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Sly Masks are collectibles in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. There are 60 hidden throughout the entire game, unlike the static 30 clue bottles per episode. The player will have no indication of where the masks are, except for visually spotting them or utilizing the PlayStation Vita's augmented reality server. They can be found in jobs, around the hub worlds or within arcade machines.

Pressing select in an episode and then pressing d pad right will show the player how many masks have been collected in the current episode out of a total. Doing this in a job will not display masks restricted to that job. Each numbered episode contains 11 masks, while the prologue and epilogue together contain 5 masks. At certain increments of collected masks, special unlockables are rewarded that can be toggled on or off; they are cosmetic changes and for the most part do not affect gameplay, with the exceptions of Ratchet's Wrench and Cole's Amp, which provide minor gameplay benefits.


Below is a list of mask locations. Each section pertains to one episode and mentions whether a mask is found in the hub world, a specific job (the location where the job takes place is also mentioned, in parenthesis), or that episode's arcade machine.

Paris Prologue[]

I Smell a Rat (Museum Heist)

  1. When playing as Sly, the first mask is hidden behind a yellow structure on top of the roof, guarded by a helicopter.
  2. When playing as Bentley in the sewers, when exiting the second tunnel but before jumping across the water, there is a mask hidden to the left of the platform behind some boxes in another tunnel.

Turning Japanese[]

Hub world

  1. Found on a far cliff in a circle of crates, this Mask requires the Leaping Dragon Technique to reach.
  2. On top of a big rock near a golden rhino statue, this Mask also requires the Leaping Dragon Technique to reach.

Breakout! (Imperial Prison)

  1. Make your way half-way to the hallway where you meet Rioichi, look to the left and you'll see the Mask in a cell. This is attainable after talking to Rioichi for the first time, immediately after crossing the guards turn left and go to the crawlspace.
  2. After getting past the first set of fire breathing dragons, past the guard in the entrance of the second section, you'll see that the Mask is in a prison cell behind the bar door. Must be accessed by a crawlspace right next to the top of a long vine that Sly needs to climb.

Sushi House Startup (Rioichi's Sushi House)

  1. In the first room, where Rioichi uses the Leaping Dragon Technique to get to a platform where he then sneaks on a ledge to a guard, instead use the Leaping Dragon to a pipe where the mask is at the end.
  2. Before pulling the lever to turn on the boiler, climb up the nearby pole to get a Mask.

Pretty in Pinker (Madame Geisha House)

  1. After dragon leaping across several fans, it is behind some crates on a platform above several rat troopers.

Something's Fishy / Spiked Sushi (Sashimi Caverns)

  1. Found behind you at the start of the level.

Altitude Sickness (Emperor's Palace)

  1. Found behind the gang after you enter the Dragon Gates.
  2. After the cane is taken, follow El Jefe into the palace and you will find the mask to the left of the entrance.

Arcade machine

  1. In the first level there will be a portal in the top right of the screen just before the level starts shifting downwards. Through this portal is the mask as well as many ion bits.

Go West Young Raccoon[]

Hub world

  1. One found somewhere behind a building just at the south near the railroad.
  2. Just past the mines behind a building near the railroad requires both to be on top of the train to get up there and the Jailbird Costume.

Jailhouse Blues (Saddle Sore Correctional Facility)

  1. Just after Tennessee picks up the TNT barrel in a nearby shed with a crate inside.
  2. When you reach the place with 3 blocks, to the left from the start in a room with loads of barrels.

Cooper for Hire (Budd Stagg Caverns)

  1. When you reached the first room of guards above where a coyote is guarding.
  2. When you reached the last vault door to the right where you see 2 crates that requires Crackshot.

Saloon Bug (Bar Dynamite)

  1. As soon as you take control of Sly, move through the first part of the bar, on the rails above the guards until you get to a sign that you must break with your Jailbird costume. After that go in to the room ahead. In the middle of the room there is a roulette table with a chariot on top. You must climb up one side that has the hook. Launch yourself up, on top will be the mask.

Jail Break (Saddle Sore Correctional Facility)

  1. Where Carmelita and Tennessee make their way in the river just in the second gate section after Tennessee opens it just under the shack is a mask.

Operation: Gold Digger (GoldDigger Express)

  1. Found in the first room with laser traps to the left of a platform behind a crate with 3 locks.
  2. In the second room of lasers just behind luggages near the exit.

Arcade machine

  1. In the second level of the hacking game, switch to the purple tank and shoot out the wall to the right, in between the two towers of light. The mask will be in there.

Clan of the Cave Raccoon[]

Hub world

  1. Underneath the bridge on the river. Jump on an ice floe to obtain the mask.
  2. Near the arena is a path that twists north into an ice cave containing some huts. Before the entrance to the cave there is an ice wall to the right that Bob can climb. The mask is at the top
  3. Near the end of the river there is another ice wall that can be accessed by the final bridge before the second waterfall. Use Bob to find the mask above the dinosaur skeleton.
  4. Go south from the hideout all the way to the edge of the map. To your left should be a fence and a tree, to your right will be a rock formation with blue mushrooms growing on it and graffiti on it. In between the tree and the rock formation, there will be a small clearing that you go through. To the right, behind the rock, there is a tree. Climb up it, jump on the rock, you should see the mask sitting on a huge stone penguin nose. paraglide to it and collect the mask.
  5. In a nest just to the left of the Safe House. You'll need to climb to the top of the Safe House to get to it.

Unexpected Ties (Lair of the Bear)

  1. The only mask in this level is located behind Grizz's bed after you obtain the Sabertooth costume.

Going Up (Frostbite Peak)

  1. In the area where you must dodge Pterodactyl eggs falling from the two chutes. The mask is on the path to the right.

Ice Ice Bentley (Cold Storage Caverns)

  1. The mask is behind and ice wall at the very end of the second ice cave where you must dodge the rolling eggs.

Operation: Jurassic Thievery (Purple Paw Paint Factory)

  1. When you reach the end of Bob's section there will be an area you can slide further downwards before making your way to the last cap. The mask is down here.
  2. In Sly's section when you reach the geysers and must use the paraglider to progress, the mask is on a ledge off to the left side of the room.

Arcade machine

  1. In a small alcove to the left after the start of the game. Might require bouncing off of the four bumpers at the start.

Of Mice and Mechs[]

Hub world

  1. Halfway up the first blimp tower during "Eye in the Sky"
  2. On a circular platform attached to a tower near the safe house, in front of the circus area. You have to wait for the rope to come by to jump onto the platform to get the Mask.
  3. On the top of the tower next to the giant bell tower. Only Sir Galleth can collect this mask by using his Catapult Crash off of a ring on the side of the tower facing the castle.
  4. After destroying the second blimp during "Eye in the Sky," you can jump to a circle of crates below the top of the tower. The mask is located in the middle of the crates.
  5. On top of the Tavern.

Juggling Act (The Amazing Cooperoni)

  1. After the first group of flimsy trumpets, after Sly hits the target and makes his way across, a bucket of arrows is hidden inside a box on the platform. Smash the buckets to uncover the arrows, and shoot it at the other platform. Rail-Walk across to the mask.
  2. After the second group of flimsy trumpets, at the very top of the rope on a platform.

Mechanical Menace (Belly of the Beast)

  1. There is a small ledge just off to the right before you start climbing the Dragon's Lair. Drop down onto it to find the mask.

Shell Shocked Heart (Assembly Line)

  1. In the first area of the Blacksmith the first mask is behind a destructible wall on the left side of the rafters.
  2. After the second computer hack, in a room with two spinning columns there is a crate on the far side of the room. Inside it is the second mask.

Arcade machine

  1. In the second level in an alcove on the right side of the screen, right before you begin going upwards, there is a large green portal. Once you enter it, there will be many ionic bits and a Sly Mask.

40 Thieves[]

Hub world

  1. On top of a large blue roofed building in the northwestern area of the map. The same building can be entered to find the Jeweled Pillow Treasure.
  2. On the southernmost area of the beach there are two sets of archery targets that lead to a building on a distant island that contains a treasure door. The mask is around the side of the building.
  3. Underneath the bridge leading to the Northern Palace.
  4. On top of the archway in the middle of the map (has a face wearing a turban; mask is on tip of turban)
  5. Top of the tall tower that technically needs the cobra climb to be climbed (can be cheesed with the rope slide to the left of the palace).
  6. Small crawl-space to the right of the Northern Palace which leads to a secret area called the Lazy Trunk. Mask is above giant bouncy pillow to your left as you enter.

Rug Rats (Honest Hassan's Carpets)

  1. While climbing up the inside of the tower you will come across a room containing three guards. The mask is on a table on the far end.

Copy Cats (Smuggler's Cove)

  1. Inside of the Sunken Ship, to the right of Sly at the entrance (after Murray finds the second trap).

Heavy Metal Meltdown (Crabby Guy Paperbacks)

  1. At the start of the mission, go to your first transmitter location. Climb up you two chains, jump across the chandelier and the fan, run across the doorway, up the red rope and the mask will be on the second platform.

All Rolled Up! (Wise Monkey Lamps)

  1. After rail-walking along the first pink note streams, cut the first chain with the sword from the Thief Costume and make your way to the next platform. Next to the second chain there is a cloth you can climb down. Jump from there to the spire where the Mask is waiting.

Arcade machine

  1. On the third level where you use the pink Panzer Code, there will be a breakable wall on the left side with the mask behind it.

Paris Epilogue[]

Deja Vu All Over Again! (Le Blimp)

  1. When playing as Rioichi looking to retrieve Bob's cane, on the ground floor behind a group of large boxes. Must leap around a gap on the lower right to reach.
  2. When playing as Tennessee, after passing the first timed collapsing floors, scan the second level and leap on top of some boxes in the middle.

Arcade machine

  1. To the top-left of the portal that completes the Spark Runner section.


The unlockables menu

Unlocked items can be switched on at any time through the pause menu. Some items cannot be used simultaneously, denoted by * and †.


There are 3 trophies related to collecting Sly Masks.

Image Name Requirement
Trophy CooperCallingCard.png Cooper Calling Card Collect 1 Sly Mask.
Trophy MarkYourTerritory.png Mark Your Territory Collect all 60 Sly Masks.
Trophy HeroTech.png Hero Tech Defeat an enemy using either Ratchet's Wrench or Cole's Amp.