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Keep your head down, stay clear... I'm gonna smash a lot of skulls and I don't want yours to be one of them.
― Murray to Bentley before he battles an onslaught of Dr. M's creations[src]

"Stand Your Ground" was a job for Murray and Bentley in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley and Murray hold down the fort while Sly explores the Cooper Vault.


After Sly heads inside the gauntlet, Murray explains how this is going to be the pay day of all time with all of the loot piled in the vault. Bentley asks Murray if he ever feels like he's playing second fiddle to Sly, like he treats them as sidekicks. Murray disagrees, stating Sly is cool, and that they are all in this together. While Bentley questions if they are equal, one of Dr. M's goons drop down behind Bentley. Murray turns around, jumps over to him and knocks him off the edge. The goons have forced the door after they opened the lock, and more are going to show up.

Murray tries to convince Bentley they are all equal by asking him what Sly would do if he was out here with Murray instead, to which Bentley says he would stop those thugs and protect his friend. This is what Murray intends to do, so he tells Bentley to keep his head down, as he doesn't want his skull to be one of the many ones he's about to crack.

Several goons drop down into the room and attack Murray. The fight takes a little while, but Murray downs all of the goons, and he stands tall as always, like (as he puts it) a "freakin' totem pole of strongism!"

Dr. M appears and confronts Murray and Bentley, complimenting Murray on being stronger than Jim McSweeney ever was. Calling him a "plug head," Murray states he like a "semi truck with its brakes cut!" Calling Murray a caveman, Dr. M states he has no time to get into a screaming match with him. Bentley suggests he lock horns with him, saying he may find him as a better match. Dr. M, however, claims he has no conflict with him, and that they are the same. Bentley assumes Dr. M to the technical specialist that worked with Sly's father. Dr. M replies that he's right, and that he knows how painful he feels working under his inferior. Bentley explains that it's no secret that he's smarter than the other guys, but there is more to it than that: brotherhood. However, Dr. M then explains that it's exactly what Sly wants Bentley to think, as a tool to keep him in line. Bentley disagrees, saying that it's the thing that keeps them happy and alive, which is why he and Murray intend to stop Dr. M.

Murray pounces on Dr. M, and a wrestle match between them occurs. Claiming Dr. M to be stronger than he looks, Murray asks for assistance. Penelope contacts Bentley and tells him to place the treasures from the statues on Dr. M's back. The statues outside the ring are used as ancient security devices. Placing their treasures on Dr, M's back will make them activate and electrocute him. While he does this, several reinforcements arrive. Bentley dispatches of them using his upgraded Grapple-Cam.[1] After Dr. M loses, he praises Bentley for his technique, but claims it was a meaningless gesture.

Dr. M then informs them of a tracking device he placed on Sly's cane, and finds out he just entered the Inner Sanctum. He is able to use the data to navigate the gauntlet with ease. He gets away, making his way into the vault. Murray asks Bentley what they should do. Bentley tells him to give him time, as he is sure to think of something. Murray then compliments him on his awesome thinking, to which Bentley thanks him for.