• So we have several gang articles on the Wiki that honestly have very little content and no "original" content (nothing that can't be found elsewhere and possibly in greater detail), all from Sly 3. This is obviously due to the fact that Sly 3 wasn't structured the same way as the other games; with the Cooper Gang focusing on smaller jobs done to pull off the big job (the Cooper Vault heist), all unrelated to each other except for the members they were trying to recruit; instead of every episode focusing on taking down a single large gang.

    Run-on sentence out of the way, what I'm getting to is that I personally believe that these four pages should be deleted, and any information incorporated into the related boss, location, episode and the general "Guards" article, if applicable.

    • Australian miners
    • Blood Bath Bay pirates
    • Dr. M's faction
    • Venetian mobsters

    This also means we would not go about creating pages for General Tsao's forces or the Black Baron's forces.

    Any and all discussion is, of course, encouraged.

    The pages have been deleted.

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    • Due to no response (on the wiki, there was some discussion on the Discord server) I have deleted the pages and removed any links to them.

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    • ok

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    • You just posted this discussion a day ago, so it is really rushed to delete them with no response already. The world have different time zones, so my response is fx. delayed here.

      Anyway, I do not think they should be deleted. All the pages add more information and detail to the villain factions of Sly 3. Of course there is not much information to the Sly 3 villain factions, as opposed to the Fiendish Five, the Klaww Gang and Le Paradox's gang, but it is information nontheless. We can just go about adding more information to each page with what we got from Sly 3, instead of deleting them. We also have to be creative with names of the factions, since they were almost not mentioned in the game, Le Paradox's gang being a prime example of an enemy faction, where we the Wiki created the name. And besides, I see no good reason to delete those pages, because of the more detailed information they give. 

      And all 6 villain gangs, or organisations for some of them, are clearly different enemy factions, the way they are structured.

      The Venetian Mobsters: They are literally a gang, since they are a mafia gang. 

      The Australian Miners: They are not a gang perse, but they are a mining organisation

      ACES: It is not a gang, but it is the faction of the Black Baron responsible for the flying competion of the same name. 

      The Tsao Family: Tsao literally calls it the Tsao Family in-game. Again, it is not a gang, but it is a powerful family and the only enemy faction in episode 4 of Sly 3. We already have family wiki pages on the Cooper Clan and the Le Paradox Clan, so I see no good reason to delete the family page of the Tsao family.

      The Blood Bath Bay Pirates: They are also literally a gang, since they are a pirate gang with a captain to lead them.

      Dr. M's Faction: Dr. M clealy created his own faction on Kaine Island, what with his different mutant guards serving him and doing his every whim.

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    • Actually by the time you responded, the post was 56 hours old, and I waited 24 hours between the original post and enacting the decision, so time zones had nothing to do with it. We also had a discussion on the Discord server, which is much more active and instant than the forums, so I wasn't alone in thinking this.

      As stated earlier, we (those of us on the Discord server) all agree that the pages are totally redundant. There's no history or information provided on these pages that isn't already provided elsewhere. Extracting information from four or so pages to make a single, full length article does not make that article necessary. We don't want bloat. There's a level of importance to these things, and we do not want to create an article for every single tiny thing that exists in the series.

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    • Fine, but I still think more detail is good.

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    • A FANDOM user
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