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Check 1. Check 2. Solid. Dimitri on the mic with a shout-out to all my nightclub samurai. Stand tall and feel beautiful. I hear there's some raccoon dude giving us static! If y'all spot this cracker-box, BAM! Make him unhappy, take no prisoners, go hardcore, extreme, all over his FACE! OK, peace out.
― Dimitri telling his men to kill Sly if they see him.[src]

"Theater Pickpocketing" was a job for Sly Cooper in "The Black Chateau" of Sly 2: Band of Thieves. This job introduces the concept of pickpocketing.


Bentley needed Sly to pickpocket guards in the theater so he can disable the security in the printing press room.


Bentley needed Sly to access the chandelier above the room so that he could insert a splice clip in the searchlights. This would allow Bentley to shut down the security in the printing press room, thereby making it easier for them to steal the Clockwerk tail feathers. The only issue was that the only way up to the chandelier was via the fans, which were spinning too fast to hop on. By pickpocketing 6 keys from the six patrolling flashlight guards stationed in the theater, he was able to unlock the control panel and shut off the fans.

Upon doing this, Sly jumped across the fans up to the chandelier and inserted the splice clip into the security station located there. Bentley then used the security station's guns to destroy the two power boxes placed along the wall above the stage, shutting down the security systems that were in Dimitri's printing press room.

Behind the scenes[]

This is the last of the jobs that appear in the Sly 2 demo included with the PAL PlayStation 2 release of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.