Bulldog Style Collect a blueprint from Muggshot.
Trophy - Top Of The Morning.png Top of the Morning Learn Rob McCooper's Explosive Hat technique.
Trophy - Sucker Punched!.png Sucker Punched!* Enter the world of Sly Cooper!
Trophy - Slytunkhamen Approves.png Slytunkhamen Approves Upgrade your shadow.
Trophy - Run Like An Egyptian.png Run Like an Egyptian* Learn Slytunkhamen's secret move.
Trophy - Dive Bomb.png Dive Bomb Learn Drake Cooper's Fast Attack Dive.
Trophy - Slow Slacker.png Slow Slacker Upgrade your slow motion technique.
Trophy - Take It Slow.png Take It Slow Learn Dev Cooperinda's Slow Motion Jump.
Trophy - Now Ya See Me.png Now Ya See Me Learn Sir Andrew Cooper's Thief Replica technique.
Trophy - Coin Sucker.png Coin Sucker Learn Karin Coopergiwa's Coin Magnet technique.
Trophy - Spikes Suck.png Spikes Suck Learn Sir Augustine of Cooper's Briefly Defy Gravity technique.
Trophy - Singing Gator.png Singing Gator Collect a voodoo blueprint.
Trophy - Freeze, You're It.png Freeze, You're It Learn B.F. Cooper's Speed Up the Clock technique.
Trophy - Waterlogged.png Waterlogged Learn Suzanne Cooper's Water Safety technique.
Trophy - Frog Legs.png Frog Legs* Defeat Sir Raleigh the Frog.
Trophy - Giving The Dog A Bone.png Giving the Dog a Bone* Defeat Muggshot.
Trophy - Dance, Dance Ruby.png Dance, Dance Ruby* Defeat Mz. Ruby
Trophy - Pandas Aren't Always Cute.png Pandas Aren't Always Cute* Defeat Panda King.
Trophy - Time Stopper.png Time Stopper Max out all Slow Motion techniques.
Trophy - Learn The Ropes.png Learn the Ropes* Start out on your Cooper adventure.
Trophy - Pug Gambling.png Pug Gambling* Enter Muggshot's territory.
Trophy - Complete Darkness.png Complete Darkness Max out all shadow techniques.
Trophy - Bayou Lily.png Bayou Lily* Enter the voodoo swamp.
Trophy - Meeting The Ancestors.png Meeting the Ancestors Find all the blueprints.
Trophy - Clash of the Clockwerk.png Clash of the Clockwerk* Track down Clockwerk.
Trophy - Greedy Raccoon.png Greedy Raccoon
Open all vaults.

Tutorial: The final vault can be opened only after beating the game.
Trophy - Oh No He Didn't.png Oh No He Didn't* Defeat Clockwerk.
Trophy - Bottle Hoarder.png Bottle Hoarder Collect all clue bottles in any level.
Trophy - Nimble Like A Thief.png Nimble Like a Thief Find all the Dive moves.