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"Deep Sea Danger" was a job for Dimitri Lousteau in "Dead Men Tell No Tales" of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. It was the first job for Dimitri.


Collect some cannon amplifiers to improve the effect of the ship's cannons.


  • Collect six cannon amplifiers
  • Capture two yellow dart fish
  • Kill five hammerhead sharks


After a mission briefing with Bentley, the player dives underwater. There will be a small pool where you receive a diving tutorial. Afterwards, go through the rapid tunnels. The tunnel leads to the upper reef, and the shipwreck should be right in front of you. Once you've found it, there will be six golden shark-heads lying around. These are the cannon amplifiers that you need. They are indicated by a yellowish glow around them, so they shouldn't bee to hard to spot. Collect one and swim back up the pirate ship's collection basket. Once you've collected those, move on and look in the underwater ravine (or lower reef) for two small golden fish, and for the final part, you need to return to the top and kill five hammerhead sharks. After that, it's job complete.


  • Watch for jellyfish and great white sharks. The jellyfish gradually make their way to you, but the sharks do it in one lunge. It would be recommended that you kill all white sharks before having to take out the hammerhead sharks.
  • When you get to the lower reef, kill all the jellyfish. The yellow darts are very fast, and you need to power stroke to catch them. While doing this you could run into a jellyfish and lose health.
  • The hammerheads require two hits to kill. You can sneak up before the first shot, but after that, they will most definitely notice you and will try to attack you. Swim back quickly to avoid damage, then if possible, quickly take him out.
  • Throughout the reef, if you do some careful searching, you can find treasure chests, which you can destroy for a few coins.