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The Treasure Wall from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Treasures are collectibles found in Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Treasures differ from loot in the sense that they are not pickpocketed; rather, they are found within the hub world.

Playable characters (sometimes only Sly, depending on where it's located) can pick up a treasure by pressing circle while standing next to it. They then have to bring it to the safe house without taking any damage; if they do take damage, the treasure is destroyed. Some treasures are booby-trapped and are automatically destroyed after a set amount of time. However, any treasure that is destroyed can be reacquired from its original position (except for the Gold Painting, as its pedestal will have a forgery in place).[1]

Sly 2: Band of Thieves[]

There are a total of 25 treasures found in Sly 2. Each treasure can be sold on ThiefNet for a specific amount of coins that can then be used to purchase power-ups. All of the treasures are obtainable at any time except for the Gold Painting, which is only available once immediately after "Bug Dimitri's Office." Each episode has three treasures, with the exception of The Black Chateau (four treasures including the Gold Painting). Treasures can only be brought to the Safe House when a job is not active.

If a treasure is booby-trapped, then the player is given a limited amount of time to return the it to the safe house. If it is not returned in time, it will fall off of the player and be destroyed, requiring the player to collect it again.

List of treasures in Sly 2[]

Treasure Episode Booby-trapped? Coins
Crystal Chalice The Black Chateau No 153
Gold Painting The Black Chateau No 232
Ivory Jewel Box The Black Chateau No 205
Jade Vase The Black Chateau No 246
Ancestral Kite A Starry Eyed Encounter No 307
Burial Urn A Starry Eyed Encounter Yes, 0:40 354
Ming Vase A Starry Eyed Encounter No 249
Gilded Scepter The Predator Awakes Yes, 1:30 447
Crystal Flask The Predator Awakes No 352
Golden Scroll Case The Predator Awakes Yes, 1:10 402
Ceremonial Lantern Jailbreak No 451
Crystal Ball Jailbreak Yes, 1:30 504
Golden Orb Jailbreak Yes, 1:40 553
Crystal Vase A Tangled Web No 546
Jeweled Crown A Tangled Web Yes, 0:50 652
Royal Tiara A Tangled Web Yes, 1:15 601
Alabaster Chalice He Who Tames the Iron Horse Yes, 0:45 654
Crystal Bell He Who Tames the Iron Horse No 605
Golden Plate He Who Tames the Iron Horse Yes, 0:45 704
Collectible Plate Menace from the North, eh! Yes, 0:45 701
Jade Decanter Menace from the North, eh! No 647
Jeweled Chalice Menace from the North, eh! Yes, 0:40 748
Golden Headdress Anatomy for Disaster Yes, 1:20 803
Golden Vase Anatomy for Disaster Yes, 1:00 726
Jeweled Egg Anatomy for Disaster Yes, 1:20 752

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time[]

Treasures make a return in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, with a total of 60 to be found. Each treasure rewards the player with a certain amount of coins, but they are no longer sold and lost; they are kept on a unique Treasure Wall that the player can access from the Hideout at any time for viewing pleasure.

Collecting all of the treasures in an episode will unlock the arcade machine in that episode's Hideout, and collecting all of the treasures will unlock the arcade machine in the Paris Hideout. In addition, treasures can be brought back to the Hideout at any time without abandoning the current job, as they are "returned" once directly in front of the hideout, and all treasures are booby-trapped. In all other cases, they work the same as in Sly 2.

The rewards from the Safes in Thieves in Time are also classified as treasures, but these have special uses and have no coin value. Their special effect is automatically applied when opening the safe, and the treasure is automatically in the Hideout - the player does not need to carry it back.

List of treasures in Thieves in Time[]

Treasure Episode Coins
Meditation Turtle Turning Japanese 199
Gyro Slicer 2000 Turning Japanese 301
Golden Lion Statue Turning Japanese 249
Golden Teapot Turning Japanese 113
The Ninja Cookbook Turning Japanese 120
Lucky Neko Turning Japanese 145
Jade Peach Turning Japanese 151
Tales of a Samurai Hippo Comic Turning Japanese 414
Jade Samurai Helmet Turning Japanese 131
Samurai Warrior Turning Japanese 228
Dragon Claw Statue Turning Japanese 236
Raccoon Daruma Turning Japanese 213
Bag of Cash Go West Young Raccoon 409
Fake Mustache Go West Young Raccoon 209
Ten Gallon Hat Go West Young Raccoon 131
Street Sign Go West Young Raccoon 140
Bottle of Sarsaparilla Go West Young Raccoon 153
Temporal Flux Driver Go West Young Raccoon 197
Diamond Cactus Go West Young Raccoon 118
Steer Horns Go West Young Raccoon 237
Tacky Tombstone Go West Young Raccoon 226
Branding Iron Go West Young Raccoon 124
Golden Spike Go West Young Raccoon 253
King Monkey Love Go West Young Raccoon 303
Ruby Crystal Clan of the Cave Raccoon 136
Dino Egg Clan of the Cave Raccoon 112
T-Rex Skull Clan of the Cave Raccoon 214
Grizz's Lair Key Clan of the Cave Raccoon 238
Spiked Club Clan of the Cave Raccoon 252
Sabertooth Skull Clan of the Cave Raccoon 154
Cave Painting Clan of the Cave Raccoon 121
Slytunkhamen's Vase Clan of the Cave Raccoon 194
Lutrela Nivadensis Clan of the Cave Raccoon 407
Grizz's Skates Clan of the Cave Raccoon 222
Mona Lita Clan of the Cave Raccoon 306
Stone Wheel Clan of the Cave Raccoon 144
Medieval Metal Man Of Mice and Mechs 247
Brass Spyglass Of Mice and Mechs 193
Rolling Pin Of Mice and Mechs 124
Golden Arrow Of Mice and Mechs 401
Archer's Handbook Of Mice and Mechs 211
Coin Purse Of Mice and Mechs 148
Bell Tower Of Mice and Mechs 111
Jeweled Shoe Of Mice and Mechs 238
Magic Potion Of Mice and Mechs 158
Silver Mug Of Mice and Mechs 135
Golden Anvil Of Mice and Mechs 227
Stained Glass Compass Of Mice and Mechs 307
Golden Magic Lamp 40 Thieves 134
101 Ways to Cook Scorpion 40 Thieves 218
Thief Treasure Chest 40 Thieves 408
Jeweled Pillow 40 Thieves 145
Bright Cane Polish 40 Thieves 309
Miss Decibel Painting 40 Thieves 235
Marble Horse Head 40 Thieves 244
Arabian Carpet 40 Thieves 222
Puffin's Cookie Jar 40 Thieves 191
Jewel Encrusted Silver Scimitar 40 Thieves 123
Gold Cobra 40 Thieves 156
Le Paradox Portrait 40 Thieves 115

List of safe treasures[]

Treasure Episode Effect
Coopergiwa's Gold Magnet Turning Japanese Coins near the player are automatically collected
Muggshot's Coin Go West Young Raccoon Coins from guards and objects are doubled
Clockwerk's Eye Clan of the Cave Raccoon Binocucom shows clue bottle locations
Sir Raleigh's Frog Hat Of Mice and Mechs Player does not take damage from water
The Guru's Staff Piece 40 Thieves Player takes half damage

Treasure design competition[]


Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Design Your Treasure Competition

Competition Announcement

A competition ran from April 20, 2012 to May 20, 2012 where fans could design a treasure that they thought Sly would collect in Thieves in Time. From there, Sanzaru Games selected ten of these treasures to appear in the game (two from the United States and eight from other places around the world). These treasures appear in the top-left corner of the Treasure Wall.

There were 24 worldwide winners[2] and 7 United States winners.[3]

United States prizes[]

  • The two first place prize winners each received a 3G PlayStation Vita Handheld Entertainment System, a 32GB memory card, a $100 PlayStation Store voucher, and a PlayStation 3 sporting a Sly Cooper design. These winners also got their treasures into the game.
  • The five runner ups received a 3G PlayStation Vita System, a 16GB Memory Card, and a $40 PlayStation Store voucher.

Worldwide prizes[]

  • Each of the 24 international winners won a PlayStation Vita system (Wi-Fi only) and a 16GB PlayStation Vita memory card. In addition to this, each of the eight final winners got the chance to see their drawings transformed into in-game treasures.
  • The 24 entrant countries were: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE and United Kingdom.


  • If "Follow Dimitri" and "Waterpump Destruction" are completed before "Bug Dimitri's Office," the Gold Painting is automatically brought to the safe house (because Bentley's slideshow will be triggered). This is the only treasure that can be brought to the safe house automatically.
  • The Classic Gaming Gear treasure was in Thieves in Time while in production, but was cut sometime before the game was released. No statement was made as to why this happened.


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