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Hope he's not counting on that heart too much, because tonight it comes home with me.
― Sly, on Rajan and the Clockwerk heart[src]

"The Predator Awakes" is the third episode in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It sees the Cooper Gang going after the Clockwerk heart and the main antagonist is Rajan for the second time.


The Setup[]

After the events of the previous episode, Rajan was forced to flee his own palace and hide deep in the jungle somewhere. The gang tracks him down and discover that he has transformed a long forgotten temple into the center of his spice operation. Because the jungle was too thick to drive through, it forced the trio walk to their target by foot. They ran into a few problems along the way(i.e. quicksand), but they pushed on.

Furthermore, the trio discover that Rajan is using the tireless Clockwerk heart to increase his spice production tenfold. Knowing how dangerous the heart is in the wrong hands, the gang make plans to steal it.


Job name Completed by
"Spice Room Recon" Sly
Bentley needs an idea of how Rajan is running his operation of the spices.
"Water Bug Run" Sly
An easy way to find out what's going on, Bug Rajan's office!
"Freeing the Elephant" Sly
Use the elephant powering Rajan's satellite to destroy it by collecting 6 spice plants from the tall trees.
"Leading Rajan" Bentley
Bentley needs those blueprints about Rajan's spice operation, but he doesn't have half of the Clockwerk Heart and has discovered his weakness is watermelons!
"Neyla's Secret" Sly
Neyla is kindly offering her help again; just make sure you can keep up!
"Spice Grinder Destruction" Sly
Destroy the spice grinder using a 'cunning disguise'.
"Blow the Dam" Bentley
Destroy the dam using a powerful attack helicopter, and attempt to flood the area.
"Rip-Off the Ruby" Sly, Murray
Exchange this large ruby for a powerful explosive for the heist.
"Operation: Wet Tiger" Sly, Bentley, Murray
It's time to recover the heart and Neyla has offered to 'help' once again.
"Showdown with Rajan" "The Murray"
Murray needs to battle Rajan and get the other half of the Clockwerk Heart.

The Getaway[]

Although statistically improbable, Bentley had to face the facts:

  1. Neyla had betrayed Carmelita and the Cooper Gang.
  2. Sly and Murray had been captured.
  3. That he was all alone.

Despite being intellectually inferior, Sly and Murray were always a rich source of friendship for Bentley. Bentley's long walk out of the jungle gave him time to reflect and with each passing step, his sense of isolation grew. He had to find his way out of the jungle and back to the van all by himself. To Bentley's shock, the absence of his friends had a profound emotional effect on him.

Bentley realized that this was it. He knew this was the true test of friendship. Upon reaching the van, Bentley's resolve was hardened. He had to save his teammates... but right after he had to learn how to drive the stick-shift in the van first!

After a moment's struggle, Bentley gets the hang of it and drives the van out of the jungle.



In this episode, the safe is located in Rajan's office and the combination is 3-8-6. Upon opening it, Sly receives the Voltage Attack move.


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