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The Sly Collection is a remastered collection of the Sly Cooper series for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game includes all three original games remastered in high definition, as well as support for 3D (requires a 3D-ready TV).

The game is the second remastered collection of PlayStation 2 games to be made for the PS3, after the God of War series. It was ported by Sanzaru Games, whereas the original games were developed by Sucker Punch Productions. It was released on disc on November 9, 2010,[1] followed over a year later by a digital download release on November 29, 2011.[2] On May 27, 2014, a PlayStation Vita version of the trilogy was released. The Sly Collection marked the first release of Sly 3 in Japan.

The collection features PS3 trophy support and minigames that utilize PlayStation Move.


The ports of the three games to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita were not exact, and the games have numerous differences compared to their PlayStation 2 counterparts. Following is an unofficial, incomplete list of these differences.

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus[]

  • The player can now invert the game's camera controls.
  • Developer commentaries in the physical version of the game have been removed. They were added back in for the digital release.
  • There is a drastic increase in the distance between Sly and an enemy required to trigger the sneaking sound of Sly's feet and the sneaky music. It has been increased to the point where Sly will make the sneaking sound almost all the time unless all nearby enemies are defeated. This effect is amplified vertically.
  • The audio in the game went through many changes:
    • Almost all background music has been remixed.
    • Some background music is impacted by de-synchronizations, most notably during "A Deadly Dance."
    • The original background music for "Treasure in the Depths" was replaced by the music from "Burning Rubber," and the music from "A Ghastly Voyage" was put into "A Grave Undertaking."
    • Some of the sneaky music was replaced by its non-sneaky counterpart. "Back Alley Heist" is one example.
    • Some voice acting is also impacted by de-synchronizations, especially Carmelita in both "Police Headquarters" and "Duel by the Dragon."
    • The Japanese version has every dialogue rerecorded from the ground up, which the voice actors for Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita and the Panda King are taking over. However, some Japanese voice actors were changed for others solely for this HD remaster:
      • Raleigh: Sukekiyo Kameyama to Shouto Kashii.
      • Muggshot: Kousei Hirota to Masuo Amada.
      • Mz. Ruby: Masako Isobe to Keiko Nemoto.
      • Clockwerk: Naomi Kusumi to Kunihiko Yasui.
  • In main hub of "Vicious Voodoo," a small trail of coins were added to the path that leads to the "Piranha Lake" mission.
  • At the end of "Duel by the Dragon," if the player hits the fireworks clockwise, a glitch occurs where Carmelita does not speak, but the dragon head still falls, followed by the player not being able to move. The player must hit the fireworks counter-clockwise to avoid this.
  • For the PlayStation Vita release, Matt Olsen had to re-voice the camera control tutorial that plays when the player approaches the entrance to "A Cunning Disguise" inside "Prowling the Grounds." Since the right analog stick cannot be clicked on the Vita, Bentley instead says, "to bring the camera behind you, tap the rear touch pad."
  • The l1 prompt that is in front of the Bentley icon that allows the player to revisit any binocucom conversations, tips from Bentley, or PA messages from the Fiendish Five members is removed in the PS Vita version, as that function has now been assigned to the touch screen.
  • Some of the glitches (mostly speed-running ones) were fixed.
  • The music for "Muggshot's Turf" has been sped up.
  • When entering the "At the Dog Track" mission, it first plays the same music that is heard when Sly confronts Muggshot in the boss mission. It then plays the original music once the race begins.
  • In the PS3 version of the game, the music that plays during the prologue has been changed. The alternate music that plays once Sly sneaks past the water tower is no longer triggered; the original starting music is heard throughout the entire job.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves[]

  • The player can now invert the game's camera controls.
  • Only the bonus videos for "The Black Chateau" (Sly Cooper: The Second Season) and "Anatomy for Disaster" (the credits) are available to watch from the level select screen.
  • The cutscene that plays after defeating Dimitri doesn't show the team playing cards in Monaco. Instead, the Cooper Van drives in place while Sly's audio continues, though he doesn't mention Monaco anymore. This was probably changed, because the games had to be ESRB rated again and it was most likely requested to remove this scene to lower the rating.
    • A different sound is heard when selecting the second through eighth episodes and the movie option from the Episode Select Screen. This doesn't apply to Episode 1 for some reason.
  • The level reset glitch in "Menace from the North, eh!" was fixed.
  • The first few seconds of each level's soundtracks are cut off each time they are played the first go-around. This includes all soundtracks except the intro level, as well as alternative soundtracks for boss battles or other missions.
  • The player can no longer use the USB Headset feature to distract the guards.
  • For the PS Vita version, Kevin Miller and Matt Olsen had to re-voice the way point & binocucom controls to "tap the rear touch pad to bring up the way point" and "tap the touch screen to bring up the binocucom."
    • This is also the reason the amount of buttons used for the power-ups have lowered for the PS Vita version, so the player can use only the L button for one power-up at a time.
    • The Japanese version of the game also has the same voice rerecording with the prior game, and even for the other characters:
      • Neyla: Sanae Kobayashi to Miho Yamada.
      • Dimitri: Hisashi Izumi to Sousuke Komori, a change that was carried over from the Japanese version of Sly 3.
      • Rajan: Takaya Hashi to Shunsuke Sakuya.
      • The Contessa: Gara Takashima to Keiko Nemoto.
      • Jean Bison: Shouzou Iizuka to Jin Urayama.
      • Arpeggio: Motomu Kiyokawa to Shouto Kashii.
  • In the digital version of the game, at the start of dialogue, it is quiet, gets louder, and then the volume decreases again at the end of a line.
  • Sly's portrait in the Gadget Grid is different. It uses the same portrait as the one in Sly 3.
  • When recon photos are taken, they take up the entire screen instead of zooming out.
  • The Sly logo that appears while the game is loading is missing.
  • The Sony Computer Entertainment presents screen uses a different font.
  • The in-game dialogue is slightly delayed on the physical PS3 version of the game. This problem does not occur in the digital or PS Vita versions.
    • The background music will also occasionally loop when the character dialogue delay occurs.
  • Some of the menus and screen effects do not fill up the entire screen.
    • This doesn't happen when playing the game in the original 4:3 display mode (such as with an older TV).
    • Most of UI is fixed in the physical northern European version.
  • Some menu sound effects are quite different, mainly the ones which play when, for example, manually saving the game. The "transition" sound effect that plays when entering or exiting a level are also slightly different.
  • During "Operation: Thunder Beak," when Bentley enters the water tower in the original PS2 version of the game, there is a transition where the image smoothly flips upside down before Bentley appears in the tower. However, in this remaster, the transition doesn't work as intended, flipping the entire image in a single frame before cutting to the interior of the water tower.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves[]

  • The few missions that supported 3-D no longer ask the player if they want to enable 3-D because the entire collection on PS3 is 3-D compatible (but despite this, the cutscenes that play before that menu popped up are still there). The Vita does not support either version of 3-D.
  • The music glitch in the "Hungry Croc" mission was fixed. In the original, the music never played. Though some of the PS2 versions (most likely the PAL versions) had the music played correctly.
  • In the multiplayer game "Biplane Duel," the green-orange targeting beacon doesn't appear to be locked on to the person when using special items. However, it is only a visual glitch.
  • When starting the game, there is a chance a random bug will happen where the music will begin looping five seconds of the audio, and the cutscene dialogue will take several minutes to load the dialogue, with characters freezing mid-speech and looping until the game catches up. A way to fix this is simply powering the system off and restarting the system, but there have been reports of people being unable to fix the problem without deleting their data, and some who have been unable to fix it at all, indicating that it is potentially an error on the disk itself.
  • During the "Beauty and the Beast" mission, the music for the fight between Carmelita and Muggshot doesn't play. Additionally, after the mission is over, the rest of the game won't play any music unless the player restarts the game, dies, or use Bentley's Grapple-Cam.
  • European Sly fans can finally watch The Evolution of Sly video without having to look it up on the internet, as every bonus video is now accessible.
  • When Sly first meets Dimitri in "Police HQ," players can clearly see him even when his back is turned. This is because the HD port has different rendering, which causes the lightning to be much more clear.
  • Characters count much faster when opening a double button security door.
  • For the PS Vita version, Kevin Miller and Matt Olsen had to re-voice the waypoint & binocucom controls, as you have to tap the rear touch pad to bring up the waypoint and tap the touch screen to bring up the binocucom.
    • This is also the reason the amount of buttons used for the power-ups have lowered for the PS Vita version, so the player can only the L button for one power-up at a time.
  • In the PS Vita version, you can use the motion sensors of the PS Vita system to steer the galleon in "Dead Men Tell No Tales," though it is never mentioned in-game.
  • As in Sly 2, recon photos now take up the entire screen.
  • As in Sly 2, the Sly logo that appears while the game is loading is missing.
  • As in Sly 2, the Sony Computer Entertainment presents screen uses a different font.
  • As in Sly 2, the in-game dialogue is slightly delayed on the physical PS3 version of the game. This problem does not occur in the digital or PS Vita versions.
    • The background music will also occasionally loop when the character dialogue delay occurs.
  • As in Sly 2, some of the menus and screen effects (particularly The Guru's hypnosis) don't fill up the entire screen.
    • Also, it is mostly fixed in the physical northern European version.
  • Murray's bounce height was drastically decreased.
  • This is only seen in the PSVita release, but In the "Dark Caves" mission, when exploring the second cave, the lighting is different.
  • The Vita version does not support any of the two-player minigames.
  • The entire game is not available on the physical release of the PS Vita version and is instead only available via digital download.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time teaser[]

If all three games are beaten (reaching 100% and getting the platinum trophies aren't required), the player will be given access to a teaser trailer for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. It shows tall grass blades, where a shadow of Sly appears. The setting is in Feudal Japan, and a boar guard walks by while a crane guard walks along the rooftop of the building shown. It also shows two clue bottles: one in the bushes and another one on the rooftop.

The teaser is accessed from the main menu by pressing left on the D-pad until reaching a screen with two buttons: "Credits," which plays the credits for the Collection, and "?????", which plays the teaser. This screen, and by extension this teaser, is only accessible from the physical PS3 copy of The Sly Collection, since the physical Vita cartridge does not come with all three games and the digital versions are downloaded separately without the main menu.


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Before the release of the collection, Sanzaru Games began work on a prototype of the fourth game in the Sly Cooper series, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, as Sucker Punch was working on the inFAMOUS series. They showed the prototype to Sony, who were impressed with the prototype and gave Sanzaru the task of developing a PlayStation 3 port of the PS2 games to gauge interest. At E3 2010, on June 15, The Sly Collection was announced for release later in the year. It was released physically on November 9, 2010 and each game became available to purchase digitally from the PlayStation Store on November 29, 2011. An ESRB rating for a PlayStation Vita port of The Sly Collection was leaked online on April 20, 2013. On February 10 the following year, the release date for the PS Vita version of the Collection was revealed as May 27, 2014.

Due to the success of The Sly Collection, Sanzaru was given the greenlight to develop the next game in the series, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.


Aggregator Score
Metacritic 85/100 (PS3)[3]
80/100 (Vita)[4]
Publication Score
Eurogamer 9/10 (PS3)[5]
IGN 8.5/10 (PS3)[6]
8.1/10 (Vita)[7]
PlayStation Universe 8.5/10 (Vita)[8]
Push Square 9/10 (PS3)[9]
8/10 (Vita)[10]

The Sly Collection fared well, receiving a Metacritic score of 85/100.




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