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This timeline covers the events that happen during the Sly Cooper series' Wiki-official canon.[note 1] Non-canon games and information are not included.

Note that many of the dates are calculated based on the assumption that the first three games in the series take place in the years they were released.[note 2] If two dates are referred to with a hyphen between them, it implies that the events took place within that range.

Event chronology

Events that occur due to timeline tampering will be underlined. Writing that has been struck through shows an event that was erased by tampering with the timeline. Where no special writing is used, it is assumed that the event happens in both timelines.

Before Christ (BC)


  • c. 10,050 - 10,020 BC
  • 10,000 BC[1]
    • Bob Cooper invents the cane and begins stealing pterodactyl eggs to feed his tribe.
    • Grizz arrives from the future and starts using pterodactyl eggs to create cave paintings that he will uncover in the future to become rich. This causes Bob Cooper to go into a depression and be captured by Grizz, who steals his cane.
    • "Clan of the Cave Raccoon."
    • Bentley and Murray bring Bob and four of his descendants to the future so that they can retrieve their canes from Le Paradox's blimp. Bob returns home after helping Salim al-Kupar retrieve his cane.
    • Bob keeps up with his training and regains his role as egg thief extraordinaire.
    • Bob pioneers the use of a cane in use of thievery.
    • Clockwerk is first sighted, already in his metal form (possible Easter egg).


Anno Domini (AD)


  • c. 932-941
    • Salim al-Kupar and the rest of the Forty Thieves are born in Arabia.
  • c. 960
    • The Forty Thieves is united.


  • 1001[3]
    • Salim al-Kupar enjoys his retirement.
    • Salim briefly un-retires and completes his last heist with the remaining members of the Forty Thieves.
    • Miss Decibel arrives in Salim al-Kupar's home city from the future and begins forging royalty documents for her boss.
    • "40 Thieves."
    • Bentley and Murray bring Salim and four other Cooper Clan members to the future so that they can retrieve their canes from Le Paradox's blimp. Salim returns home after helping Sir Galleth Cooper retrieve his cane.
    • Salim al-Kupar finally gets to retire properly, running a business where he sells snacks to hungry customers from a camel.


  • c. 1260 - 1270
    • Sir Galleth Cooper is born in England.
  • c.1280-1300
    • Sir Galleth has many adventures.


  • 1301[4]
    • The Black Knight arrives in Sir Galleth's home town from the future and captures Sir Galleth, putting him in a circus in an attempt to steal his cane.
    • "Of Mice and Mechs."
    • Bentley and Murray bring Sir Galleth and four other Cooper Clan members to the future so that they can retrieve their canes from Le Paradox's blimp. Sir Galleth returns home after helping "Tennessee Kid" Cooper retrieve his cane.
    • Sir Galleth resumes his adventures.
    • Sir Galleth starts his gang, the Knights of the Cooper Order, a group that stole from corrupt nobility.
    • Sir Galleth becomes a successful, if overly dramatic, actor.



  • c. 1560 - 1570
  • c. 1580 - 1600
    • After training as ninjas together, Rioichi's shark friend sacrifices his life in order to allow Rioichi to invent sushi and start a restaurant.
  • c. 1590


  • 1603[5]
    • El Jefe arrives in Rioichi's home village from the future and poisons a shogun, blaming the crime on Rioichi. This gets Rioichi placed in jail, where he is meant to be held while El Jefe steals his cane and gives it to his boss.
    • Madame Geisha goes on vacation.[6]
    • "Turning Japanese."
    • Bentley and Murray bring Rioichi and four other Cooper Clan members to the future so that they can retrieve their canes from Le Paradox's blimp. Rioichi retrieves his cane first, and then returns home after helping Bob Cooper retrieve his cane.
  • 1616
    • Henriette steals Sinbad's goblet filled with coins from Arabia.[7]


  • c. 1800
  • c. 1820s
  • c. 1831
    • Jean Bison cuts his first log.[8]
  • 1839
    • It is possible that this is when Thaddeus was at his most active.[note 3]
  • 1847
  • c. 1850
    • Thaddeus is possibly born in London around this time.[note 3]
  • c. 1850 - 1860
    • "Tennessee Kid" Cooper is born in the Midwestern United States.
  • c. 1852
    • Jean Bison is frozen in an avalanche caused by an explosion during a gold rush in Canada.
  • 1884[9]
    • Tennessee pulls off his masterpiece bank robbery.
    • Toothpick arrives in Tennessee's home town and takes over as sheriff, taking gold and other treasures, including Tennessee's cane. He also prevents Tennessee from pulling off what should have been his masterpiece bank robbery.
    • "Go West Young Raccoon."
    • Tennessee recovers his gold, regaining his reputation.
    • Bentley and Murray bring Tennessee and four other Cooper Clan members to the future so that they can retrieve their canes from Le Paradox's blimp. Tennessee returns home after breaking into the main room of the blimp and preventing Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox from being sent through a time tunnel.
    • Tennessee begins stealing from crooked lawmen exclusively.
  • 1884 - c. 1900
    • Toothpick gets arrested and begins working on the railroads as part of a chain gang, eventually becoming deaf. He is run over by a train due to his deafness.
  • 1893
    • It is possible that this is when Thaddeus was at his most active.[note 3]


  • c. 1900 - 1910
  • c. 1930 - 1940
  • c. 1950 - 1960
  • c. 1960 - 1980
    • Conner starts a gang with Jim McSweeney and Dr. M.
  • c. 1970 - 1980
    • Cyrille Le Paradox is born.
  • c. 1972
    • Jean Bison thaws out of his frozen state due to global warming.
  • c. 1981
  • c. 1984
    • Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray are born.[note 5]
  • c. 1986 - 1992
    • Dr. M betrays Conner Cooper and McSweeney, claiming that he and McSweeney are just sidekicks.
    • Conner steals a diamond and Cyrille Le Paradox's father, another thief, is jailed for the crime.
  • c. 1987
    • Conner and Sly meet McSweeney at a museum on the Ligurian coast of Italy, where Conner gives him the map to the Cooper Vault. McSweeney hides the map in the museum for safekeeping.
  • c. 1992
    • Conner Cooper and his wife are killed by the Fiendish Five. The gang steals the Thievius Raccoonus and tears it into five equal parts.
    • Sly is sent to the Happy Camper Orphanage.
  • c. 1992 - 1996
    • Sly Cooper, Bentley and Murray become friends and create the Cooper's 3. They steal Mrs. Puffin's cookies as their first heist.
  • c. 1992 - 2002
  • c. 1997 - 2002
    • Bentley goes into the sewers beneath Paris.[10]


  • b. 2002
    • Sly Cooper meets and (unknowingly to her) helps Carmelita catch the criminal stage manager Pierre, preventing him from stealing the Diva Diamond.
    • Sly Cooper steals the Fire Stone of India.
  • c. 2002
  • c. 2003
  • c. 2004
    • Sly 2: Band of Thieves
    • Carmelita destroys the Hate Chip, which causes the seemingly invincible Clockwerk parts to disintegrate; Clockwerk is defeated for the final time. However, Bentley was crushed by the dead frame beforehand, which paralyzes him from the waist down.
    • The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2[note 7]
  • c. 2004-2005
    • Murray, feeling that Bentley's condition is his fault, leaves the gang.
    • The ex-Klaww Gang members that are still alive go on to have new jobs.[note 8]
      • Dimitri becomes a dance teacher on a cruise ship, but later winds up in jail.
      • Rajan becomes the founder of a North American rug outlet called Karpet King.
      • The Contessa becomes a successful real estate broker.
      • Jean Bison becomes a member of the EPA, but freezes again after completing a mission to save some baby penguins.
  • c. 2005
  • c. 2005-2006 (right after Sly 3)[11]

Unknown dates

There are several dates that are not assigned or can't be assumed within a reasonable time frame.

Media chronology

All of the following is from the conscious timeline of Sly Cooper.


  1. Neither the creators (Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games) nor the publisher have made any statements regarding the canonicity of any specific entry in the series. Read canon for more information on how the canon is used on the Wiki.
  2. In the Getaway cutscene for "Dead Men Tell No Tales" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, a postcard is shown with the date "Aug 25 05," less than one month before the game was released. The in-game time between the first three games is the same as the real-world time between releases, putting Sly 2: Band of Thieves in 2004 and Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus in 2002.
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  6. Sly Cooper: To Catch a Thief is a novel that expands upon the story told in The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 1.
  7. When The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2 takes place, Muggshot is in jail. In Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the Black Baron mentions that Muggshot competed in the previous year's ACES competition. It is logical that between the times of The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2 and that year's ACES competition, Muggshot got out of jail.
  8. Dimitri and Rajan are both shown to be incarcerated at Heathrow Penitentiary in The Adventures of Sly Cooper, issue 2. It is known that Dimitri was a dance teacher on a cruise ship before he was arrested again. The second time when he was arrested, Dimitri was incarcerated at the Police HQ in Venice.
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