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Hail O Guru of the Stone. Murray has purified Ayers Rock and now I humbly deliver your walking stick and Moon Stone... the time for escape has come.
― Bentley delivering the staff and Moon Stone to an imprisoned Guru

"Unleash the Guru" was a job for The Guru in "Rumble Down Under" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


It's time for the Guru to help the Cooper Gang. He must escape the stockade and destroy four drills and a grinder.


After all of the previous objectives are reached, Bentley heads over to the Guru's stockade to give him his walking staff and moonstone. The time has come for his escape. Bentley heads off as a kangaroo guard shows up to watch over the Guru. In order to free himself, he needs to break the gate down. He does so by transforming himself in an object. This catches the guard's attention and causes him to hop inside the stockade to investigate. Once his back is turned, the Guru hops onto him to control his mind and ram him into the gate.

The next objective is to destroy four drills tearing up the landscape. He heads over to get the run-down from Bentley. The bases of the drills are fragile. The Guru uses more guards to ram into the drills. Once all four drills are down, he must now head over to Wave Rock for the final objective. The Guru must now destroy a giant grinder that is tearing up Wave Rock. The generator linked to the machine is weak and can be destroyed pretty easily. The Guru rams three guards into the machine, causing it to explode and cause an electric bolt to run up the wire to the grinder and blow it up. Now that the miners' machines are destroyed, Murray congratulates him on a job well done.


  • In the Sly 3 demo, the Guru had a different line in the part where Bentley tells him a guard will come inside to investigate.
  • Also, in the demo, the grinder made a more silent sound when it blew up.
  • This mission was called "The Shaman Escapes" in the demo.