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Dr. M: (indistinct) The cane is MINE! Don't come any closer or I'll crush you!
Penelope: I can't understand a word that maniac is yelling underwater, but who cares? Get back that cane!
― Dr. M and Penelope talking to Dimitri, before he battles the former underwater[src]

"The Dark Current" was a job for Dimitri in "Honor Among Thieves" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Sly's cane has fallen into the waters. There is only one person on the team who can retrieve it, and that is Dimitri.


The cane falls off of the buoy and into the water. Dimitri must dive in and swim after it. He swims through a current full of pinchers that must be avoided with some fast swimming. He eventually comes across Dr. M attached to a mutant fish. Dimitri must use his harpoon to defeat the fish. Once done, the fish blows up, however, Dr. M still has the cane and swims away with it. Dimitri heads back to the ship.