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Murray: Whoa! Look at the size of that guy. He must be jacked up by that Mask of Dark Earth the Guru was warning us about!
Bentley: Curious, it seems to make the wearer much larger... probably more aggressive, too.
Murray: I can take 'em! My righteous quest to see the Guru won't be stopped by some big stupid freak in a mask!
― After witnessing what the Mask of Dark Earth does to its wearer[src]

"Spelunking" was a job for Murray in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Murray must venture through a cave to get up to the Guru's stockade.


Bentley explains to Murray that the Guru is requesting to meet with them both individually. Murray is nervous about seeing him due to the events that occurred in Venice.[1] He fears that his guru will not be pleased with his progress as a mystic. Bentley reminds him of the great job he did using his Aboriginal Ball Form to deal with the tar back in Venice,[2] and how he defeated Octavio to save him.[3] He believes that's what the Guru would like to see. He then directs Murray to the cave below that will lead up to the Guru.

Murray heads inside the cave. The cave has some guards inside, which he must take out. There are also stalagmites that must be destroyed by thrown rocks or guards. He eventually comes across a locked door. Murray must use his ball move to smash the nearby piston down to open it. Once he presses through, he comes across another one, which requires three pistons to be pressed down.

Once he gets through, Murray spots a kangaroo guard wearing the Mask of Dark Earth. Bentley suspects that the mask makes the person much larger, and possibly more aggressive. Murray, however, is determined to take the guy down, but Bentley explains to him that even if he does defeat the guard, he will not be able to get through the door due to it having an electric deadbolt, and the drills being linked up. Murray decides to destroy the drills, which Bentley agrees to, as it may destroy the circuit. Murray tosses the guy three times into the drills, killing him, and allowing the mask to escape, much to his and Bentley's surprise. Anyways, Murray exits the cave through the door.

Murray approaches the stockade and speaks to his Guru. He tells him he wants to be released from training and join back up with the team. He also tells him they want him to join as well, saying it will be fun. He then promises him that they will help him escape and deal with the miners. He then leaves, ready to tackle his next task.