• Hi,

    I'm a admin from the LBP wiki and a few others (i won't list them all). I was wondering if you'd be interested in improving your community message section to look like those on the wiki's i'm admin for.

    I could set one up in my blog area for you so all you have to do is copy it into the community message section. I'll just need a list of affiliates, links and word marks and names of your main admins.


    (Use a desktop browser and scroll to community message)

    Littlebigplanet wiki activitycommunity corner

    Dreams wiki activity

    godeater wiki activity

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    • That looks awesome, and I would love to set it up that way. I don't have time tonight, but tomorrow afternoon (around 3pm MT) I could get right on that.

      What sort of links are you looking for?

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    • The links would be the ones used to link to the wiki affiliates pages and the file names of the word marks saved on the wiki.

      The html color code for the blue used on this wiki would be helpfull but i'll find it if you don't know it.

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    • Just to let you know i manage to find the information i needed. you can find the template here

      I took a guess at the information you would use in the template. it may be missing a few links. opening up the page classic editor - source mode, then copying the contents and pasting it into the community message section should work.

      It may appear wide on the blog page and community corner, but it will auto adjust to fit on the wiki activity page. feel free to contact me if you need help.

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    • Awesome, thanks!

      I made a few changes, but for the most part it's great! (I changed the color of the headers and the bottom text background, as well as moving Shrev up the list and labeling him as a Bureaucrat.)

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    • Glad you like it :)

      feel free to pass the template to other wikis

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    • For sure.

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    • A FANDOM user
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