There are 36 trophies in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus: 1 platinum, 5 gold, 8 silver and 22 bronze. They are available only on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game.

Every trophy can be obtained by simply progressing through the story (story-related trophies are marked with * in the list below) while collecting every clue bottle to open every vault. For clue bottle locations, refer to the individual walkthroughs for each level.

Trophies[edit | edit source]

Image Name Requirement
Trophy TrueThieviusRaccoonus.png True Thievius Raccoonus Unlock all trophies for Sly Cooper's first outing.
Trophy FoxyLady.png Foxy Lady* Collect a police file from Carmelita.
Trophy CoinCollector.png Coin Collector Collect a single coin.
Trophy CoinRecycler.png Coin Recycler Collect 60 coins.
Trophy CoinsCoinsEverywhere.png Coins, Coins Everywhere! Collect 99 coins.
Trophy SnowyBlueprints.png Snowy Blueprints Collect some snowy blueprints.
Trophy ProgrammersCanDoAnything.png Programmers Can Do Anything Collect some watery blueprints.
Trophy FrenchBulldogStyle.png French Bulldog Style Collect a blueprint from Muggshot.
Trophy TopOfTheMorning.png Top of the Morning Learn Rob McCooper's Explosive Hat technique.
Trophy SuckerPunched.png Sucker Punched!* Enter the world of Sly Cooper!
Trophy SlytunkhamenApproves.png Slytunkhamen Approves Upgrade your shadow.
Trophy RunLikeAnEgyptian.png Run Like an Egyptian* Learn Slytunkhamen's secret move.
Trophy DiveBomb.png Dive Bomb Learn Drake Cooper's Fast Attack Dive.
Trophy SlowSlacker.png Slow Slacker Upgrade your slow motion technique.
Trophy TakeItSlow.png Take It Slow Learn Dev Cooperinda's Slow Motion Jump.
Trophy NowYaSeeMe.png Now Ya See Me Learn Sir Andrew Cooper's Thief Replica technique.
Trophy CoinSucker.png Coin Sucker Learn Karin Coopergiwa's Coin Magnet technique.
Trophy SpikesSuck.png Spikes Suck Learn Sir Augustine of Cooper's Briefly Defy Gravity technique.
Trophy SingingGator.png Singing Gator Collect a voodoo blueprint.
Trophy FreezeYou'reIt.png Freeze, You're It Learn B.F. Cooper's Speed Up the Clock technique.
Trophy Waterlogged.png Waterlogged Learn Suzanne Cooper's Water Safety technique.
Trophy FrogLegs.png Frog Legs* Defeat Sir Raleigh the Frog.
Trophy GivingTheDogABone.png Giving the Dog a Bone* Defeat Mugghot.
Trophy DanceDanceRuby.png Dance, Dance Ruby* Defeat Mz. Ruby
Trophy PandasAren'tAlwaysCute.png Pandas Aren't Always Cute* Defeat Panda King.
Trophy TimeStopper.png Time Stopper Max out all Slow Motion techniques.
Trophy LearnTheRopes.png Learn the Ropes* Start out on your Cooper adventure.
Trophy PugGambling.png Pug Gambling* Enter Muggshot's territory.
Trophy CompleteDarkness.png Complete Darkness Max out all shadow techniques.
Trophy BayouLily.png Bayou Lily* Enter the voodoo swamp.
Trophy MeetingTheAncestors.png Meeting the Ancestors Find all the blueprints.
Trophy ClashOfTheClockwerk.png Clash of the Clockwerk* Track down Clockwerk.
Trophy GreedyRaccoon.png Greedy Raccoon
Open all vaults.

Tutorial: The final vault can be opened only after beating the game.
Trophy OhNoHeDidn't.png Oh No He Didn't* Defeat Clockwerk.
Trophy BottleHoarder.png Bottle Hoarder Collect all clue bottles in any level.
Trophy NimbleLikeAThief.png Nimble Like a Thief Find all the Dive moves.
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