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Voltage Attack is a vault power-up in Sly 2: Band of Thieves. It is for Sly Cooper only. The code for its vault is 3-8-6.


Similarly to the Insanity Strike move, Sly will taps his cane on the ground, imbuing the hook of his cane with electrical energy. Enemies that get hit with this empowered cane will get electrocuted and die in one hit, including flashlight guards. However, if the cane hits a breakable object, the electrical energy will be lost. This power-up can be useful when Sly needs to end fights quickly or deal with difficult opponents.

There is a similar ability version called Lightning Spin in "Menace from the North, eh!" where Sly can instantly kill all nearby enemies with a deadly spin.


  • When the player breaks clue bottles while this power-up is activated, the lightning remains on Sly's cane.
  • The lightning does not appear on Sly's cane while he is climbing objects.
  • Using this power-up to defeat enemies while outside of combat will draw the attention of nearby enemies from a much shorter distance than his standard Stealth Slam. Because of this, along with its quick execution, Voltage Attack can be used as a faster and "silent" alternative until Sly acquires Silent Obliteration.
  • When the rat guards or the toucan guards are defeated with this power-up, they do not actually get electrocuted. It acts as a basic one-hit takedown.