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"Bentley Tutorial" was a tutorial job for Bentley in the Hazard Room of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Learn Bentley's special moves and gadgets.


Part 1 (Placing bombs)[]

Your first task here as Bentley is to learn how to use Bentley's bombs. A crate is placed ahead of you. Follow the instructions and place a bomb on it using triangle. After that, run away quickly before the bomb goes off.

Part 2 (Bombing guards)[]

The second part of the tutorial involves taking out guards with the use of bombs. Follow the instructions again and run to the snoozing guard and bomb him. Next, you'll need to pull out the binocucom, and put him to sleep using Bentley's sleep darts. Press right analog stick to pull up the binocucom. Hold forward or backward on the button to zoom in or out respectively. Press r1 to fire a dart. Then, go up to the guard and bomb him. Third, you will now need to take a moving guard. First, put him to sleep with the dart, then bomb him.

Part 3 (Pickpocketing)[]

For the third part, you will learn Bentley's way of pickpocketing guards, which is the Pick Pocket Pole (PPP), which is linked to the l1 button by default. Use this gadget on the guard in front of you. Just press the button to pull out the pole, and when close enough, it will attach to the loot in the guard's pocket, allowing you to pull back and yank the loot out. As always, it'll take several tries until his pocket is empty, or until you win the special loot.

For the final part, you will need to pickpocket a moving guard. Just sneak up behind him and follow the same instructions mentioned above to retrieve the loot. After that, you're all done!



Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Walkthrough - Episode 1 - Hazard Room 2

This video also includes a Sly tutorial. Bentley's tutorial starts at 2:17.