As an engagement gift, I've presented him with my most treasured piece- the Venus de Whalo!
― D'Oinkeau to Carmelita[2]

The Venus de Whalo is a statue that belonged to Madame D'Oinkeau, Dimitri Lousteau's fiancée, before being stolen by the Cooper Gang.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

The statue was owned by Madame D'Oinkeau, who was giving it to Dimitri Lousteau and her fiancé, an international forger, as an engagement gift. He never planned to marry her, however, instead opting to take the gift and leave her.[2]

While stealing a painting, the Mona Lizard, from one of Dimitri's buildings, Sly Cooper saw an invitation to his and Madame D'Oinkeau's engagement party.[3] Breaking into the party, Sly tricks Carmelita Fox, who had been hired to protect the statue, D'Oinkeau and Dimitri into leaving the statue.[4] The gang then stole it, placed it in their Van, and headed for the ferry out of Monaco.[5][6]

The Venus de Whalo is stolen by Sly Cooper

Since they were several minutes behind schedule, Sly needed to further distract Carmelita.[6] They reminisced about the first time they met, before Sly jumped off the bridge they stood on, landing on the ferry that carried Bentley, Murray, the Van and the Venus de Whalo.[1]

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