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Sly: You ready to head out to the oil fields? Should be right through this cave.
Murray: Oh, yeah! Bentley said there'd be heavy machinery and destruction going down!
― At the start of the job[src]

"The Claw" was a job for Sly Cooper and Murray in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly and Murray needed to obtain a sample of radioactive oil from a nearby oil field.


Sly and Murray approached the entrance of a cave leading to the oil fields. Murray expressed his eagerness for the job, as it involved heavy machinery and destruction. For clarification, Sly inquired if it was some radioactive oil they were going after, though Murray could not quite remember, admitting to his inability to pay attention to Bentley's slideshows. Regardless, the two proceeded through the cave.

Murray standing before the oil well area

Once they arrived at the oil fields, Sly took control of a SuperClaw 10,000 to use against any miners that show up. Once Sly has gotten used to the crane's controls, he and Murray were ready to begin the mission. Murray began activating the pump to get the first three oil wells flowing. At the very moment, a seemingly endless horde of miners began rushing towards their position, attempting to sabotage the power stations. It was up to Sly to protect their ground by using the claw to keep the dingoes away by any means necessary, whether it be dropping dynamite, tossing them at the electric fence, dropping rocks on their heads or dropping them in the pits.

Murray joyfully getting himself covered in the glowing oil

After Murray got the three oil wells in the first field flowing, Sly carried him over to the next field, where the same process had to be repeated. Once the next three wells were activated, Murray and Sly proceeded to the third oil field, where this time, Sly had to help Murray light each oil well on fire. By dropping flint rocks on one end of a catapult, Murray would jump on the other end to fling each rock to the oil wells. With all six alight, the pressure differential began drawing the deep uranium enriched oil to the surface. Murray approached the wells to obtain an oil sample, while Bentley warned him that they would need to be extremely careful. However, the zealous hippo managed to get more than just a small sample, by getting his body covered in the glowing oil.