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Oaff! Ouch, guh.. Here we go... the seat's gotta go back farther than this...
― Murray while getting into one of the Contessa's tanks

"Tank Showdown" was a job for Murray in "A Tangled Web" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Murray must destroy six of Neyla's tanks to intimidate her mercenaries.


Since Neyla's recent purchase of the bombers had made her army over-enthusiastic, the gang needs to intimidate them a little bit, to ensure they do not interfere with the heist.

Murray must hot-wire one of the Contessa's tanks and shoot down six of Neyla's. He hops inside a tank and begins shooting down the mercenaries. Once done, it is sure to cool down her mercenaries for a while and prevent any future complications.


  • The bridge leading to the castle proper is blocked by rubble during the mission.