"Sushi House Startup" was a job for Sly Cooper and Rioichi Cooper in Turning Japanese of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Reclaim Rioichi's sushi shop and get him back in business.


After being freed from the Imperial Prison by his descendant Sly Cooper, Rioichi Cooper sought to reclaim his sushi shop from El Jefe. The tiger ordered his guard to not to let anyone in or out of Rioichi's sushi shop and took his leave. First Sly, using his Samurai Costume, dismissed the patrols guarding the entrance of the shop and took their place. He then used his shield to boost Rioichi up to the window, who opened it and jumped inside.

Inside the sushi shop, Rioichi retrieved his dual canes and was briefed by Bentley. Bentley remarked on Rioichi's ingenuity to use his sushi knives as door keys, but told him that the guards patrolling the restaurant were in possession of the knives and had set up various security systems. After the conversation, Rioichi practiced his Leaping Dragon technique and used it to sneak along the walls of his sushi shop and past spotlight security. He came to a guard whom Bentley detected one of Rioichi's knives from. Rioichi pickpocketed his carving knife from the guard and used it to open the first door of the shop.

Past the door, Rioichi came to a laser field blocking the path forward. He used the Leaping Dragon to get across. After getting past another wall via a wire, he pickpocketed his fillet knife and opened the second door. Rioichi entered a room full of guards. Using the rafters, he made his way to the location of the guard who was carrying his final knife and pickpocketed it from him. Rioichi unlocked the final door an opened it to reveal the power switch to the entire restaurant. He pulled it and powered on his restaurant, sending a message to El Jefe.[1]


  • One of the early builds of this level did not include any doors or knife locks. However, they were added because, according to Mat Kraemer, players were going backwards and finding themselves lost. The doors with locks helped players move forward so they did not get lost.


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