"Starving Starving Hippo" was a job for Murray in Clan of the Cave Raccoon of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Description Edit

Five penguins have broken Bentley's gravity encabulator into pieces. It is up to Murray to reclaim them for Bentley.


Murray, who is still down about being benched by Bob Cooper due to his inability to climb the ice wall earlier, reluctantly takes on a job from Bentley. He must collect five pieces of a part from the time machine called the "gravity encabulator". The problem is, they have all been eaten by five penguins indigenous to the area.

Murray chases the penguins down, catching and squeezing all five of them until all of the parts are in his possession. Bentley tries to cheer up the sad Murray by calling him the "best penguin barfer ever." Murray takes the compliment, then returns to the Hideout.


  • The title of this mission is based on the popular board game, "Hungry Hungry Hippos".
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