• I'm asking again, as I didn't get an answer previously. Why would the Contessa arrest Rajan? According to the comics, Rajan was sent to serve time in Heathrow prison, not the Contessa's. I know she was a "secret" member, but the members must all have known about eachother. Except Neyla of course, who was only affiliated with Arpeggio.

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    • The Contessa may have been a member of the Klaww Gang (and perhaps Rajan knew that), but Rajan was a criminal, so she kind of had to arrest him if she wanted to maintain her cover, even if it meant halting spice production.
      As far as we know, the criminals that were imprisoned at the Contessa's facility were the ones whom she planned to hypnotize in order to find their loot; it wouldn't make sense for her to imprison Rajan there.

      By the way, you could have posted this follow-up question as a reply to your original thread instead of creating a new one. :)

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