The Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Official Strategy Guide was written by David Winding and published by Prima Games (now BradyGames) on October 1, 2002. It contains strategies, tutorials and walkthroughs that the reader may find useful while playing Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It also includes a poster.


From the desk of Bentley (page 4-7)Edit

This section explains the gameplay to the reader, from controls to "items of interest," likes treasure keys, Lucky Charms and lives.

Episodes and jobs (page 8-125)Edit

This section provides walkthroughs of every job. Each job walkthrough is broken into "Bentley's Breakdown," which tells the reader what they will be doing, how many clue bottles are in the job and what the vault combination is (if the vaults are opened in order); "Thug Alerts," which tells where each guard is located in the mission; "Murray's Treasure Map," which tells what items in the job are breakable for coins; "Security System Analysis," which tells where each alarm, laser wall and security grid is in the job; "Sly Moments," which tell where auras are located, "Mysterious Messages," which tells where clue bottles are located; "Inspector Carmelita Fox," which tells how to avoid Carmelita's attacks in the jobs where it is applicable. At the end of each walkthrough are the locations of the vault, treasure key and any lives or Lucky Charms.

Bentley's debriefing (page 126-128)Edit

This section tells the reader how to unlock each secret video. It also gives hints for completing the Master Thief Sprints in several levels, though not all. Lastly, it tells the reader what each of the vaults contains, if collected in order (every third vault in an episode contains blueprints for that episode).

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