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What Dimitri plans to do with the Clockwerk part is beyond me, but those plans end tonight.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's introduction[src]

"The Black Chateau" is the first episode of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It was set in Paris, France, and the main antagonist was Dimitri Lousteau.


The Setup[]

The Cooper Gang went to Paris to track down Dimitri Lousteau, who was described by Sly as an underworld celebrity, equally at home in high-class art circles and shady back-alley crimes.

Dimitri was once a passionate, young art student, whose art techniques and visionary style were rejected by the art world. He then turned to a life of crime and began forging old masterpieces. He then became a nightclub owner on the west side of Paris, which would lure chic, young patrons from far and wide.

Somewhere in the nightclub was the first Clockwerk part, his tail feathers. While the gang had no idea what Dimitri's plans were, they vowed that night they would put an end to them.


Job name Completed by
"Satellite Sabotage" Sly
Sly was tasked with re-positioning three of Dimitri's satellite dishes, that way Bentley could access his information.
"Breaking and Entering" Sly
Sly snuck through a wine cellar to break into Dimitri's nightclub. Once inside, he took some recon photos of the Clockwerk tail feathers.
"Bug Dimitri's Office" Sly
Sly had to carry a bugged painting to Dimitri's office so that the gang would be able to listen in on his conversations.
"Follow Dimitri" Sly
Sly had to tail Dimitri, without being seen, to find out what he was hiding.
"Waterpump Destruction" Murray
Murray had to venture into the nightclub's aquapump room to sabotage it.
"Silence the Alarms" Murray
Murray had to destroy Dimitri's three alarm horns, that way the gang could avoid any complications during their heist.
"Theater Pickpocketing" Sly
Sly snuck into the theater, where he had to shut down the security in Dimitri's printing press room.
"Moonlight Rendezvous" Sly
Sly encountered Constable Neyla again, and she led Sly to the back door of Dimitri's discothèque.
"Disco Demolitions" Bentley
Bentley entered the discothèque to destroy the disco ball and weaken the moorings on the nightclub's peacock sign.
"Operation: Thunder Beak" Bentley, Murray, Sly
The gang worked together to bring down the giant peacock sign and retrieve the Clockwerk tail feathers.
"Printing Press Duel" Sly
Sly confronted Dimitri in his printing press room, where he defeated him and retrieved the tail feathers.

The Getaway[]

The gang successfully thwarted Dimitri's counterfeiting operation and made off with Clockwerk's tail feathers. The gang's escape got tricky due to Carmelita and Neyla arriving on scene to arrest Dimitri and shut down his nightclub. In celebration of a successful heist, the gang spent a week in Monaco, where Bentley wanted to practice his new card counting formula.


Paris map.png

The safe is located in Dimitri's office and is opened with the combination 2-3-1.[note 1] Upon opening it, Sly receives the Knockout Dive.


Trophy RiseAndShine.png
Sly! Come in! Sly! Do you read me?
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Behind the scenes[]

Since this is an episode in Sly 2 where the main antagonist is defeated, if one hovers over the episode in the episode list, an INTERPOL symbol appears in the bottom left-hand corner. By pressing square upon seeing the icon, the player can watch a bonus video of a cinematic heist pulled off by the Cooper Gang.

In the PAL version of the game, the gambling scene was removed from the getaway cutscene. As The Sly Collection was likely a port of the PAL version of the game (due to the tendency for these later released versions to have minor bug fixes and faster load times), it also is missing the gambling scene.


  1. This is the same combination for the vault in the "Duel by the Dragon" level from Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.