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"Cooper Hangar Defense" was a job for Murray, Bentley and Penelope in Flight of Fancy of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Defend the Cooper Air Hangar against Muggshot's goons.


  • Defeat Muggshot
  • Defend the biplane
  • Protect the hangar


While Bentley is getting the security systems online, Muggshot will stop by for an unfriendly visit to get revenge for what transpired in Mesa City. As Murray, take out the guards and use a switch to ram an engine into his "Solar Plex-e-is." Deplete his health meter to zero and control will switch to Bentley.

You need to multitask between two cameras using the left analog stick and set off each trap using x,circle,square, and triangle. Mind the plane's health while you do this, and make sure not too many guards slip by while the traps recharge. After the waves of enemies, Muggshot will send tanks in. Fortunately, Penelope has volunteered to help. Control will switch to Penelope.

Using the RC chopper, follow the arrow to an enemy or tank. Press r1 for a boost, and use x and left analog stick to pull enemies and tanks away with a grappling gun.

After all the enemies are done for, it's Job Complete.