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It's been a long time since we went fishing, Bentley. I'm excited!
― Murray expressing his excitement about the job[src]

"Something's Fishy" was a job for Bentley and Murray in "Turning Japanese" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


To be able to make the finest sushi, Rioichi needed some help finding the freshest fish.


Bentley preparing to hack the security terminal

As Bentley and Murray arrived at the Sashimi Caverns, Murray expressed his enthusiasm about going fishing. Bentley, however, explained that they were on no vacation, as they needed to help Rioichi get back on track as a sushi chef. The entrance to the caverns was locked with a high-tech security system, marking El Jefe's presence in the area as well. Bentley hacked the security system to gain entrance to the caverns.

Once successful, he and Murray ventured into the caverns. While doing so, they came across a group of mammoth lightning bugs blocking their path forward. To lure them off, Murray utilized a giant lamp leaf, a natural attractor of the bugs. Once they were out of the way, Bentley and Murray continued on.

Gameplay of the fishing segment

After getting past more lightning bugs, they reached a large pond. This was where Rioichi, before his imprisonment, would gather fresh fish to prepare his sushi with. Neither Bentley nor Murray had a fishing pole with them, so Bentley used a magnet from Murray's toy robot instead. He calibrated the device to hone in on the fish's electrical fields and attract them. Once Bentley caught eight different species of fish, he and Murray left the caverns and brought the fish back to Rioichi, who would then use them to bring some life back into his sushi shop.