Time to take a little looksee... AT MY GOLD! Heehee!
― Toothpick to himself[src]

Toothpick was an armadillo and a villain in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Part of Le Paradox's gang, he was one of Cyrille Le Paradox's lieutenants, and was sent to Cotton Mouth Bluff, 1884 AD. He planned on stealing gold from that time period and bringing it back to the present, making himself a billionaire. He was the main antagonist of Go West Young Raccoon.

He was voiced by David Lodge.



He was originally an Eastern European mobster who grew up loving cowboy movies and gold, so he specialized in gold robberies. He was even behind some of the world's greatest gold heists. Some time later, he abruptly vanished.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeEdit

Cyrille Le Paradox invited Toothpick and Miss Decibel to his museum, on the same night the Cooper Gang did their heist to obtain an ancient Japanese dagger from the very same place. Le Paradox hired Toothpick to take out "Tennessee Kid" Cooper, so after traveling to Cotton Mouth Bluff, 1884, Toothpick staged a robbery (which would later go down in history as Tennessee's greatest heist in Cooper lore) and framed Tennessee for it, despite the robbery taking place after Tennessee was arrested. Toothpick could be seen around town during the Cooper Gang's jobs, such as when he arrested Sly for deface his posters, stealing his lollipop, and taking down his banner. Toothpick converted an abandoned gold mine into a storage facility for his stolen goods, including Tennessee's cane. On his way to the mine, Toothpick was followed by Bentley. Once Toothpick was gone, Bentley and Murray let the recently escaped Tennessee Kid Cooper inside the mine, so he could steal his cane back. Toothpick eventually found out the cane was stolen and yelled Cooper's name in anger as he grew in size. Later, Sly planted a bug in the Saloon, which held Toothpick's Office. There he revealed to his guards, he planned on mining all of the gold out of Cotton Mouth Bluff and load it all on a train, so he could bring it back to the present day to become rich. His boss, Cyrille Le Paradox would show up with Carmelita Fox in tow. Back in the present day, Carmelita found out that Le Paradox was illegally smuggling treasure, so Le Paradox brought her to Toothpick in Cotton Mouth Bluff, giving him the job to execute her. Before Carmelita could meet her demise, she was rescued by Tennessee Kid Cooper. The Cooper Gang arrived to help them, but before they could, Toothpick showed up with his guards and arrested them. The Cooper Gang were later broken out of prison by Tennessee and Carmelita. During the conflict, Toothpick had some rat troopers restrain Tennessee, so he could get his cane. He was eventually stopped by the Cooper Gang when Sly Cooper defeated him aboard his own train. After being defeated, Toothpick fell into the furnace of the train, and he was blasted out to Tennessee, where Tennessee threw him off the train. Toothpick was stranded in the past, and was sentenced to work on the railroads in a chain gang made up of many of his employees. The sound of train whistles made him go deaf, and, unable to hear an oncoming train or his fellow prisoners trying to warn him, "faded into obscurity."[1]


Physical appearanceEdit

Toothpick is a short armadillo that wears red vest over a white dress shirt, a brown belt with a gold buckle and white cowboy hat. On his chest is a gold sheriff's star. He has a single holster on his right hip that holds a revolver.


Toothpick is an insane and a trigger-happy armadillo, as shown when he threatened to break Sly's thumbs (and possibly his pinkie fingers) after his poster vandalism. He shows little care for his subordinates, as he barely expressed concern for shooting one on accident and threatened another for criticizing him.

He enjoys lollipops, and in particular, Cuban lollipops with bean and rice flavors.

He is also an ego-maniac, plastering the town with posters of himself and dedicating festivals in his own honor. Toothpick had one major weakness; he couldn't stand loud noises, particularly whistles, which aggravate his sensitive ears. If the noise is loud enough that he can't block it out by plugging his ears, he goes into an uncontrolled rage that cumulates with him growing to gigantic size, though general annoyances (such as employees questioning his behavior) can also spark this transformation.


Toothpick is an excellent shot and is skilled with a variety of firearms, making him very dangerous right off the bat. He also has the ability to grow to a massive size when he becomes extremely enraged which allows him to create shock waves by slamming the ground and create tornadoes by spinning and using his cowboy hat. When he gets dizzy, Toothpick shrinks into normal size before he might become vulnerable to be attacked.


Name Type Weapon Description
Bulls Flashlight guards Minigun They're armed with a minigun, dealing little damage but continuous fire. They also have several close combat attacks. They are usually found in "Tennessee Kid"'s missions, where you have to duel them.
Coyotes Rooftop guards Dual revolvers They're armed with 2 revolvers, and several close combat attacks.
Jackalopes Rooftop guards Dynamite sticks Armed with dynamite, these guys are tough and annoying when encountered in large numbers.



  • Toothpick hates only one thing concerning the Wild West: the loud sound of train whistles, which hurt his sensitive ears.
    • Coincidentally, this is what caused him to go deaf.
  • Toothpick is the only member of Le Paradox's crew that eventually died. He is also one of only three minor villains in the series to die, the others being Arpeggio and LeFwee.
    • He is also the only member who became permanently stranded in the past.
    • His death also happens in a more natural way due to becoming deaf and being unable to hear the whistle of the oncoming train, instead of being killed either by duel or betrayal by another antagonist.
    • He is also the only member that was not captured by Carmelita due to the rush getaway made by Cooper Gang right after the Boss Battle.
  • Toothpick is the only boss in Thieves in Time to not have a thin, vertical stripe running down his clothing in some fashion. In early concept art, however, he did.
  • Toothpick's makes an appearance in the Prologue, along with Miss Decibel and Le Paradox, who are conversing behind a window.
  • In the cutscene where they talk about Toothpick's backstory he is seen holding two revolvers while in the game he only has one.
  • According to Bentley, Toothpick adored lollipops, especially a Cuban variety that had to be shipped for weeks. Supposedly, they had the flavor of rice and beans.
  • Toothpick's voice actor, David Lodge, is famous for his dubbing career, most notably for being the English voice actor of Jiraiya in the Naruto series.


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  1. Due to time travel.