• Imagine if there was a cooper ancestor that existed in the mid 18th century, who's heists were so ridiculous, absurd and improbable, that both his own descendants and people around him thought he was an insane and deluded lunatic. Not to mention he hated being looked down upon by "rational" people and lives in a world of his own as he has a tendency to get lost in his own stories when he tells them as if he's reliving the moment. This goes so far that he ends up making a seperate book of his adventures and skills that is the same size as the thevius raccoonus and in the thevius raccoonus, future descendants put warnings on his section of the book, proclaiming him a liar and urging people not to believe anything that he wrote.

    And when Sly ends up in that time period, he is first embarrassed by this ancestor's personality but soon discovers that all the apparent "lies" and "tall tales" this ancestor supposedly spouted, turned out to be true all along and unwittingly takes part in them.

    imagine how fun it would be to play as a cooper ancestor based on the fictional 18th century literary character of Baron Munchausen, as well as a cooper gang based on Munchausen's sidekicks from the 1988 terry gilliam film?

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