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    10:23, January 9, 2016

    So I recently got a Ps3 and got the Sly Trilogy, and I've noticed there are birds on some levels, mainly Episode 4 and 5.

    So are they in the Ps2 version or are they exclusive to the remake?

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    • They were in the PS2 version as well.

      Nothing new has been added to the games, and the only change (besides graphics) to Sly 2 was the getaway video for Paris, unless you live in PAL territories (they removed the gambling scene in PAL versions of the PS2 game, which, for some odd reason, was the version ported to the PS3).

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    • Oh, also, if you have PSN set up, you can send me a friend request at KRAMMINATOR. Just tell me who you are in the message.

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