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The last reported sighting of this mad machinist was off the southern coast of the Isle of Wrath, a small island uncomfortably situated in the middle of the perilous Welsh Triangle.
― Sly Cooper, from the episode's introduction[src]

"Tide of Terror" is the first episode of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. It was set in the Isle of Wrath in the Welsh Triangle, and the main antagonist was Sir Raleigh the frog.



Raleigh's does not enjoy the sloppy meal being offered to him.

The road trip gave Sly Cooper the opportunity to study up on Raleigh. The hot-tempered frog once lived a life of luxury and privilege, which he soon grew tired of. Raleigh then tried his hand at a bit of piracy, which he found to be his calling. He was recruited by the Fiendish Five as their chief machinist, and his evil tinkering rose to new heights. He built himself a storm machine that would cause perpetual bad weather and shipwrecks, allowing him to plunder the wrecks for loot. The last known sightings of Raleigh were off the southern coast of the Isle of Wrath, a small island uncomfortably situated in the perilous Welsh Triangle.


"A Stealthy Approach"
Sly and the gang arrived at an island that Sly had to venture through to find Raleigh's hideout.
"Prowling the Grounds"
Sly learned that he needed to collect several of Raleigh's treasure keys to infiltrate his storm machine and take him down.
"Into the Machine"
Sly explored the engine room of the boat, where he had to venture through a hazardous area, filled with machines and lava.
"High Class Heist"
Sly entered Raleigh's treasury, where the frog stashed all the loot he had plundered from the wrecked ships. It was also installed with the best security systems on the boat due to the value of the items.
"The Fire Down Below"
Sly ventured through the power source room for the storm machine, which was full of lava and dangerous machines that he had to make use of.
"A Cunning Disguise"
Sly entered Raleigh's booby-trapped library, where he had to use a barrel to protect himself from several dart-shooting traps.
"The Gunboat Graveyard"
Sly infiltrated Raleigh's wrecked ship graveyard, where some of the wrecked ships were kept as collectible items.
"Treasure in the Depths"
Sly used one of Raleigh's submarines to dive down into the secret underwater room and fend off against several crabs to prevent them from making off with any treasure chests.
"The Eye of the Storm"
After collecting all of the treasure keys, Sly faced off against Raleigh inside the storm machine.


After Raleigh's defeat, Sly reclaimed the Thievius Raccoonus pages the frog stole. These pages provided detailed instructions on how to perform the Ninja Spire Jump, a technique Sly's ninja ancestor Rioichi Cooper developed while sneaking into the thickly fortified castles of Feudal Japan.

Carmelita brings the frog into custody.

Due to the untimely arrival of Carmelita Fox, Sly had difficulty escaping Raleigh's ship. However, Carmelita failed to find Sly but placed Raleigh and his crew under arrest. With the storm machine out of commission, boats returned to the ocean, and the mystery of the Welsh Triangle faded from memory. The gang then took a vacation in England, enjoying the pleasant weather. They soon returned home to prepare for their next trip.



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