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Dark Caves is a job for Sly Cooper in Rumble Down Under of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.



After the binocucom chat, head to the door of the first mine shaft and Bentley will inform you that the caves are gonna be dark so you have another 3D choice. Head inside the cave and hop across several drills to make your way to the safe containing the Moon Stone. Crack the safe, then hurry out within the time limit, because the miners rigged the Moon Stone with a detonator.

After you get out, head into the second mine shaft. You need to have good reflexes for this one, as there are more sections where you risk falling. Hop onto the moving hooks to make your way to the end and crack the safe containing the walking staff. The miners have booby-trapped the staff as well, and reinforcements have also arrived. Make your way through, and knock away any enemies that get in your way, but don't waste time trying to fight them off as they come pretty large hordes. Once you make it out safely, the job is complete.