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Bentley: Don't get cocky, or you'll end up with your head shrunk to a pea. You've got to get past those voodoo guards - and I'm warning you - they're mean, and they work like a team.
Sly: So do we, buddy!
― At the entrance of the voodoo tribe's village[src]

"The Dread Swamp Path" was the first job in "Vicious Voodoo" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Upon getting out of the van, Sly had make his way through the jungles of Haiti to find Mz Ruby's hideout, but before doing so, Bentley contacted Sly on his binocucom to tell him about the unusual activity he picked up on his paranormal scanner. He then gave Sly the instructions on how to perform the Rail Walk and Rail Slide on the vines and branches ahead. Sly had to utilize this technique throughout this swampy area in order to make his way into the compound.

Sly approaching the guard compound.

Upon reaching the compound, Sly spotted the treasure key, but it had a bad mojo forcefield erected around it. He had to disable the forcefield by destroying all five candles surrounding it and also avoid detection by the water rats patrolling the area. Once Sly destroyed all of the candles, he grabbed the key and unlocked the gate leading to Mz. Ruby's center of operations.


There are 20 clues to collect in this area, and the vault is located on a small piece of land to the right of the guard compound. The vault's combination is 5-8-8.

If I did my math right, and I ALWAYS do my math right, then the combination has got to be 5-8-8.
― Bentley[src]