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Sly! This pagoda is some kind of huge gunpowder production plant. Judging by the scale, the Panda King must be making tons of explosives.
― When inside the Panda King's pagoda[src]

"The Unseen Foe" was a job in "Fire in the Sky" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly entered an area full of high temples. This served as an excellent location for Sly to utilize his Invisibility move. By doing some serious climbing through several tall temples, Sly was able to reach the treasure key. It was stashed at the bottom of a pagoda, which happened to serve as some sort of gunpowder production plant. Bentley figured that the Panda King was probably producing a lot of explosives, given the scale of the structure.


There are 30 clue bottles to collect in this area, and the vault is located on the roof of the pagoda that holds the key. The vault's combination is 6-6-7.

It was a challenge, but this vault's combination has got to be 6-6-7.
― Bentley[src]

Behind the scenes[]

This level was originally going to feature a barrel similar to "A Cunning Disguise" and "A Daring Rescue."