The Adventures of Sly Cooper was a series of two promotional comics created by Sucker Punch Productions and published by GamePro Magazine and DC Comics. Issue 1, released in 2004, takes place between the end of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and the beginning of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. Issue 2, released in 2005, takes place between the end of Sly 2 and the beginning Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.

There are many differences in the text of the issues when comparing the final release of the comics to the comics released by Sucker Punch Productions on their website; the story details, however, remain unchanged.

Issue 1Edit

Read Issue 1 here. Alternatively, download Issue 1 here (retail) or here (digital).

Stealing By NumbersEdit

On a night in Monaco, Dimitri Lousteau was holding a party in his mansion. The grounds of the mansion were heavily guarded, so Sly Cooper resorted to a second story entrance instead. Meanwhile, in the grand ballroom, Dimitri and his fiancée, Ms. D'Oinkeau vaunted about how grand their party was, and with his fine art collection and her means, they would become heard of all over Monaco. Ms. D'Oinkeau also invited Inspector Carmelita Fox to the party, so she could keep watch over her fiancé's art collection. This also included Ms. D'Oinkeau's finest art piece and Dimitri's gift – the Venus de Whalo.

Back upstairs, Sly broke into the second story of the mansion, and stumbled onto Dimitri's art forging operation. He defeated the guards doing the forging, but back-ups arrived and captured Sly. Luckily, Bentley and Murray arrived to help Sly and stripped the now tied up guards of their clothes for their own disguises. In the main gallery, the Cooper gang, now dressed up as patrols, notified the two fiancés that they have apprehended an intruder in the attic fitting the description of Sly Cooper. Carmelita and Ms. D'Oinkeau raced upstairs only to that they have been misled by the three guards, and that Dimitri is a forger of art. They then go back downstairs and find the Venus de Whalo missing from its pedestal.

Outside, in a hidden alley, Sly, Bentley and Murray successfully snatched the whale statue. However, Bentley noticed that they were 12 minutes ahead of schedule, and the last boat of the night would leave 45 minutes from that time. By that time, Carmelita will have already found them. Sly told them to get the van to the boat while he distracted the inspector for those 45 minutes.

The Cookie ConnectionEdit

While on his way to Inspector Fox's location, Sly reminisced on his days back at the Happy Camper Orphanage with Bentley and Murray. Even as kids, they were a team, and always got in trouble together when they would sneak into Ms. Puffin's office and try to steal the cookie jar on her desk. Bentley eventually came up with the perfect plan (which he called the "Cooky-Steelin' Plan").

At night, in the five-minute window between Ms. Puffin's departure from her office and the janitors evening rounds, Sly sneaked into her office. When he was finally in position, time had run out. Murray rode the bike, which had the rope Sly was holding and the wagon Bentley was in, away. Sly flew out of the window of Ms. Puffin's office. When the trio was finally at safety, and unsure of whether or not the operation was a success, Sly showed them that it was, by pulling out his hat full of cookies.

A Chase Down Memory LaneEdit

Now back to the present, Carmelita was outside the mansion. She found that the intruder entered the mansion through its skylight, escaped through the service doors, and made their way to the waterfront. While commenting on Sly's talent for stealing and why he isn't on her side instead, Carmelita was startled when the thief himself showed up and knocked her shock pistol out of her hand. Sly gave reasons to explain to Carmelita why they were basically on the same side, including what happened on the night they met.

It looked as if everything they remember is different perversion of reality. According to Sly, he was just out for some night air in Paris, and to soak in the architecture of the opera house. According to Carmelita, Sly was looking to rob the opera house. Carmelita was there because the opera house was old, and so was its security system. This was also her first big assignment from her mentor Inspector Barkley, who appeared to not completely trust her ability. Sly was eventually captured by what he recalled a pack of cops, but what Carmelita recalls as nobody but her. Eventually, Sly escaped and Carmelita, who was in trouble for letting him escape and let the diamond necklace she was supposed to be guarding missing, began searching for him. Sly discovered the thief, knocked him out, and sent him to Carmelita with the necklace as a present, helping her get a good review from her mentor.

Sly, looking over the edge of a wall, told Carmelita to go for her gun because he was trapped with his back to the sea, and he couldn't swim. She went for the gun and looked over to see him gone. She, confused that he jumped over the edge, looked over to see him on a boat with the gang and the Venus de Whalo floating away.

Issue 2Edit

Read Issue 2 here. Alternatively, download Issue 2 here.

Old Friends & New QuestionsEdit

Sly Cooper snuck into Heathrow Penitentiary to find Jim McSweeney, who had contacted him via courier pigeon. In the note, McSweeney claimed to have worked with Sly's father. After making his way down the corridors of the prison disguised as a guard, he reached McSweeney's jail cell.

McSweeney noticed that the guard was not the regular, upon which Sly handed the walrus his calling card. McSweeney was dumbfounded at this, and quietly mumbled to himself the effectiveness of courier pigeons. He turned towards Sly and asked him if the calling card was supposed to be of any relevance to him. Sly replied that that it would be, if he was the same "Big Jim McSweeney" that had been trying to gain Sly's attention for the past couple of weeks. Wary of whether or not the raccoon was really Sly Cooper or simply an impersonator, McSweeney showed him a tattoo of a building on his palm, and explained that if he really was who he said he was, he would be able to identify it. Sly looked at the tattoo and strained to remember the significance of the familiar building, though he could not remember. McSweeney, convinced that the visitor was a fake, turned away and told him to leave.

Angered, Sly picked the lock to McSweeney's cell and charged toward the walrus. McSweeney easily pinned Sly to a wall and as he was about to attack, Sly uttered "Italy". After McSweeney halted, Sly further explained that Italy was the location of a museum that his father had taken him to when he was three years old. McSweeney immediately knew that he was really Sly, and told him about the reason he had contacted him.

McSweeney told Sly about the good relationship he had had with his father and their gang's opulence. Conner Cooper had once spoken to him of a secret family vault, holding the accumulated fortune of the entire Cooper Clan. McSweeney further explained that after Sly was born, their gang decided to lay low for a while. With all the tension taking place, Conner Cooper felt that Sly's legacy would not be safe unless it was well hidden. McSweeney had hidden the map to this secret vault in the museum before taking up a permanent residence in prison. Sly then left to find the map.

...And Then There Were Two!Edit

Bentley, who was still recovering from the injury dealt to him from Clock-La, did not accompany Sly and Murray to the Italian museum. The duo managed to make it into the building and locate the map, however they soon activated the security alarms and had to make a hasty retreat before taking the map.

One week after visiting Jim McSweeney, Sly and Murray visited Bentley in the hospital. While sneaking inside, Murray kept telling Sly that he would not mess up again like he did in Italy, but Sly told him not to keep beating himself up about every small thing that went wrong. When they entered Bentley's room, Bentley was overjoyed to see his friends. Sly told Bentley that they needed him back on the team or they were going to get arrested sooner or later. Bentley was initially reluctant, due to his disability, but soon agreed. As they were about to leave with Bentley, a group of guards barged into the room and ordered them to freeze. While Sly was thinking of a quick escape plan, Murray suddenly charged towards the guards and engaged them in combat. He yelled to Sly to grab Bentley and leave.

Good Looking from afar, but FAR from GOOD LOOKING UP CLOSE!Edit

Three days earlier in Paris, Carmelita Fox began reviewing the security tapes of the Italian museum that was recently robbed by the Cooper Gang. She was not sure what about the museum would draw Sly's attention, so she continued watching. She noticed the Cooper Gang was being more careless than usual in their robbery, which she attributed to the absence of Bentley. After watching the tapes, she was still confused as to what Sly was after. Tired from trying to figure out, Carmelita rested and fell asleep.

While she dozed, Sly entered her office through the window and took his family's sheet, containing the map McSweeney had told him about, from the canvas that Carmelita had recovered from the museum. As he prepared to leave the way he had came, Carmelita awoke and pointed her shock pistol towards Sly. Sly, who anticipated the situation, emptied the pistol of bullets beforehand, including the extra bullet in the chamber. Without a weapon, Carmelita was unable to catch Sly as he jumped out the window.


The next morning, Carmelita prepared her ape mercenaries, led by Lt. Gronk, to hunt down Sly.

Back at the hideout, after the hospital breakout Sly was looking at the modifications Bentley had made to a simple wheelchair. Equipped with many weapons and gadgets, Sly knew that the wheelchair would suit Bentley well in the field. With the map, the Cooper Gang prepared to leave for Kaine Island in search of the Cooper Vault.

When they were nearly finished getting ready for the trip, Murray showed up. Sly eagerly told him about Bentley's new method of getting around, but Murray was not as enthusiastic, since something else was on his mind. He explained to Sly and Bentley that his lack of ability was putting all of them at risk, and soon they would not be so lucky. What he was contemplating for some time was finally revealed—he was leaving the Cooper Gang. Murray then departed from the hideout, leaving his friends behind.



"The Heart of a Thief" instead of "Stealing by Numbers"

  • The events of the first issue are expanded upon in the 2006 book Sly Cooper: To Catch a Thief.
  • There are two different versions of the first issue. The digital, "pre-release" version that was downloadable from the Sucker Punch website, and the retail, final version. While the story is the same, most of the dialogue and descriptive text differs between the two versions.
  • The first act of the second issue, titled "Old Friends & New Questions," is unnamed in some versions.

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