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The Thief Outfit is a costume available for Sly Cooper in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time that "is rumored to be the outfit of a real genie." It formerly belonged to Salim al-Kupar, but he pawned it after losing a lot of money in a camel race. Sly had to get the outfit back so he could gain Salim's trust that the Cooper Gang are trying to help him. He had to steal three priceless gemstones and then give them to a snooty salesman that would not leave his post.


Rumored to have been crafted for Sinbad by a real genie, this ancient and mysterious outfit is as dazzling as it is powerful. Its huge scimitar can slash right through chains, and the wearer even gains the ability to slow time!
― In-game description[src]

The Thief Costume is made up of several parts. Sly dons a red bandana on his head, along with two gold earrings on his left ear. He also now has a black goatee. The shirt is white with gold lining around the collar and down the front of the shirt, as well as gold cuffs. Over the shirt is a blue vest that has a gold badge or medal and frills on the bottom. Around Sly's waist is a red scarf-like belt. He also wears blue pants and red genie shoes. On his back is a large scimitar, and in his hand is an hourglass-topped wooden staff.


  • Slow time: The costume's primary ability. While wearing this costume, Sly's cane is replaced with an hourglass staff as his main weapon. It can allow Sly to briefly slow down time similarly to the Slow/Thief Reflexes power-ups from previous games by pressing r2, allowing for more reaction time; unlike those power-ups however, Sly remains unaffected while time is slowed down, thus additionally granting him an advantage in speed. This allows Sly to climb up structures that would otherwise only be possible by using Salim's Climbing Cobra technique, namely fragile glass chains and poles with fast climbing snakes.
  • Scimitar: The Thief Costume additionally comes with a scimitar as a secondary weapon. By pressing triangle, Sly will unsheathe the sword, which will grow in size. Following which, he will then swing it and spin around in a circle, dealing heavy damage. It is powerful enough to destroy objects such as metal gears and chains. It can defeat rooftop guards in one hit and flashlight guards in two hits.

Restrictions and limitations[]

The staff that replaces Sly's cane does not have a hook, causing him to lose the ability to hook and swing along with attaching to wall hooks, though he was still able to pickpocket. As with his other costumes, all ThiefNet power-ups are disabled, including the paraglider. Wearing this costume also prevents Sly from performing some of his default moves such as the Spin Attack or Stealth Slam.



  • According to the concept art, the costume's sword was originally going to be used to open unique locks instead of cutting metal chains.
  • It can be used to slow down the countdown when trying to collect treasure, making it easier to collect it.
  • The Thief Costume can be very helpful on missions when replaying them to get the Sly Masks. It can also be used to catch the train in "Go West Young Raccoon."
  • The Thief Costume is also available as an alternate skin for Sly in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • Salim's outfit, along with the Archer Costume, are the only two costumes that retain Sly's acrobatic mobility.