Believe it or not, the Wiki turned 10 years old last week, on 11 March 2018, with its first ever edit penned by its founder, Thai420. Since that point, we've come a long way to make the wiki what it is, and if I'm being honest, it's amazing.

Back when this wiki was created in 2008, the series was at an interesting standstill. Sly 3 had left us with an ominous message through time. The PS3 era was in full swing, but no swinging raccoon was to be found. Was the series forgotten, or had it found its end?

Nonetheless, the wiki moved along, covering swift ground and adding page after page, tidbit after tidbit, of anything and everything that could be found in the Sly Cooper games. Edits flowed by and continued our love for the sneaky raccoon and his trusty turtle and hippo friends, with the wiki reaching some of its highest peaks in the months leading up to 2013, the launch of the series' most recent addition, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. A new adventure through time had greeted us, and the wiki was in full form, ready for action.

After Sly's new adventure, it seemed that the wiki was yet in another lull, with a hint of a movie but no satisfying end to the pyramids of Egypt. However, the movie was sidestepped in favor of a TV series - maybe our beloved raccoon might not get out of Egypt, but he might pursue new adventures with his gang. Regardless of where the series takes them, the wiki will continue to flourish as it has always done, edit by edit, page by page.

On a more personal note, it's been an adventure seeing how the wiki has grown ever since I joined in 2010. From my very first administrative position a month later, to 8000 edits after that, the wiki has grown tremendously, all because of you. Yes, you, the reader. Maybe you haven't edited here, but your love for the series is more than enough in helping motivating the wiki to become the most useful encyclopedia for Sly Cooper fans. While I haven't been here often as of late, the administrative team has done an amazing job with Teenbat at the helm.

However, at the end of the day, they, nor I, would not have been able to bring the wiki to the state it is today. It's all because of the countless number of edits from many, many users that have helped bring this wiki to the position it holds, and it'll only continue to be that way. So, thank you. Here's to another ten years!

Happy editing,

Shrev64 aka Shrev
Bureaucrat, Sly Cooper Wiki

For a brief overview of the Wiki's history when it turned four (six years ago!), please see this.

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