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Carmelita: Well, well, well... look who just walked into my cross hairs... Sly Cooper!
Sly: About time you showed up, Ms. Fox. Was getting worried about you. Thought you took a wrong turn somewhere back in Paris.
― On the rooftops[src]

"Two to Tango" was a job in "Sunset Snake Eyes" of Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus.


Sly began his ascent by climbing up a ladder to reach the rooftops. After crossing a couple, he once again encountered Carmelita, who was lucky to have caught him between her crosshairs. After a short banter between the two, Sly began his run across the rooftops in an attempt to escape her fire, soon venturing his way through a wrecked casino, where he temporarily lost sight of her.

Carmelita soon managed to regain her visual on Sly. Upon reaching the final rooftop, Sly had to break open a fire hydrant to free the treasure key. While doing so, he also managed to disconnect a rope to a giant Muggshot float that Carmelita was standing on. It flew away with Carmelita on it, who shouted out to the raccoon that he could not escape her forever.


There are 30 clue bottles to collect in this area, and the vault is located behind the flashlight guard on the left inside the large building. The vault's combination is 5-3-2.

Good thing I know Navajo code talk. Try 5-3-2.
― Bentley[src]