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Panda King: Fear not, Cooper. I shall not kill you this day.
Sly: Uh... ditto.
― After meeting up[src]

"Vampiric Demise" was a job for the Panda King in "A Cold Alliance" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Bentley points Sly to one of General Tsao's firework stashes for the ceremony. The lock was pretty simple, but Sly will need help carrying the goods. Bentley explains that the Panda King is the man for the job due to his explosive skills and ability to take out multiple opponents. Although Sly still does not trust him yet, the two need to reconcile and work together to deal with the Jiang Shi vampires resurrected by General Tsao. Bentley heads inside a house to get the Panda King to help Sly.

Before heading out, the Panda King has a conversation with his past self (in the mirror). He tells his past self that he is about to work alongside the Cooper Gang, and he cannot carry him with him on the journey. His past self scolds him, saying this is his chance for revenge. He reminds him of how Sly humiliated them and made them weak. The Panda King says that humiliation was a crossroads and have chosen to walk the path of humility. His past self believes Cooper should be destroyed. The Panda King convinces him to change his mind, saying that Sly is a teacher of humility and despite him killing his parents, Sly still manages to trust him. He explains that by studying Cooper, they will become whole. His past self has no desire to go through with this, saying he is the strength that used to be the once, glorious Panda King. The Panda King explains that they will become the father Jing King needs if they work together, and if it weren't for that, Tsao would be an ideal son-in-law. His past self agrees that Cooper should live. The Panda King leaves to help Sly.

The Panda King heads up the mountain to meet with Sly. They conspire to destroy the hopping vampires and their crypt.  While Panda King deals with the vampires, Sly breaks into the three firework caches and gives the goods to the Panda King for him to use against the crypt. After collecting enough fireworks, Sly heads back to the safehouse and leaves the rest up to the Panda King. He heads up to the crypt and blasts it sky-high. With the crypt destroyed, the vampires are no longer a threat to China.


  • Bentley says in a previous cutscene that Tsao had vampires patrolling the streets. However, they only appear in this specific mission.
  • It's possible to destroy the vampire crypt right before the vampires start popping up.