"Up in Smoke" was a job for Bentley in "40 Thieves" of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Background[edit | edit source]

Sly and Salim work together to free the Lion, while Bentley covers for them.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bentley informs Sly that this rescue is going to get dicey, as security has been beefed up. There are several turrets stationed around town, which are too well-protected to attack directly. He explains that he could hack the security system, but that might take some time, and they need to move fast, as there is no telling when Miss Decibel will move the Lion again. He suggests using his RC chopper to create smoke screens for Sly and Salim as they go after the Lion. This will prevent the turrets from seeing them. Given that Salim knows this town pretty well, he will be able to guide Sly to the secure location. Bentley informs them to get to a safe spot as the smoke clears, or they will be missile bait.

Bentley launches the chopper into the air. As he approaches the first turret, it activates and starts shooting homing missiles towards the chopper. As Bentley drops the smoke bombs, he must also dodge these missiles. He must drop six bombs in this area to allow Sly and Salim to go through. Once he approaches the next turret, he must drop seven bombs in that area, while still dodging missiles. Once he comes across the third turret, he must now drop eight smoke bombs in that area to let Sly and Salim pass through.

Sly and Salim finally make it to the thief's location. Sly dresses up in his Thief Costume and attempts to open the door automatically, which doesn't work. The two open the door manually, and once inside, they spot the thief being hypnotized by a sonic device. Sly is bothered by the smell in the room, claiming it's making his eyes water. Salim explains that it's probably the Lion's socks, as he always hated doing laundry.

To free the Lion, Bentley must hack the device from his position. After that, he is free from the hypnosis, and he claims he had a terrible nightmare in which he was being charmed, like a snake, and couldn't break free. Salim explains to him that it was no nightmare. The Lion then tells him he was in his dream as well, bringing him many delicious snacks. Sly asks them what's the big deal with them and food. Calling Sly an "insolent pup," the Lion asks Salim who he is. He explains to him that he is a friend who helped rescue him and says he is his assistant, which Sly finds insulting. Bentley, however, tells him to play along, as it's better that fewer people figure out what's going on. They take the Lion back to the safe house.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the PS Vita version, there is often a glitch that occurs when Sly and Salim reach the door. Salim will remain frozen in his gameplay pose and when the cutscene ends, the game will freeze. Fortunately, the game can still be paused, so to fix this, the player must skip the cutscene.
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