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Is this a strange coincidence, or is there something I'm missing?
― Sly, from the episode's introduction[src]

"The Cold Heart of Hate" (stylized as THе CФLD HeAЯT фf HATЄ) is the fifth and final episode of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It was set in the Krakarov Volcano in Russia, and the main antagonist was Clockwerk.



Clockwerk's silhouette

The gang made their way to the Krakarov Volcano in Russia to confront Clockwerk. Along the way, while looking at what little information he had on Clockwerk, Sly looked over the Thievius Raccoonus pages that have been recovered so far, each depicting a shadowy owl-like figure, which looked very similar to the mysterious Clockwerk found in the police images. After observing this, Sly wondered if this was some sort of strange coincidence or if he was missing something.


"A Hazardous Path"
Sly and the gang traveled through the perilous road of Krakarov, which was heavily guarded by both Clockwerk's death ray and robo-falcons. Sly had to use the van's newly installed turret to shoot down his enemies and obstacles.
"Burning Rubber"
In order for the gang to further infiltrate Clockwerk's base, Bentley needed to analyze the information contained in Clockwerk's computers. Murray had to collect computers, but the fire slugs were after them too. He had to collect sixty of them before the fire slugs could do so.
"A Daring Rescue"
Sly discovered that Carmelita has been captured by Clockwerk and put in a containment unit inside a special chamber. Sly had to avoid Clockwerk's security systems and save her.
"Bentley Comes Through"
The chamber Carmelita was in was all a trap. The chamber was then filled with deadly gas, with Sly and Carmelita trapped inside. Bentley had to save his friend by hacking Clockwerk's computer and shutting the gas down.
"A Temporary Truce"
Sly and Carmelita temporarily put their differences aside in order to destroy their common enemy, Clockwerk. When Sly's cane ended up stolen by a robo-falcon, Carmelita helped him recover it by protecting him from the fire slugs and robo-falcons.
"Sinking Peril"
Carmelita's jetpack was stashed on top of the death ray, but her shooting destroyed the magnatronic support field for the gigantic machine. Sly had to climb the metallic monstrosity and recover the jetpack before the lava was to burn him alive.
"A Strange Reunion"
With his plans foiled and his factory destroyed, Clockwerk surfaced to finish Sly once and for all. Sly used the jetpack to beat the villainous owl and avenge his parents' murder. Then, after a long battle, Sly managed to destroy Clockwerk.


Sly holding the Thievius Raccoonus

After some tricky maneuvering, Sly was able to snatch the final piece of the Thievius Raccoonus from Clockwerk. He looked back on his previous victories of defeating each member of the Fiendish Five one by one to reclaim his birthright. He then acknowledged his two friends for their support, as there was no way that he could have done it without them, and while he knew it has not been easy for them, they stuck with him through it all.

Bentley inspecting the head of a robo-falcon

Sly acknowledges Murray for his support, saying it took a lot of guts for Murray to get out on the field with him, and despite being scared, he has got more heart than anyone Sly has ever known. As for Bentley, if it was not for his expertise, Sly would have never been able to make it up the rooftop in Paris. He then comments on how "a guy couldn't ask for a better gang of friends." Of course, Sly did not forget about Carmelita, who was ready to slap the cuffs on him and his friends, now that Clockwerk and his death ray were out of commission. However, Carmelita remained true to her word and gave Sly his ten-second head start.

At the last second, Sly gave Carmelita a kiss to distract her long enough for him to handcuff her to the railing and make a getaway. Sly, having taken the key to the cuffs, felt bad for leaving her at the volcano, but he knew it would not be long until they cross paths again.



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