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Sprint While Charging is a set of two purchasable power-ups, one for Sly Cooper and the other for Murray, as well as a default ability for Sly's ancestors, in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It costs 700 coins and is available after "Shopping Spree" for Murray, and costs 800 coins and is available after "Cane Swipe" for Sly.


The Sprint While Charging power-up can be seen as an upgrade to the Run While Charging power-up. This power-up allows the user to sprint (hold r1 while walking) while charging for a special attack (hold triangle). This can prevent users from being attacked out of a charged attack if a guard spots the user while charging. However, since the user is sprinting, this can also draw the attention of nearby guards.


  • Because of the Silent Sprint ability, Rioichi is the only user that will never draw the attention of nearby guards by sprinting while charging. However, Sly will no longer draw the attention of guards while performing the move once he has purchased the Silent Sprint.
  • Bentley has an equivalent power-up called Bomb Drop v2.0. Instead of holding triangle to charge an attack, Bentley uses it to hold a bomb.